How To Fix 727e66ac Error Code In NBA 2K22

The complete error fix guide to the 727e66ac error in the latest basketball game entry, NBA 2K22

NBA 2K22 is a sports simulation game that is focused on high-octane sports of basketball. The games are developed by 2K Sports and are based on the National Basketball Association, or the “NBA” for short. The games are a part of a long-running series that provide the most realistic experience in sports entertainment. However, players can get interrupted by some of the most absurd bugs and glitches in the game, including the tedious ones like the error code 727e66ac in NBA 2K22, which we are going to discuss briefly today.

The franchise of the NBA 2K games is famous for being an acquired taste like Fifa. They are only liked and favored by a selective audience who are fond of the specific sports. Not to mention there are also other sports titles too which include the WWE 2K series, which as a matter of fact, are widely popular around the world.

There is much to do in the game, from shaping your custom avatar in the MyCareer Mode or just playing an old-fashioned match online or with your friends. Before you can do any of that, we must look at what exactly this error code means in NBA 2K22, so let’s discuss it as briefly as possible.

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What Is The 727e66ac Error Code In NBA 2K22

NBA 2K22 error 727e66ac
The error 727e66ac prompt in NBA 2K22

Throughout various multiplayer games, there have been numerous annoying errors to be found, like the constant Crashes In COD Warzone. It should be taken into mind that the 727e66ac error code is not a game-breaking issue in NBA 2K22 that you should be too concerned about whatsoever since it primarily revolves around network-related issues.

It has been reported that players mostly suffer from the error code during the MyCareer mode, while almost every other modes work fine as normal. So it ends up creating annoying problems for many players of the game who are just looking to peacefully play as their custom avatar and make them a rising star among other avatars.

It is worth mentioning that the issue has existed in several NBA 2K22 titles in the past, so players familiar with the series will be aware of its recurring tendency to stir up trouble, especially for newer fans of the franchise. Unfortunately, the developers haven’t issued any official fix guide for the error, which is quite disappointing.

However, thanks to the dedicated and hardcore community of the games over on Reddit and Discord, we have managed to prepare together a list of 8 known fixes that may potentially help you resolve the annoyance. So let’s quickly go over what these methods are and how they can alleviate you of this bothersome error code.

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8 Ways To Fix Error Code 727e66ac In 2K22

There are various reasons why the issue transpires in the first place. It has heavily been the hottest topic when it comes to discussing the numerous bugs and glitches found in the game. Thus players who face these difficulties with their game for the first time tend to get frustrated with how vague and undescriptive the error is in 2K22.

The causes behind the 727e66ac error usually stem from network-related issues, as we previously mentioned but looking deeper into the matter, we can confirm it’s also due to server outages and other connection issues. Most players in Mycareer or exploring the MyPark exploration mode in it are frequently getting booted out from it.

The fixes we have gathered for you today are all thanks to the wonderful community of the game, who have enlisted some loophole workarounds and solutions that seemed to work perfectly for them in curing the problem. We can only hope they can do the same as well for you and any other player encountering the issue.

So without further delay, let’s discuss each of the solutions as briefly as possible. We advise you to be mindful and follow each of these solutions carefully since they all are confirmed to be working fixes in one way or another to the 727e66ac error code in NBA 2K22.

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Restarting The Game

PS5 & PC restart
How to Restart PC on Windows 10 and the PS5

Various temporary setbacks in Video Games can mostly be fixed quickly by restarting the game itself on whichever platform you wish. It is one of the first steps to resolving errors in Multiplayer games, such as the constant Crashes in Apex Legends or the dreaded Internal Server error of Minecraft.

Restarting the game should be no problem, as you can simply press the Alt + F4 keys together to close any application or game on your Windows PC instantly. It is especially helpful if the game you are trying to play has gotten stuck or, even worse, froze at the menu or loading screen and is not responding.

Meanwhile, console users of can simply restart their game from the main dashboard of the Playstation and Xbox interfaces. It shouldn’t take too much time to restart if you are running the game on Next-gen hardware and the super-fast SSDs of the PS5 or Xbox Series X/S since they will load up relatively in an instant.

It helps to know that restarting the game a couple of times to fix the 727e66ac error code in NBA 2K22 has managed to work out for a few users, surprisingly, so make it your first basis to try it out if you are experiencing this error and check if it resolves the problem or not.

Rebooting The System

It goes without saying, but your next step of action should ideally be to reboot your console or PC if restarting the game does not work out well. It is quite easily one of the oldest tricks in the book that many long-time gamers use in solving the recurring bugs and glitches in games since it refreshes the state of your entire system.

NBA 2K22 is quite a powerhouse of a game to run on most hardware. There is a reason why it runs best on the next-gen systems, but most importantly, it has some optimization issues which can cause some complications. So it is in your best interest to consider restarting the console or your Windows PC to be able to fix the error code.

Alternatively, you opt to “Power Cycle” your PC or console. The method works the same for both platforms and isn’t too much of a complicated task. It functions similarly to rebooting your systems but with the added benefit that it further boosts their refreshed state and Operating system so that they may operate less restrictively.

Check For Updates

One of the strongest suits of NBA 2K22, as well as many other Sports games, is its power of multiplayer connectivity and gameplay. The matches that you will be competing in throughout your time in these games are heavily based on seamless transition and animation in each action and input from every player.

Now whether that’s MyPark, where each player may challenge each other individually, or the traditional matches in teams, there is no doubt that the developers at 2K and Visual Concepts constantly strive to update the game.

There are numerous patches released to the game ever since its release to various polish features and iron out any potential bugs or glitches; alas, these new patches to the game instead add or increase these errors. But most importantly to note is that these updates improve the overall stability and performance of the game.

NBA 2K22 update
How to update NBA 2K22

You can verify if the game has any updates by browsing the options on it in the main interface of the PS5 screen and selecting the “Check for updates” option. PC users will need to do the same, with the main difference being you will have to locate NBA 2K22 in your library, which should have automatic updates enabled by default.

Despite the developers not telling you of every little change included in each firmware update of the game, it is worth checking out if you can install any updates to the game that may have been released without you being aware of them. Who knows, they might end up fixing the notorious 727e66ac error code in NBA 2K22.

Evaluate NBA 2K22 Server Status

NBA 2K22 is primarily a sports game that focuses on competitive and life-like basketball gameplay. The game has an active community and player base that is always online to grind and compete with other players in various regions of the servers. These servers act as the backbone for the game’s online modes and are an essential part of having a smooth and capable connection with different players.

Most importantly, the game will often be taken offline for scheduled maintenance or downtime in order to fix or prevent some major issues. It isn’t something that you should be too concerned about since most multiplayer games like Fortnite and Diablo Immortal often undergo offline status for a variety of reasons.

Fortunately, 2K games have provided a custom site; you can opt to check the NBA 2K22 Server Status and all the details related to the game functioning properly on each of the available platforms. It even highlights all the respective online modes, such as MyPark or MyLeague, to let you know if they are working normally.

Furthermore, it has a dedicated search bar if you are tempted to try and look up our current error code 727e66ac and its fixes on it; however, the site does not provide any fixes since we already tried looking it up there.

Switch To A Different Account

This is yet another workaround discovered by a user on Reddit who reported that using a different PSN account and trying to log into MyCareer worked for him and the game played without any further issues. It isn’t quite the most orthodox method to use since you will most probably want to play using your Save file located on the original account.

However, it has been pointed out by another thread on the forums that the error code 727e66ac in NBA 2K22 while launching the career mode could also mean that your save data or local files of the game may have gone corrupted. So instead of the game reminding you of that information, it will prompt you with the issue.

PS4 Guest User
Guest User PlayStation 4

Unfortunately, if using a new account on either PSN, Xbox, or Steam does tend to work miraculously, then you will have to try and delete your original save and create a new character in Mycareer to play peacefully.

You don’t even necessarily have to make a new account on the console version of the game, and you can use a Guest User to log in and quickly check if the error code is persisting on another account besides the original one.

Enabling Firewall Access

This method is specifically intended for PC users trying to run NBA without any network-related errors. Most would be aware of the solution, but we are basically going to grant the game access to your network by granting it permission to both the private and public network domains.

It will allow the game servers on your PC and area to easily connect in a streamlined fashion with the backend servers. In hindsight, you essentially need to assign the game’s launcher file to the list of applications and software in the Windows Defender Firewall options, which we have entailed a step-by-step process to achieve:

Windows 10 Control panel
How to open the Control panel Windows 10
  • First of all, open up the Windows Command Box by pressing the Windows + R keys together.
  • Now type and search up the “Control Panel” menu.
The Windows Defender Firewall NBA 2K22
Windows Defender Firewall
  • For ease of access, change the “View By” in the top right corner to change the options layout.
  • You should now clearly be able to spot the Windows Defender Firewall option and click on it.
  • Select the “Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall Defender” prompt.
  • Browse through the long list of Allowed apps to verify if NBA 2K22 is checked here. If not, click Change Settings, and then select “Allow another app…”. Proceed to follow the on-screen instructions to add the  “.Exe” file of the game to the allowed apps list.
NBA 2K22 error code Network access
The application and features menu grant network permissions to software.
  • Once you add the “.Exe,” you are good to go back and see if you can log into MyCareer!
  • Just make sure to checkmark both the Private and Public boxes to allow all network access to the game and apply those changes before you exit the menu.

Swap The DNS Settings

The DNS settings in your modem or router are essentially one of the key factors that go into your connection during your online multiplayer activity in video games. It stands for “Domain Name System,” and what it does basically provides a bridge or gateway to several servers and domains located throughout the internet.

In Laymen’s terms, your internet connection will use your system’s DNS settings to communicate and distinguish itself apart and connect with the backend servers to provide a free-flow experience whilst playing multiplayer games. So, generally speaking, NBA 2K22 might be causing the 727e66ac error code because there is a chance the game just cannot connect to the servers of your region or area.

However, it has been an unspoken rule in the community of gamers around the world that using the Google DNS settings has helped a ton when it comes to fixing connection-related issues. It is a simple process to do, especially on a console like the PS5, but you might need to consult with your ISP to do it on systems like the PC:

Network settings ps5
How to modify the internet settings of the PS5
  • Open up the wide variety of Settings list on the PS4 or PS5.
  • Select the Network settings and choose your current Internet Connection.
  • Choose to set your connectivity up manually, which lets you customize some settings.
  • We will only be modifying the DNS settings here; the rest you can prefer to keep under automatic options.
  • Change the primary & secondary DNS settings to “” and “” as shown in the image above.
  • Save and apply these settings and test the setup out to see if you notice a difference.
  • Once everything is all good, head back to NBA 2K22 and evaluate if these new network settings made any major difference to the network error code 727e66ac.

Improve Your Network Connection

Lastly, if all the solutions we mentioned didn’t work, then it’s probably worth looking to improve your internet connection in any capacity if possible. We highly recommend upgrading your internet package to a much more suitable one that will support higher bandwidth and prevent any of these types of issues.

The most common causes of the error that tend to slip by most users are generally linked with your weak and unstable network connectivity, even though most users will deny that reasoning.

Furthermore, you should contact your Internet Service Provider to provide you with more information on how to upgrade your existing internet packages to get greater broadband speeds.

Specifically, you are looking for anything above 4MB, which obviously is the recommended speed for most connections looking to have a smooth experience in most of the biggest Multiplayer games. You will need an adequate and precise amount of stable connection speed to avoid major issues like lag or latency disruptions.

However, if in a slight chance that you are facing severe disconnections in NBA 2K22, then we strongly suggest investing in an ethernet cable connection instead of using a wireless connection. The former will provide a stronger and steadier speed from your internet device to your consoles and PC system. So combining that with the DNS settings that we mentioned previously, you can easily avoid most of the error codes in the game.


NBA 2K22 proves that the series isn’t going anywhere anytime soon because there is a fanbase that adores every new entry in the franchise. It perfectly incorporates every fine essence of life-like graphics and actions during matches to give you the sense of playing an actual basketball match using the biggest stars.

However, 2K games are known for their faults in these kinds of games. There is rather much that can be said about their reputation when based on customer feedback and product quality. Most of the time, it ends up being said that their games are in desperate need of polishing to iron out nasty bugs and glitches.

It was apparent with the release of one of their recent franchises, WWE 2K22, that they had to revamp the gameplay and skip one year of the annual release to polish most of the rough edges that 2K20 had a couple of years ago. We can only hope the developers respond to an actual commitment to repairing these pesky errors.

We have listed a total of 8 potential solutions that players can safely implement in order to find the root cause behind the 727e66ac error code in NBA 2K22 that just seems to send players down a rabbit hole to fix it. In case these solutions don’t work out, our last suggestion would be to reach out to the support of the 2K helpline. Luckily, there is an official Contact Us page that you can visit to learn more about how to resolve this problem.

For now, this wraps up most of the known solutions to fix the notorious error code. If you manage to cure the dreaded error, let us know down in the comments below, and as always, eXputer wishes you luck!

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