DNF Duel Conversion: All Combat Mechanics & System

Know all the details about DNF Duel Conversion, White Damage, MP Gauge, MP SKills and much more in this guide.

People often consider DNF Duel to be a lot simpler and basic than games like Tekken, but there are things that they still don’t know. Being a great game, it offers an exciting storyline while featuring splendid characters such as Troubleshooter, Kunoichi, and Launcher.

DNF Duel Conversion is one of the few things that comes with a risk, but its outcomes are super rewarding. There are a whole lot of mechanics and tricks that you need to excel if you really want to get the most out of your DNF Duel characters.

Key Takeaways
  • In DNF Duel, white damage is your HP that can be recovered by not getting hit or blocking attacks.
  • You can consume this white damage to regain your MP,  which is the resource that allows you to execute specials. This technique is called a conversion.
  • Conversion can be executed by pressing ‘Attack Band ‘Skill Attackat the same time.
  • While this move is risky as it reduces your HP, it can be worth it if a special move could win you a match.
  • The most important thing about conversion is that it lets you cancel your attacks.
  • In addition, you can use conversion to extend your combos from virtually any hit. For example, Crusader can use this to start a combo or pressure from his 6S.

All About Conversion In DNF Duel

In simple words, DNF Duel Conversion is a process where you trade your White Damage for Mana Power. If you still have a lot of White Damage, but you’re losing the round, you can easily trade that White Damage for MP.

You can also cancel your own attacks with conversion and gain MP to protect yourself and gain your White Damage back. This White Damage tells you whether you’ll get MP in return for your White Damage or not. If your White Damage bar is full, it means you can get a whole lot of MP to attack all types of opponents.

DNF Duel Conversion
DNF Duel gameplay

We know that it sounds very risky, but you might not win the game if you don’t risk it. So, does it sound simple now? Also, ensure that you don’t start using the conversion as soon as you start playing the game. It might take a little while to understand how things work, so take that time. Remember that sacrificing your White Damage bar isn’t that big of a deal because it often restores quite often.

Plus, you can also cancel many of your moves, allowing you to try out different combos and improve your attack. Conversion might be harder to excel in, but you can perform it with all the characters, and it’s easy to do as well.

Once you’re done with the conversion, you’ll lose some of your White Damage, but it will offer you lots of Mana Power in return. So, try to keep your White Damage at an optimal level, so you get the most out of it when you decide to convert it into MP.

Does Conversion Help During A Fight In DNF Duel?

Yes, DNF Duel Conversion helps a lot during actual fights with your opponents. For instance, these conversions offer you Mana Power that lets you attack. These attacks are quite different from regular ones because they cause greater damage to your opponents.

Also, the conversion lets you cancel your own attacks, which is a unique approach. You might be wondering why someone would want to cancel their own attack. Well, imagine that you only have half of your life left.

Your enemy is attacking you, and in a rushed decision, instead of defending yourself, you go on for an attack. As soon as you attack them, you realize that you’re making yourself vulnerable. It can make you lose the rest of your power, too, and you’re most likely to lose the game as well.

Knocking Opponent in DNF Duel

So, right at that moment, you can convert your White Damage to MP and cancel your attack. It will cause your character to retreat quickly. Also, your character would go back to safe mode until you’re finally ready to attack. In such scenarios, the conversion could not just be helpful, but it could actually save you from making a bad choice.

How To Perform Conversion In DNF Duel?

Performing Conversion is effortless in DNF Duel, and all you need to do is click a few buttons. You just need to be mindful of actually using this feature of the game while playing and use it at the right time.

Don’t just try to be over-efficient and use conversion consecutively in one round because it can actually make you lose. So, ensure you’re using the feature at the right time and only when you need it.

For performing the conversion, follow these steps:

  • Press the Attack B
  • Press Skill Attack with it

These two keys could easily initiate conversion, but there also are some keys assigned to it, so make sure to take a look at that too. Just make sure not to overuse this feature, and if you really need it, don’t be paranoid and go for it.

While talking about conversion, you also need to understand the MP gauge and MP skills. If not, then you might not understand conversion’s concept.

Looking Into MP Gauge And MP Skills

MP Guage and Mp Skills are the two crucial things that play a key role in DNF Duel conversion, and understanding them is very important. Let’s get into it and find out all about MP Gauge and MP Skills.

MP Gauge

MP Gauge is the power bar of your character, and it lets you attack your opponents with great powers. It eventually decreases as you attack them, but it recovers during the fight. The recovery of MP Gauge is quite fast, so you don’t have to worry about it.

DNF Duel Conversion
MP Skill Attack

The recovery of the MP Gauge is automatic, and the power you get from the conversion is stored in this gauge. If you don’t have enough power in the gauge you need for your attack, you can still use it. The only difference is that you’ll just enter the state of exhaustion for a couple of seconds and lose some of your powers.

MP Skills

MP Skills help your character in attacking opponents with special powers. These skills also help with increasing the speed of MP Gauge recovery. So, if you’re performing your MP Skills, you can expect your MP Gauge to fill up really quickly.

You can perform an MP Skill by pressing Right + MP Skill Attack, as pressing this combination of keys is a more simple way to initiate MP Skills. If you want to do it the hard way, then you can do a quarter circle in the right direction and then hit the MP button.


DNF Duel is an interesting game, and features like Conversion make it unique and interesting. If you’ve been playing this game for a while, you have to try DNF Duel conversion because it makes a lot of difference.

Also, make sure not to use this feature too often or completely rely on it. Just use it every once in a while to help you with winning. Your primary focus should still be on your gameplay.

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