How To Respec In Divinity Original Sin 2

Sometimes You Just Want A Fresh Start.

One of the key selling points of Divinity Original Sin 2 is the sheer freedom it offers players in creating their complex character builds, with all of the attributes and hundreds of skills that go alongside those choices. The game has few other peers in this regard, and it’s also one of the reasons why it’s lauded as one of the best western RPGs of all time.

But as with any title that offers this much freedom and choice to the player, there is bound to be a stage where mistakes are made. Perhaps you invested a lot of points into a skill that you no longer use, or maybe you realized late that investing in the Strength attribute as a spellcaster wasn’t a particularly good decision.

Everyone makes choices that they regret at some point in the game, but thankfully Divinity Original Sin 2 doesn’t punish you too hard for those mistakes by allowing you to respec your characters at any point in the game,

How To Respec In Divinity Original Sin 2

Divinity Original Sin 2 respec
Gift Bag Features.

So the ability to respec was not present in Divinity Original Sin 2 at launch. It was added later in a free content update, and as such, it’s an optional part of the game that has to be activated from the menu.

To do this, go into the settings menu and find the “Gift Bag Features” section. Open this up, then look in the “Fort Joy Magic Mirror” option list. Make sure that the box next to this option is checked.

Now load up your save and head to the Magic Mirror in Fort Joy Ghetto to be able to rebuild your character from the ground up.

How To Find The Magic Mirror In Fort Joy Ghetto

Divinity Original Sin 2 respec
Fort Joy Magic Mirror.

Starting from the point where the player character wakes up on the beach after completing the prologue, make your way down south to reach Fort Joy Ghetto eventually. If you’re starting up a new game, then you’re going to encounter a bunch of enemies and even a cutscene along the way.

Go inside the Ghetto and continue going south until you encounter a waypoint statue. Right behind this is a doorway that leads into the camp kitchen. Inside, you should find an NPC named Noosey.

Talk to her to learn about the Fort Joy Arena, after which you will be able to access the location for yourself by interacting with the hatch right next to her. Once inside, you will be standing in the room that contains the Fort Joy Magic Mirror.

This item should allow you to alter your appearance and remove all of your already invested Attribute Points, Combat Points, Civic Points and Talent Points. Basically, you can change everything about your player character here that relates to their abilities, in the same way, you could at the character creation screen.

And that’s all there is to it. Hopefully, this guide will help you out if you’ve made some choices in the game you’re not too happy with.

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