DNF Duel Grappler Guide: All Special Moves & Combos

This guide talks explains everything you need to know about Grappler in DNF Duel.

DNF Duel has plenty of characters for you to play with. Each character has a different playstyle and comes with its own set of unique combos. The same can be said for Grappler, a character who specializes in grab attacks. Today, in our DNF Duel Grappler guide, we are going to talk about everything you need to know about him.

Key Takeaways
  • Grappler specializes in getting close and personal with opponents and decimating them with grabs.
  • His combo damage is absurdly high, therefore any stray hit can be lethal.
  • The Grappler also has super armor thanks to his Shoulder Tackle, which allows him to bypass all projectiles and tank attacks.
  • Break Down and Fling are his main grabs. These are especially deadly considering he also has the universal grab.
  • Neck Snap is used to reset pressure as it is plus on the block, this should be fixed with one of his grabs.
  • Grappler also has a frame 3 counter called Seismic Crash which loses to lows, projectiles, and command grabs.
  • If he is below 30 percent health, Grappler’s Awakening skill will give him a passive defense buff and the ability to cancel his charged special attacks on whiff.

Grappler is an A-Tier character in our DNF Duel tier list. He is capable of dealing a good amount of damage with each hit. Furthermore, he is one of the few characters who have a high health bar, as it is set at 1050 HP. His guard gauge is also above average, meaning that others can’t break his defense easily. However, compared to other characters in the game, Grappler’s movement is slow.

Furthermore, his attacks are lethal only when he is up close and personal with his opponent, as you can’t expect him to perform effectively in mid-ranged scenarios. These two reasons are what prevented Grappler from becoming an S-Tier character.

Aside from this, he is an excellent character who can take down his targets quickly. If you like to have an aggressive approach toward taking down your enemies, Grappler is the one you should pick.

Who Is Grappler in DNF Duel

An important thing to remember is that Grappler isn’t the only character who has command grabs. However, compared to others, he has the most of them. Furthermore, you can also charge most of the Skills and MP skills offered by Grappler.

Grappler Special Moves 

For those who don’t know, all characters in DNF Duel come with their own special movies, and you can perform them using the assigned buttons. To learn more about them, continue reading our DNF Duel Grappler guide. 

The first special move of Grappler is Low Fling, which you can perform by holding down the special move button. By using it, you can go up in the air and then land down on your target to perform a power stomp attack, which does a decent amount of damage.

The attack can be blocked, though, so make sure you don’t perform it carelessly. However, keep in mind that while other command grabs can’t be used in the middle of a combo, Low Fling can be performed during it. 

DNF Duel Grappler

Another interesting thing about Low Fling is that once it is fully charged, your opponent won’t be able to interrupt it easily. While other attacks can be easily interrupted with one or two hits, your opponent will need to hit you more than three times if they want to interrupt your Low Fling attack. 

Next, we have Air Steiner. To perform the attack, you will need to hold the special move button while pressing the left button. It is another powerful attack that can be performed in the air. Your character will first grab its opponent in the air and then sends them knocking down to the ground.

However, keep in mind that this special move is a little difficult to perform, so you won’t be to execute it during your first few tries. But once you master it, no one will be able to stop you.

As for the third and fourth special moves of Grappler, they are called High Kick and Neck Snap. The first one can be performed by holding the special move button and pressing the down button, and you can perform Neck Snap by replacing the down button with the right button. Both attacks can deal a good amount of damage, but they aren’t as powerful as the special moves mentioned above.

Special MP Moves of Grappler

Aside from these moves in our DNF Duel Grappler guide, the character has some of the best Special MP moves in the entire game. For those who don’t, only a few characters in DNF Duel have a special move that lets them parry, and Grappler happens to be one of them.

His Special MP move called Seismic Crash allows him to counter his opponent’s attack, thanks to which he can block almost every attack thrown at him. The only downside about Seismic Crash is that you need to be quick to execute it as you only get a small window to parry.

Therefore, you will need to spend a lot of time learning the attack patterns of all the other characters. This way, you will be able to tell whether it is the right time to use the Seismic Crash or not. To perform the special move, you will need to hold the MP special move button and press the down button. 

DNF Duel Grappler
DNF Duel Grappler

Magnumsault is also an excellent Special MP move offered by Grappler. This one works the best when your enemy is in the air as it lets you jump into the air to perform a powerful kick attack. The Aerial Break Down is another move that can be used in the air, and this one will have your character grabbing your opponent and smashing them on the floor. 

Grappler Combos 

Following are some combos that you can use while playing as the Grappler in DNF Duel. But before we get into the combos, here is a quick breakdown of the buttons.

  • A = Standard Attack.
  • B = Second Standard Attack.
  • S = Skill Attack.
  • G = Guard.
  • Grabd = A + B.
  • Skill Attack (Skill Button) = S
  • MP Skill Button = MS
  • Awakening Attack = AS
  • Conversion = B + S

Most of Grappler’s attacks focus on grabbing the opponent to either send them into the air or slam them to the ground. By using the following combos, you can become a lethal killing machine during the match. Keep in mind that it will take some time before you can use these combos quickly.

  • Combo 1: 5AA > 5B > 6S > 5AA > 5B > 6S > 4(MS)
  • Combo 2: 5A > 5B > 2S > 4(S) > DELAY 5(MS) > 4S
  • Combo 3: 5B > 6S > 5AA > 5B > 6S > 5AA > 5B > 6S > 4(MS)
  • Combo 4: 5B > 2S > 9 > J5(S) > 5(MS) > 4S
  • Combo 5: 5B > 2S > 9 > J5(S) > 2S > 4(S) > DELAY 5(MS) > 4S
  • Combo 6: 5S > 6(MS) > 5(MS) > 4S
  • Combo 7: 5(S) > 6(MS) > 5B > 2S > 9 > J5ASB > J4MS
  • Combo 8: 6S > 5AA > 5B > 6S > 5AA > 5B > 6S > 4(MS)
  • Combo 9: 2S > 9 > J5(S) > 66 > 5B > 2S > 4(S) > DELAY 5(MS) > 4S
  • Combo 10: 5S > 5(MS) > 4(S) > DELAY 5(MS) > 4S

This marks the end of our DNF Duel Grappler guide. As you can see, the character is pretty amazing and can do wonders if in the right hands. He is only one of the few characters with command grabs, and his high health bar allows him to stay alive longer in combat.

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