Dragon Quest 11 Ultimate Key

Open All The Ultimate Key Doors.

The Dragon Quest 11 Ultimate Key is a recurring magical item that has made an appearance in numerous different games in the franchise. In fact, starting from the third game, the key has shown up in almost every mainline entry in the series except Dragon Quest 10. This item is also alternatively called the ‘Final Key,’ which was actually the original name during its introduction.

And as expected, the latest entry in the series also features this incredibly unique item. Players have to get their hands on it in order to access a bunch of postgame content, but simply getting to this point is not going to be easy. In fact, I recommend that you completely forget that this key even exists until you’ve at least finished the main campaign.      

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But after you do manage to beat the main story, come back to this Dragon Quest 11 Ultimate Key guide to learn where this unique item is hidden. We’ll also shed some light on what it can be used on, and the rewards you get for using it.

Dragon Quest 11 Ultimate Key Guide

Dragon Quest 11 Ultimate Key
The Postgame.

So what exactly is the Ultimate Key? Well to put it simply, it is an item that can open any door in the entire game. And when I say any door, I really do mean it. This also includes those doors that might otherwise require other special keys like the Magic Key to access. The Ultimate Key essentially makes every one of its peers redundant.

And yes, this key can also open the mysterious grey gates that you might have encountered during your incredibly long journey through the world of Erdrea. It’s actually safe to say that these doors are the main reason you would want to look for the Dragon Quest 11 Ultimate Key in the first place, because no other key can open them.

Now let’s take a look at where to actually find this key.

How To Find The Dragon Quest 11 Ultimate Key?

Dragon Quest 11 Ultimate Key
After The Credits Roll.

As mentioned above, the Ultimate Key is a postgame item. In order to get it, you first have to beat the lengthy main game and allow the credits to roll. After this you can continue your save game, at which point you should be greeted with the screen above. What follows directly after is spoiler territory, so we’ll skip past that.

Simply play through a bit more of the game, and after a point you’ll be asked to visit the Havens Above area. This is the location you visit after you to head to the Emerald Coast and meet with the Seer for the first time. She asks you to play the Calamus Flute item to summon a flying whale creature that takes you to Havens Above.

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Once you’re finally here, a few brief cutscenes should play out. After they end, a single chest should be seen in the middle of the plaza next to some grass. The Dragon Quest 11 Ultimate Key can be found inside. Grab it.

Ultimate Key Door Locations

Dragon Quest 11 Ultimate Key
Sniflheim Castle.

Now with the key in your possession, let’s take a look at all of the special doors in the game that can only be opened with this key.

The areas you’ll have to visit are spread all around the game world, so expect to do a whole lot of exploring.

Dragon Quest 11 Ultimate Key

This has been eXputer’s Dragon Quest 11 Ultimate Key guide. While you’re here, why not also check out our Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List.

Heliodor DungeonsHead to Heliodor City and then enter the Castle at the top of the map. Now enter the dungeons from the bottom floor and then descend further until you reach the lower levels.

The Ultimate key door should be right around the corner, as a simple prison cell with red chests behind it.

Treasure: Skull Helm and King of the Swindlers recipe book.

The Cryptic CryptVisit the Hotto Steppe region in the southeast of Erdrea and locate the Cryptic Crypt dungeon in the northwest. Proceed through the area until you reach the room labeled the ‘Cell Block.’

A series of multiple rooms here can be unlocked with the Ultimate Key.

Treasure: Metal King Jacket, Field Manual recipe book and Malicious Pandora’s Box.

GondoliaTravel to the port city of Gondolia and search for a gate near Doge Rotundo’s house. It should be right next to a stairway, with two purple banners also hanging near it.

Open it up and head inside to find a small area with multiple different red chests.

Treasure: Mini Medal, Pretty Betsy, Agate of Evolution and 50,000 gold coins.

Gallopolis WellWhen you visit the city of Gallopolis, keep your eyes out for a well directly to the right side of the main gate. You can interact with this to climb down into another small area with a few different paths.

One of these leads to a gate that can be opened with your Dragon Quest 11 Ultimate Key. There’s only one red chest behind it.  

Treasure: Fire ball.

Puerto ValorThere is a house in the southern part of the city of Puerto Valor with a purple shade outside of it and a guard. You can open up the front door easily and then walk up to the second story of the building.

You will now find an ultimate key door blocking the terrace. Open this, and then grab the sole chest behind it.

Treasure: Technicolor Dreamcloth.

Phnom NohnTo the east of the city of Phnom Nohn, players can find the Ruins of Nhou Wat. Head to this location, but before you actually enter the ruins, you will notice a small isolated building towards the northern side of the area map.

This is another Ultimate key door, and it also only contains once red chest inside.

Treasure: Gold Bar

Sniflheim Castle BasementHead to the city of Sniflheim and enter the castle. Right before the throne room, there should be a lift in the room to the right. Take this down to the castle basement.

Now open the door directly in front of you, then follow the path and turn left to find another one. The ultimate key door should be right behind this.

Treasure: Chronocrystal and Badges of Honor recipe book.

Insula IncognitaInsula Incognita is a deserted location in the Seas of Erdrea. It is the small island to the south of The Strand.

Make your way through this area until you reach the southernmost point on the map. Look for the small isolated building with the Dragon Quest 11 Ultimate Key door and open it to find the treasure hidden behind.

Treasure: Gifts from the Goddess recipe book.

Insula OccidentalisIt’s time for you to visit another small island on the open sea of Erdrea. This particular island is located to the north of The Strand.

Head to the most northwestern corner of the map, past the small narrow sandy path that leads to another isolated structure. Open it up to find the treasure inside.

Reward: Metal King Armor.

Insula OrientalisHead north from the town of Lonalulu and keep going until you reach the extremely small island known as Insula Orientalis.

Walk up the dirt path until you reach yet another tiny building with a Ultimate Key door. Open it to find a single chest inside.

Reward: Circles of Life recipe book.

The Manglegrove – Whale Way Station When flying in the skies on the whale, head south of the World Tree and land in the location at the direct center of the map.

This is The Manglegrove – Whale Way Station. In the southernmost part of this map you fill find another locked door with treasure behind it.

Reward: 3x Chronocrystal.

The Battleground – Level B9Once again while you are flying, head to the southwest of the map and look for a tall rock structure known as The Battleground.

Make your way through this entire region until you reach Level B9. There should be a ultimate key door in the south of the floor, blocking the entrance to a cave. The treasure is behind it.

Reward: The Way of the war Goddess recipe book.

Hotto Steppe Northern – Whale Way StationThe Hotto Steppe Northern – Whale Way Station can be found on the east side of the map while flying on the whale.

Enter this area and then head to the southwestern part of the map to find a Dragon Quest 11 Ultimate Key door. Open it up and loot the treasure inside.

Reward: Sizzling Styles recipe book.

Champs Sauvage – Whale Way StationTo the west of the sky map, you will find another Whale Way Station called Champs Sauvage.

Land in this area and then walk along the path all the way to the end. You will find another structure here with a locked door.

Reward: 3x Mini Medal.

Sniflheim – Whale Way StationAnd finally, you should look in the northwestern corner of the map while flying to locate the Sniflheim – Whale Way Station.

This is an extremely small area that only has one path leading south. At the end you will find the final Ultimate Key door.

Reward: Sage Advice recipe book.

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