BEST DNF Duel Characters [Top 10]

In This Guide We Will List The Top 10 Characters Of DNF Duel And Also Give A Brief Description Of Why They Are At That Position.

DNF Duel is a game that is very similar to Tekken and features a bunch of Characters. However, the game does feature its own sets of rules, characters, and moves. You might already know that one of the most important things to know in a game like this is the Best Characters of the game. In our guide, we will choose a Top 10 out of the DNF Duel Best Characters.

Key Takeaways
  • From a big list of characters, here are some of the ones that players should keep an eye on in DNF Duel.
  • Swift Master is the best character known as the master of wind and combos. He has the ability to unleash long-distance attacks and creates a vortex to overtake his enemies and kill them.
  • Crusader is the strongest character who uses his power of magic and knowledge to defeat the enemies. His awakening effect allows him to recover health 300% faster.
  • Troubleshooter uses a range of shotguns and greatswords to kill its foes. The awakening effect of the Troubleshooter is Handling explosives.
  • Launcher uses a variety of long-distance weapons, attacks, and multi-stacking combos to defeat enemies. Overheat awakening skill allows the launcher to do double damage.
  • Berserker is the easiest character to master with the abilities of long-ranged attacks with claws. Thirst, the awakening skill, allows him to transform 20% of damage into health.
  • Ghostblade can summon ghosts and use katana against enemies. His awakening effect is Phantasmal Binity which adds 10% damage to the enemies.
  • Inquisitor has the ability to use a flaming wheel attack and immobilize targets. She uses the Coldhearted Inquisitor as an awakening effect.
  • Ranger uses dual revolvers and combo attacks against the opponent. Sudden death is the awakening skill of Ranger which increases damage by 30%.
  • Vanguard can cause damage to enemies with his wide-range armored attacks. Demonic Lance Mastery is his awakening effect; it allows him to do 50% more damage.
  • Enchantress uses powerful stabs against the enemies from a distance. Her Awakening effect is Favoritism which can only activate when she has 30% HP.

Top 10 DNF Duel Characters

Now given that you understand the combat mechanics, we will proceed to list the Best Characters. However, we would like to make it clear that the list is a calculated opinion of ours. Our Best Characters list is based upon the facts and combat mechanics that make a certain character a bit higher on our Top 10 fighters list of DNF Duel.

Also, your opinion might differ from our’s, and we respect that as every player has his preferences. Now we will be listing the Best Characters of DNF Duel. We will start from the bottom.

10) Enchantress

Enchantress And Her Madd Doll In DNF Duel

Now, we start things off with one of the new characters who was recently added to the game in their final release of DNF Duel. The Enchantress was introduced in the game as a witch that used her puppeteering skills to overpower you from afar. If you come up against her, then she can be one of the most annoying characters to deal with.

However, the downfall of the Enchantress is that she is also one of the most challenging characters to master and learn to play with. This is one of the main reasons she is listed at the bottom of the list. Also, to perform with her, you will have to integrate the death bar of Madd into account so that you can use her to her fullest.

However, we think she is still a very capable character. The Enchantress is a well-rounded character that makes good use of her powerful stabs and zoning the rivals with several of her projectiles. She makes very good use of her projectiles to control the battlefield and push the enemies to a corner.

Once the Enchantress has gained enough distance from the enemies, she uses her 4S or 5S conversions to stay on defense and cover herself from the attacks.

Now another reason for Enchantress’s downfall is that she consumes a lot of MP to stay on the offense. Also, she can not regenerate the mana quickly, which forces her to stay on defense and stockpile the MP.

The Enchantress also has a unique mechanic where when the Showtime is activated, all her moves will be performed by her Doll Madd, which the Enchantress controls. Also, the Enchantress’s Awakening Effect is called the Favoritism, which activates only when entering Awakening mode at 30% HP or less.

The effect is that it reduces the passive MP consumption of Showtime by almost 65%. These were the reasons why we rank the Enchantress at the 10th position in our Best DNF Duel Characters list.

9) Vanguard

Vanguard In DNF Duel

At number 9, we place the Vanguard, which was also recently released. Vanguard is a spear-wielding lunatic who can decimate his opponents with his wide range of attacks and extremely good mobility. However, Vanguard is not a zonner; he can still catch the opponents off guard with his long-reaching spear or lance. And if those attacks are included in a combo, then you are truly done for.

Furthermore, Vanguard is one of the few characters capable of doing armored attacks that can annoy opponents. The armored attacks are so overpowered that if an opposing enemy tries to attack him, then Vanguard would not take any damage while he can still attack his foes.

Also, the awakening effect of the Vanguard is called the Demonic Lance Mastery. This unique awakening effect helps him do 50% more damage to the guard of a blocking enemy. With the awakening effect on the display, the Vanguard could execute a Guard Crush for a combo.

However, Vanguard is still not the most powerful of the DNF characters but has great potential and is easy to control, and also an overall good stat padder. It is why we rank him at number 9 on our DNF Duel Best Characters list.

8) Ranger

Ranger In DNF Duel

Next on our list is the Ranger, who, in our opinion, is in 8th position on our list. Now, Ranger is one of the few characters that are purely zoners-focused. He uses his dual revolvers to decimate his opponents from a safe distance.

The Ranger uses the most variety in projectiles as all his attacks are from a distance and can be chained into a combo. Through these abilities, it is very easy for him to control his enemies from afar.

Now, as for the awakening skill of Ranger. The Ranger has one of the best awakening skills in the game called Sudden Death. In the awakened state, Ranger’s attack will inflict a Revenge debuff on the enemy for a few seconds.

In turn, this decreases the damage taken by 25% and also increases damage dealt by 30%. Also, the revenge debuff will make the targets MP regenerate 30% slower. The Sudden Death is easily one of the best awakening skills in the game.

However, through it, we learn that Ranger is most effective only in his awakened state, which is why he is listed at the bottom. And he is also not the strongest of the zonners in the game. He is just the tip of the iceberg. That is why he is listed at the 8th position in our Best DNF Duel Characters guide.

7) Inquisitor

Inquisitor In DNF Duel

At the number 7 spot, we place Inquisitor. Inquisitor made an appearance on this list mainly because of her flaming wheel attack. She is a holy priestess who has a great understanding of magic. Also, she can easily immobilize her targets and keep them on defense through a variety of attacks and combos.

She mainly keeps her opponents on their toes and makes them guess her next move while the Inquisitor waits for the right opportunity to attack and take her foes out.

However, her flaming wheel technique is just too overpowered to handle in a match, as the fiery wheel of hell will lock you in a guard state, and if you are unlucky, then it will deal a whole lot of damage.

The Inquisitor’s awakening effect is called the Coldhearted Inquisitor. What her awakening effect allows her to do is that she can start regenerating MP right after completing a Mana Skill. The skill’s usefulness depends on your playstyle. If you use motion inputs to max your MP, then it will not do that much good.

However, if you do not use motion inputs, then the skill is very useful for you. Though she is a balanced character, we still think that she does not deserve a spot higher than this in our Best DNF Duel Characters guide. Once you go through the other characters in question, you will realize the same.

6) Ghostblade

Ghost Blade In DNF Duel

Another one of the new characters is known as Ghostblade. His main attribute is that he can summon a ghost to fight alongside him, and he uses a katana as his primary damage-dealing conduit, as suggested by the character’s name. Ghostblade was first featured in the final beta of the game, and after the full release, the players have already found all of his most devastating combos and attack.

Also, the awakening effect of Ghostblade, known as Phantasmal Binity, is truly a blessing in disguise. The effect allows the character to do additional 10% damage to the foes and considering that Ghostblade already has a ton of powerful attacks, this makes them even more overpowered.

With his awakening skill, Gostblade can turn the tides of the battle once he experiences near-death blows. Also, as mentioned before, he uses a katana, which is very good at mid-ranges and can even perform long-range pokes.

Overall he is a well-built character that can take on a fight. However, he does lack in some areas, which is why he could not make it to our Top 5 Best Characters Of DNF Duel.

5) Berserker

Berserker In DNF Duel

Now on to our DNF Duel Top 5 Best Characters. From now on, things are going to get a lot more interesting as each of these characters is well worth trying out. The fifth character in our guide is Berserker. According to the statistics, he is one of the most all-rounded characters.

What is amazing is that he can enter a Frenzy State. In his frenzy state, he can boost his AP up while sacrificing his health. However, his awakening effect is called Thirst, which allows him to convert 20% of damage dealt into health. So if the player has both of these skills active, then the Berserker is a force to be reckoned with.

Now, as for his basic attacks, they include the use of his claws from a long range and aggressive ground blows that deal a lot of damage. However, what truly makes him one of the best in DNF Duel is that he is the easiest character to Master in our Best Characters list.

4) Launcher

Launcher In DNF Duel

Now, at 4th position, we place Launcher. It was a tough decision to make, but she just barely missed the Top 3. Launcher is an Empyrean soldier who makes good use of her heavy weaponry, such as launchers and machine guns. She is another one of the rare pure zoners that rely on their long ranged weapons to control their enemies from afar.

Also, Launcher has a vast variety of long ranged weapons to the extent that for every situation in the game, she has a different weapon to deal with it. However, that is not all; in addition to her attacks also possesses the ability to perform a specific counter which almost works on every incoming attack and even can lead to a grappling attack.

Now, the abilities of Launcher that we love are that she has a variety of attacks, and in addition to that, she also has a variety of multi-stacking combos that can lead to devastating results. Also, she has a unique set of moves that are launched at a set delay time. These types of attacks can be extremely helpful to keep the pressure on your enemies.

Furthermore, the awakening skill of Launcher is called Overheat. It’s a very basic skill that allows Launcher to do double white damage. The skill, in our opinion, is not extraordinary, and that is one of the reasons she did not make it in the DNF Duel Top 3 Best Characters.

3) Troubleshooter

Troubleshooter In DNF Duel

Next on our list is Troubleshooter. He barely made it to the Top 3 of the list as Launcher was also a very capable character. However, we think Troubleshooter is a bit better overall than Launcher. \if you disagree, then compare them side by side.

Now, the Troubleshooter is a hitman who uses his sawed-of shotgun and a greatsword to hunt his foes down. He also has great range and can even use grenades and a net to put his opponents at a disadvantage. Also, most of his attacks will fling the foe into the air where he can perform disgusting combos.

However, that is not all, and Troubleshooter can also give himself grey health, which helps him do more damage and adding the convert feature of the game to this will make the opponent tap out. Furthermore, his awakening effect, Handling Explosives, allows him to enhance his mana skills that do more damage or can possibly extend the combos. The skills that the Awakening effect is Get On Fire, Oppression, Ignite Slash, and Perfect Batting.

In our opinion, Troubleshooter is one of the Best DNF Duel Characters because he is extremely good in every category and is easy to control. Even his awakening skill is extremely powerful and possibly one of the best in the game. He is simply more well-rounded than Launcher, in our opinion.

2) Crusader

Crusader In DNF Duel

Now, Crusader is one of those characters that is on a whole different level than the other characters. He is easily the DNF Duel’s Best Character and definitely the strongest amongst all the others. The ones who played the betas already know that monstrosity was the best and still is the best in the official release of DNF Duel.

Crusader uses his knowledge of magic and hammer to decimate his foes. If you tried him in the betas, then you know that he can summon a wall and bounce his enemies off it to do continuous combos. He is literally a tank in the game. He’s mostly just like he was in the betas, but with the addition of the other characters, he feels a bit nerfed.

Furthermore, Crusader’s awakening effect, Merciful Strength, allows him to recover his white health 300% faster, and damage taken is reduced by 10%. This ability is so overpowered because depleting Crusader’s health is one of the biggest tasks if you come up against him.

However, the reason he is not in the first position is that Crusader is the slowest character in DNF Duel. According to us, speed matters a lot in a game like DNF Duel.

1) Swift Master

Swift Master
Swift Master In DNF Duel

Now, getting the first position in our list is Swift Master. She is recognized as the master of wind and combos. He is the one and the only character that can perform all his major attacks in the air. In addition to being in the air, his attacks also cover a long distance which also makes him somewhat of a zonner.

Another one of Swift Master’s abilities is to create a vortex that engulfs his foes and pulls them towards him to put them in a sticky situation. His awakening effect allows his movement to increase by 50%; this even includes his dashing capabilities. The effect is called Wind Master.

Furthermore, in our opinion, Swift Master is an overpowered character that should not exist in a game like DNF Duel. In the current exploration of the game, Swift Master is the clear winner as he is also considered the fastest character in the game, and once you top that off with the awakening effect, then the Swift Master is almost unstoppable. So, according to us, the DNF Duel Best Character award goes to Swift Master.


With the listings being complete, we bring our Top 10 DNF Duel Best Characters guide to an end. We hope you agree with our rankings but if you still believe that they are unfair, then let us know through the comment section down below.

At first glance, DNF Duel might seem a simple game. However, DNF Duel is a complicated game to master as they have lots of different combat mechanics and systems in play to give the game that extra push. Now, if you want a full tier list of all 16 characters of DNF Duel, then read the DNF Duel Characters Tier List.

However, keep in mind that this guide was a pure opinion-based guide and that the rankings can change as the game is updated and explored more efficiently.

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