Apex Legends Mobile: How To Fix Lag

Fix lag by changing in-game settings, disabling battery saver, and reinstalling the game.

Apex Legends Mobile is a new release in the world of the Battle Royale genre. The players have reported lag in the game, especially in the mobile version. On the one hand, the game runs smoothly on PC and Console, but the mobile users are facing a lag.

The lag in any game can get frustrating and prevent you from playing the game. More importantly, the lags in the Battle Royale genre are the most annoying, as they make me lose the matches. You need to follow the detailed steps to fix the lag in your Apex Legend Mobile Game. 

Key Takeaways

 Here are some tips to help get rid of lag in Apex Legends.

  1. Change The In-Game Settings.
  2. Disable Battery Saver.
  3. CCleaner for More FPS.
  4. Do Not Play When the Device Is Overheated.
  5. Stay up to date for Software Updates.
  6. Re-install Apex Legends Mobile.

Change In-Game Settings

Apex Legends Graphic Settings
Graphic Settings in Apex Legends (image by eXputer)

If you set graphics settings too high for your graphics card’s capabilities, it can struggle to process the visuals, leading to low frame rates, stuttering, or even crashes. Changing in-game settings will help prevent the lag.

First, go to the display settings and make the following changes. 

  • Change Image quality to smooth.
  • Frame rate control should be extremely high.
  • Adaptive smoothening should be on.

Move on to the advanced settings now and make further changes. Turn off the following features:

  • Dynamic shadows.
  • Refraction quality.
  • Anti-aliasing.
  • Character Halo. 

Making these changes will reduce the game’s graphics quality a little, but it will make your game run smoother than before. 

Disable Battery Saver

Turning on the battery saver greatly hinders the performance of your device. The battery saver extends your battery’s life by reducing the device’s activity, which greatly eats up the battery.

Thus, turning it off will significantly increase the performance of your device. Turn off the battery saver mode before launching a game of Apex Legends Mobile.

CCleaner for More Frames Per Second

CCleaner was initially launched for PCs but is now available for mobile phones. It cleans your device from unnecessary Cache, maintains its temperature, frees up space, and optimizes it.

The cleaner your device is, the more frames per second it will have, making the game run faster. You can also try any other cleaner app that can do the same tasks for your device.

Do Not Play When The Device Is Overheated

Continuously using your device can cause it to overheat. Overheated devices perform a lot less efficiently than devices that are not heated.

Moreover, the devices with less charging also perform inefficiently. To make your game free of lag, you should ensure it is not overheated or low on charge

Stay Up To Date For Software Updates

Not staying up to date with the software can cause the game to lag and reduce the overall functioning of the device; your device may not be capable of processing the game as required.

Go to the general settings and ensure that your software is up to date; if not, download it and update it.

Re-Install Apex Legends Mobile

If all the above steps fail to remove the lag in your game, then reinstalling it is your last option. Reinstalling the game will certainly fix all the issues you are having with it.

Although it might sound a bit tedious for someone like me to download the game all over again, it is worth it. You will not regret reinstalling the game because your fun experience with the game will multiply.

Final Thoughts

Apex Legends mobile launch was quite rocky, to say the least. Apart from the usual bugs and glitches, players are also reporting unnecessary lag while playing. This is quite sad, considering how much hype was behind Apex’s mobile port after its amazing success on PC.

As of right now, there isn’t much update on whether the issue has been fixed or not. I’ve heard rumors that the game might be shutting down altogether after some time. So, that’s a sad thought.

Ultimately, it takes patience to get beyond Apex lag because the issue is not that hard to fix but is rather just annoying, and hopefully, these fixes will work for you as they worked for me. 

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