Disney Mirrorverse BEST Team Comps [Top 7]

Disney's Mirrorverse features 45 characters from across the Disney and Pixar Films. Our guide lets you know about the Best Team Compositions in the game.

Disney Mirrorverse is a new crossover role-playing game with many well-recognized Disney characters. Disney Mirrorverse is available exclusively on Android. Our guide focuses on the best team comps in Disney Mirrorverse for every situation. 

While the game contains Disney icons, all of them have been given a new touch-up to fit with the game’s beautiful aesthetic. The players have no need for concern as it does not make the characters any less recognizable and it does not alter their appearance a lot.

In addition, there are a lot of Pixar characters in the game alongside the Disney ones. So if you are a Pixar fan you will be happy to know that there are loads of characters like Woody, Buzz Lightyear, EVE, and many more Pixar icons to keep you playing.

The plot is quite simple. Some unrelenting evil is looking to take over the crossover reality and it is your duty to defend the Mirrorverse by embarking on a great adventurous journey. 

If you are just now jumping into Disney Mirrorverse and want to try and experiment with team comps with the best characters in the game you should consider checking out our Disney Mirrorverse Tier List.

What are Guardians in Disney Mirrorverse?

The characters are referred to as Guardians in the game because they are guarding this reality against evil. While almost all of these guardians are iconic and easily recognizable not all of them are strong gameplay-wise. 

Also, not all guardians maintain their signature recognizable traits from their movies, which might be disappointing to hear but a lot of guardians are very well implemented. Rapunzel’s long hair is tied around her body and her melee weapon is a frying pan.

The good news is that all guardian classes(Warrior Role) are set based on their movie lore. There is a huge variety of guardians and our guide will help you make the best team compositions in Disney Mirrorverse possible depending on your playstyle.

What are Team Compositions in Disney Mirrorverse?

There are 45 guardians in Disney Mirrorverse as of now. With a roster, this big it is obvious that all of them won’t be super strong or efficient in battle and maybe they won’t fit your fighting style as well. The game is still new and it is a fair possibility that it will have more guardians. Composition is the full form of comps.

As you progress through the game you will not be able to get into an encounter because of its guardian restriction. If you are using a guardian whose Warrior Role is different than the allowed one you will be stuck. 

Furthermore, Disney Mirrorverse has events and these events might reward you a lot for completing them with a specific team combination or guardian or they can simply block you from participating. 

So, it is wise to always keep unlocking new guardians for more on this keep reading. Being ready for every one of these predictable situations is always good. Our guide will help you build a team for each situation. 

How to Unlock Guardians in Disney Mirroverse?

The game uses a Gacha system that you will have to use in order to unlock new guardians for your teams. The Gacha system itself might be a big turn-off for a lot of players. We would like to inform these players that the system is quite different in Disney Mirrorverse. 

The game has the player collecting Crystals which then can be used to generate guardians. In most Gacha games the chance to collect more powerful characters is always low which is not the case in Disney Mirrorverse as all 45 guardians have the same chance. 

Furthermore, Gacha systems like these where the chance to get the strongest characters is the same as the chance to get the weakest ones opens up a lot of potential for building the strongest teams early on.

Now we have told you all about guardians and how to get them. Let us take a look at the best teams for Disney Mirroverse.

Disney Mirrorverse Best Team Comps

We will now mention all the best teams for all playstyles. Our guide will explain how to use them as well so you can be even more efficient. 

OP Sustain Team

This team will be a great support and an all-around great team. Our OP Sustain team has a great Tank and a great healer.


Disney Mirrorverse Mulan Look
Disney Mirrorverse Mulan

Mulan is the protagonist of the classic Disney hand-drawn animated film “Mulan” which is named after her. She lives in a small Chinese village with her family and their pet dog. She takes after her grandmother. 

Her father is a war veteran who is called back to defend his country against Shan Yu. Mulan has a strong will and she wants to uphold her family’s honor. The family’s honor is what motivates her to disguise up as a male soldier named Ping. 

The main inspiration for Mulan is the legendary Chinese folk-lore heroine Hua Mulan. In the Sustain Team, she is the one you will be controlling.


Belle apperance Disney Mirrorverse wallpaper
Belle from Beauty and the Beast

This guardian in Mirroverse comes from the classic 1991 Disney animated film called “Beaty and the Beast”. Belle is the titular character in the film. Her father, Maurice is an inventor and Belle is his only child. They both live in a small French village.

Belle has a free spirit and that is the reason why most of the townsfolk have labeled her as an outcast. She loves to read and her favorite genres are ironically adventure and fantasy. Her sense of adventure is what led her to go outside her village.

Furthermore, Belle gets lucky and does get to live out her fantastical dreams when she becomes the prisoner of the Beast. She is Disney’s fifth princess. In this team, you will be utilizing her as a healer.


Baymax Wallpaper Disney Mirrorverse Baymax Look
Big Hero 6 Baymax

Baymax appears as a deuteragonist in Disney’s Big Hero 6. He was designed as a personal healthcare companion which is one of the reasons why he should have been your healer for the team but he is going to be your main Tank.

Baymax was created by Tadashi Hamada and then after Tadashi’s unfortunate death was later inherited by his younger brother Hiro Hamada. Hiro and Baymax then became a part of the superhero team known as Big Hero 6.

Even though the film is made by Disney, Baymax is actually a Marvel character. He is originally from a comic book series called Big Hero 6.

Sustain Team Strategy

Now that you know all about the guardians for the OP Sustain Team team let’s discuss how you will use them in a battle for maximum gain. This strategy will turn your team into an unstoppable force that will stomp all the enemies effectively.

Use Belle as a healer. Whenever you are low on health or if you know if an enemy is going to use an attack that might deplete a lot of your Health(HP) Belle will be ready. She is what will keep your team alive and fighting.

Baymax will act as a Tank for you. Using his auro when using a Special/Super move will give you the maximum shield/armor. He will take all the heavy-hitting attacks from an enemy or just cover your low-armored fellow guardians. 

Mulan will be the guardian who you will be controlling. She is an all-around good guardian. Just keep dodging attacks and take cover behind Baymax. If you get hit hard don’t worry Belle will be looking out for you. 

Best Anti-Tank Team

An anti-tank team is almost essential in RPGs like Disney Mirrorverse. There are going to be enemies who will almost take no damage from your regular special attacks. 

You will need special debuffs and extra strong guardians with synergy to deal considerable damage to these units. We have this team that will help you knock the Tanks out of the park.

Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear Disney Mirrorverse wallpaper
Toy Story Buzz Lightyear in Disney Mirrorverse

Buzz is one of the three main characters of Pixar’s Toy Story franchise. He is best friends with Woody and is the boyfriend of Jesse, these two being the other main characters. He is a toy based on an astronaut who belongs to Andy David. 

Buzz and Woody were originally rivals because Woody was afraid he would take his place as Andy’s favorite toy. He goes through great development over the course of all films and is a great choice for this game. 

Moreover, his best friend Woody is also a part of Disney Mirrorverse but he sadly won’t be a part of his team. Buzz Lightyear gains stacks automatically in the game so he will be of great assistance in the game.


Belle Mage Mirrorverse Disney
Belle’s 3D model in Disney Mirrorverse

Belle who appeared earlier in the guide for the OP Sustain Team returns for the anti-tank one. Maybe she was the Beast all along because of how effective she is in this game. She is also dressed like a proper fantasy RPG healer.

She is one of the best healers in the game. When taking on Tanks it’s necessary to have a great healer to back you up as these Tanks can take a lot of effort and time to take down. Tanks are called Tanks because of the heavy amount of beating that they can take.


Goofy Throwing Boomerang wallpaper Disney Mirrorverse
Disney Mirrorverse Goofy

Goofy is a classic Disney character. He was named appropriately because of his clumsiness. Goofy mostly appears alongside his best friends Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck both of who are of course in Mirrorverse. 

He is first and foremost known for his comedic style. He is a dog and he also has a son who he loves and is attentive to. 

This might be surprising to some new fans but Goofy was originally only going to appear one time but he gained a lot of popularity and since then he has been just as much of an important and iconic character as either Mickey or Donald.

In Disney Mirrorverse he will be the one you will be mainly controlling in the anti-tank team. He uses a boomerang and is dressed up somewhat like a cowboy. 

Anti-Tank Team Strategy

These are the guardians that you will be using as your anti-tank trio. Now you will need to know how to use them effectively before you jump and we will also elaborate on how to use each guardian in this team for the maximum output. Anti-Tank Team is the best Armor/Shield Disney Mirrorverse Comp.

Just like the OP Sustain Team Belle will act as a healer here. She will make sure that during the fights with Tanks you don’t get killed instantly. A healer is absolutely necessary as these battles can really drag on.

Goofy is going to be the one who you will be controlling. Make total use of his boomerang and show your enemies that Goofy isn’t just a joke character by making a joke out of them. 

Buzz is the one who will arguably be most useful to you out of the bunch. He will gain stacks automatically, make sure you are using this against Tanks who have big armor and also the ones who give armor.

Focus Team

The Focus team is also knowns as the Super Critical Team. It is going to be your main damage dealing and damage buffing team. We have put together the perfect focus team comp in Disney Mirrorverse.

Elsa or Any Ranged Guardian

Elsa Wallpaper Disney Mirrorverse
Elsa from Frozen

This pick in the team is essential like every other one but you can choose your favorite guardian with the Ranged Warrior Role/Class. We have picked Elsa from Frozen who is an S-tier Ranged guardian.

Elsa alongside her Sister Anna is the main character of Disney’s 2013 animated film Frozen. She unlike most Disney female protagonists or deuteragonists isn’t a princess instead she is the Queen of Arendelle. 

She has powers and as suggested by the film’s title she has freezing powers similar to the likes of Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat. All her life she has feared that her powers are a danger to the people around her and it is the reason why Elsa locked herself away. 

In addition, the main cause for her fear is she hurt one of her family and doesn’t want it to happen again. When they were young she accidentally froze her sister Anna’s brain which almost killed her.

Elsa is the one you will be controlling in the Focus team in Disney Mirrorverse. She is gonna be your ranged guardian. As mentioned earlier you can of course pick any strong-ranged guardian of your choice.


Captain Jack Sparrow Look in Disney Mirrorverse
Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean

Captain Jack Sparrow has sailed his way into a whole new ordeal. He must now fight to defend the Mirrorverse reality from evil. He is the protagonist of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise. Jack is a legendary pirate and a well-known trickster.

Jack is portrayed by Johnny Depp in the films. He has been a part of many wild and thrilling adventures but Mirrorverse might just be one of his wildest voyages. Jack will be very useful as he gives you 1 Focus Stack after each Special use.

Scrooge Mcduck

Disney Mirrrorverse Scrooge Mcduck wallpaper
Scrooge from Duck Tales

Mr. Mcduck is also known as Uncle Scrooge by his loving nephews. He is a duck similar to Donald, both of them even have a similar appearance. It all makes sense because Donald is one of Scrooge’s nephews.

Mr. Mcduck is a very rich duck, the richest duck in the world actually. He was originally a side character but as time passed he became more and more popular. All this popularity resulted in Scrooge getting his own series and even videogames.

Moreover, he might be the most important guardian of your Focus team, It is he who will be giving you the most focus stacks, 10 to be exact. These are the main point of the team.

Focus/Super Critical Team Strategy

We have covered all the guardians you will need for this team. As we have made clear before you can pick any Ranged guardian you want. Focus Team is the best damage dealing Disney Mirrorverse team comp.

You will be controlling the Ranged guardian. In our case Elsa. Keep hitting the enemies from a distance until your fellow teammates provide the Focus stacks.

Scrooge is your main Focus team guardian. He is the one who will provide 10 Focus Stacks. Critical Attack chance and Ranged damage increase every single stack so it will increase tenfold. 

Jack will provide 1 stack every time you use a Special. Both Jack and Scrooge combined with the S-Tier Ranged guardian Elsa will make your team a devastating force for the enemy. 

Root Team

The rooting nodes are considered by many players to be one of the hardest and most frustrating mechanics in the game so far. They need to be perfectly done or else you won’t be able to pass them. Our Best Root Team will make these a cakewalk.


Gaston Beauty and the Beast Disney Mirrorverse
Beauty and the Beast Gaston in Disney Mirrorverse

Gaston is another character from Disney’s “Beaty and the Beast” featured in Mirrorverse. He was the antagonist of the film. Throughout the film, he is arrogant and inconsiderate of others’ feelings. 

Furthermore, he wants Belle’s hand in marriage and won’t accept no for an answer. He is loved by the French village’s ladies even though Belle admits he is handsome, she isn’t into him romantically whatsoever. Mainly due to his arrogance and narcissism. 

His obsession was so strong that it turned him into a conniving ruthless villain who met his fate by the end of the movie. He will be a good guy for your team though as he has a pretty good Root chance and is compulsory for this team’s success.

Officer Judy Hopps 

Disney Mirrorverse Judy Hopps wallpaper ninja kunai
Judy Hopps from Zootopia in Mirrorverse

Judy is the only guardian in our Root Team that isn’t an antagonist. She is the exact opposite actually. Judy is an officer who loves her job and does it with a passion, she is very compassionate about the safety of her fellow animals.

She first appeared in Disney’s 2016 Animated Film Zootopia. Judy was very excited about her job as she is the first and only rabbit in the Zootopia Police Department. Her main purpose is to make the world a better place by killing stereotypes about other animals.

In Mirrorverse Ms. Hopps will be your best guardian in the Root Team. You will be controlling her as she has the maximum root chance with her basic attacks. 


Disney Mirrorverse Ursula Look
The Little Mermaid Ursula

Ursula is another villain and is the last member of your Root Team. She is also known as the Sea Witch. She is the main villain of the classic Disney film called “The Last Mermaid”.

Furthermore, she is a half-human half-octopus who strikes false deals with mermaids by promising them things she will never give or help them with. She does get the punishment she warrants by the end of the film. 

Ursula is going to be a great asset to your team. She can Root every time she uses specials. Which makes her a less useful version of Judy but still essential.

Best Root Team Strategy

You will need to figure out the best approach for this team yourself. All of these characters root and have great buffs. We are positive if you use each character exactly as instructed above then the team will perform very fruitfully and everything will be fairly easy.

SuperBurn Team

Burn is a condition that you can assert on your foes in RPGs. SuperBurn is the maximum burn. It will turn your enemies into a crisp. We have come up with the perfect team to enforce this effect.

Tinker Bell

Tink from Peter Pan

Tinker Bell or Tink is the sassy sidekick of Peter Pan. She becomes jealous when Peter is surrounded by any other girl. Peter and Tink regularly team and go on many weird ordeals on Neverland. 

Moreover, She is a silent character who speaks a fairy tongue which isn’t understandable to humans. Peter seems to communicate with her effectively though.

Her Pixie Dust is the special powder that enables all the others to fly as long as they think wonderful thoughts and don’t become depressed. She will automatically gain burn stacks and is a very good addition to the SuperBurn team. 

Minnie Mouse

Disney Mirrorverse Minnie Mouse Look Wallpaper
Minnie’s look in Mirrorverse

She is most commonly referred to as just Minnie. Her main connection to the Mickey Mouse franchise was that she is the long-time girlfriend of the main character Mickey Mouse. She has a catchphrase, “Yoo-hoo!”. 

Most of the time Minnie is represented as a musician. She has frequently appeared in media which contain Mickey Mouse, which is pretty much all she appears in. 

Moreover, she is the one who you will be mainly controlling in this team. Minnie is perhaps the most essential guardian of our ideal SuperBurn Team because she can use her basic attacks to gain stacks.


Disney Mirrorverse Inside Out Anger wallpaper and look
Anger from Inside Out

This guardian is from Pixar’s Inside Out. He is appropriately named to represent the emotion of anger/rage. Anger is a major character in the film and is one of the 5 emotions that live in people’s heads.

In addition, you might think that he controls anger but he is actually the one who causes it whenever the time is right. He will help you unleash your rage on your foes in Disney Mirrorverse. He will automatically stack.

SuperBurn Team Strategy

Using the SuperBurn team effectively is the easiest of all the ones we have listed so far. Still of course we are here to give you clear instructions. Continue reading to leave your foes with a nasty burn.

Take control of Minnie she is the leading force of this team and most of its success depends on her. It is mainly due to the fact that she gains stacks by using her basic attacks. So keep attacking with basic while your other teammates automatically stack.

Both Anger and Tinker Bell will gain stacks themselves automatically so just maintain your focus with Minnie and then you can go ahead and use all three super/special moves at once for the maximum burn effect.

Super Debuff Team

This is a team made especially for masochistic people. In all seriousness, the Super Debuff Team team kills most of the enemies’ defenses and applies special debuffs to them that make taking them out a lot easier. Keep reading to find out more.


Mirrorverse Disney Maleficent Wallpaper and Design
Disney Mirrorverse Maleficent

This is one of the rare times when Disney made a witch their protagonist. She is portrayed by Angelina Jolie and she has appeared in two films. Most of her popularity comes from her aesthetic and people genuinely enjoy the films she appears in.

Maleficent grew up believing that she was the last one of her kind. She is the protector of the Moors. She suffered a cruel betrayal and it is the main reason for her pure heart turning to stone. 


Disney Mirrorverse Oogie Wallpaper Look
The Nightmare Before Christmas Oogie

Oogie is the main villain of the classic Disney stop-motion film “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. He is the boogeyman who is designed as your generic run-of-the-mill ghost. The outskirts of Halloween Town is where Oogie resides.

Moreover, he is the rival of the movie’s protagonist the Pumpkin King, Jack Skellington. He has a grim nature and cannibalistic appetite, these are some of the reasons why he is so feared and/or disliked.

He will a fearsome addition to your Super Debuff Team in Disney Mirrorverse as he can Attack-down enemies with the use of bugs.


Disney Mirrorverse Ursula Look
The Little Mermaid Ursula

Ursula already was an ideal member of a team earlier in our guide and she is once again a great pick for this one for different reasons. A lot of guardians can fit multiple situations.  What makes Ursula an excellent pick in our Super Debuff Team is that she downs the defense of anybody who attacks her. 

Super Debuff Team Strategy

Now we have discussed all of the guardians and how they fit into the Mirrorverse. The Super Debuff team is one of the most simple to use Disney Mirrorverse comps let us discuss the perfect plan to nerf our foes.

Oogie in the team is a great addition and he Attack-Down all the enemies with the use of his bugs. This, of course, makes their attacks way weaker and in return, you will not have to heal constantly while fighting and it also lowers the need for a healer.

Ursula downs the defense of any enemy who attacks her. It makes them far more vulnerable to your attacks so hit them when their defense is down. She is also a good pick for who you should control from the team.

Maleficent has the ability to Defense-Down, Root and she can also shock your enemies. It ends up making her an all-around great addition to your team and she is also a good one who you should control.

Slow Stack Team

The Slow Stack Team applies the Slow effect which nullifies the enemies’ movement and also slows down their attacks which gives you a chance to attack them. Our Slow Stack Team similar to our Anti-Tank team can also be used very effectively in long battles and is one of the best team comps in Disney Mirrorverse.


Disney Mirrorverse The little mermaid Ariel
The Little Mermaid Protagonist Ariel

Ariel is the protagonist of Disney’s “The Last Mermaid”. She comes from the same film where Ursula has the role of the villain. She is the fourth Disney princess, Ariel is the daughter of King Triton and Queen Athena.

Furthermore, she is the youngest child out of her parent’s 7 Children. She is forbidden from the human world but she is curious about it and wants to explore it. 


The princess and the frog Disney Mirrorverse Wallpaper
The Princess and the Frog’s Tiana

Tiana is no stranger to weird ordeals so she must be totally fine with the situation of the Mirrorverse. She first made her appearance in Disney’s 2009 film “The Princess and the Frog”. She is a very talented cook from New Orleans. 

Everything about Tiana’s life changes when she shares a kiss with a prince who had been magically turned into a frog and in return, she herself falls into the curse and gets turned into a frog. The curse kicks off the film and their adventure with both of them trying to find a cure.


Captain Jack 3d model look and design wallpaper in Disney Mirrorverse
3D Model of Jack in Disney Mirrorverse

The captain has already been on another team on our guide but he is also a great addition to this one due to him being able to gain Focus on each special use.

Slow Stack Team Strategy 

The Slow Stack Team is a fairly simple one to use. As discussed briefly before the Slow Stack team comp is very effective for long battles. It is one of the best Disney Mirrorverse team comps.

Ariel is a pretty good pick to consider for who you will be controlling from the Slow Stack team. She stacks whenever you use her special and cleanse. 

Tiana might arguably be the best of the trio. She can stack Focus on Dash and also whenever your remove armor. The more focus you have the more damage you will do. So when the enemies are slow you can deal a devastating blow to them.

Jack can stack Focus whenever he uses any of his special/super moves. The Focus that Jack can stack on mixed with Tiana’s can give your attacks the extra strength.

Ending The Guide

These are all the best team comps in Disney Mirrorverse in our opinion. We hope our guide helped you pick a team for a situation you are about to tackle or are tackling.

The game already has a huge roster containing 45 guardians. All live service games get new characters at a pretty rapid rate. So if your favorite Disney or Pixar character is missing, they will show up in the game eventually. Most of the iconic characters have already made it into the base roster.

Do you know some super good Disney Mirrorverse team comps that we missed? Are you enjoying this game as a long-time Disney fan? Let us know all about it in the comments section below.

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