DNF Duel Kunoichi: Special Combos & Command List

This guide provides complete information on Kunoichi in DNF Duel and enlists all of her special and MP moves that you can perform.

Every fighting game needs an impeccable warrior with flawless abilities, and Kunoichi comes up to the expectations well in DNF DuelThis article will cover complete details about Kunoichi and her role in DNF Duel. Stick with us as we will discuss all the Tech Combos and Command List of this mysterious character.

Key Takeaways
  • Kunoichi is a mixup-heavy character that relies on movement to get in and annihilate the opponent with mixups.
  • Alongside her incredible movement utility, she also has a decent projectile game thanks to her Kunais and Flame Tornadoes.
  • Remember that almost all her normals are unsafe, so they must be canceled into a special attack.
  • The unique thing about Kunoichi is the Burning Stigma debuff that applies if the opponent gets hit by her MP skills.
  • Burning Stigma is an explosion that goes off after a short while. It is used to apply mixups on the opponent or reset pressure.
  • Heavenly Fire Blast is the invincible reversal that allows her to escape pressure.
  • Also, the Heavenly Fire Blast can be charged, making it shoot 3 projectiles that cover a lot of the screen.

DNF Duel Kunoichi Overview

Kunoichi is one of the many playable fighters in DNF Duel. She is truly a ninja and assassin who has no soft spot for her enemies. The fighting style of Kunoichi is a blend of a street fighting style with a mix of ninja touch. She is one of the decent characters in the game that are not so complex to master and can be selected even if you are a beginner.

Although her special moves are a bit hard to get used to, if you invest enough amount of time playing her, you can surely use her godly abilities to your advantage while engaged in serious battles.

Kunoichi Overview
Kunoichi: The Ninja Thief

Kunoichi is a fast character with quick and short attacks that can deal a considerable amount of damage. She can use her Ninjutsu, log, and deceptive abilities to dominate her opponents and make them constantly struggle to dodge her never-ending attacks.

Kunoichi has a more aggressive playing style just like Crusader in DNF Duel and is suitable for players that like to be more offensive rather than passive and strategic during fights. Once you truly master her moves, you can become unstoppable in fighting arenas. Here is basic information about Kunoichi that you need to know.

Fighter NameKunoichi
Guard Gauge:1000
Awakening Effect:Nin Boost
MP Regen Rate:12
Unique Movement Options:Double Jump
Fastest Ground Abare:2A (5f)

Kunoichi Traits And Recommendations

Kunoichi is no doubt a legendary assassin that has the ability to dominate her opponents with the help of her fire-controlling skills and abrupt fighting style. Her Special MP moves, such as Nin-Bound and Burning Stigma, enable her to use fire and explosives against her opponents, which deal a massive amount of damage in one blow.

The movements of Kunoichi are unpredictable. You cannot judge easily whether she is going for high jump attacks to cast heavy damage or she is staying low to deal slow and steady attacks. Here are some traits of Kunoichi of DNF Duel that you need to know.

Character Traits

  • Has the ability to perform high-rise jumps and teleportation moves at a quick pace.
  • Can control fire elements and use explosions in her attacks.
  • Has special chargeable MP Skills.
  • Possessed Burning Stigma abilities, which causes recurring damage with delayed explosions.

Recommended Playstyle

Kunoichi is recommended for:

  • Aggressive and offensive gameplay.
  • Balanced fighting.
  • Quick and Fast attacks.

DNF Duel Kunoichi Command List

Before discussing Kunoichi’s special and complex MP moves in DNF Duel, which are much more complex to master, let’s quickly go through the basic moves, which will help you understand the terminologies for complicated combos and attacks. The following table enlists the Command Display for Kunoichi’s basic moves.

Command NameCommand Display
Standard AA
Standard BB
Awakening SkillAS
Mana SkillMS
Down Back1/⭩
Down Forward3/⭨
Up Back7/⭦
Up Forward9/⭧

Kunoichi Special Moves In DNF Duel

Here’s a look at the Special Moves in DNF Duel:

No.Special Move NameDamageGuardStartupOn BlockInvulnerability
1Flame Cut50-70All14-40-10.0None
2Rising Cut80All15-12.0None
3Kunai Throw30x3All15-16.0None
4Ninpo: Log Clone80All37N/ANone
5Flying Squirrel90All14N/ANone

DNF Dual features two types of Special Moves for every fighter in the game, which are: Normal Skills and Mana Skills. Kunoichi also possesses these special moves, which are very handy in critical situations. The normal skills and attacks help you to gain Mana which then allows you to initiate MP attacks and set up continuous combo moves while blocking their counterattacks.

 Learning about the special moves of every character and knowing when to use them is a crucial task. So, in order to give a general understanding, let’s discuss all the special abilities and powers possessed by Kunoichi that can be used while fighting with other players in DNF Diel.

Flame Cut

Flame Cut is one of the special moves Kunoichi. This move is categorized in her 5S skill, in which she initiates the attack by performing two abrupt and splashy attacks with her kunai knives. Flame Cut is particularly decent as you can still initiate a combo attack after it, not allowing the opponent to counterattack or respond as a reaction.

Kunoichi Special Move
Flame Cut

The most interesting thing about Flame cut is that you can also chain it into Special MP moves such as Ninpo, Flying Squirrel, or a Log Clone combined with a jumping slash. Additionally, if your opponent is close enough, you can also go for the Toad Oil Bomb that will wreck the enemy and eat up his health bar. Here are the Stats of Flame Cut ability.

  • Damage: 50, 70
  • Guard: All
  • Startup: 14, 40
  • On-Block: -10
  • Invuln: None

Rising Cut

Rising Cut is the next Special Move of Kunoichi that we would like to discuss. It is more of a sneaky attack with a tricky mechanism that catches the opponent off-guard. If your opponent is over-aggressive, you can use this to your advantage and slice the enemy down with the special move when it is vulnerable to attack. The move also involves her 2S skill, which makes it easy to perform and deal a considerable amount of damage.

DNF Duel Kunoichi
Rising Cut Move

After performing the move, the character flies midair to recover. This also enables you to chain any other attack you like after performing the Rising Cut. While you are in the air, you can initiate other special moves such as Kunoichi’s Kunai Throw or Flying Squirrel, or even bait the enemy’s response by quickly coming down and attacking low to catch him off-guard again.

The only drawback of Rising Cuts is does not gives us an invincibility frame while initiating, which makes us vulnerable to attack. Here are the Stats of Rising Cut ability.

  • Damage: 80
  • Guard: All
  • Startup: 15
  • On-Block: -12
  • Invuln: None

Kunai Throw

If you are a Jitsu fan who loves to perform ninja moves on your opponent, then you are going to love this Special Attack. Kunai Throw is a ranged attack of Kunoichi in which she uses her Kunai Knives and throws them on her opponent quickly and accurately. It is difficult to dodge the move as the knives spread in all directions.

You can initiate the attack if your opponent is being defensive and is trying to maintain a distance from you throughout the fight. Making a move will confuse your opponent, which you can use to your advantage and take him down.

Kunai Throw Attack
Kunai Throw

Kunoichi’s Kunai Throw has two variants. In the first one,  she stays on the ground and throws three Kunai knives toward her opponent in the forward direction. In the other variant, she flies up in the air and throws the knives downward. Both of the attacks have the same damage and hitpoints. Here are the Stats of Kunai’s Throw ability.

  • Damage: 30×3
  • Guard: All
  • Startup: 15
  • On-Block: -16
  • Invuln: None

Ninpo: Log Clone

Ninpo: Log Clone, also termed Substitution Jutsu, is one of the tricky moves of Kunoichi in which she can teleport to confuse the opponent and initiate a combo. The skills involve the 4S input. Ninpo: Log Clone is mostly used as a chain attack after performing the Flame Cut move, as discussed earlier.

Using the chain ability and initiating the Jutsu attack gives you an advantage as it keeps on applying pressure on the enemy to defend rather than attack you.

Kunoichi Teleporting Ability
Ninpo Log Clone

Ninpo: Log Clone is one of the useful special moves of Kunoichi as it helps us to teleport and spawn at a different spot which will easily confuse the opponent. If your opponent is cornered, the ability will spawn Kunoichi over their head, which gives you an edge to perform heavy upper attacks.

 Furthermore, if your opponent is inflicted with Burning Stigma, the ability will teleport Kunoichi in the back in that case which will totally catch them off guard. This ability is an excellent way to baffle your enemy and keep them under pressure without giving them a chance to counterattack. Here are the Stats of Ninpo: Log Clone ability.

  • Damage: 80
  • Guard: All
  • Startup: 37
  • Invuln: None

Flying Squirrel

The final special move of Kunoichi is the Flying Squirrel, which involves her input 2S Jump. This ability allows Kunoichi to fly up in the air and throw an explosive bomb toward the enemy, which deals a pushback as an effect and knocks the opponent down on the floor while considerably deducting their HP.

DNF Duel Kunoichi
Flying Squirrel

Just like the Kunai throw, Flying Squirrel also has two variants in which she can either stay on the ground or fly high to throw the explosives. Furthermore, this can be chained with her Flame Tornado to deal a combo attack with increased damage. Here are the Stats of the Flying Squirrel’s ability.

  • Damage: 90
  • Guard: All
  • Startup: 14
  • Invuln: None

DNF Duel Kunoichi MP Special Moves

Here’s a list of MP Special Moves:

No.MP Special MoveDamageNin Bound DmgStartupNin Bound StartupOn BlockRecovery
1Burning Stigma50N/AN/AN/AN/A1
2Fire Art: Fireball161612142N/A1
3Heavenly Fire Blast80, 60, 40N/A1535-16N/A
4Toad Oil Bomb80, 80, 50100, 703153Plus 119N/A
5Flame Tornado1582163050Plus 120N/A
6Flying Air Shuriken1231851535N/AN/A

Once you are used to the basic special moves of Kunoichi in DNF Fuel, it’s time to learn the MP Special Moves, which are also termed Mana Skills. These skills are exceptionally special as they are more buffed with overpowered abilities and make you change the outcome of the battles.

In order to perform the MP Special moves, you need to fill your MP Guage, which will enable you to perform a specific number of MP Special Moves you can perform in one go. After performing the skill, the Bar goes down into cooldown mode and regenerates gradually with time, but the exhausted state of your fighter affects the MP recovery time and slows it down.

So, if you know to make the correct use of MP Special moves and learn to utilize the Mana energy efficiently, you can become a lethal fighter. Kunoichi has some impeccable Mana moves to perform. So, let’s know about all the MP Special moves of Kunoichi in DNF Duel.

Burning Stigma

Burning Stigma is the first special MP skill of Kunoichi. It is basically a debuff that can be inflicted on the opponent by initiating the attack. When Kunoichi uses this skill, she casts a Burning ball of Stigma that follows its target and deals 50 damage.

Special MP Move
Burning Stigma Attack

Burning Stigma really gives an edge to Kunoichi as it will keep the opponent in the defensive mode in order to block the damage, which will give you an upper hand to keep applying pressure.

The only way to avoid the damage cast by Burning Stigma is by blocking the ball before the explosion or hitting counterattacking Kunoichi when she is about to initiate the attack. Both the situation cause a panic in the opponent, which can be used to your advantage. Here are the Stats of Burning Stigma skill.

  • Damage: 50
  • Guard: All
  • Recovery: 1
  • Invuln: None

Fire Art: Fireball

Fire Art: Fireball is the cheapest Mana attack of Kunoichi that can be used to extend combo attacks and remove the white HP bar of the opponent. It is a splendid poke attack that costs only 40 MP and enables Kunoichi to initiate a combo attack chain, depending on her state. One unique ability of this Special Attack is that it can be turned into Nin-Bound Fire Art: Fireball.

DNF Duel Kunoichi
Fireart Fireball

It is the overpowered version of the base variant, which spreads over a relatively greater radius and causes more amount of damage to the opponent. This version of the fireball attack is even cheaper and costs only 35 MP. However, you should keep in time that it has more initiating time, which makes you vulnerable to attack.

So, ensure you have a considerable distance from the enemy before you activate the skills to avoid any counterattacks.

To initiate the Fire Art: Fireball, press the 5MS input, and to get the Nin-Bound version, hold the input for an extended time. Here are the Stats of Fire Art: Fireball skill.

  • Damage: 16
  • Nin-Bound Damage: 161
  • Guard: All
  • Startup: 21
  • Nin-Bound Startup: 42
  • Recovery: 1
  • Invuln: None

Heavenly Fire Blast

Heavenly Fire Blast is undoubtedly one of Kunoichi’s masterpiece attacking moves. When the move is initiated, Kunoichi flies up in the air and toss around three gigantic fireballs towards the ground one after another, giving no time to the opponents to dodge them.

After the fireball explodes, it releases projectiles that will spread around the area and damage anything that comes along its path. This Special MP move costs 60 MP and can deal a total of 180 damage to the enemy if all three explosives hit the bull’s eye.

Kunoichi Mana Skill
Heavenly Fireblast Attack

Heavenly Fire Blast also has another variant, which is termed as Nin-Bound Heavenly Fire Blast, in which Kunoichi casts all the three fireballs at once instead of one after another. Due to collective explosions and more surface area, this variant has a larger hitbox and more DPS.

The great thing about the Nin-Bound Heavenly Fire blast attack is that it also costs 60 MP, but keep in mind that it takes a little more time to initiate. Here are the stats of Heavenly Fireblast Skill.

  • Damage: 80, 60, 40
  • Guard: All
  • Startup: 15
  • Nin-Bound Startup: 35
  • On-Block: -16
  • Invuln: None

Toad Oil Bomb

Another worth mentioning MP skill of Kunoichi’s is the Toad Oil Bomb, in which she can use her ninja abilities to summon a Large Toad and cause a massive explosion around the premises. The skill costs 70 MP, which is relatively high, but the skill is worth the price as you get a massive firey toad dropped into the battle arena with a massive hitbox, making the enemy very difficult to dodge.

Unlike other abilities, Toad Oil Bomb cannot be eliminated once it is initiated, even when the enemy is hitting you.

DNF Diel Kunoichi
Toad Oil Bomb Attack

If you think that Toad Oil Bomb also has an upgraded variant, then you are right. It also comes with a buffed version called Nin-Bound Toad Oil Bomb. This variant has almost similar stats as the basic one. However, the explosive toad has more damage. The enhanced version also consumes the same amount of mana, but it takes a little bit more time for a startup. Here are the Stats of the Toad Oil Bomb skill.

  • Damage: 80, 80, 50
  • Nin-Bound Damage:  100, 70
  • Guard: All
  • Startup: 31
  • Nin-Bound Startup: 53
  • On-Block: +119
  • Invuln: None 

Flame Tornado

Flame Tornado can be declared as the strongest and most overpowered MP Special Skills of Kunoichi as it has an exceptional damage effect with additional perks. It also allows you to add mix-ups and different combos after you initiate the attack successfully.

The most interesting thing about Flame Tornado is that you can use it on knocked-down opponents, which makes it extremely handy as you can cast it when the enemy is vulnerable. Although it has a high Mana cost of 90 MP, the prize is worth the cost.

Special MP Skill
Flame Tornado Attack

Just like other Special MP skills, Flame Tornado also comes with an enhanced variant called the Nin-Bound Flame Tornado. This variant has an even better hitbox with greater damage. The attack animation is so massive that it almost fills up the entire Arena with burning flames.

Although the Nin-Bound version costs the same amount of MP, it has more initiating time. Here are the stats of Flame Tornado Skill.

  • Damage: 158
  • Nin-Bound Damage: 216
  • Guard: All
  • Startup: 30
  • Nin-Bound Startup: 50
  • On-Block: +120
  • Invuln: None

Flying Air Shuriken

If you face a sturdy opponent who is good at defense with its armored anti-attack moves, then you are going to need Kunoichi’s Flying Air Shuriken Skill to beat them down. Shuriken is really economical with great stats as it costs only 50 MP but deals a considerable amount of damage.

Flying Air Shuriken is a high air attack in which Kunoichi jumps and throws numerous flaming shurikens towards her enemy, giving them a knockback with explosive damage. It is an excellent ability to counter defensive opponents and break their armor and keep them under pressure.

DNF Duel Kunoichi
Flying Air Shuriken Attack

All the special MP skills possess the Nin-Bound variants, and so does the Flying Air Shuriken. In this version, the damage is significantly increased, but the MP amount costs the same. The Nin-Bound variant is a bit different as Kunoichi throws continuous Shurikens for a longer period of time while being in the air.

Make sure to use it strategically, as it has a relatively high startup time and could give your opponent enough time to initiate a chain attack on you. Here are the Stats of Flying Air Shuriken Skill.

  • Damage: 123
  • Nin-Bound Damage: 185
  • Guard: All
  • Startup: 15
  • Nin-Bound Startup: 35
  • MP Cost: 50
  • Invuln: None

Kunoichi Awakening Skill

Other than special moves and MP skills, Kunoichi also possesses some Awakening Skills in DNF Duel. The Awakening Skill is triggered when the fighter is extremely low on health, offering the opportunity to get back in the game with some exceptional move sets.

The Awakening set of all the Fighters is triggered when their health bar drops below 30 percent. Once Kunoichi drains enough health, her Awakening Skill gets activated, through which she can use her passive abilities.

The Awakening Skill of Kunoichi is termed as “Sword of Kusanagi” through which she can summon a sparkling Ninjutsu Greatsword and slice her opponent down with burning flames emerging from it. If the opponents fall victim to the Sword of Kusanagi, then there is no coming back as the attack deals massive damage of 400, wrecking them to the ground.

DNF Duel Kunoichi
Sword of Kusanagi

One thing to keep in mind is that the wakening effect takes a considerable amount of time to initiate and can be predicted easily, so make sure to use it accordingly in order to change the outcomes of the battle.

Here, the skills of Kunoichi get wrapped up after the final Nin Boost, which is a Passive Effect of Kunoichi that is triggered only when her health bar is below 30 percent.

The Nin Boost Effect gives us an edge by reducing all the Nin-Bound Mana Skills cost by five, which enables her to use her MP moves even when her Mana bar is low. This is extremely crucial in an endgame fight and might make you win the game and conquer the Arena.

Kunoichi Tech Combo Guide 

As Kunoichi is an aggressive fighter, the most optimal way to dominate opponents is through cornering them and applying different combos along with chain attacks.

It will give you a huge advantage as the opponent will not even get a chance to counterattack once they get cornered. Here are some quick combo chains that you must learn if you want to get the most out of Kunoichi:

You can use this combo attack to corner your opponents if they are at the mid-screen.

  • 5B > 5C > 214D > 5C > 4C > dj.9 > j.2C > falling j.2C > 5C (explosion) > delay 236[D] > 5[D] > 2C > j.[D] (explosion) > 2B > AS
  • 5B > 2B > 5C > 214D > 66 > 2B > 5C > 214D > 66 > 2B > 5C > 236[D] > delay 214[D] > 66 > AS

Once the opponent gets cornered, you can apply these combo chains on them.

  • 2B > 2S > j.B > DASH 5B > 5S > (Conversion) > j.B > j.S
  • j.B > 2B > 2S > j.B > DASH 5B > 5S > 214MS
  • 5B > 2B > 2S > j.B > DASH 5B > 5S > 236MS > J2S


This concludes our detailed guide on DNF Duel Kunoichi. Now that you have learned about all of her Special Moves and MP Skills, it is now time to hop into the game and apply them practically so that you can master them and beat your opponents to the ground.

The key to becoming better at DNF Duel is being faster than your opponents in reflexes and using the right strategies to use optimal moves at the perfect time. 

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