DNF Duel: All Characters Command List

This guide entitles the Command List of all the characters in DNF Duel

If you are used to playing fighting games, then you must be aware that the most important thing in DNF Duel is having knowledge of the command sets and special moves of your character to battle efficiently. So, today we will cover the Command Lists of every character in DNF Duel so you can learn to master them and dominate the battlefield.

In order to have a better understanding of all the characters, we will enlist the Commands of each character in DNF Duel, including their Special Moves, MP Skills, and Awakening Abilities. So, make sure to read the article till the end.

DNF Duel Universal Attack Commands and Input Table

Before we hop into the Command List of each character in DNF Duel, let’s discuss the universal basic attack commands for all the characters in the game. Just like any 2D fighter game, DNF Duel also uses the traditional Numpad Notations; however, there are some other aspects, such as Conversion and Roll actions, that you need to understand.

Below is the table of universal commands along with their buttons.

Up Forward9/⭧
Up Back7/⭦
Down Forward3/⭨
Quarter Circle Back214/⭣⭩⭠
Quarter Circle Forward236/⭣⭨⭢
Half Circle Forward41236/⭠⭩⭣⭨⭢
Half Circle Back63214/⭢⭨⭣⭩⭠
Dragon Punch (AKA: Uppercut or Shoryuken)623/⭢⭣⭨

Universal Button Notations

The following table enlists the Command List for all the Button Notation for every character in DNF Duel.

Standard AA
Standard BB
MP SkillMS
Awakening AbilityAS
Guard Cancel⭢+B+S
Throw⭢ A+B or ⭠ A+B

All Characters Command List In DNF Duel

Now that you know all the universal commands and notation, let’s use these commands to craft some special moves and practice on the battlefield. Once you are used to basic commands and moves, you can start practicing the special moves and, finally, the Mana skills that are the hardest to master. Without further ado, let’s hop into the Command list of all the characters in DNF Duel.

Dragon Knight Command List

DNF Duel Command List
Dragon Knight

Beginning with the Dragon Knight, which is surely among the deadliest characters in the game. She also uses her pet named Astra in her fights to deal heavy damage and take assistance from it during her special MP attacks. Here is the Command list of DNF Duel Dragon Knight.

Special MoveDescriptionInput
Sky BreakSky Break is used as a defense mechanism for air attacks. Dragon Knight takes a step back and launches her up with fast momentum to counterattack. While performing the attack, she can recover while airborne, allowing her to chain the attack with MP Special moves such as Dragon Wing or Knuckle Blaster.6S
Shield UppercutOne of the most common attacks of Dragon Knight that can also be chained up with a Special MP Attack.2S
Lethal PuntoLethal Punto is one of the overpowered special attacks of Dragon Knight as it is typically paired up with a special MP Move. When the move is initiated, she quickly moves forward with significant momentum, allowing her to utilize the move as a safe poke and then activate the Sky Break to devastate the opponent.5S (Hold OK)
Knuckle BlasterDragon Knight flies up in the air and casts an explosive fireball on the ground at an inclined angle. This airborne attack allows her to initiate the Dragon Wing + Dash Forward attack and continue the chain combo.2S
Finish! The finishIt is a Knock Down attack in which Dragon Knight hops up the opponent’s head and abruptly slams down to crush them. This move is typically paired up with the Sheild Uppercut or any Special MP Move, as you can easily catch the opponent off-guard with it.4S

MP Special Moves

MP Special moves are the special moves possessed by every fighter in DNF Duel. In order to initiate these moves, you need to fill your MP Guage. Once you have enough Mana, you can initiate these special attacks to beat down your opponents efficiently.

MP Special MoveDescriptionMP CostInput
Summon AstraDragon Knight uses her pet Astra to target the enemy and fly towards them in order to cast a lethal shockwave. The attack can be chained with a cornered attack as the opponent will not get a chance to escape the move. Once the attack is complete and the enemy is knocked to the ground, use this to your advantage to initiate another special attack, such as dragon force.50 MP5MS
Dragon Force


Dragon Force is a mini MP Special Move in which Astra will unleash three explosive fireballs toward the enemy in a straight path. It is one of the cheap MP Skills that can be used even if you are low on Mana.20 MPA
Dragon Breath


Dragon Breath also involves Astra, in which she will cast one gigantic fireball in the shape of a dragon that covers the entire Arena. Dodging the Dragon Breath of Knight is really hard, and the opponent has to go in defensive mode to get safe. Use it to your advantage to start combo attacks paired up with other MP Skills.30 MPB
Dragon FangDragon Fang is most optimal when the opponent is cornered as Astra flies towards the enemy and starts to spin in circles, dealing an enormous amount of damage.40 MPS
Dragon SmashDragon Smash is for over-aggressive opponents that have aggressive gameplay. Use this move to counterattack their air moves as Dragon Knight jumps up to deliver an uppercut, most likely to stop the opponents from airborne attacks. If Smash hits the opponent, they lose a considerable amount of health as the damaging effect of the move is quite massive.60 MP2MS/ 623MS
Dragon Warrior PrincessA poke attack can be initiated if the opponents are going after Astra when it is summoned. Use Dragon Warrior Princess attack as a counter hit when the opponents are distracted.40 MP6MS/ 236MS
Biting DragonAnother Lethal Special Move of Dragon Knight is to trick the opponents and catch them off guard. Pair up this Move with special attacks such as Knuckle Blaster or Lethal Plunta to get the most efficient results.50 MP4MS/ 214MS
Dragon WingDragon Wing Skill enables you to suspend up in the air temporarily, and you can stay airborne until the attack is triggered. When you are levitating, the MP Gauge will start to drain until you are out of Mana.

While you are up in the air, you can either boost forward and be overaggressive to land some serious hits and chained combos. You can also boost backward to use it as a defense mechanism and make some distance from the enemy to dodge their heavy attacks.

30 MP


j.MS/ j.MS > 5MS

Awakening Skills

Awakening Skills are triggered once the HP of the fighter drops down below 30 and cannot be used before that. These abilities have some overpowered capabilities, and you can use them as a last chance to win the battle in do-or-die situations. Below are the awaking skills of Dragon Knight.

Awakening SkillDescriptionInput
Dragon SortiePerfect Skills to catch the enemy Mid-Air and cancel their attack to counterattack in return. Use this skill when the opponent is being over-aggressive and attacking you blindly without being defensive.AS
Dragon ForceSignificantly boosts your Mana Recovery Rate by doubling the amount of Mana gained for each hit.Passive

Berserker Command List

Beginner Friendly Fighter

Berserker is a beginner-friendly fighter with decent abilities and impeccable moves. He is got impressive attacking abilities along with a satisfactory defense mechanism. Here is the Command list of all the Berserker attacks in DNF Duel.

Ghost SlashGhost Slash is a flawless anti-air attack that can be used to break combos and counterattacks. Berserker takes a step to release a powerful slash that can break down almost any attack of the opponent. Usually, it is combined with a 4S to end a combo.5S
Upward SlashUpward Slash is another anti-air move from Berserker, with a much larger hitbox than the Ghost Slash. The slash also knocks the opponent up in the air, giving you a perfect opportunity to start a chained combo.2S
Gore CrossGore Cross is a defensive move that is used to block opponents. Berserker creates a blood shield in front of him, which guards him against enemy projectiles without dealing any damage to him. You can also chain the attack with a Special MP move if the opponent is vulnerable.6S
Gore Cross: ExpulsionExpulsion is the enhanced variant of Gore Cross in which instead of just creating a Blood Shield to protect him, Berserker unleashes it in a forwarding direction, dealing damage to the enemies upon hitting.6S>S
Mountainous WheelMountainous is a highly aggressive attack in which the Berserker flies up in the air and casts his Greatsword to slice the opponent down. A successful hit deals a tremendous amount of damage to the opponent, leaving them in an extended knockdown state. You can use this opportunity to chain the attack into another Mana Attack.4S
Blood SmashAnother aggressive attack is in which Berserker swings his mighty sword, creating a mighty hitbox. Use this attack if the opponent is getting too close to you. It will give them a knockback with a decent amount of damagej.S
Ashe ForkBerserker flies in the air and performs a dive kick to land on the opponent with great momentum. The attack is difficult to dodge if the opponent is not alert as Berserker performs it abruptly in one move.j.S2

MP Special Moves

Now that you know the Special Attacks, it’s time to learn about the MP Special Moves of Berserker.

MP Special MoveDescriptionMP CostInput
FrenzyBerserker activates his Frenzied state, in which his overall performance is enhanced. The Greatsword will deal more damage when the move is activated, and the normal attacks will also become more lethal.

The Frenzied state slowly eats down Berserker’s HP and replaces it with white health, which can be utilized for chained combos and more damage output.

30 MP5MS
Blood Twister

(Frenzied state)

Berserker makes a blood vortex that draws his opponent close to him. This attack is mostly used to initiate a chained combo as the opponent is pulled close to you. You can use the opportunity to initiate the combos first before the enemy does that.80 MP5MS
Raging FuryRaging Fury is an anti-air attack to block heavy attacks by the enemy. The ability allows Berserker to go in an invincible state for a short period of time, dealing no damage to hum during the state.

 Although Raging Fury costs high MP, it is very useful in critical situations to escape from heavy attacks by over-aggressive opponents.

70 MP2MS/ 623MS
Blood SwordAnother decent Mana skill is which Berserker pulls out his Greatsword to unleash small projectiles of blood that explode upon hitting the enemies, giving them a pushback.

The move is most optimal when the opponent is cornered, as they will not have any chance to escape it.

50 MP6MS/ 236MS
Blood LustAn excellent MP skill that entirely replenishes the white health Berserker when the fury is active. Use this move after using a hard knockdown effect to make the best out of it.50 MP4MS/ 214MS
Outrage BreakBerserker casts his Greatsword on the arena floor with great force, which causes an explosion of raging blood. Outrage Break is an OTG and can be used to break down some combo effects.50 MPj.MS

Awakening Skills

Berserker possesses some great Awakening skills that help him to escape difficult situations. So, let’s get to know about them.

Awakening SkillDescriptionInput
Blood RivenBerserker changes his state into a Blood Majin before initiating a catastrophic Super Attack. The attack has a short range but deals massive damage upon hitting the enemy.AS
ThirstTwenty percent of Berserker’s dealt damage transforms into his HP, regenerating his health and giving him a chance to hop into battle again.Passive

Enchantress Command List

DNF Duel Command List

Enchantress is one of the overpowered female characters in DNF Duel. She uses a highly technical puppet in her fights as support and utilizes her MP to unleash its powers. Enchantress is an all-rounder with impressive attacking as well as defensive abilities. So, let’s discuss the Command list for all the attacks of Enchantress in DNF Duel.

Special MoveDescriptionInput
Rose VinesEnchantress unleashes a slow-paced projectile that fills the Arena, dealing a decent amount of damage. It is a ranged attack and is most optimal to use when the enemy is maintaining a distance and being defensive.5S
Madd, it’s Time to Dance!Just like the name, this move is exceptionally fancy as Enchantress, and her pet Madd initiate a massive swiping attack, dealing considerable damage. The interesting thing about the move is that it can be chained into other heavy combo attacks to continue applying pressure on opponents.2S
Lantern FirebombEnchantress spawns a dark purple firebomb that causes an explosive effect, giving enemies a pushback with a decent amount of damage.

If you hold the input, you can charge up the Fireball Lantern to make it even more lethal. The level two or three Firebomb is more massive with a greater hitbox. But make sure to maintain a distance from the enemy while charging the Bomb, as you will be vulnerable to counterattack.

6S (Hold OK)
Destiny PuppetEnchantress spawns her puppet that runs towards your enemy to deal damage. Upon a successful hit, the puppet will grab them and cause explosive damage, giving them a knockback in the air. You can use this to your advantage to initiate a mid-air attack for more damage. 
Aerial Lantern FirebombEnchantress jumps up in the air and tosses out a purplish-shade firebomb toward the opponent.

Like the Lantern Firebomb, the Aerial version can also be charged up to level two or three if you hold the input button. Doing so will increase the damage and hitbox but will consume more time for the attack to initiate.

j.S (Hold OK)

 MP Special Moves

The Special MP moves of Enchantress in DNF Duel are as follows.

MP Special MoveDescriptionMP CostInput
Showtime!It’s time for a puppet show again! Enchantress spawns her puppet, whose movement can be controlled and used to target enemies. Showtime really confuses their enemy as they get distracted from the puppet, which gives you an edge to attack.

Make sure to use the attack wisely, as it significantly eats up your MP Guage.

Swiftly Decreases5MS (Air OK)
And, Scene!

(During Showtime only)

And, Scene! is used to cancel the Showtime effect and call Madd back to its position. Once you use this move, your Mana will stop depleting.N/A5MS (Air OK)
Madd the Guard


(During Showtime Only)

Madd unleashes a destructive slash upon the enemy that starts from the upper corner of the Arena and finishes at the lower bottom, covering a large area and making it nearly impossible to dodge the enemy.40 MP2MS/ 623MS
Madd Mad Slash

(During Showtime only)

Enchantress uses her puppet Madd to swipe up its sharp fangs horizontally, dealing enormous amounts of damage to the opponent.

One thing to keep in mind is that most of the Madd moves are activated only during Showtime, so make sure you use them wisely.

20 MP6MS/


Curse of the Terror Bear

(During Showtime only)

Most of the Special MP attacks of Enchantress involve her special pet Madd, which is a great asset for her during the battles.

Madd casts a purplish fireball that covers the entire Arena, giving you an excellent poking opportunity and catching opponents off-guard to start a combo attack.

80 MP4MS/


Terrible RoarUnlike most of the Enchantress attacks, this one can be performed without Showtime.

Terrible Roar is a splendid anti-air move that is most optimal against an offensive opponent. Use it to block their aggressive attacks and counterattack when finding the opportunity.

70 MP2MS/


HarvestAnother impeccable Mana attack from Enchantress in which she abruptly snaps her long whip across the Arena. If the hit lands on the opponent, it will steal Mana from their MP Guage with the rate of four MP per hit.60 MP6MS/


Keep Away!Lastly, we will discuss the Keep Away move, which is unique as it temporarily turns your enemy into a doll.

While the opponent is enchanted, they can only perform basic moves, giving you the perfect opportunity to attack them and deal massive damage.

80 MP4MS/


Awakening Skills

The Awakening Skills of Enchantress are also pretty impressive. Below are the passive and Awakening effect of Enchantress in DNF Duel.

Awakening SkillDescriptionInput
Forest of DollsEnchantress can use her Awakening Ability to cast the dolls and escape the critical situation. This effect is mostly paired up with other special moves for the most optimal results.AS
FavoritismThe MP consumption of the Showtime move of Enchantress reduces by 2/3.Passive

Crusader Command List

The Bulky Guy

Crusader is a spiritual soldier of Nexon possessing holy abilities with fierce combo moves. His spiritual traits grant him an extra edge, making him the character with the highest HP in the game, which is at 1200. Let’s discuss the Command list for the special moves of Crusader in DNF Duel to know more about this mysterious character.

Special MoveDescriptionInput
Hammer of RepentanceCrusader sways his mighty hammer over the ground with heavy momentum, shaking the entire Arena. This is the perfect opportunity for poking the opponent. Hammer of Repentance attack is also an OTG that can also be utilized as an anti-air attack.5S/


Sacred UpperYou will use Sacred Upper most of the time as it is the primary combo attack of Crusader with considerable damage. Sacred Upper is also words as a splendid anti-air as he can swing his hammer up to block any aggressive attack. You can also chain the attack with special MP moves.2S
Flash SphereCrusader releases a slow-paced orb of flashes across the Arena, allowing him to possess the inflicted area in his control. You can also chain the command with special MP moves such as Strike of Repentance and Spear of Victory.6S
Saint CounterA massive hit that gives a knockback to the enemy. Saint Counter is typically chained into Hammer of Repentance for the most optimal results. But keep in mind that the Counter will not work against low attacks, grabs, or any projectiles cast by the opponent.4S

MP Special Moves

Now that you are aware of the Special attack, let’s get into the MP Special moves of Crusader.

MP Special MoveDescriptionMP CostInput
Miracle SplitterCrusader swings his hammer abruptly that charges it, and unleashes a massive blow across half of the Arena, providing a massive hitbox. Miracle Splitter is a good finisher as you become invincible to projectiles during the initiation of the attack.60 MP5MS
HaptismA super damage-dealing move that gives the opponent a massive knockback upon a successful hit. Haptism is a good anti-air attack as well as a wake-up move. Use this against aggressive enemies to block their mid-air attacks.70 MP2MS/


Deflection WallCrusader spawns a rocky wall from underneath the opponent, giving them an enormous amount of damage while they are being choked. While the enemy is stuck, you can also use the opportunity to initiate a chain combo.50 MP6MS/


Grace of LemidiosCrusader’s abilities are temporarily enhanced, giving his blows extra damage with more effects. It is a follow-up attack to his standard 2B and 5B actions and allows him to initiate chain combos. Although the MP cost is much higher than his standard moves, the effects are worth the price.90 MP4MS/


Strike of Repentance

(During the Grace of Lemidios only)

Crusader flawlessly swings his mighty Hammer with might force that deals massive damage on a successful hit. The Strike has after-effects that make the opponent unable to jump for a short period of time.

Strike of Repentance is also an OTG and will cancel the Grave of Lemidios buff.

50 MP4MS/



(During the Grace of Lemidios only)

Crusader heals himself from any ailment by casting a giant orb of sparkling ball up in the Arena.

After completing its flight, the Orb will absorb energy and takes a dark purplish tone before unleashing lasers onto the ground, dealing explosive damage upon hitting.

Apocalypse is one of Crusader’s primary Special MP moves, which is also an OTG. The effect will vanish if Crusader gets hit by the enemy.

90 MPj.4MS/


Spear of VictoryCrusader releases a spear of bright Laser into the arena floor with devastating force and momentum, giving a massive hitbox with a decent amount of damage.

Spear of victory has potential for chain attack and will explode if paired with Grace of Lemidios.

30 MPj.MS

Awakening Skills

Just like any other character in DNF Duel, Crusader also possesses Awakening Skills with some unique abilities, so let’s get to know about them.

Awakening SkillDescriptionInput
AscencionCrusader swirls his mighty hammer down into the Arena with brutal energy releasing a gigantic shockwave with a massive hitbox, giving the opponent a knockback upon hitting.

Ascencion can be chained up with special attacks to keep the pressure on the enemy.

Merciful StrengthDamage dealt by the opponent to Crusader is decreased by ten percent. The recovery of White Health Bar is also enhanced by three hundred percent.Passive

Kunoichi Command List

DNF Duel Command List

Kunoichi is one of the favorite warriors in DNF Duel. She is a ninja with assassinating abilities, having no soft spot for her opponents. It uses a mix of fighting with a blend of ninja touch and freestyle. Once you master this fierce warrior, you can dominate the DNF Duel meta. So, let’s discuss the Command List for all the attacks of Kunoichi in DNF Duel.

Special MoveDescriptionInput
Flame CutKunoichi performs uppercuts with her blazing knives, allowing her to chain the command or block an opponent’s attack. Flame cut can also be chained into MP Special attacks such as Toad Oil Bomb or Flying Air Shuriken.5S
Rising CutAnother anti-air attack of Kunoichi is when she slashes an uppercut with her special Kunai blades. Make sure to maintain some distance from the enemy while initiating the attack, as you are vulnerable during the starting stage.2S
Kunai ThrowKunoichi throws three pointing knives at her enemy to deal decent amount o damage. The attack has two variants: she either stays on the ground or jumps in the air to throw the knives at an angle for a larger hitbox.6S/


Ninpo: Log CloneKunoichi uses a tricky move and spawns a log in place of her to teleport and reach the enemy, catching them off-guard. Log Clone is most optimal when the enemy is cornered as Kunoichi is guaranteed to spawn over their head after each teleportation, giving you an extra edge to start combo attacks chained up with MP Special moves.4S
Flying SquirrelKunai jumps in the air and unleashes an explosive firebomb towards the arena ground at a sharp angle, giving a larger hitbox. Flying Squirrel is mostly chained up with Flame Tornado to increase the overall damage to the opponent.j.2S

MP Special Moves

The following table enlists all the MP Special Moves of Kunoichi in DNF Duel.

MP Special MoveDescriptionMP CostInput
Burning StigmaBurning Stigma is not a direct attacking move but a debuff effect that inflicts on the opponent when other Mana skills are triggered.

When the enemy is inflicted with Burning Stigma, the effect will cause an explosion, dealing damage and giving a knockback to the opponent.

N/AApplies automatically with other Mana Attacks.
Fire Art: Fireball +

Nin-Bound Version

Kunoichi unleashes a gigantic fireball on the opponent, dealing brutal damage with aftereffects.

Most of the MP skills of Kunoichi have Nin Bound version, which is more overpowered than the basic variants. The Nin-Bound Fire Art Fireball gets more charge in order to deal more damage.

40 MP/

35 MP

5M (Hold OK)
Heavenly Fire Blast +

Nin-Bound Version

Kunoichi flies in the air to release three explosive fireballs toward the enemy.

In the Nin Bound version, Kunoichi takes a bit more time to charge up and release the Fireballs, dealing more damage with a higher hitbox.

60 MP2MS (Hold OK)


623MS (Hold OK)

Flame Tornado +

Nin-Bound Version

Kunoichi creates a massive, burning tornado that whirls towards the enemy, making it impossible for them to dodge the deadly attack.

The Nin-Bound version tornado is more massive with a higher hitbox but takes more time to initiate.

90 MP6MS (Hold OK)/

236MS (Hold OK)

Toad Oil Bomb + Nin-Bound VersionKunoichi uses her ninja powers to summon a fierce toad that spits out a large fireball, dealing explosive damage to enemies.

The Nin-Bound version is the same, but Kunoichi spawns the Toad on the top of the opponent’s head, dealing more damage.

70 MP4MS (Hold OK)/

214MS (Hold OK)

Flying Air Shuriken +

Nin-Bound Version

Kunoichi jumps high in the air to throw six explosive kunai knives toward her opponent with great force.

In the Nin-Bound version, Kunoichi throws the attack two times instead of one to get a higher hitbox.

50 MPj.4MS (Hold OK)/

j.214MS (Hold OK)

Awakening Skills

The following table describes the Awakening Skills of Kunoichi in DNF Duel.

Awakening SkillDescriptionInput
Sword of KusanagiKunoichi enters rage mode and unleashes her Great Sword of Kusanagi to slice her opponent down. The move is usually paired up with other special attacks for optimal results.AS
Nin BoostThe MP cost of Nin-Bound moves is reduced by 5 percent and also casts at a faster rate.Passive

Ghostblade Command List       

DNF Duel Command List
Ghost Blade

A is a swordsman who has a spiritual link with a Ghost that assists him in his fights. Ghostblade is a fast-moving character with considerable poking abilities, allowing him to cast overpowered attacks on his opponents and dominate the battlefield. The following table enlists the command list of DNF Duel Ghostblade.

Special Moves

Special MoveDescriptionInput
Ultimate Phantom SlashGhostblade swings his katana fiercely, covering a wide area and dealing considerable damage to the enemy.

Upon successful hit of Ultimate Phantom Slash, the opponent will knockdown, giving you an opportunity to chain a combo attack and dominate the enemy.

Spectral EradicationGhostblade again uses his mighty katana to cast a horizontal slash, slicing anything that comes in its way. Spectral Eradication is a good option to counter the opponent’s chain attacks and heavy hits, which is an excellent neutral ability.2S
Drive SlashGhostblade moves forward and swings his katana to make an arc of slash, creating a large hitbox. You can continue the attack string by initiating the second and third slash through S input.6S/



Soul StrikeMost of the special moves of Ghostblade involve his katana. In Soul Strike, Ghostblade makes a slash for anti-air attacks and hits the airborne enemies, dealing massive damage.4S
Cross SlashGhostblade jumps in the air and unleashes his katana to land upon the enemy with a mighty slash, giving a decent amount of damage. Cross Slash is usually chained with MP Special moves such as Sky Slash and Phantom Wind.j.S

MP Special Moves

Mastering MP Special moves are really crucial as they prove life-saving in critical situations. So, let’s discuss the special MP Move command list of Ghostblade in DNF Duel.

MP Special MoveDescriptionMP CostInput
Ghost: Single StrikeIt is time to bring the buddy in battle too. Ghostblade spawns his ghost that releases projectiles to deal damage. It is a perfect move to distract opponents and catch them off-guard.50 MP5MS
Dyad: Soul Cross

(Available after utilizing Ghost – Single Strike only)

Ghostblade, along with his ghost buddy, picks up a quick pace to reach the opponent and deal them damage one by one.30 MP5MS > 5MS
Ghost RetracerGhost Retracer ability allows Ghostblade to teleport into places across the Arena. This really confuses the opponents and takes them out of their offensive mode into the defensive phase.40 MP2MS


Ghost: Sky SlashGhostblade spawns the ghost buddy again, who flies up in the air and dashes toward the enemy with great force, dealing considerable damage.50 MP6MS


Ghost: Phantom WindGhostblade again spawns the ghost towards the enemy, who perform several slashes and drain down the opponent’s energy abruptly. Although the cost of this MP special move is high, it proves helpful in quickly eating the enemy’s health.80 MP4MS/


Ghost: Targeted HitGhostblade will spawn his ghost buddy, who will fly up in the air and land with a devastating slash with a large hitbox. This Mana skill is an OTG, too, enabling you to extend your combos and chain attacks.50 MPj.MS

Awakening Skills

Here are the Awakening skills of Ghost Blade.

Awakening SkillDescriptionInput
Phantasmal SlayerGhostblade’s Awakening Skill is very fierce with a huge hitbox. The Awakening Skill is usually chained up with slashing combos and chained with MP Special moves.AS
Phantasmal BinityThe damage dealt by Ghostblade from any move is increased by ten percent.Passive

Hitman Command List

Dnf Duel Hitman

Hitman is a great generalist and a strong warrior, possessing decent powers and poking abilities. He is known for his fast-paced attacks and good blocking capabilities. His years of hardcore training have transformed him into a great fighter. The table below shows the Command list of Hitman in DNF Duel.

Special MoveDescriptionInput
Surprise CutHitman takes out his saber and dashes forward towards the enemy, giving several stabs and dealing considerable damage.5S
Dead LiftHitman uses his saber again to swing it in the vertical and horizontal direction, creating a large hitbox. Upon the second slash, the Hitman launches his opponent up in the air, giving you a perfect opportunity to chain a combo attack such as Mighty Strike and Bill Drill.2S
Agile ManeuverHitman uses his weapons to deal massive damage. He uses his for ranged damage and then his saber for the final blow. This move is most optimal when the enemy is cornered.6S
Mighty StrikeThe mighty saber again comes in handy to deal damage to the opponents. Mighty Strike can also OTG, which will bounce off the opponent into a hard knockdown stage. Use the situation to your advantage and cast an MP Special move on the enemy to drain out their health quickly.

Mighty Strike is one of the overpowered special attacks of Hitman.

Dead SixHitman flies up in the air and slashes his saber to form an arc. Upon a successful hit, the enemy gets a knockback with a decent amount of damage. Dead Six is a good option to initiate a chain attack.j.S

MP Special Moves

The following table discusses the Command List for MP Special Moves of Hitman in DNF Duel.

MP Special MoveDescriptionMP CostInput
Final StrikeFinal Stike is one of the most commonly used Mana skills as it is pretty simple to initiate. To deal massive damage, hitman takes a jump to deliver a massive slash through his saber.50 MP5MS
Bill DrillBill Drill can be used as an anti-air attack as it has a large vertical hitbox. Use this skill to initiate a chain attack and keep the pressure on enemies.70 MP2MS/


CaracoleHitman releases his saber towards the enemy that hit them and comes back to Hitman. Caracole should be used when the enemies are cornered as they will have no other option than to take the hit.70 MP6MS/ 236MS
SweepSweep is one of Hitman’s fastest actions at his disposal, making it a reliable way to close out combos.50 MP4MS/ 214MS
Helix DiveHitman jumps in the air and takes out his SMG to spray a full magazine of bullets upon their opponents, dealing massive damage with a high hitbox.50 MPj.MS

Awakening Skills

Hitman has pretty interesting Awakening Abilities, which help him escape critical situations and even change the outcomes of battles. So, let’s get to know about them.

Awakening SkillDescriptionInput
Dusk WingsHitman dashes forward towards his enemy with his charged saber, releasing a high laser beam that covers the entire screen horizontally. You can pair Dusk Wings with Shattering Strike for the most optimal results.AS
Battle CommandBattle Command allows the Hitman to cancel into Shattering Strike attack by pressing the input 5MS once you complete any MP Special move.Passive

Grappler Command List

DNF Duel Command List

Grappler is a special melee character that can dominate his opponents with tricky grabs and fierce. His quick attacks and grabbing techniques are most optimal in close-ranged combats. His Awakened abilities are quite impressive as well, which enhances his guard to receive less damage and counterattack with greater force. So, let’s discuss the Command List on Grappler Special Moves in DNF Duel.

Special MoveDescriptionInput
Low FlingGrappler grabs his opponent and launches them high in the air. While the enemy is mid-air, you can initiate a chain attack to get the most damage.5S (Hold OK)
High KickGrappler jumps in the air and dashes towards the opponent with a powerful kick. If you hold the input button, the move will transform into a charged version where Grappler will hit three charged kicks.2S (Hold OK)
Neck SnapGrappler grabs his opponent to initiate a special move that deals great damage. Neck Snap is an optimal move when the enemy is too close to you. Through Neck Snap, you can start chain attacks followed up by MP Special attacks such as Break Down or Seismic Crash.6S (Hold OK)
Air SteinerAir Steiner is an anti-air attack that will knock off your opponents on the ground, giving you the perfect opportunity for an OTG. Use this attack when the enemy is over-aggressive without being defensive.4S (Hold OK)
Slam KickGrappler jumps in the air to slam his opponent with a high kick, dealing devastating damage. If you hold the input, the move will convert into the charged version that will also bounce off your opponent, giving you the opportunity for extended combos.j.S (Hold OK)

MP Special Moves

The following table enlists Grappler’s MP Special moves in DNF Duel.

MP Special MoveDescriptionMP CostInput
MagnumsaultGrappler flies in the air to charge up and then dashes towards the opponent with great momentum, dealing heavy damage.

Magnumsault is also an OTG when charged, allowing you to destroy your opponent with extended combos.

40 MP5MS (Hold OK)
Seismic CrashSeismic Crash is a powerful blow dealt by the opponent. On a successful hit, the move deals considerable damage, giving your enemies a knockback.50 MP2M (Hold OK)/ 623MS (Hold OK)
Shoulder TackleGrappler lunges forward with fast speed. While dashing, Grappler becomes invincible to any projectiles cast by enemies.

If you hold the input, the move will convert into charged variant in which damage is further increased. Both variants of Shoulder Tackle will deal a knockback to opponents, giving you the opportunity to chain attack combos.

50 MP6MS (Hold OK)/

236MS (Hold OK)

Break DownWith the help of the Breakdown move, Grappler grabs the opponent in mid-air, allowing you to convert into combos and other special moves.70 MP4MS (Hold OK)/ 214MS (Hold OK)

Awakening Skills

Awakening Skills always come in handy in critical situations, allowing you to use the perks and use them to your advantage. Below are the Awakening Skills of Grappler in DNF Duel.

Awakening SkillDescriptionInput
Sole Bearer: Quaking TigerGrappler casts an AoE vortex that draws opponents towards it, allowing you to initiate your deadly combos.AS
Iron PhysiqueThe White Damage received by opponents is reduced by 80%.Passive

Inquisitor Command List

DNF Duel Inquisitor

Inquisitor is a merciless Priest that teaches discipline to her opponents with holy flames. She has impeccable MP Skills that can immobilize an opponent’s soul, which can then be then burned using her incinerating abilities. She possesses some serious offensive moves with overpowered skills. The following table describes the Command List of all the Special Moves of Inquisitor in DNF Duel.

Special MoveDescriptionInput
Punishing CrossInquisitor sways her mighty battleaxe in a wide range, creating a decent hitbox with massive damage. Punishing Cross is typically canceled into her other special skills, such as Cut-in Dash and Flege’s Essence.5S
Rising CutInquisitor again uses her battleaxe to make an upward cut, slicing her opponent down with great damage. Rising cut can also be canceled into Special moves such as Cut-in Dash and Flege’s Essence.2S
Cut-in DashInquisitor lunges forward, abruptly getting close to the opponent and dashing them with great momentum. Cut-in Dash allows Inquisitor to chain into Cut-in Bash attack.6S
Cut-in Bash

(During Cut-in Dash only)

When close to the opponent, Inquisitor takes out her battleaxe in the upward direction, making it a splendid anti-poke attack. This move can also help you to corner the opponents and initiate chain attacks.S
Flege’s EssenceInquisitor spawns a vial of holy Essence and throws it toward her opponent. Upon a successful hit, the opponent will be inflicted with the Essence for seven seconds.4S
PunishmentPunishment is an excellent anti-air attack that is most suitable when the enemy is overaggressive.j.S
RaidInquisitor hit the arena ground through her battleaxe with great force, creating a shockwave of damage. The shock will knock the opponent, giving you an opportunity to initiate MP Special Moves.j.2S

MP Special Moves

Now that you are aware of the special attacks let’s know the Command List for Mana attacks of Inquisitor in DNF Duel.

MP Special MoveDescriptionMP CostInput
Flege’s FirebombInquisitor takes out a firebomb which will trigger Flege’s Essence.40 MP5MS
Noble RageNoble Rage is an invincible reversal, making it a great move against aggressive opponents.80 MP2MS/


Summary JusticeInquisitor takes out her greataxe, covered in burning flame sways upon the opponent with mighty force.50 MP6MS


Burning WheelInquisitor casts an oversized flaming wheel in front of her opponent that spins in that lock them in one place for a short period of time90 MP4MS


God’s WrathInquisitor flies in the air to perform several swings from her greataxe, dealing massive damage.70 MPj.MS

Awakening Skills

Awakening SkillDescriptionInput
Blazing HellInquisitor swings her battleaxe out in front of her, covering a wide range horizontally. Typically used in combos to increase the overall damage output.AS
Coldhearted InquisitorThe MP starts to recover immediately after utilizing a Mana skill.Passive

Launcher Command List

DNF Duel Command List

Launcher is an Empyrean soldier who fights in the Arena with the help of her high-tech weapons. She is most efficient in ranged attacks due to her ranged damage abilities, eliminating her opponents without even letting them close to her. She also possesses some decent defensive traits that help her to overcome aggressive opponents. The following table describes the Command list of all the Special moves of Launcher in DNF Duel.

Special MoveDescriptionInput
Steyr AMRThe launcher takes out her deadly RPG and launches an explosive rocket toward her opponent. Steys AMR is a good option to initiate chain attacks.5S
FM-31 Grenade LauncherLauncher takes out a grenade launcher this time to release lethal grenades that explode on hitting the opponents.2S
Cannon BallLauncher uses her exceptionally big handgun that releases cannon balls and explosives across the Arena. Cannon Ball is somehow similar to Steyr AMR with much faster speed and more damage.6S
SprigganLauncher initiates a baseball slide that chains into a quick cinematic move, hitting the enemy with a chaingun. Spriggan is a good option to distract opponents and catch them off-guard.4S
Laser RifleLauncher jumps up in the air to pull out her Laser Rifle, releasing a destructive beam of Laser at an inclined angle, creating a large hitbox.j.S

MP Special Moves

The MP Special moves of Launcher are even more impressive and deadlier than her regular attacks. So, let’s get to know about all of them.

MP Special MoveDescriptionMP CostInput
Charged Laser RifleLauncher again uses her high-tech Laser Rifle to supercharge it and cast an explosion on the ground, giving a shock effect to the enemy. The Laser released by the Rifle travels across the entire Arena in the horizontal direction, creating a massive hitbox.50 MP5MS
BBQLauncher uses this ability to counter any attack of the opponent. BBQ has a short range but can counter almost all attacks except projectiles.60 MP2MS/


X-1 ExtruderLauncher equips her big gun this time to shoot a flaming fireball across the Arena that deals a massive amount of damage. X-1 Extruder is typically chained into other special attacks as the enemy is knocked down after a successful hit.70 MP6MS/


FM-92 mk2 LancerThe launcher takes out another high-tech Rocket Launcher to release a missile in the air, following its target and landing right at it. FM-92 mk2 Lancer helps you to temporarily control space and knock your opponent down.50 MP4MS/


Quantum BombLauncher jumps in the air and marks a position on the ground to throw an explosive bomb that has a considerably high hitbox.90 MPj.MS

Awakening Skills

If Launcher gets low on health, she activates her Awakening Abilities to escape the situations.

Awakening SkillDescriptionInput
Ancient TriggerAncient Trigger is a short-range Awakening Ability of Launcher, which also hits OTG, giving you an excellent opportunity to initiate combo attacks and change the outcomes of the fight.AS
OverheatLauncher deals double the amount of white damage on her enemy if she hits them in guarding state.Passive

Ranger Command List

Mythical Characters

Just like Launcher, Ranger is also a long-distance warrior who possesses some deadly weapons for dealing devastating ranged damage as well as maintaining close-range pressure. He can really be good at defending aggressive moves of his opponents with his impeccable guarding abilities. He likes to catch opponents off guard with his tricky ranged moves. The following table enlists the Command List of all the Special Attacks of Ranger in DNF Duel.

Special MoveDescriptionInput
Mach KickRanger uses her long legs to throw a high-kick, dealing a considerable amount of damage to the opponent’s Mach Kick is typically canceled into Windmill or Triple Tap if you are successful in hitting the enemy.5S
Steep SlideRanger dashes forward to deal damage with a low-profile attack. Steep Slide can also be chained into special MP Moves such as Death Hawk or Wild Shot.2S
WindmillRanger spins like a Windmill with his legs up in the air, dealing multiple hits to the enemy.6S
Air RaidAir Raid is the extended version of Windmill where he flies up in the air and dashes towards the opponent to launch continuous kicks, dealing massive damage.S
Triple TapRanger takes out his revolver and shoots at the opponent to get ranges damage. Triple Tap can OTG as well, allowing you to extend combos and initiate Mana Skills.4S
G-14 BusterRanger throws a grenade toward his enemy, which tosses on the ground and explodes after a few seconds, dealing explosive damage with a large hitbox. The Buster launches the opponent on a successful hit, allowing you to chain attack while the opponent is in mid-air.j.S

MP Special Moves

The following table enlists all the MP Special Moves of Ranger in DNF Duel.  

MP Special MoveDescriptionMP CostInput
Suppressive Barrage (Double + Triple)Ranger again uses his revolver to fire a round of bullets. You can also chain the attack into Double or Triple Barrel, in which Ranger will fire more bullets with more damage, but the MP cost will increase.40 MP/

30 MP/

15 MP

Wild ShotRanger goes in an invincible state and then spins abruptly to fire a spray of bullets, having a large hitbox with a decent amount of damage.60 MP2MS/


Deadly ApproachRanger Jumps really high in the air and fires four bullets from his revolver toward his opponent. Upon Successful hit, Deadly Approach will hard knockdown opponent, which can also be used to your advantage.60 MP6MS/


Death HawkRanger uses the dual revolver combo and aims at the opponent, firing a lethal spray of bullets that penetrates the enemy to deal massive damage.70 MP4MS/


Scud Genocide (Double + Triple)Ranger jumps in the air and takes out his dual revolver to fire at opponents.

Scud Genocide can also be extended into Double or Triple Scud Genocide, enabling Ranger to spray more bullets, but it will cost more MP.

30 MP/

20 MP/

10 MP


Awakening Skills

Now that you know about Ranger’s offensive moves let’s know about his Awakening Skills.

Awakening SkillDescriptionInput
Seventh FlowRanger shoots off bullets from his revolvers across the Arena in the horizontal direction. Seventh Flow is a ranged attack that catches opponents off-guard and makes them defensive. It is usually chained with Special attacks to keep the pressure on enemies.AS
Sudden DeathDealing damage to the opponent during Sudden Death will inflict the opponent with the Revenge debuff effect. While the enemy is inflicted, their dealt damage is decreased by twenty-five percent and reduces their MP regeneration time by one-third.Passive

Lost Warrior Command List

DNF Duel Command List
Lost Warrior

Lost Warrior is an unlockable character in DNF Duel that you’ll get at the end of the Story or Arcade modes. He is a mysterious character with flawless fighting abilities and can be considered the top-tier fighter of DNF Duel. The following table discusses the Command List of all the Special Moves of Lost Warrior in DNF Duel.

Special Moves

Special MoveDescriptionInput
Mysterious SlashLost Warrior dashes forward and teleports towards the enemy to throw a lethal slash with his sharp sword.5S
Resolute CutLost Warrior sways his mighty sword in above his head, making it a perfect anti-air attack.2S
Phase ShiftLost Warrior spawns a massive projectile at his enemy that covers the entire Arena. Upon a successful hit, the enemy gets a knockback and absorbs massive damage.6S
VanishLost Warrior jumps into the air through his teleportation abilities and casts aerial moves to confuse the opponent. Vanish is a perfect move to catch the enemies off-guard and initiate a Mana attack.4S
Mysterious SphereLost Warrior jumps in the air to release two explosive projectiles at enemies using her magic abilities, allowing him to control the space.j.S

MP Special Moves

Like the Special Attacks, the Lost Warrior also has some impeccable Mana attacks. So, let’s get to know about them.

MP Special MoveDescriptionMP CostInput
Time StopTime stop is the special ability of Lost Warrior that stops the time around him, allowing him to deal with some massive hits.N/AGets triggered automatically on stacking five Engraved Time
Vanish CutterLost Warrior dashes forward through her teleporting abilities and cast a lethal slash on the opponent. This attack is just like Mysterious Slash but more devastating with a larger hitbox.50 MP5MS
Absolute GuardAbsolute Guard is a flawless blocking ability of Lost warrior, allowing him to absorb any kind of attack dealt by the opponent.

During Absolute Guard, Warrior goes into an invincibility state and does not receive any damage, except for the projectiles.

50 MP2MS/ 623MS
Mysterious PierceLost Warrior spawns three greatswords from his magic portal, which targets the opponent and hits them as projectiles.60 MP6MS/ 236MS
Vanish StrikeLost Warrior teleports from the ground and spawns on top of his opponent to deal a massive blow from above and knock them down.70 MP4M/ 214MS
DominateLost Warrior spawns a magic portal high in the air that will move towards the opponent to target it and take it into a hard knockdown state.70 MPj.MS

Awakening Skills

Lost Warrior possesses offensive Awakening Skills that help him to fight off his enemies in critical situations. Below are the Awakening skills of Warrior.

Awakening SkillDescriptionInput
Transcendence ImpactA ranged attack that catches the opponent off guard, giving you a perfect opportunity to initiate a combo attackAS
The logic of the DimensionsExtends the time period of the Time Stop ability and temporarily freezes the enemy once they are inflicted with the Engraved Time effect.Passive

Striker Command List

Impeccable fighter

Striker is an impeccable martial artist who has mastered the art of self-defense. Striker is a balanced character with good defensive abilities as well as impressive attacking powers. Striker dominates the battlefield in close-quarter combats due to her swift movement and high mobility. The following table mentions the Command List of all the Striker’s special attacks in DNF Duel.

Special Moves

Special MoveDescriptionInput
Tiger Chain Strike/

Tiger Chain Bash

Striker dashes forward with great momentum to deal a powerful shoulder hit, which can be canceled into combo attacks such as Crushing Fist.


If you press the S input again, the Tiger Chain Strike will convert into Tiger Bash, which is a double-hit attack chain that can also be chained into other attacks.



Muse’s UppercutStriker delivers an excellent Uppercut with a large vertical Hitbox. Muse’s Uppercut is a great option to break down the opponent’s defense and initiate a Mana attack.2S
Crushing FistStriker Delivers a devastating punch that deals an enormous amount of damage upon a successful hit, giving a knockback to the opponent, which can be used to your advantage to chain into other Special attacks.6S
Low KickStriker delivers a low kick that is typically chained into other combo attacks. Use this attack if the enemy is playing high, as it will catch them off guard.4S
Air WalkStriker jumps high in the air to quickly dash forward towards his opponent, giving them heavy damage with a knockback. It can also be chained into MP Special Moves.j.S

MP Special Moves

The following table enlists the Command List for MP Special moves of Striker in DNF Duel.

MP Special MoveDescriptionMP CostInput
Shadowless KickStriker moves forward to deliver three massive kicks. Shadowless Kick is a good initiating attack for chain combos.30 MP5MS
Rising FistRising Fist is a good defensive option as well as a decent anti-air move where Striker delivers an uppercut to deal damage or block an attack.50 MP2MS/


Mountain PusherStriker delivers a shoulder dash to deal enormous damage. During the attack initiation, strikers become invincible against any projectile cast by the enemy.50 MP6MS/


One Inch PunchOne Inch Punch is a classic fist attack from Striker, which can also be chained into other special attacks for extended combos.50 MP4MS/


Tornado KickStriker sways in the air to deliver three deadly kicks.30 MPj.MS

Awakening Skills

Here are the Awakening Skills of Striker in DNF Duel.

Awakening SkillDescriptionInput
Empress’s Climactic FistEmpress’s Climatic Fist is a decent Awakening skill that can be chained into MP Special attacks to keep the pressure on enemies. The ability has a short range, so make sure to use it wisely.AS
Power FistIncreases the overall damage effect by ten percent and makes your attacks more powerful.Passive

Troubleshooter Command List

Mythical Mercenary

Troubleshooter is a Mythical mercenary who has participated in numerous battles over the ages. He always carries some ranged equipment along with a greatsword with himself that assists him in the battles. Furthermore, the use of boogie traps and self-enchantment abilities give him an extra edge over the opponent. The following table describes the Command List of all the Troubleshooter’s Special Moves in DNF Duel.

Special Moves

Special MoveDescriptionInput
Sword BombTroubleshooter dashes forward to cast an explosive attack on his enemy.5S
Black CrescentTroubleshooter sways his mighty sword in an arc motion to create a decent hitbox.

Black Cresent is an anti-air that can also be used to cancel into G-Bomb.


Aerial G-Bomb

Troubleshooter unpins a special grenade in and throws it in front of him, which will explode upon contact with the enemy.

The attack has another variant called the Aerial G-Bomb, which leaves the enemy in a hard knockdown state, allowing you to extend combos and chain Mana attacks.



Swashbuckler’s RefreshmentSwashbuckler’s Refreshment is a special move through which Troubleshooter can convert his own 100HP into White Health, which will grant him a damage boost of 30 percent along with 10 MP.4S

MP Special Moves

The following table entitles the Command List of Special MP moves for Troubleshooter in DNF Duel.

MP Special MoveDescriptionMP CostInput
Igniting Slash 1, 2 and 3Troubleshooter takes out his mighty sword and swings three slashes to slice his opponent down, dealing 200 damage in total.

Igniting Slash is a chain attack in which the first slash will knock down the enemy for an extended period, giving you the opportunity to extend combos followed up by an OTK.

The second hit will deal further damage and drain the HP of the opponent significantly, whereas the final Strike will launch the opponent up in the air to extend combos.

20 MP + 20 MP

+ 20 MP


5MS/ 5MS>MS/


Perfect BattingPerfect Batting is a defense move of Troubleshooter and a good anti-air as it will make him invincible for a short time, allowing him to block any attack performed by the opponent.70 MP2MS/ 623MS
Get On Fire


Troubleshooter takes out his deadly sawed-off double-barrel shotgun two fire two devastating shots, dealing considerable amount of damage.

The attack can be extended to the second step by pressing the MS input, in which the opponent will go into a hard knockdown state upon a successful hit.

60 MP +

20 MP

6MS or 236MS/

6MS>MS or 236MS>MS

OppressionTroubleshooter flies up and takes out his shotgun again to fire some rounds and damage the opponent. Fires his shotgun, then tosses a net rigged with mines onto the ground in front of him.50 MP4MS/


Disastrous QuakeTroubleshooter uses his mighty sword on the Arena’s ground with brutal force, giving a shocking attack to the opponent.30 MPj.MS

Awakening Skills

Troubleshooter has some exceptional Awakening skills in DNF Duel, which are described below.

Awakening SkillDescriptionInput
IncredibleTroubleshooter takes out an explosive mine to detonate it on his enemy. Although this Awakening skill has a small hitbox, it allows you to catch the opponent off guard and initiate combo attacks.AS
Handle ExplosivesEnhances the White Damage output on blocked opponents and boosts the effect of several Mana skills such as Get on Fire, Oppression, Igniting Slash, and Perfect Batting.  Passive

Swift Master Command List

Dnf Duel
Swift Master

Swift Master is a quick and offensive fighter who is adept at controlling air elements. He can use his Wind abilities to punish his opponent and dominate in the Arena. Although his overall health is a bit low, his offensive moves really make him a great fighter. The following table describes the Command list of all the Swift Master’s moves in DNF Duel.

Special MoveDescriptionInput
Wind Blaster/ Aerial Wind BlasterSwift Master controls the air element to form an explosive ball, throwing it towards his enemy to deal a decent amount of damage.5S/ j.S
Wind UpperSwift master launches an excellent uppercut, launching the opponent high in the air, allowing you to chain special attacks d extended combos.2S
Sweeping WindSwift Master uses his wind mastering abilities to form two massive tornadoes that give the opponent a knockback with decent damage on a successful hit.6S
HeadwindSwift Master summons a large vortex that draws the opponent towards it. Headwind is typically canceled into special Mana attacks to get more damage.


Storm StrikeStrom striker is another impeccable move from Swift Master and is a good start to special chain attacks. You can use this move while the opponent is being defensive.



Hold and Release

 MP Special Moves

The following table enlists the Special MP Moves of Swift Master in DNF Duel.

MP Special MoveDescriptionMP CostInput
Relentless Biting WindSwift Master uses the wind abilities to create a big tornado and cast it towards the opponent.50 MP5MS (Air OK)
Eye of the StormEye of Storm is an invincible reversal move from Swift Master, making it an excellent anti-air attack.70 MP2MS (Air OK)/ 623MS (Air OK)
Wind OrbSwift Master again makes the use of wind abilities to create a large Orb of wind in front of him and hit his opponent with it.50 MP6MS (Air OK)/ 236MS (Air OK)
Storm Quaker

(During Wind Orb Only)

Swift masters shape his Orb into a twirling tornado, which makes the opponent jiggle upon a successful hit.50 MP6MS (Air OK)/

236MS (Air OK)

Vortex Hurricane

(During Wind Twist Only)

Swift Master uses his remaining wind tornados to make a mighty tornado and unleash it on the opponent.50 MP4MS (Air OK)/

214 (Air OK)

Wind TwistSwift Master summons four Tornados in front of him and uses its abilities to damage the opponent. While the move is initiated, Wind Master is invincible to any projectiles.70 MP4MS (Air OK)/

214 (Air OK)

Awakening Skills

Here are the Awakening Abilities of Swift Masters in DNF Duel.

Awakening SkillDescriptionInput
Stormy EliminatorStormy Eliminator is a great Awakening Ability from Swift Master that allows him to control wind elements and attack his opponents with aggressive moves. This ability is typically chained with MP Special attack for efficient results.AS
Wind MasterThe speed of all the dashes performed by Swift Master is increased by 50 percent. Allowing him to move abruptly across the Arena and deal some quick damage.Passive

Vanguard Command List

Fierce Soldier

Vanguard is a fierce soldier who possesses and uses the powers of the Demonic Lance, which feeds on the living to enhance its capabilities. He is a deadly fighter who does not show mercy to his opponent and punish them with his aggressive fighting style. Aper from fighting, he is highly charismatic as well. The following table describes the Command List of all Vanguard’s moves in DNF Duel.

Special Moves

Special MoveDescriptionInput
Side SlashVanguard uses his Demonic Lance and sways on the opponent, making it a great move to initiate a combo attack.5S
Cleave: UpperCleave: Upper is an anti-air in which Vanguard sways his Lance in an upward direction flawlessly and catches the enemy mid-air.2S
Cleave: CutVanguard dashes towards the enemy and deals considerable damage with his Lance, followed by extended combo attacks.6S
Cleave: SlashVanguard sways his Lance, making an arc. Cleave: Slash is a quick move that will catch your opponent off-guard.4S
Impact StrikeImpact Strike is another fierce attack from Vanguard where he uses his Lance to deal damage and extend combos.j.S

MP Special Moves

The following table enlists the MP Special moves of Vanguard in DNF Duel.

MP Special MoveDescriptionMP CostInput
BrandishVanguard utilizes the abilities of his ultimate Brandish Stance, which unlocks some new Mana skills to use during battle.30 MP5MS
Inferno Charge

( During Brandish Only)

Vanguard lunges forward to slice his opponent down with several lethal slashes from his Lance.10 MP5MS
Crescent Slash

(During Brandish Only)

Vanguard hit the ground furiously with his Lance to create a shock effect that would hit the enemy and put them in a hard knockdown state.20 MP2MS
Dread Bore

(During Brandish Only)

Vanguard does a ranged attack using his Lance.30 MP6MS

(During Brandish Only)

Behead is a defensive move that grants Vanguard three hits of armor, helping him to absorb some attacks from the aggressive opponents without taking any damage.20 MP4MS
Lunge StrikeLunge Strike is a good anti-air as well as a defensive move as it makes Vanguard invincible for a short duration of time.70 MP2MS/


EarthshatterVanguard bangs his Lance into the Arena ground to gain momentum and then performs a quick slash to catch the opponent off guard.40 MP6MS/


DevastateVanguard swirl around his Lance with great speed to perform some quick slashes on the opponent. Devastate is a good anti-air as well50 MP4MP/


Doom GlaiveVanguard jumps high in the air to perform a rising slash and deal massive damage to his opponent.50 MPj.MS

Awakening Skills

Here are the Awakening skills of Vanguard in DNF Duel.

Awakening SkillDescriptionInput
Demonic InfernoVanguard bangs his Lance on the ground to initiate his Awakening ability, making his attacks more fierce and powerful. Demonic inferno has a short range, so it is usually chained with special attacks and extended combos.AS
Demonic Lance MasteryIncreases the Guard damage by fifty percent if the opponent is blocking your attacks.Passive


This sums up our DNF Duel Command list guide for all the characters in the game. One thing you should remember is that all the characters have varying capabilities. Some have aggressive powers, while some are good in passive moves. So, you should choose your character wisely according to your playstyle, and once you find the perfect fighter for you, stick to it and master all the moves by playing with it consistently.

DNF Duel is a newly released 2D fighting game developed by Arc System Works and published by Nexon. The game is a sequel to Dungeon & Fighter series and is very similar to Tekken. However, it features its own mechanics and fighters in the game.

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