Disney Mirrorverse Woody: Traits, Abilities, and Talents

This Disney Mirrorverse guide will focus on explaining the Abilities, Talents, and Traits of Woody.

Woody is originally a character from the critically acclaimed Toy Story Franchise. However, he is the latest addition to Disney Mirroverse, which is a game based on Disney Characters. Additionally, he is known as Sheriff Woody or the Heavy Hitting Cowboy. His role is that of a Melee Guardian in Disney Mirrorverse.

Key Highlights

  • Woody belongs to the famous Toy Story Franchise in which he plays the role of protagonist.
  • He plays the role of Melee Guardian in Disney Mirrorverse and is known as a sheriff.
  • Some of his traits include being tall, lawful, and having the personality of a leader.
  • The talents of Woody include Roundup Gang, Protective Posse, Frontier Justice, Snakeboot Venom, Cleansing Up This Town, and Favorite Deputies.
  • The Core ability of Woody is called Reach For The Sky which places a Warrant on the enemy Woody hits with a heavy attack for 5 seconds.
  • The Special ability is called Sheriff’s Roundup in which Woody pulls his enemy towards him dealing 300% damage while inflicting knockback and also stuns them for four seconds if they have a Warrant.
  • The Signature ability is called A Friend in Me which applies a damage buff to his special ability and on defeating the enemy with a Warrant, it increases damage dealt by his teammates by 15% and heals them by 10% which has a 25% chance to happen.
  • Unlocking Woody requires you to open Farmed Crystals but he isn’t a guaranteed reward on rolling.

Traits of Woody

TitleRoleTraitsStats (Lvl 1 – 100)AbilitiesTalents
Heavy-Hitting CowboyMelee– Tall
– Lawful
– Leader
– Short Fuse
– Pixar
Attack: 692 – 5,809
Defense: 730 – 6,125
Focus: 584 – 4,900
Health: 922 – 7,737
Core Ability:
– Reach For The Sky!

Special Ability:
– Sheriff’s Roundup

Signature Ability:
– A Friend In Me

Basic Talents:
– Roundup Gang
– Protective Posse

Advanced Talents:
– Frontier Justice
– Snakeboot Venom
– Cleaning Up This Town

Elite Talent:
– Favorite Deputies

Woody is a strong Guardian in Disney Mirroverse. Additionally, he is also an important character. It should be noted that almost every guardian in the games possesses some traits. These traits describe a character’s personality, and Woody also possesses those traits. The following are traits of Woody;

  • Tall
  • Lawful
  • Leader

As you can see, Woody has the personality of a leader. He is going to be a dominant character in your Squad. 

Talents of Woody

disney mirrorverse woody
Woody’s Talents in Disney Mirrorverse

Talents are basically buffs that increase either Woody’s health or attack power. They are very useful at both the start and during the battle. It should be noted that there are three types of Talents which are;

  • Basic Talents
  • Advanced Talents
  • Elite Talents

Now, we will discuss the Talents of Woody in complete detail.

Here’s a summary of Woody talents: 

Talent NameTalent TypeEffects
Roundup GangBasic TalentWoody and Teammates: +10% Attack at encounter start (Melee/Ranged Guardians)
Protective PosseBasic TalentWoody and Teammates: +10% Health at encounter start (Tank/Support Guardians)
Frontier JusticeAdvanced Talent- Target Condition: Has a Warrant or is Villainous
- Basic and Heavy Attacks: +100% Damage
Snakeboot VenomAdvanced Talent60% (40% with Warrant/Villainous) chance to become stifled for 10s
Cleaning Up This TownAdvanced Talent60% (80% with Leader allies) chance to cleanse one attribute debuff from
all allies when an enemy gains a warrant
Favorite DeputiesElite Talent- For all other allies:
- Basic and Heavy Attacks: +100% damage against enemies with a Warrant.
- Woody's Heavy Attack:
- Applies Lure for 5 seconds to enemies with a Warrant
- Max Stacks: 1

Roundup Gang

It is a Basic Talent for Woody in Disney Mirrorverse. Roundup Gang will give Woody a boost in his Attack Power at the start of any battle. The buff is equal to a 10% increase in Attack Power. Not only will this buff affect Woody, but it will also increase the Attack of his Teammates. However, his teammates need to be either Ranged or Melee in order to get the advantage of Roundup Gang. The talent unlocks at Level 12.

Protective Posse

Another Basic Talent for Woody is Protective Posse. It will boost health of Woody by 10% at the start of every battle. Additionally, his teammates will also receive the buff only if they are Tank or Support Guardian. It is a great Talent as you’ll need all the health in Disney Mirrorverse. The talent unlocks at Level 15.

Frontier Justice

The first Advanced Talent on our list is Frontier Justice for Woody in Disney Mirroverse. It is an exceptionally good Talent as it increases Attack damage of Woody by 100%. Basically, it doubles Woody’s overall damage making him one of the strongest Guardians. However, for the Talent to work, Woody’s opponent needs to either have a Warrant or be a Villain. The talent unlocks at Level 20.

Snakeboot Venom

Snakeboot Venom is another Advanced Talent of Woody. The talent itself buffs Woody’s Special Ability, which we’ll discuss later in the guide. Basically, whenever Woody uses his Special Ability, he has a 60% chance to make his target Stifled for 10 seconds.

The effects of Snakeboot Venom are buffed by an additional 40% if Woody’s opponent is villainous in Disney Mirrorverse. In conclusion, different scenarios in the game have a possibility to buff Woody’s Talents. The talent unlocks at Level 20.

Cleansing Up This Town

Woody can remove Attribute Debuff from all his teammates by the use of Cleansing Up. He has a 60% chance to cleanse all his teammates off one single debuff. However, it will only happen when Woody’s enemy gets a Warrant. The talent itself is buffed by 20% for every Leader Guardian present in Woody’s Team. The talent unlocks at Level 25.

Favorite Deputies

Not only does Favorite Deputies buffs Woody but it will also increase the damage dealt by his teammates. It is an Elite Talent. Basically, whenever Woody’s enemy gains a Warrant, his teammates will do an additional 100% damage on their Basic and Heavy Attacks. Additionally, if Woody hits the enemy with his heavy attack when the Talent is active, the enemy gets a Lure for five seconds. The talent unlocks at Level 30.

Abilities of Woody

disney mirrorverse Woody
Abilities of Woody in Disney Mirrorverse

Woody possesses there different abilities in Disney Mirrorverse, which are;

  • Reach For The Sky!
  • Sheriff’s Roundup
  • A friend in Me

Now, we will discuss his abilities in complete detail.

Here are all the Woody abilities summarized: 

Ability NameAbility TypeEffects
Reach For The Sky!Core Ability- Heavy Attack Effect: Places a Warrant on the target for 5 seconds
- Max Stacks: 1
- Warrant Effect: Prevents enemies from gaining or granting Attribute Buffs
- Heavy Attack Push Back: 3 times stronger
Sheriff's RoundupSpecial Ability- Target Pulled towards Woody from any distance
- Damage Dealt: 300%
- Knock Back: Inflicted on the Pulled target
- Stuns target for 4 seconds if it has a Warrant
A Friend In MeSignature Ability- Additional Damage: +200%
- Warrant Defeat Effects:
- Allies Gain: +15% Attack Buff (Max Stacks: 4)
- Allies get a 50% chance to Heal 10% when an enemy with a Warrant is defeated

Reach For The Sky – Core Ability

ability woody
Core Ability Reach For The Sky of Woody in Disney Mirrorverse

Reach For The Sky is a Core Ability of Woody. Basically, Woody has two types of close-range attacks, which are either basic close-range attacks or heavy close-range attacks. However, if Woody damages his enemy with a heavy close-range attack, he will also put a Warrant on the enemy.

The Warrant itself will last for merely five Seconds. It is especially useful, though, as enemies affected with a Warrant can neither buff themselves nor their teammates. It should be noted that Woody can only place a single Warrant at a given time.

Sheriff’s Roundup – Special Ability

woody abiity
Special Ability Sheriff’s Roundup of Woody in Disney Mirrorverse

It is a Special Move that Woody can use in his battles in Disney Mirrorverse. The ability itself deals a massive amount of damage to Woody’s enemy. Basically, Woody will pull his targeted enemy towards himself and then deal and attack with 300% damage. Additionally, the enemy will also get a Stun for four seconds if he is affected with a Warrant.

A Friend in Me – Signature Ability

woody ability
Signature Ability A Friend in Me of Woody in Disney Mirrorverse

Woody’s Signature Ability not only buffs his Special Ability but will also buff his teammates in certain scenarios. Basically, when A Friend in Me is active, Woody will deal 200% damage on using his Special Ability. It makes the Attack one of the strongest in Disney Mirrorverse.

Additionally, if the enemy is affected with a Warrant while the ability is active, Woody’s teammates will end up getting a 15% damage increase to their attacks. It should be noted that the damage increase will last until the end of the battle. Woody’s teammates can also heal 10% of their health, but the chance of that happening is 50%.

How To Unlock Woody in Disney Mirrorverse

roll gacha
Opening Famed Crystals to get Woody in Disney Mirrorverse

Disney Mirrorverse is a Gacha Game, and you will need to roll for characters in order to get them. Our guide on Rerolls in Disney Mirrorvers details rolling in Disney Mirrorverse. In order to get Woody, you will have to open Famed Crystals in Disney Mirrorverse. Additionally, Woody is not a guaranteed reward; it depends on your luck whether you get him first try or have to spend more on Famed Crystals.


Disney Mirrorverse is an amazing Mobile game available to download for free on both iOS and Android. Gacha fans will love the game for its mechanics, and Disney fans will also enjoy playing with their favorite characters. However, every mobile gamer should defiantly give Disney Mirrorverse a try.

This concludes our comprehensive guide on Woody in Disney Mirroverse. We explained all his abilities and talents in complete detail. Hopefully, the guide helped you understand the pros and cons of using Woody. Let us know what you think about Disney Mirrorverse in the comments below!

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