Dwarf Fortress Best Seeds: Farming And Brewing 

Learn the best seed that players should use and find out how the farming and brewing system operates!

Dwarf Fortress has one of the most complex systems of making players figure out the concept of seeds, brewing as well as farming them for sustenance. While there is quite a selection of seeds, there are only a few Dwarf Fortress Best Seeds, and getting to know the entire system behind it might require players to get a bit of assistance! 

Key Highlights: 

  • Plump Helmets are one of the best sustenance material that players can come across in the game.
  • Players need to stay clear of making meals from plump helmets since it ends up ruining the spawn.
  • The best way to get plump helmet seeds will be by brewing them into drinks and using farming and brewing in order to create a cycle of supply.
  • The main benefit of using plump helmets is that it is easy to handle and can help dwarves survive.
  • There aren’t a whole lot of seeds that players can take advantage of. 

Plump Helmets

Plump Helmet
Plump Helmet (Image Credits Exputer)

If there is anything that players will know, it is that plump helmets are one of the best sources of sustenance for your dwarves. Plump helmets are not only able to make them thrive, but it can be an essential component to help your dwarves survive. 

Plump helmets are quite versatile, as your dwarves can drink them as well as eat them. However, to get more seeds for the plump helmets, players want to have their dwarves brew drinks since it will be a source of new seeds. 

If your dwarves end up eating the plump helmets, then you might end up ruining your chances of getting ample seeds, therefore whenever you are actively farming seeds, you want to head over to the Labor section, and then head over to Kitchen, and from there, simply toggle off the ability to allow your dwarves to eat the plump helmets. 

The main reason that players don’t want to cook the plump helmets into meals is that if you do so, you end up losing the spawn, which is what is used to plant more plump helmets. 

Farming And Brewing 

Moving on, let’s discuss a little bit how to get the farming ad brewing system going. We will be giving a detailed walkthrough of the entire process so buckle up!

If you’re going to make a fortress simply for stills and brewing, then it needs to be a pretty simple one. Start by digging a staircase underground, which is simply done by clicking the surface, then going down one elevation, and then clicking it again. 

After you’ve done that, go ahead and dig out a space that is about 9 blocks wide, and 7 blocks in height and make sure that it is done behind the staircase area. After that, go ahead and dig out a space that is approximately 9 blocks wide and 4 blocks in height one space above the original area that you had managed to dig out, and have a small connecting space to connect the two areas. 

Now that your upper area is done being dug out, you will now start to look into ways to find anything that will help you make your still. For that, go ahead and go back to the surface, from where you will be able to pan around and stop at the space where you find a ton of trees. 

Making A Stockpile 

Stockpile (Image Credits Exputer)

From there, go ahead and start the woodcutting order, and the wood that you ended up cutting down will be the main material that will be used to make your still. 

After that, go back down to your fortress, and you want to start a new stockpile. The stockpile will be kept in the upper area that you dug out, but make sure that the stockpile doesn’t cover the entire upper area, and just to be safe, leave about 3 or 4 blocks worth of area in there empty. 

Now, the main reason that we are starting a new stockpile is that we want to store seeds, and the stockpile will be used just for seeds and nothing else. To do that, after the stockpile area has been selected, click on accept. 

From there, it will open up a menu that will showcase which items you want to store in the stockpile, and you want to head over to the food option, and from there, click on seeds. And then go ahead and click on All

It will then select every possible seed that is available to you such as abaca seeds, acacia, acorns, alfalfa, almonds, apple, apricot, artichoke, asparagus, and all other seeds that are available to you. The main seeds that players will want to focus on will be the plump helmets as we had mentioned before. 

Making The Still 

Making A Still
Making A Still (Image Credits Exputer)

After you’ve made the new stockpile, you will now want to go ahead and create a new still. To do that, look at the bottom of your screen, and there will be an option to make new creations. 

From there, select workshops, and in the different workshops that are available to you, select farming, and then there will be an option to create a still, which you want to click on. 

Now, when it comes to the placement of the still, remember the space that we had left out near the stockpile, that will be used here. Go ahead and place your still next to the stockpile and it will then ask you the materials that you want to make it out of which doesn’t matter.

Once the still can be accessed, players will notice that the stockpiles are starting to be filled as well and they will be stored in brown and white colored bags. Click on the stockpile area, and you will see a small barrel icon, go ahead and click on that. 

From there, hover your mouse over to the max barrels and click on the hashtag button type zero to get rid of all barrels in the stockpile that you made. 

Making A Farm Plot 

Farm Plot
Farm Plot (Image Credits Exputer)

After you’ve managed to make both your stockpiles as well as your skill, the next step is to go ahead and create a new farm plot. The farm plot will be used for the plump helmets which can be consumed in three ways by the dwarves: 

  • Dwarves can eat the plump helmets as they are, which means that the raw plump helmets can be consumed by them. 
  • They can also have them brewed into drinks that can cover most of their drinking needs
  • They can also cook them into meals, however, players want to refrain from doing that. 

So, to make the farm plot, head back over to the place where you can access and build new workshops, and from there, select farming, and towards the far right of the screen, you will be able to take note of the farm plot option which is what we want to go ahead and start new. 

When it comes to selecting the size for the famr plot, you want to select an area that is approximately 6×5 and make sure to have it dedicated on the bottom area that we ended up digging out. 

Wait for everything to be done, meaning that you need to wait for the still to be constructed as well. 

After that is done, there will be a few icons that you will be able to take note of in the bottom left area of your screen, and there will be a button where you can see the labor option. The labor button will showcase every labor that your dwarves can carry out, such as miners, woodcutters, hunters, planters, fisherdwarves, plant gatherers, stonecutters, engravers, haulers as well as orderlies. 

From the labor menu, head on over to the kitchen tab, which will show you your ingredient type, and number. Right under the vegetables, fruit and leaves tab that is present in the kitchen tab, you will be able to take note of two permission green buttons

Players will see that the plump helmets are written down as the one ingredient type that you have in your fortress. Now, the two green buttons represent permissions to have the plant altered. 

The first button will showcase that the plump helmet can be cooked, while the second button will mean that the player will allow the plump helmet to be brewed to make a drink out of it. 

Since we are refraining from cooking plump helmets, you want to go ahead and click on the first permission icon (shaped like a bowl with the steam emerging from it), and make sure that the button has been turned red. This will help your spawn from being destructed so that players are able to plant more plump helmet seeds

Once the permission has been disabled, you wanna go back over to the plot that we created and click on it. From there, it will showcase a few options fr the types of seeds that you might want to plant, and on the third or fourth option, you might able to notice that there is an option for plump helmets on there too. 

From there, on the top, you will be able to take note of the seasonal options and you simply want to go ahead and select plump helmets for all four seasons. After you do so, you will take note of your planters that will already started to plant the seeds. 

Adding A Task For Brewing 

After making your farm plot, head over to your still, and click on it, and you will be able to see that there are three tabs on top. One will be your current tasks, the others will be for the workers that are active, and then there will be another tab labeled work orders. Go ahead and tasks

We want to select the “brew drink from plants” option, and you might get a message that you need to have empty food storage items. What that means is that you basically need to have a few barrels at hand so you want to simply make a few. 

After that, go back to your still, and add a new task. From there, select the option for “brew drink from plants” and your workers will start bringing down plump helmets to start the brewing process

So now, what will happen is that the dwarves will go to get the barrels, then brew the drinks, and then it will give you a few spawns which can be re-farmed for more plump helmets, and the brewing and seeding process continues in a cycle. 


And there we have it! An overview of the best seed that players should invest in, and how you can have it ready to go all the time! And with that, we will wrap up our Dwarf Fortress Best Seeds guide! 

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