Don’t Starve Together Guide & Tips For Beginners!

The spectacular sequel to Don’t Starve, Don’t Starve Together was made to provide players with the multiplayer experience of this action-adventure, survival horror game. Debuting in 2014 and fully released in 2016, this game lets the players explore the terrifying wilderness. But this time, the incredible horror world experience can be shared among multiple players. While the fun co-op style might make DST look like a very easy exploration game, one might need some guidance from time to time due to the intense nature of this game. We have compiled a list of important tips and tricks to easily get you through the game. Here is our Don’t Starve Together Guide.

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The multiplayer addition will make one think that the game would be easier now; however, while in the stand-alone edition where you just had to look out for yourself, you now have to look out for a whole team and move on as a whole too. With constant updates and developments in the storyline, the team tactics and strategies should also stay up to par. 

Don’t Starve Together Game Modes

The game offers players three modes: survival, wilderness, and endless.

Survival Mode

This is the default mode and requires more cooperation and teamwork than the rest of the modes. If the players die, a timer of 120 seconds sets off, and if a player is not revived by this time limit, the world resets.

Wilderness Mode

In the wilderness, players spawn on random locations across the map. When a player dies, they return to the character selection screen. With each new character, your previous progress is wiped. The resurrection items won’t exist, and the world never resets.

Endless Mode

In this mode, you won’t have to cooperate as much as the other modes. It is like survival, but the world never resets. Players may resurrect themselves as many times they want at the spawn portal.

Don’t Starve Together is one of the hardest games to play. A proper guide can prove to be very useful in helping out the players. Otherwise, choosing the trial and error method can lead to the waste of a lot of time, which is why we compiled this Don’t Starve Together Guide so ambitious players were not left scratching their heads.

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Don’t Starve Together Tips

Here is a list of tips that you will need to master while diving into the world of Don’t Starve Together. 

Explore The Perimeter and Set Up A Base

The moment you start this game, you’ll need to set up your base and settle down. Explore the entire edge of the map to create an outline of your map. However, this may take up to 10 days, but it is definitely worth it. In this way, you’ll know about the biomes. Keep in mind that this world isn’t infinite, so it is better to have an idea of your world. You can continue exploring in the Nighttime while you do this. Just make sure you build a torch for your convenience.

Don't Starve Together Wilderness
Enter the wilderness!

Your base camp will be essential for you throughout the game. Set up your base near a resourceful area. Biomes like deserts and swamps are excellent choices to establish your base as they are abundant in resources. Grassy areas can be quite pleasant to set up your base as well. They can provide you with twigs and berry bushes.

However, you need to have a viable and robust base to protect your essential items and resources. Machines like The Shadow Manipulator and The Alchemy Machine need a safe and sound placement to be used efficiently. Building walls can help a lot to provide you necessary defense against monsters.

Don't Starve Together Guide
Home Base

Make sure you grow resources near your base so that you won’t have to go very far to gather your necessary stock. Another good settlement option is building near sources of gold or the Florid Postern. Gold will help you in making important machines such as the science machine, which will help you unlock new recipes to craft. If respawning is an option, it would be pretty efficient for you to build your base near Florid Postern as it is the respawn point.

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Enemies And Obstacles To Look Out For

 While running, be careful not to run into spider webs or grab the egg of a Tallbird. This huge enemy is very powerful, and you cannot defeat him unless you are adequately trained in combat. Also, look out for swamps; these swamps have tentacles that can come out and kill you.

Don't Starve Together Monsters

Building your base near the enemies is a good strategy in our Don’t Starve Together guide. This will help you pinpoint the attack trajectory as you’ll already be aware of your enemy’s location. Beefalo is an enemy that can be pretty difficult to tackle when provoked.

However, if you manage to take them, these beasts can be a lot of help. Their manure can help in farming. They can be a steed to ride on, and they can even fight any enemy you face in the way. They can help clear a lot of combat for players. However, don’t come in contact with them during their mating cycles as they get very aggressive and violent. One good way to tell if they are in their mating cycle is their red read ends.

Neutral mobs like these can help players in combat against hostile mobs. Some monsters drop very useful items. Monster meat can be used as bait to lure creatures. Monster meat can also be used in small quantities while cooking to give your meal a high level of sustainability. However, make sure not to use too much of it, as it drops the player’s health and sanity. And using too much of it also creates a chance of creating Monster Lasagna, which is gross and a waste of your ingredients.

Collect and Create Resources

When starting, you’ll find out that the resources are available almost everywhere. Make sure to avail this opportunity as further in the game; resources become scarce and hard to find. To not run out of resources, make sure you plant enough of them. You’ll need a lot of materials to survive in this game. These materials will help you hunt down monsters and ensure your survival further in the game.

Don't Starve Together Guide
Resource Management

You’ll need everything from twigs to rocks. So make sure to keep a stack on every item. However, since your inventory space is quite limited, don’t keep unnecessary stuff until you create a backpack or find Chester because you’ll be needing a lot of space on your hands. Farmable resources like twigs, grass tufts and berry bushes can be replanted in rows. A good strategy here is to farm these resources near your base camp, so you’ll have these resources whenever you need them.

What To Eat To Stay Alive

Since the game’s primary goal is to “not starve” and keep your character alive, make sure you have enough stack of resources to keep your character’s health full. Here are a few useful tips from our Don’t Starve Together guide to keep your character’s belly full.

The hunger meter shows a stomach on your screen, which gets emptier as your character’s hunger level increases. Refill the hunger bar by consuming food. The amount of hunger that replenishes depends on the food itself. Cooked food restores more health than raw food does. Some food can also decrease hunger, health, and sanity; for example, monster meat destroys health when taken in a considerably large amount.

Health is represented by a heart on your screen. Unlike hunger and sanity, health does not decrease over time. It only decreases when a character takes damage from being attacked or when he is burning or freezing. Starving also decreases health. Crockpot recipes like dragon pie, fish sticks, and pierogi are an excellent way to increase health.

Don't Starve Together Food

Braised eggplant and sliced pomegranate give you 20 health. You can use the Crock-Pot to cook jerky as standard meat. Many monsters drop valuable items that can be consumed. Spiders drop Spider Glands that can be used as a small health booster. Similarly, mosquitoes drop their sacks that give you an eight health boost, same as the Spider Glands. Spider Glands can be made into a healing salve that can give you a larger boost of 20 health. Honey from Bee Boxes can be used to create Honey Poultices that can boost up to 30 health. Butterflies drop butterfly wings, which can restore eight health as well.

Butterflies can also drop butter that can increase 40 health. You can use the butter to make butter muffins and to cook waffles. Blue mushrooms can increase health by 20, but your sanity drops by 15 when you consume them. A life-giving amulet can also increase health by five and heal the player automatically. But in exchange for five hunger and 5 percent of its durability. Upon death, it will resurrect the player and give them 50 health.

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Don’t Let Your Sanity Drop

This is probably the unexpected tip you will come across in our Don’t Starve Together guide. When in the deep dark woods, the atmosphere tends to take a toll on the player’s mind. After a few days into the wilderness, the brain icon on your screen will show the player’s sanity.

When your sanity drops, mysterious things start to happen, the player’s vision becomes shaky, bright, and over-saturated. Creatures called the “Shadow Creatures” start to appear, and once the player completely loses their sanity, these creatures become aggressive and start to attack.

Don't Starve Together Sanity
I… I keep spiraling

Sanity depends on various factors. Sanity can decrease if you eat bad, spoiled food or monster meat. Being in darkness, rain, or close to monsters also decreases sanity considerably. However, some things also contribute to increasing sanity. Being near friendly pigs, eating ice cream,  sleeping in a tent, shaving Wilson’s beard, killing a terrorbeak ( shadow creature) increases sanity. If you’re playing willow, standing near fire increases sanity as well. Picking flowers over time and making a Garland with it also increases sanity.

Find Gold

In Don’t Starve Together, gold comes in the form of a gold nugget. This mineral is essential and helps you in crafting many valuable items in Don’t Starve Together. You obtain these gold nuggets by mining Boulders or Stalagmites. However, you can find these randomly lying around in rocky biomes and even graveyards. They also fall from the ceilings of the caves during earthquakes.

You can also obtain gold from Pig King. In order to get gold nuggets from the pig king, you can feed him meat or eggs or give him trinkets. When a player becomes insane, these gold nuggets take on a silvery appearance. 

Don't Starve Together Guide
Finding Gold

Crafting And Gathering Necessary Items

There are some tools and things that are very necessary to aid in your adventure in don’t starve together. One of these crucial items is a backpack. Crafting a backpack comes in very handy in these situations. You will require every slot. The player has limited space in their inventory. In order to create a backpack, you’ll need to use the science machine.

You’ll need 4x grass and 4x twigs to build a backpack. While the backpack does give you that extra space, it does not increase the slots in your inventory. This is why you would need to locate Chester. Chester is both a chest and companion that travels alongside you and carries a nine-slot inventory. In order to find Chester, locate the stagehand on the map and look for a circular path and find an eye bone. As soon as you pick the eye bone up, Chester will spawn right before you and follow you around. This is one of the most useful tips in this Don’t Starve Together Guide.

While you can satiate your hunger to a certain level, you’ll need to eat proper meals to keep your health and hunger bar up. Using a science machine, you can make the Crock-Pot. You can craft several recipes using a crockpot. Just add 3 to 4 ingredients and make yourself a delicious meal that will satiate your hunger for more than the ingredients alone would.

You’ll need tools to harvest crops and to gather wood. Once you’ve gathered the necessary material, make sure to craft some tools. Although these tools tend to break over time, the items will tell you the percentage of their current durability. Build yourself a hammer as well as you can break pig houses with it and get resources like wooden boards and stones. In order to build new tools, you’ll need recipes for them, and this is why you should build a science machine as soon as you have enough resources.

Don't Starve Together Guide

Being in darkness can really affect your sanity, and sometimes you’ll need to go out in the dark to collect resources. The easiest tip in our Don’t Starve Together guide to counter darkness and survive nightfall is to build yourself a light source. Making a lantern or torch will come really handy in your adventure. Since night comes very quickly in Don’t Starve Together, make sure you have enough resources on hand to build a torch whenever you need one. Also, make sure that it has enough durability to get you through the night. Campfires are also a viable option for your base camp.

Every now and then, you’ll face a monster, and if it’s hostile, it might charge at you. In such cases, keep yourself prepared beforehand by crafting weapons and armor. Start by building a spear for which you’ll only need a science machine. You can also find weapons and armor dropped by skeletons in the game.

Prepare For Winter

One of the hardest challenges that the player faces in the game is surviving the first winter days. Winter starts on day 21. Food becomes scarce during the cold winter days, and many horrible enemies appear. However, the biggest challenge you’ll face is freezing. Freezing drops a player’s health and can prove to be fatal if not taken care of. The best way to prevent freezing is by carrying around a preheated Thermal Stone. However, keep yourself stocked with the necessary supplies to build a campfire.

It is an excellent strategy to build a Thermal Measurer to be aware of the change in seasons ahead of time. Many new creatures appear while many go into hideouts. Blue hounds, deerclops, and a walrus hunting party led by Mactusk along with his SON Weetusk appears

Keep in mind that the crops don’t grow in Winter, so you cannot farm in winters. This is why you must keep a stack of food before the Winter arrives. Winter ends on day 36.

Don't Starve Together Guide
Winter Preparation

Get Ready For Summer

Winter can be quite a challenge because of getting frozen to death. Just as the players can get cold in Winter, players can also die by overheating in the summer. However, this isn’t it; another phenomenon that can be very challenging for the players is the wildfires that come in the summer.

Wildfires can spread very quickly across your base camp and engulf important loot, resources, and crops on their way. These wildfires are capable of destroying whole farms at once. So it is important that you prepare for summer as well. This is a crucial point to note from our Don’t Starve Together Guide.

To tackle overheating in the summer, using ice, ice cubes, or a frozen Thermal Stone can help a lot. Wearing a chilled amulet and standing under the shade of the trees can also help cool your temperature down. You can craft some important items such as Straw Hat, Umbrella, or Eyebrella to aid you throughout the summer days. Wearing a summer forest or a floral shirt can help you with overheating as well.

Also, you can craft an Ice Flingomatic, which will throw snowballs at flaming objects. Cover your entire base with Ice Flingomatics.  Luxury Fans can also help you put out any fires that get past you. You can set up your base in The Oasis desert to prevent wildfires. Make sure your base is fireproof throughout the summer to prevent the loss of vital resources.

Don't Starve Together Guide
“Summer is coming”

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Kiting Enemies

The further you go ahead in the game, the stronger the enemies become. Some enemy fights, especially the seasonal boss fights, can give you a tough time. Some enemies will continuously chase you until they are killed, or the players are dead. These enemies include the Hounds. So you must have a game plan to combat such enemies.

There is a technique called kiting, in which you run away while the enemy is attacking you and then attack them with your weapon when they are not attacking. In this short time period, the enemy tends to be very vulnerable, and you can easily defeat them using this technique.

Don't Starve Together Guide
Kiting Enemies

Making Use of The Dark Arts

This is one of the most essential tips in our Don’t Starve Together Guide to make the game more enjoyable. While science and alchemy can get you so far in the game, you can unlock the game’s full potential by incorporating a bit of magic in your adventure into the wilderness.

After creating the science machine, unlock the Magic Tab represented by a red skull on the left-hand side of your screen. You will find plans here for Prestihaltilator, which is prototyped from the science machine and works just like a science machine. Still, instead of unlocking science items, it unlocks the magical ones.

You can craft important items like the Meat Effigy, Pan Flute, Life-Giving Amulet, Chilled Amulet, Night Light, One-man band, Ice staff, and Shadow Manipulator using Prestihaltilator. While you can prototype Fire Staff, Night Armor, Dark Sword, Bat Bat, Belt of Hunger, Nightmare Amulet, Telelocator Staff, and Telelocator focus are prototyped from the Shadow Manipulator.

Don't Starve Together Guide
The Dark Arts


This has been eXputer’s Don’t Starve Together Guide. Hopefully, all these tips and tricks will help you start your game without having to worry about unknown dangers. Good luck!


How long is Don’t Starve Together?

The gameplay itself is 35 hours long, but if you want to see every aspect of this game, it may take you up to 307 hours to get 100 percent completion.

How many days do I need to survive to unlock all the characters in the game?

To unlock all the characters in Don’t Starve Together, you’ll need to survive a total of 80 days.

How many seasons are there in Don’t Starve Together, and how long are they?

There are four seasons in Don’t Starve Together; Spring lasts for 20 days, Summer for 15 days long, Autumn for 20 days, and Winter is 16 days long.

Can one use Meat Effigy?

Yes, one can use Meat Effigy to restore health back if it is down to 30

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