8 Ways To Fix Warzone Dev Error 5761

The Dev error 5761 involves some DirectX-related issues with Warzone so lets discuss it's causes and 8 different ways to solve it!

COD Warzone game has its bugs and glitches to tinker with, including issues like the Dev error-5476 and Dev error-6039 on display. Today we are specifically going to discuss the eight different ways how to fix the Dev error 5761 in Warzone without any worries.

The guide will entail most of the causes behind the Dev error 5761 of the game. We will also be mentioning how to fix this error code via various methods discovered by the community and other verified sources.

Key Highlights
  • The Dev Error 5761 in Warzone is generated by the DirectX software that crashes your game mainly during matches or when you are in the main menu.
  • More than one In-game overlay program working in the background, graphics card drivers that are outdated, and display issues can lead to Dev Error 5761 in Warzone.
  • To avoid this issue, you can first try running Warzone as Administrator.
  • Also, updating the graphics card driver has worked for many players.
  • If your game is glitching and crashes at the boot-up, consider enabling the “Run compatibility shooter” feature in the properties option.
  • In addition, disabling the overlay programs that are running in the background can rid you of this bland error.
  • If nothing else works then repair and scan the game files in the Battle.net App, tweak your display options in the settings, tone down your graphics settings, and disable the crossplay to resolve Dev Error 5761.

What is the Dev Error 5761 in Warzone?

dev error 5761
The dev error 5761 prompt is fatal in the game.

Right off the bat, it is important first to understand the dev error. Warzone is plagued with multiple dev errors, not to mention some errors targeting specific platforms. The majority of which may include the Error Code 4, which oddly occurs only for the Xbox Platform of the game.

The Dev error 5761 is an issue caused by the DirectX software. It is an API that handles game programming and various multimedia tasks. The API is carefully designed to run multiple commands written in its specifications. It is a fatal error which means you can get booted out of the game in an instant.

So the error only occurs for PC players of the game. The issue can be annoying to clear as most players of the game are not knowledgeable about the DirectX software. That is not to say that it isn’t complicated to solve. The dev error 5761 will mostly arise during your matches or whilst in the main menu of Warzone.

By taking a quick look at the causes behind the dev error, the reasons behind its occurrence will become apparent for the player to understand. Speaking of which, there is another problematic error that may sometimes make you unable to access the Content Package of Warzone.

The Causes of the Dev Error 5761 in Warzone

Upon investigating the issue in the game as well as chatting with various players of Warzone who had managed how to fix the dev error 5761. The causes of the issue are pretty straightforward to explain and understand:

  • In-Game Overlay Conflict: In most cases, the problem will be caused if two or more overlay apps are running in the background. However, you should easily be able to fix the issue by either disabling the in-game overlay features of the apps, or you can choose to uninstalling them simply.
  • Outdated GPU Drivers: Graphics card drivers end up causing some imbalance to your API Software like DirectX. Ideally, it would help if you reinstalled the updated GPU drivers and then avoided causing any other issues to the other graphical software of your system.
  • Screen Display problems: If you notice that the game crashes as soon as you attempt to join a match, you’re probably dealing with a display error. Few users who are facing the same issue have managed to fix this by swapping to Fullscreen Borderless mode. You could also try opening the game in Windowed mode.

Best Ways to Fix Dev Error 5761

There are eight best solutions to resolve the dev error as quickly as possible. We have done the research for these methods by scouring the Official Support Forums of the game. Further valuable information was secured by chatting with players on the Reddit and Discord communities of Warzone.

We have already stated above how most of the causes for the error are just a couple of Graphical issues. There isn’t anything you should be too concerned about as you will run into these problems quite often as a PC gamer.

Before we begin, we highly recommend checking out similar critical issues causing errors like the Error code Diver and the Error Code Vivacious in the game. So without further delay, here are the following methods for players to resolve the Dev Error 5761 in the game.

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Running the Game as Administrator

Warzone admin
How to run Call of Duty warzone as an administrator

Running different apps or software by granting it admin privileges can be highly beneficial to an extent. It essentially means that the program or software will have permission to rewrite certain system folders.

This is the first step you should follow if there is nothing wrong with anything else in your system. It is quite an effective method for games that have problems with their multiplayer or online aspects. Doing it will prevent the Warzone application from prompting any sort of errors, including the Dev Error 5761.

  • Locate the folder in which you have the Modern Warfare app installed.
  • Right-click on it and select the Run as administrator option.
  • It will ask for a confirmation to run it on Administrator and simply agree to that option.
  • Alternatively, you can view the properties of the Battle Net launcher file by right-clicking on it.
  • Here on the compatibility menu, there should be the option to run the launcher as an admin.
  • Check back in the game if the issue has been resolved for you.

Updating Graphics Card Drivers

GPU drivers Warzone
How to check and update GPU drivers for both Nvidia and AMD users

The GPU drivers play a major role in maintaining a stable and smooth overall performance for all your games. It is one of the necessary driver components of your gaming PC and software related to graphic programs on it. DirectX can cause the dev error 5761 if you do not regularly update your GPU drivers for Warzone.

Warzone is quite a taxing game for most systems out there. Various assets require the proper rendering and scaling, so these drivers do just that for most games. They provide the backbone of most modern powerhouse games to run in a stable condition on your system.

Most graphics cards have dedicated overlays through which you manage their driver updates and statistics. Both Nvidia and AMD users can safely check these updates through the main menu of the overlays. The driver updates are periodically delivered by the Official developers of each GPU Company.

You will just need to manually “Check for Updates” often for new drivers to install, as Warzone and many other games sometimes have their tuning support linked to up-to-date graphics drivers.

Check for Game file Compatibility

Check for Compatibility
How to check and troubleshoot Warzone for compatibility

This is a quick fix most players can apply if the game ends up freezing and crashing right at the startup. Most importantly, the dev error 5761 can occur at that moment, too, as DirectX API launches with your game.

So “Checking for File Compatibility” is not a confusing procedure. It is the simplest way how to fix the tedious dev error 5761 in Warzone. The setting is present in most Windows 10 systems. The streamlined process is just as simple as navigating to the main game file:

  • Firstly locate the main application of Modern Warfare (.Exe) and right-click on it.
  • Click on the properties option at the bottom and navigate to the compatibility tab.
  • Finally, just click on the “Run compatibility troubleshooter.”
  • The method has seemed to work for a handful of players on the game forums.

Remove Applications Running in the Background

Background apps Warzone
How to disable overlays or background applications in Windows 10

Basically, overlay apps or just any application running in the background can cause some sort of interference and cause errors and issues for players in various games. It is just as true for a beefy game like Warzone.

The overlay applications of software such as Steam and Discord can heavily affect your RAM usage. It will, in turn, cause some annoying issues to the DirectX software as well as your currently running game.

There are even more background applications that should be kept relatively off at all times. These include the Windows Game bar and the OBS recording software. Even if you don’t use them, regardless of which, they will run in the background of your systems. So they should be manually turned off or, better yet, uninstalled.

As long as you keep unnecessary overlays or background applications to a bare minimum, you should have no trouble running Warzone without worrying about too much load on your system causing errors.

Repairing the Game Files in Battle Net

Warzone dev error repairing
How to repair Warzone game files in the Battle Net Launcher

Despite what many players would admit, some updates and installations can be corrupted, which can cause some vital game files to disappear from your system. It causes several errors, such as the Dev error 5761 here.

However, you have the luxury of being able to “Scan and Repair” the game files in most game launchers. It will help you easily restore any missing or corrupted files of the main game. The process is mandatory if you face a power outage or any abrupt shutdown that causes your game to run poorly or with major issues.

The procedure to repair your files in the Battle Net launcher is quite self-explanatory and similar to Steam, where you have the option to “Verify Files for Integrity”. There is nothing too much over-the-top to do and complete.

  • First of all, make sure the game is turned off and not running.
  • Locate the game in your library and click on the gear icon alongside it.
  • Clicking it will open the drop-down menu you usually use to “check for updates” in the battle net launcher.
  • If there are any missing files, the process will notify you of them and reinstall them automatically.
  • Once the whole process is done, regardless of all files being at 100 percent, launch the game and check if the error persists so we can move on to the next solution.

Switching your Display Settings

Display settings warzone
How to change display settings in Call of Duty Warzone

There have been several instances where players swapped between their display settings which in turn resolved the Dev error 5761 for them in Warzone. It is led to believe that changing between either the Windowed or Fullscreen Borderless options may clear the error.

It is a convenient workaround that was suggested by most players around player support forums. The method is quite easy to explain as Fullscreen normally displays the game at max resolution and fidelity. The other two display modes that we have mentioned will allow the game to tank less performance in displaying it.

It is honestly worth experimenting around with each of the display modes and finding out which one can fix the dev error for you in the simplest way possible. They each provide their own specific performance statistics.

Lowering your in-game FPS & Graphic Settings

graphic settings warzone
How to change the graphical settings in Call of Duty warzone

If you are running the game at high graphical settings, there will be chances where you might crash the textures or rendering techniques of it. Usually, players will look to tune these settings to learn how to fix most of the issues, such as the Dev error 5761 in Warzone.

Often at times running games at preset settings will always be bad for your system. The first priority in any game that you boot up for the first time on your PC should be to adjust your graphic settings.

You should never take a risk or gamble at running games at unintended settings for your system. Preferably, most of the Mid to Low-end systems should be running in accordance with the minimum requirements of games. This is worth keeping in mind because Warzone is a heavy game to run on those kinds of systems.

The recommended settings that should be kept to the lowest as possible should be settings featuring Shadows and Volumetric textures because they are extremely demanding on your system. Most importantly, Limiting your Frames to 60FPS can also be a great way to fix our current DirectX issue.

Disabling Crossplay Functionality in the Game

Warzone Crossplay feature
How to disable the crossplay feature in the Warzone settings

Although it may sound bizarre but disabling the Crossplay functionality in Warzone can prove to be one of the last useful methods to know how to fix the Dev error 5761 easily.

It is a working method discovered by the players in the game’s fanbase and one that many still use to this day so they can get rid of a few other dev errors or connection problems. To our understanding, multiplayer matchmaking with Console players will cause overlapping of various textures and FPS in the online lobby.

You will notice the issue kicking right away as soon as you start a match in the game. The crossplay mechanic can be instantly toggled off in the main game settings menu. It is really worth testing out to solve the error issue.


The Warzone battle royale was a breakthrough success for the Modern Warfare title. It was a gateway to Activision truly polishing and reinventing the Call of Duty formula from the ground up.

However, with such a gigantic size of the game, there were bound to be several bugs or glitches as well as game-breaking problems to undermine its potential. We can only hope that Infinity Ward keeps pushing updates out that solely address these unconventional Dev Errors which have ruined the game.

Each of the eight following methods will help you solve the dev error 5761 as soon as possible. The last route you can choose is to contact Activision on their Official support forums. Lastly, the error itself is not very tricky to solve and is actually one of the few annoying dev errors which can resolve with the methods we mentioned.

This wraps our error fix guide on how to decipher the Dev error 5761 in Warzone. If you have any further methods to add or questions regarding the solutions, let us know in the comments below!

COD Warzone is a popular free-to-play battle royale to grace the genre alongside Fortnite and Apex Legends. The game is developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision. 

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