Apex Legends Mobile: How To Fix Lag

In-game lags can get frustrating for the players, so our How to Fix Lag in Apex Legends Mobile guide will help players fix this error faster.

Apex Legends Mobile is a new release in the world of the Battle Royale genre. The players have reported lag in the game, especially the Mobile version. On the one hand, the game runs smoothly on PC and Console, but the mobile users are facing a lag. Are you one of those mobile users facing lag in Apex Legends Mobile? If yes, then you are at the right guide because we will cover all the steps on How to Fix Lag in Apex Legends Mobile Game. While you’re at it, why not read our Apex Legends Mobile Not Compatible error fix guide.

The lag in any game can get frustrating and prevent you from playing the game. More importantly, the lags in the Battle Royale genre are the most annoying for players, as they make you lose the matches. Following are the detailed steps you need to follow to fix the lag in your Apex Legend Mobile Game. Also, consider reading our Apex Legends Mobile Tier List.

Key Takeaways

To play any game, you require it to run smoothly without lag so you can enjoy the raw experience without getting frustrated. We have some tips to help get rid of lag in Apex Legends.

  • Apex Legends Mobile Minimum Requirements:
    • iOS users should have at least an iPhone 6
    • Android 6.0+ is the minimum requirement
    • At least 4GB of RAM
    • 2GB Free Space
    • Above Snapdragon 625 (Android)
  • To Fix Lag, first change the in-game settings to these:
Image QualitySmooth
Frame Rate ControlExtremely High
Adaptive SmootheningON
  • You can also try the following fixes:
    • Check Internet Connection
    • Clean Up Your Phone
    • Close the Background Apps
    • Disable Battery Saver
    • CCleaner for More FPS
    • Game Booster
    • Factory Reset
    • Best Graphics Settings
    • Do Not Play When the Device Is Overheated
    • Software Updates
    • Re-Install Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile Minimum Requirements 

Apex Legends requirements
Requirements in Apex Legends

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Before diving into the depth of the steps you need to follow to fix the lag, let us have a look at the minimum requirements of your device for the Apex Legends Mobile Game. You need to meet the minimum hardware requirements in order to launch the game on your device. Also, consider reading our How to play Apex Legends Mobile guide.

  • Your device should be at least an iPhone 6 if you are an iOS user. 
  • For Android users, your device should at least be a snapdragon 625.
  • You should have at least 2GB of free internal memory.
  • Your device should have 4GB RAM.
  • It should be Android version 6.0+.

Fixing Lag in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Lag
Lag in Apex Legends

You do not have to worry about the lag anymore. You can now enjoy playing Apex Legends Mobile Game smoothly by following the given easy steps.

Change In-Game Settings

Changing in-game settings will help prevent the lag. First of all, go to the display settings and make the following changes. 

Change Image quality to smooth, Frame rate control should be extremely high, and Adaptive smoothening should be on. Move on to the advanced settings now and make the further changes where you need to off the Dynamic shadows, refraction quality, Anti-aliasing, and Character Halo. 

Making these changes will reduce the graphics quality of the game a little, but it will look good enough on mobile devices. However, these changes will make your game run smoother than before. 

Check the Internet Connection

Checking the internet connection is another step that helps to prevent the lag. People usually do not check their internet speed before launching the game and thus face lag. You should try playing some videos on the internet to see how long it takes to load. If it is taking long, then you should consider restarting your router. 

Pause any app downloading in the background, as the downloading app takes the most of the internet’s speed. Using the internet that only has a few devices connected to it is another important measure that will reduce the lag.

Clean Up Your Phone

To clean up the phone, go to your home screen and long press on the game. Clear the App Cache, as it will help clear storage on the phone. You can repeat this for other apps too. Cleaning up the phone will noticeably reduce the lag in the game.

Close the Background Apps

If you want to play Apex Legends Mobile smoothly, you should make your device’s RAM entirely available for the game. One thing that utilizes the phone’s RAM quickly is opening many websites in the background. To reduce the lag, close all the apps in the background, as this will free up the RAM. 

Disable Battery Saver

Turning on the battery saver greatly hinders the performance of your device. The battery saver extends the life of your battery by reducing the activity of the device that is eating up the battery a lot. Thus, turning it off will significantly increase the performance of your device. Make sure to turn off the battery saver mode before launching a game of Apex Legends Mobile.

CCleaner for More FPS

CCleaner was initially launched for PC, but now it is available for Androids as well. It cleans your device from unnecessary Cache, maintains the device’s temperature, frees up space, and optimizes your device. The more clean your device is, the more FPS it will have. You can also try any other cleaner app that can do the same tasks for your device.

Game Booster

Most people might consider Game Boosters a useless option for reducing the lag but let us explain what game boosters do for you. They stop the working of all background apps and free up the RAM of your device. Doing this will reduce the lag in your game and make your device process faster.

Factory Reset

You should factory reset your device every two months to make it work smoothly and correctly. However, you should keep in mind that a Factory reset removes all that data from your device. You should only factory reset your device when resetting it will not make you lose your valuable data. The benefit of factory reset is that it frees up space on the phone that is needed to launch Apex Legend Mobile Game.  

Best Graphics Settings

Apex Legends Graphic Settings
Graphic Settings in Apex Legends

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Apex Legends Mobile Game needs the best Graphic Settings, so you can reduce the lag in your game. Setting the Graphics as mentioned in the image will reduce the lag to a noticeable level. 

Do Not Play When Device Is Overheated

Continuously using your device can cause it to overheat. Overheated devices perform a lot less efficiently than devices that are not heated. Moreover, the devices with less charging also perform inefficiently. To make your game free of lag, you should make sure that it is not overheated or low on charge. 

Scan and Remove Viruses

Scan your device for viruses, and then clean it from viruses if you find any. Viruses can greatly reduce the performance of your device and then cause your game to lag. 

Storage Settings

Not having enough storage on your device can be one of the major reasons for the lag in your game. Make sure to have at least 4 GB of storage on your device, as game processing also needs some free space. 

Software Updates

Not staying up to date with the software can not only cause the game to lag but also reduce the overall functioning of the device. Go to the general settings and make sure that your software is up to date, and if not, then download it and update it.

Re-Install Apex Legends Mobile

If all the above steps fail to remove the lag in your game, then reinstalling it is the last option you have. Reinstalling the game will certainly fix all the issues you are having with the game. Although this might sound a bit tedious to download the game all over again, it is worth it. You will not regret reinstalling the game because your fun experience with the game will multiply.


Apex Legends Mobile is a fun game in the Battle Royale genre, but its lag can make players annoyed. We have covered the steps that will help you reduce the lag and make your gaming experience a lot more fun. 

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