DNF Duel Launcher: Strategy And Combos

Launcher in DNF Duel can be lethal if you know how to attack with correct strategy.

DNF Duel is a widely played RPG game with fans worldwide. Moreover, 16 charismatic characters are available to shatter your opponents and become controllers of Ultimate Will. One of those characters is DNF Duel Launcher, and this guide will expound on her.

Key Takeaways
  • Launcher is a ranged-type character with 950 HP. She uses powerful zoning tools to inflict chip damage on the opponent.
  • X-1 Extruder is one of her key moves as it sets up combos, pressure, and zoning situations. It costs 70 MP and deals 66 White Damage.
  • Laser Rifle is her main tool for zoning and pressure as it does not cost MP, covers a big portion of the screen safely, and is also an OTG.
  • The main drawback to Launcher is her heavy reliance on zoning and her lack of tools that let her escape pressure. She also completely stops functioning against airborne enemies.
  • Her main source of damage is trying to make the opponent crumble and mash in her pressure.

Launcher Character Overview In DNF Duel

DNF Duel Launcher
Strongest Girl Ever

Launcher is one of the deadliest characters in DNF Duel. She was officially revealed in this game on March 20, 2022. She belongs to the Gunner Class and possesses high-tech weapons. Moreover, she can target enemies at long ranges and vaporize her opponents without giving them a chance to come closer. Also, the white damage increases when she is awakened.

Character Traits

  • Launcher can attack at a variety of ranges.
  • She can attack with a variety of Multi-hit.
  • She can pressurize opponents by using moves with delayed hits.
DNF Duel Launcher
Launcher’s Stats

Story Of Launcher In DNF Duel

A task was given to an Empyrean soldier to wipe out enemy forces by using heavy weapons. Therefore, incredible muscle mass and heavy build were required to handle such weapons. Initially, females were not considered fit, but a few women proved the misconception wrong and managed to control and deal damage with these weapons.

These women, especially DNF Duel Launcher, were genetically strong. Through vigorous hard work and training, they pushed their boundaries and achieved the impossible. Soon they became figures of admiration because they could swiftly handle extremely heavy firearms.

Gifted with exceptional talents, these soldiers can prove lethal in any circumstances, and they can handle a wide range of destructive weapons. These soldiers never show mercy; their only motive is to cause ferocious destruction behind the enemy lines.

Launcher Attacks And Strategy In DNF Duel

DNF Duel Launcher

A and B attacks are primarily used for minor hits and do not unleash a combo as they do for other characters. But you can use multiple hits to create combinations. For example, use A, and then Back+S followed by  Down+MP. 

Similarly, Using B while standing breaks out a lethal flame thrower for aerial opponents. Using it while crouching will make Launcher throw a grenade right in front of her, exploding after some time. However, it instantly explodes if it makes contact with the target.

In DNF Duel, these attacks are not combos but can cover Launcher from air and ground threats. Apart from that, in extreme pressure conditions, she can use her BBQ. Moreover, When you want Launcher to advance, one of the best ways is to jump forward and use B. It unleashes deadly minigun rounds until she lands in style. 

Furthermore, AMR (S) fires devastating rockets, and Farward+S  launches cannon balls that can be a great way to boost your defense. It’s advised to keep moving back or forward depending on the opponent’s behavior. You might want to throw a grenade precisely through crouching B. This strategy inflicts a great deal of white damage.  

 DNF Duel Launcher Combos

Heavy weapon

In the tutorial, you get basic information regarding combos, and you learn combos like Steyr AMR and Down+S that brings out the Grenade launcher. But with Launcher, you must try to avoid close-range combat and keep the opponent at a distance to have a more substantial hand over your enemies.

You must choose a strategy in DNF Duel that forces the opponent to come to Launcher. It means that you should go for anti-air hits or, to be more precise, use a Quantum bomb(Air MP) to deal significant damage. Such strategies require patience, but the results are lethal.

While waiting, you are building white damage, and you can unleash a catastrophe when you find an opening. Moreover, Launcher has poor Awakening skills as the opponent should be directly in front of her to land this move. Also, we have a few more combos for you.

Unleash The Lethal Combos

Combo One

Air B-Standing A- Standing A-Steyr AMR-x-1Extruder(Forward+MP).

If you find your opponent in the mid-screen area, it’s the best combo to push him away to the corner. After using this combo, you can be offensive and use your Steyr AMR and Cannon Ball.

Combo Two

Steyr AMR-Steyr AMR-X-1Exruder.

The combo requires a set-up. You can use the combo when you hit your opponent with Steyr AMR. However, the rocket must hit the other side of its body for this combo to work.

Combo Three

Steyr AMR-Cannon Ball-Charge Laser Rifle.

The combo can save you from receiving White damage. If your opponent has built up a lot of white damage, you can ensure that they don’t recover any of it by using the combo. Also, delay using MP to enhance the damage output.

That is all we have on Launcher in DNF Duel. We expounded on the Character overview and Launcher’s Story. Also, we suggested a few strategies and Combo attacks that enable you to be the most terrifying nightmare for opponents.  

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