How To Fix NBA 2K22 Error Code 727e66ac

You can fix error code 727e66ac by checking the server status and improving your internet connection.

Update: As of December 31st, 2023, NBA 2K22 is discontinued.

NBA 2K22 error code 727e66ac is an error that prevents players from accessing the MyCareer mode in the game. It can show up after you create a build or try to load park games. It’s a persistent network-related error that can be caused by the 2K servers or your internet connection.

These things can be a bit complicated to troubleshoot. But don’t worry, I have prepared several solutions that can fix this problem for you. 

The error message states: “There is a problem with your connection to our online services. Please visit for up to date information. Error code: 727e66ac.”
NBA 2K22 error message
NBA 2K22 error message (Image by eXputer)

Before spending time on more complicated fixes, try following these basic solutions first:

Key Highlights

Follow these methods to resolve Error Code 727e66ac:

  1. Check server status.
  2. Change your DNS server.
  3. Allow access through the firewall.
  4. Improve your internet connection.

Check The NBA 2K22 Server Status

When diagnosing network errors, the first thing you should do is verify the server status of the game you’re trying to play. The servers can go down for several reasons: usually because of maintenance or overcrowding problems. 

In the case of NBA 2K22, there’s nothing you can do because the online services for the game are dead. But if you’re playing any of the latest titles, you can head over to the official 2K game status page and verify the server status from there. 

Even though the servers for NBA 2K22 are dead, you can still use the methods I’ve mentioned below to diagnose future network errors.

Change Your DNS Server

A DNS server is responsible for translating a domain name into an IP address, allowing you to connect to it. However, not all DNS servers are made equal. Some DNS servers can take a significant amount of time to do this.

This delay can often lead to timeout errors. To fix this, I recommend changing your default DNS server. Not only can this fix network errors, but also lead to an overall faster internet connection.

My recommendation for a DNS would either be Google’s or Cloudflare’s public DNS server. 

Allow Access Through Firewall

Your firewall is responsible for protecting you from foreign threats. It accomplishes this by restricting their access to the network. However, it can occasionally restrict safe applications as well. If your game is unable to access the internet, it will naturally give out errors.

Fortunately, this is simple enough to fix. All you have to do is allow your application access through the firewall. This problem happens a lot, as Steam has an article on their support page about it.

Improve Your Network Connection

A bad internet connection contributes to the majority of network-related errors. Here are a few things you can try to improve your connection:

  • Switch to an ethernet cable: Switching to a cable from WiFi will allow you to experience more consistent latency and speeds.
  • Upgrade your package: If your download and upload speed is lower than 4 MBPS, you can benefit greatly from an upgrade.
  • Limit bandwidth on other devices: If you have many different devices using the same network, you can try limiting the bandwidth on those devices to optimize your gaming experience. 

In case of packet loss or other technical issues, you have to contact your internet service provider. Packet loss can be caused by a bad fiber cable, congestion from your ISP’s end, and many other factors that are beyond your control. 

My Thoughts

NBA 2K22 error code 727e66ac was a widespread issue that many players encountered. However, it was resolved shortly after in the season 2 patch 1.08

As of December 31st, 2023, NBA 2K22 has been discontinued. You can no longer legally purchase the game. If you already own it, you can only access the offline modes. You’re experiencing the error because there are no servers to play on.

I find it rather upsetting that 2K is taking down the servers so soon. There are indeed two more sequels out already, but taking down the servers after just 2 years doesn’t sit right with me.

As expected, many players are upset because of this decision and have shared their thoughts on TrueAchievments, Reddit, and Twitter. 

Regardless, if you do encounter network-related errors in the latest NBA game, you can still use the methods mentioned in this guide to resolve your problem. They are general troubleshooting methods and don’t require too much effort.

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