Dwarf Fortress: BEST Usage Of Adamantine Weapons

Learn how to utilize Adamantine weapons in the best ways in Dwarf Fortress.

Adamantine weapons in Dwarf Fortress are endgame weapons. Some enemies resist Adamantine weapons, while some are extremely weak against them. Knowing which adamantine weapon works best against a specific enemy type is imperative.

Key Highlights

  • Adamantine is an endgame crafting material that is best used for armor and sharp weapons.
  • There is no true best weapon in this game; each weapon is viable against different types of enemies.
  • Unarmored enemies are extremely weak to sharp weapons.
  • Armored enemies follow the metallic hierarchy and can be weak to superior swords.
  • Whereas undead enemies can be resistant to sharp swords.

What Is Adamantine

Adamantine is an endgame material that is required to create weapons and the like in Dwarf Fortress. This material has to be turned into a wafer for it to be usable in crafting.  The process for this is a bit lengthy.

First, a craftsdwarf has to extract the Adamantine strands using a strand extractor. After this, Adamantine strands can be turned into Adamantine Wafers through smelting. It can be a long process for unskilled workers, so it is best to focus this process on 2 dwarves.

Adamantine is strong, extremely sharp, and weightless. It also possesses extreme resistance to stress making it ideal for armor and weapons.

Best Adamantine Weapons Against Enemy Types

Adamantine is best used to make swords. Also, to put it bluntly, there is no true uncontested best weapon in this game. Each weapon is built for combating a specific type of enemy. Adamantine swords can be useless against specific enemies but can also slice through some enemies like butter. The combat system is complex because it requires planning and strategy. Some effective weapons against specific enemy types are

Undead Type Enemies

Undead enemies, as their name implies, are undying. They feel no pain or fear. It is best to use maces against these types of enemies to crush them completely. Sometimes the undead enemies can be wearing armor or be gigantic in size. In that case, It is optimal to use an axe to defeat undead enemies.

Armored Type Enemies

Armored-type enemies, as the name implies, are clad in armor. They are very resistant to crossbows, so avoid using them. Steel/Adamantine swords, maces, and war picks are effective against armored enemies. Metallic weapons are split into a hierarchy that is determined by the material they are forged with.

  1. Adamantine
  2. Steel
  3. Bronze/Iron
  4. Copper
  5. Silver

This hierarchy determines the effects of your swords, with the higher-tier materials completely cutting through armored enemies.

Unarmored Type Enemies

Unarmored type enemies include wild beasts and thieves. Sharp weapons such as swords or spears are incredibly effective, as unarmored enemies will always lose to sharp weapons. Sharp weapons will easily dismember these enemy types.

Special Type Enemies

Special-type enemies can boast various properties, including a lack of pain like the undead. Enemies that are akin to wild beasts or enemies with extremely thick hides. These enemies can be completely metallic, too, which means they follow the metal hierarchy. As such, the appropriate weapon will vary. We recommend you analyze these enemies with the properties mentioned above and utilize the most effective weapon.

dwarf fortress battle log
The Battle Log Detailing Enemies | Picture By Us


Dwarf Fortress is a building sim developed by Bay 12 Games. It has been in development since 2002. It went through many alphas builds, finally releasing on Steam on 6th December 2022. The main focus of this game is to build a strong fortress with your dwarves and fight off any enemies with its unique combat system.

With our guide on Adamantine weapons in Dwarf Fortress, you will be able to defeat your enemies easily and have an easier time making the fortress of your dreams. 


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