Doom Eternal: Survival Guide (Updated 2022)

Doom can be challenging and fun at the same time because of the relentless demons, fast and flue movements and impossibly destructive guns. Surviving in the devastating demon hordes though can be quite daunting. There are some mandatory aspects that you need to know in order to survive and enjoy the game thoroughly.  Keep reading and you will become the deadliest one in no time!

Returning back to the Hell

As Doom made a comeback after several years, it’s as good as the people hoped for the longest time. It’s brilliant. However, it doesn’t matter that if you’ve been playing the Doom series before this one or if you’re a new enthusiast wanting to get in the hyped-up game, there are some certain things you need to know. Doom is very different when compared to other FPS games on the market. In both multiplayer and campaign, it is composed of a unique proposition that requires you to relearn the casual aspects of FPS, whoever you are.

SINGLE PLAYER: For God’s sake, don’t stand still.

The most mandatory thing to do in the Doom is to keep your movement active at all times. It comes before shooting, it comes before that nasty skull-cracking Glory kills, and it comes before everything. This is very important because movement is the thing that facilitates your ability to kill and ascend against your enemies.  Hold still, and Doom’s demons are going to surround you while high-flying rocket-slingers are going to brutalize you. You’ll get boxed in, you’ll get destroyed and then you’ll die. Keeping your movement game strong is your greatest ability to survive in the Doom. Go ahead and Run, strafe, shimmy, and leap. As long as you’re constantly moving your position, it will help you maintain an upper-hand of ever-changing firing angles and the changes required to optimize your use of other weapons. This is the first and the main aspect in the Doom, keep dodging and don’t stand still.

Don’t Focus too much on one enemy

Leading off from the first point, it will be much desirable at times to focus on your wild-demon killer aggression on the biggest enemy on the field until it’s dead. But that isn’t always wise if you ask me. In fact, it is often the opposite. If you have Mancubus or Hell Knight pinned down in a relatively isolated corner of the fight, by all means, go ahead and hammer it for a moment, but keep in mind that this strategy should be the exception, not the rule. If you’re holding a restricted position, everything else on the battleground is closing in on you. I bet that it’s happening and you don’t want that.

Hit-and-run is your last hope. Of course, you should do as much damage to the massive guys as it’s safe to do so at any moment in-game, weapon switching is your best bet in brutal situations but you should always focus on the movement too. You’ll be much safer evading something dangerous than actually getting killed by it, and you’ll do much greater damage to the overall demonic force by spreading your attack throughout the area. Alleviate, and you’ll be amazed by how fast those big threats are going to die, all at the same time, towards the end of the fight. But there is another exception to this rule…

Don’t panic. Don’t use your ‘best’ weapons too early

Just don’t get all hyped-up and take out all of your rockets and BFG ammo at the first sign of a tiny enemy. The reasons are kind of same, as when it comes to power-ups, but there’s also an important matter of weapon suitability to keep in mind too. Because not every gun is will do the equal damage, and the ones that pack the biggest and the quickest punch are not necessarily the most powerful. Again, it all depends on the situation and tactical context.

If you’ve got a Gauss Rifle, it’ll murder anything you point it at pretty quick. But you really need to hang onto it for when the Cacodemons arrive. Its charged shot will kill them very quickly. And if you’ve got some rockets in your inventory, save those for slowing down distant and bigger enemies and for setting off explosions behind the soft flanks of tiny enemies if you have the remote detonator unlocked. But if those enemies get too close, you can do better by ducking and using a shotgun. Guns similar to shotgun are just too powerful to use in some situations. Fire the rockets you saved into the middle of the mob of those zombies, and they’ll be devasted. Doom’s combat is a long-lasting game and the only key to dominance is the ‘combat’ in this game.

Keep your health and armor up to date

Getting into the mid-game, you need to make some prioritized decisions about your upgrades. In terms of your Praetor Suit, it can be upgraded with Argent caches concealed around Hell and Mars – you want to hit armor and health first, in that order, and the step up on to ammo capacity. Keep cycling through the trio like that, and every three caches you’ll are going to send everything up a level, all nice and evenly. You don’t need to push any of them any faster than that.

It’s always a good idea to keep them in balance rather than boosting one and having to play catch-up with the others later on, but doing so in this order will make sure that surviving chances are always up to par with the current situation regardless. Ammo can be a lesser priority because the chainsaw’s brutal killing ability will make sure that even if your maximum load is a bit lower, you can remain topped up at all times.

Gun upgrades are the game-changers

Take a moment to properly investigate whenever you find the service bots that install new gun mods. Don’t get all hyped-up and buy everything on a whim because it sounds quite cool.  All of these things increase your tactical options in so many basic ways, so you really need to acquire and upgrade them in the order that is going to give you the most fun and the most benefit based on how you play.

For instance, the combat shotgun’s nade launcher allows you to clear space in the medium range at the same time as beating the hell out of anything near you, getting you the time to engage in prolonged buckshot battles without getting mobbed. It’s rapid-fire discharge doubles down on its prowess for close battles and eventually gives you damage bonuses, meaning that it will tear apart through a  small group easily. Similarly, the plasma rifle’s two options allow you to either fire a big stun-shot to temporarily lock down certain enemies, or charge up a restricted, area of effect heat burst through continuous fire. You can also unlock all of these things in one campaign run if you are a quick explorer. Never forget about the upgrades of your weapons.

Equip yourself

Just don’t ignore the Equipment slot your load-out. While it’s not as important as your guns, the secondary gear you keep in your load-out can absolutely turn things around in some critical situations. For instance, the frag grenade, only activates its detonation timer on impact, making it a great unprepared landmine against incoming attackers if dropped at close range. And the vampiric Siphon Grenade is the highlighted game-changer as you as you learn to use it properly. Extracting health from its targes and delivering it directly to the user is really a game-changer.

Use the Demon Rune wisely

Being a team player is even being better than a nine-foot, rocket-slinging demon in Doom. While it seems easy to score a huge pile of kills with while coming back from the dead, you can empower your team several times over if you’re first using it to tool them up as well. If the Quad damage or Gaus Cannon is on the map, use the demon to quickly reach it and then camp it. None of the oppositions will be able to get near the prize, and your own team will get the hold of all the power-ups on the map at the very exact same time.

Don’t get greedy

Repeating all of our previous points, please do not over-estimate your ability to finish a fight. Over-confidence in your own safety will get you killed fast. Doing well in the game Doom is the result of remaining aware many things at the same time and using all of that shifting knowledge you earned reading above tips. Understand exactly how great your advantage or disadvantage is at any given time in the game. Be clever, be insightful, think without breaking a sweat, and do not ever get cocky. If going after that extra kill feels like it’ll be a close-run thing, then, in reality, it might be too much tougher than you think. Don’t do it. Stay alive. Keep moving and kill many more people because you’re still alive to do so. That’s how you score big points in the Doom and that’s how you’re going to win your game.

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