Psychonauts 2: Emotional Baggage Locations in Loboto’s Labyrinth

The psychedelic minds you visit in Psychonauts 2 are full of Emotional Baggage scattered throughout their interiors, and that of the unlicensed dentist Dr. Caligosto Loboto is no different, as you see in the prologue of Loboto’s Labyrinth. After all, it’s understandable how a torn character like him would have his share of unresolved emotional issues. Thankfully, you can help sort out some of these issues by finding all the baggage and reuniting them with their respective tags! This guide will help you do exactly that and show you the locations of all the Emotional Baggage collectibles and in the teeth-themed level of Loboto’s Labyrinth in Psychonauts 2.

Emotional Baggage Locations in Loboto’s Labyrinth

The Mental World of Dr. Loboto houses exactly five pieces of Emotional Baggage within its nightmarishly fascinating levels. Among these, some can be recombined with their tags on the first playthrough. However, some will require you to return to the level using the Collective Unconsciousness introduced by Sasha in the game’s early hours.

We will go through each emotional baggage collectible in Loboto’s Labyrinth in the order that you are likely to come across them.

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Collectible #1

The first piece of baggage that you will see will be a blue Duffle Bag. This will be in the Central Office where you meet your first in-game baddie: a Censor. This bag introduces you to the Emotional Baggage collectibles in Psychonauts 2, so it will be hard to miss.

You can find the bag on a photocopying machine just to the right of the second teeth door.

Emotional Baggage Collectibles Loboto's Labyrinth Psychonauts 2
Duffle Bag

As for the tag, go further right where you should see a few office desks. In the middle of these desks will be the blue Duffle Bag tag.

Emotional Baggage Collectibles Loboto's Labyrinth Psychonauts 2
Duffle Bag tag

Collectible #2

The next Emotional Baggage collectible in Loboto’s Labyrinth will be a yellow Hat Box.

You will first come across its tag in the Conference Room where you hear Sasha being repeatedly bashed by an unyielding uvula. Before you get to Sasha, you will see the yellow Hat Box tag towards the right of the conference table. Snag that up. Don’t worry; Sasha can wait.

Hat Box tag
Hat Box tag

You will come across the bag itself later in the game in the Poster Gallery after Lili’s brief but fiery lesson on Pyrokinesis. Enter the Gallery and make your way across the second teeth pond. Here, you will see a big portrait of Dr. Loboto on the left. Use your newly acquired Pyrokinesis ability to burn the poster down. You will subsequently find the yellow Hat Box hidden behind it.

Emotional Baggage Collectibles Loboto's Labyrinth Psychonauts 2
Hat Box

Collectible #3

As you continue across the world of Loboto’s Labyrinth in Psychonauts 2, the next piece of Emotional Luggage collectible you will find will be the green Purse.

You’ll find the piece of baggage itself before you come across the tag. This means that you will have to return the tag to the purse by revisiting through the Collective Unconsciousness. The bag will be in the room at the end of the Poster Gallery. Once you’ve made your way across the small lake with floating teeth platforms, the purse will be sitting atop the first cabinet on your left.

Emotional Baggage Collectibles Loboto's Labyrinth Psychonauts 2

The tag can be found in the Dental Void area of the level, where Raz has to make his way across multiple dental mirrors rising from a sea of what one can assume to be some sort of dental liquid. Mouthwash, perhaps? Regardless, once you’ve reached the second dental mirror, you’ll be introduced to an updraft. Use it along with your Levitate ability to parachute your way onto the third dental mirror on your right. The tag will be here for the taking.

Purse tag
Purse tag

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Collectible #4

Up next, you should come across the Steamer Trunk. On the first playthrough, you won’t be able to reach the Steamer Trunk tag, since it requires you to acquire the Mental Connection ability. Once you’ve got that, you can return to the level.

The Steamer Trunk tag lies within the Dental Void area. Make your way to the last platform in the area, which is a severely unhygienic sink that you have to jump into to progress through the area. Before jumping, however, you can find a series of white and black thought bubbles next to a trash can. Grapple across all these bubbles using Mental Connection, and they will lead you to a separate dental mirror platform. Here, you will see the tag.

Emotional Baggage Collectibles Loboto's Labyrinth Psychonauts 2
Steamer Trunk tag location

As for the Steamer Trunk itself, you can come across that at the end of the teeth tunnel section with the electrified floor that you have to Levitate across. As soon as you cross the tunnel and the subsequent teeth bridge, you will see another series of thought bubbles to your right. Grapple across them, and the platform you reach will have the Steamer Trunk lying in a corner, looking quite saddened.

Emotional Baggage Collectibles Loboto's Labyrinth Psychonauts 2
Steamer Trunk

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Collectible #5

The final piece of Emotional Baggage collectible in your journey across Loboto’s Labyrinth in Psychonauts 2 will be the Suitcase.

You can snag up the Suitcase tag during your first playthrough at the end of the teeth tunnel. On the same platform where you can see a series of thought bubbles to the right, you will see a few floating teeth platforms to the left that lead up to the tag. Jump your way across, and get the tag.

Suitcase tag
Suitcase tag

The Suitcase itself requires a replay of the level through the Collective Unconsciousness. Get to the start of the Conference Room area (the area where you previously saved Sasha) and make your way to the first poster on the left. Burn it down using Pyrokinesis. Hidden behind that you’ll see the Suitcase, waiting desperately to be reunited with its tag.

Emotional Baggage Collectibles Loboto's Labyrinth Psychonauts 2

Congratulations! You have now found and completed all the Emotional Baggage collectibles in Loboto’s Labyrinth in Psychonauts 2. How did you enjoy your playthrough of this eerily sinister level? And has the game lived up to your expectations so far? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments down below. And if you think this starting level was too mundane, don’t worry; things ramp up in subsequent levels such as PSI King’s Sensorium! Additionally, be sure to check out our Emotional Baggage locations guide for the next mind level: Hollis’ Classroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Emotional Baggage in Loboto's Labyrinth - FAQs

How many Emotional Baggage collectibles are there in Loboto’s Labyrinth?

There are a total of 5 different Emotional Baggage collectibles in Loboto’s Labyrinth. They include a Duffle Bag, a Hat Box, a Purse, a Steamer Trunk, and a Suitcase.

Can I collect all of the Emotional Baggage collectibles in my first playthrough of Loboto’s Labyrinth?

No, some collectibles can only be reached using additional abilities that you will acquire later. Hence, a second playthrough of the level will be necessary using the Collective Unconsciouness.

How long will it take me to collect all the Emotional Baggage in Loboto’s Labyrinth?

Collecting all of the Emotional Baggage requires two playthroughs. The initial playthrough you do in the prologue will take an average of 40-50 minutes. Returning to the level to get the remaining items won’t take more than 10 minutes.

Do I have to collect all Emotional Baggage to progress through the game?

No, Emotional Baggage are only collectible items that reward you for exploration and encourage you to visit new areas. They will, however, help you level up your intern rank faster.

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