Armored Core 6 Easy Anti Cheat Error 30005 [FIXED]

You can fix the anti-cheat error 30005 by disabling Kernel Stack protection in Windows 11, whitelisting Armored Core 6 in your antivirus software, and verifying game files on Steam.

With the recent release of Armored Core 6, players have encountered the easy anti-cheat error 30005. This error makes Armored Core 6 crash as soon as you launch it. The error mainly only occurs on Windows 11 due to incompatibility issues with the easy anti-cheat and the new architecture offered by Windows 11. However, you might still notice the easy anti-cheat error 30005 on Windows 10.

The pop-up error message for Armored Core 6 Easy Anti Cheat Error 30005 says, “Launch Error (30005.) We’re sorry we had a problem starting your game. Error code: 30005 (CreateFile failed with 32.)
how to fix armored cored easy anti cheat error 30005
Error message for easy anti-cheat error 30005 (Image captured by eXputer)
Key Takeaways

Follow these methods to fix Armored Core 6 easy anti-cheat error 30005:

  • Disable Kernel Stack protection.
  • Whitelist Armored Core 6 in the Antivirus.
  • Verify the game files on Steam.

Disable Kernel-Mode Hardware-Enforced Stack Protection

Kernel-mode Hardware-enforced Stack Protection is clashing with the EAC drivers for Armored Core 6, which leads to the EAC error 30005. For Windows 11, the only known solution is to disable Kernel Stack Protection. This also seems to work for several players sharing their experiences on this Steam forum post.

Warning: Kernel Stack is a highly important security feature for Windows 11. Disabling it can be risky for your system, so you must weigh the risk and reward yourself.

If you do not want to risk disabling Kernel Stack, another possible workaround is to revert your OS to Windows 10 to play Armored Core 6. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Press the Windows icon + I on your keyboard simultaneously to open the Windows 11 settings.
  2. From settings, navigate to Privacy & Security. Here, click on Windows Security.
  3. Now click on Core Isolation Details
  4. Here, toggle the switch to Off for Kernel-Mode Hardware-enforced Stack Protection.
  5. To reactivate it once your session is complete, just switch it back to the “On” position.
  6. Make sure to restart your PC after enabling/disabling Kernel Stack protection.
disable Kernel-Mode Hardware-enforced Stack Protection
Disabling Kernel-Mode Hardware-enforced Stack Protection (Image: eXputer)

Disable Your Antivirus Software

Surprisingly enough, your antivirus software can be one of the bigger reasons why a game might be crashing or experiencing errors like EAC error 30005.

This happens when an antivirus software mistakes such an application for a potential virus. This phenomenon is uncommon and could be the reason behind the Armored Core 6 easy anti-cheat error 30005.

To check if this is the case, temporarily turn off your antivirus software and launch Armored Core 6 to see if the error gets fixed. If the error is fixed, proceed to whitelist the AC6 installation directory in antivirus settings

My antivirus has often prevented my games from launching. However, I always managed to fix the issue by whitelisting the game directory in the software. So go for it.

Verify Armored Core 6 Game Files

If the game files for Armored Core 6 are corrupted or missing, you can encounter the easy anti-cheat error 30005. Fortunately, Steam can easily identify and replace bad game files with new ones. This will help you fix the game’s issues without re-downloading the entire game. 

If you aren’t sure how to do this, simply check out eXputer’s dedicated guide on verifying game files.

My Thoughts On Easy Anti Cheat Error 30005

Countless players have been looking forward to playing Armored Core 6. If you were one of them, your frustration would be understandable.

However, I’m confident you’ll permanently resolve the issue after following the methods in this guide. I’ve personally fixed EAC error 30005 by disabling Kernel Stack Protection. Whitelisting the game directory and verifying game files are also some of the most effective solutions that’ll do the job for you.

Now that you can play Armored Core 6 again, check out Armored Core 6 Tips And Tricks to expand your knowledge.


What is error code 30005 on Anti-cheat in Armored Core 6?

Error 30005 means the easy anti-cheat failed to boot up properly. Should the anti-cheat fail to function, it can also prevent the launch of Armored Core 6.

Should I disable Kernel-Mode Hardware-enforced Stack Protection for Armored Core 6?

It is entirely up to you, as the decision will differ from individual to individual. However, it is never recommended to disable important security features on Windows. You should always seek a workaround or know when to safely disable/enable this feature.

What risks are associated with disabling Kernel Stack protection in Windows 11?

The likelihood of a virus infiltrating your system will be significantly heightened. This can lead to sensitive information being stolen.

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