DNF Duel Ranking System [Fully Explained]

This DNF Duel Ranking System guide will uncover everything players need to know about the ranking system!

DNF Duel is a fighting-based game whereby essentially, players are going to fight against other players, whether it is through lobbies or PvP-based matches. With it being a spinoff of the original Dungeon and Fighter Series, the matches and ​​DNF Duel Ranking System has to be one of the most interesting.

In our guide, we will uncover everything such as the ranking system, what ranks are available, online modes, and player matches! Make sure to not miss out on our DNF Duel Character Tier List so that you can find out what the best characters might be!

DNF Duel Ranking System Explained 

DNF Ranked Match
Ranked Match

First things first, let’s discuss just what exactly the Ranking System in DNF Duel is and how the ranked matches also tie in beautifully with the entire concept. Essentially, DNF Duel ranked matches offer a sort of “Online Modes” for players, whereby they can get online as the name suggests and queue up to match against players that share the same ranks as them. 

With the different ranks that are offered (which we will discuss later), players in DNF Duel can essentially get to test out their skills against players that have the same ranks and levels as them so that the challenge isn’t too difficult for them. Before even thinking of starting any ranked matches, players will need to start with a certain beginner rank. 

Their match history can also be displayed for other players to see, and based on that, they can either accept or reject the players. The match history will include information like the total matches played and the amounts of wins and losses players have acquired. After that, the players will need to complete their match profile to get ready to face other opponents. 

Before queueing, they can select the type of rank they want to compete against, the level of the matches, and the background music so they can get in the zone while facing the toughest ranked matches in DNF. While players are busy waiting, they can go into training mode and try out their skills so that they know what they are going up against. 

Before we go on to explain the ​​DNF Duel Ranking System, once the players have connected up with the players, they will be given a total of 30 seconds and no more which will grant them the ability to either accept or reject the matches. If you accept, there is no turning back, and you are in. 

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Gaining Victory In Matches 

Once the DNF Match has started, the player will be up against a set of “3” essentially, meaning that if the player wins, they will be the victor out of the set of 3. The matches can be absolutely brutal, tough, and unforgiving. Therefore it is important to practice beforehand so that you can achieve victory. 

How Ranking System And Upgrading Works In DNF Duel 

DNF Ranking System
Ranking System

Next up, let’s see the DNF Ranks and how they can be upgraded so that players can become all the stronger and ready for combat against the toughest of players! The ranks are divided into 6 tiers, with players starting with weaker ranks, slowly making their way up the ranks, and becoming stronger with each passing. 


The first rank players will encounter is known as the Bronze ranking, and it is the beginner rank. When the newer players in DNF are starting, they will encounter the Bronze tier, which will be matched with the lowest leveled players worldwide so that the experience isn’t as difficult. 

The leveling system is pretty simple to understand as well. Essentially, there are four tiers, meaning that the Bronze tier is distributed between being: 

  • Bronze I
  • Bronze II
  • Bronze III
  • Bronze IV 

To move up each Bronze tier, they must conquer at least 4 matches. Otherwise, they will have to keep trying until they can do so. 


To get to the Silver Ranking System, players must win an “advancement match” in DNF Duel. There are a total of 5 advancement matches for each tier 4, and players will need to win at least 3 of these 5 advancement matches to go from the Bronze to the Silver tier. 

As for the leveling system in Silver, it is pretty much the same as that of Bronze; there are also four tiers of Silver, them being: 

  • Silver I
  • Silver II
  • Silver III
  • Silver IV

To go up the Silver tier, unlike the bronze tier, whereby players need to win 4 matches, they will need to defeat players and win a total of 6 matches and gain victory. 


To increase your rank even further and progress to the Gold rankings, players will once again need to win a total of 3 matches out of the 5 advancement matches that are required to move up the tiers. With the Gold tier, it is considered a sort of “middle point” whereby players have gained enough knowledge in how the matches operate that they have also become stronger. 

The leveling system will remain the same, with there being 4 tiers as usual, and the four tiers have been listed below: 

  • Gold I
  • Gold II
  • Gold III
  • Gold IV

Do you want to move up to the Diamond rank? Make sure that you can win matches so that the Diamond DNF Duel Ranking System can be within your grasp properly. 


We’ve officially made our way past the Selectable tiers and are now venturing into the “Non-selectable tiers,” The first tier is known as the diamond tier. This tier, in particular, will require the player to win a total of 8 matches before they can even think of moving up from the first to the second tier. 

  • Diamond I
  • Diamodn II
  • Diamond III
  • Diamond IV

To move up even further, there are 3 matches that players need to get in their grasp and win matches against other opponents that are present in the same lobby. 


The Terranite tier is the fifth tier that players can access, and it will also have four tiers, as stated before: 

  • Terranite I
  • Terranite II
  • Terranite III
  • Terranite IV

Winning 11 matches will grant you access to the next tier. 


The highest rank that the game offers, there aren’t going to be any kind of tiers considering there isn’t a need for advancement here. 

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Online Mode 

DNF Online Mode
Online Mode

Now that we have discussed the ranked matches offered for players in DNF, let’s take a quick look at how the Online Mode operates and the different options it presents to the players. 

Essentially, the online Mode will offer up the players three different options, them being: 

  • Ranked matches 
  • Players matches 
  • Ranking 

The online Mode itself is simply a portal whereby players can enter any of these game modes. As discussed before, the Ranked matches simply take gamers to the arena where player vs. player gains dominance so that you can test your matching skills and defeat other gamers worldwide. 

As for the DNF player match mode, it will simply offer up the ability to have friendly matches, where you don’t need to worry too much about being strictly ranked, and you can just enjoy the peace of having fun playing the game. However, you might want to. Here are a few other things that the Online Mode will offer up. 

Player Profile 

The next thing that players can look into is upgrading their overall Player profile to amp up their gameplay experience. The player profile will be known as “Main Profile,” and it offers the players the ability to customize their profile to their heart’s content. 

The Edit profile option will let the player personalize the way they perceive their profile, and players can mix and match to display how they are in real life. 

As for Titles, it is pretty self-explanatory, it is simply a title, and with the countless options to select from, there are a few that will be unlocked for beginner players in DNF Duel from the get-go. In contrast, some will only be unlocked after they win a certain number of matches. 

Apart from Titles and profiles, players can also fully customize their Display Name, and with that, they also have the freedom to display whatever main character they want to right next to their profile. 

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Settings for Battle 

Last but not least, the Battle Settings will allow the player the ability to change up which character they want to bring to a match. It also allows them to choose the battle settings for a match before they set foot into the arena and obliterate other players. 

The stage, as well as the background music, can be freely changed, which is vital if the player wants to get into the “mood for fighting.” The right music can make the player feel invincible and want to murder the opponent without moving a muscle. 

Player Matches 

DNF Player Matches
Player Matches

The last category that we would like to discuss regarding the Ranking System and Player matching is the player matches that the game offers for the players in DNF Duel. In the simplest terms, player matches are basically “comfortable matches” or “easier matches” as compared to the ranked matches that the game provides for players. 

Player matches are simply there to test out your characters and see how well you’ve progressed in the game, and there is no fear of being kicked out of a rank and no fear of losing. This is why newer players might want to spend most of their time in the player matches so that they can get better at the game! 

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How Rooms Operate 

Before knowing how players might be able to get their hands on designing their rooms and hosting them, let’s take a look at how rooms are run and operated in the game. With the ability to personalize your main profile, players have the chance to make their avatar, which allows them to create a chibi version of themselves. 

The chibi version can move anywhere they desire, and once you have loaded into a room, whether your own or a random lobby, you can prance around as you wish. There are also options whereby you can chat with other players also waiting or just unwind while you wait for a room to open up before going into a fight with another player. 

Finding Random Rooms 

For mid-game players in DNF Duel who want to find random lobbies to go against other players, they can set up rotation rules which will make it so that anytime any other player loses; they will not be allowed to face off against you. 

As for the number of players in the lobby, that can also be customized, and based on the player’s preferences; you can wait in a smaller lobby, which means you will be able to get in the fight faster. You can also enter a larger lobby, but it means more waiting, which might be a good thing if you need extra time to prepare. 

You can also play with DNF player ranks that are lower than yours or simply rank against players that share the same tier as you, such as Silver with Silver or gold with gold. 

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Hosting Your Own Room 

Finally, let’s finish the category off by finding out just how you can host your own rooms so that you can have a personal match with some of your friends. You can set your own Room ID, as well as the player limit, as we discussed before. 

Players will also have the freedom o choose their own Arcade Machine limit, and with that, we will wrap up our DNF Duel Ranking System guide! Read up on our DNF Duel Crusader Guide to find out just how well the Crusader operates!

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