8 Ways To Fix Warzone Dev Error 5573

Call of Duty Warzone is easily one of the best free-to-play Battle Royale games on the market right now. The series has seen massive leaps from Development by Activision and Infinity Ward. Unfortunately, just like other massively multiplayer titles, It is filled with a decent amount of Bugs & Glitches.

Several repeating errors pop up, like the Dev Error-5476 and the Dev Error-6065. Today we are specifically going to discuss the causes & how to solve the Dev Error-5573 on Warzone, which is a continuous issue on the PS4 & PC versions of the game.

There are even notorious error codes specifically for the Xbox version, which is the Error Code 47 in Warzone. So the Dev error in question today is similar to other neighboring platforms of the game. It can cause quite a disturbance for players who are simply trying to play their matches in peace.

Key Highlights
  • Dev error 5573 might appear in the middle of online matches and completely kick you from the match before crashing COD Warzone.

  • There are several reasons that can cause Dev error 5573, these include:
  • Cold War items being a part of your loadout.
  • Cold War Operator being used.
  • A lack of bandwidth.
  • Inconsistency in the game files.

You can use the following 8 methods to successfully fix dev error 5573:

  • Make sure your game is not outdated and if it is, download the latest patch.
  • Update your system and graphic device drivers in case they are outdated.
  • Use the Battle.net launcher to scan and repair any missing or corrupted game files.
  • If you are on a PlayStation 4 console, rebuild its database.
  • Change your operator in COD Warzone just in case you have encountered the operator glitch.
  • Try to restart the shaders installation of the game.
  • Play COD Warzone while in windowed mode.
  • If you are using WiFi, you should immediately switch to a LAN Cable connection.

What is the Dev Error-5573 in Warzone

The dev error 5573 in-game PS4 and PC
The in-game pop-up of the Dev error-5573 while during a match in Call of Duty Warzone.

The error is known to be heavily prominent, mostly on the game’s Playstation and PC ports. The problem is still consistently appearing throughout the PS5 version of the game too. But it is relatively simple to explain and fix. 

The Dev error-5573 makes you unable to play matches in the game smoothly. The error reportedly disrupts online matches. After which, it completely boots the player out of the game and crashes your entire game. It is one of the Fatal errors of the game, one which is caused mostly due to corrupt game files or data.

It essentially makes the game unplayable in most circumstances. This is why it can be said that the error is quite similar to other game-breaking issues like the Error Code Diver and the Error Code Vivacious in the game.

Causes of Warzone Dev Error-5573

We have thoroughly investigated the exact reasons why the error occurs in the game. The main underlying issues vastly stem from the game’s added connection to Call of Duty: Cold War. Both of the games essentially share their aspects, including operators and guns. So the following reasons for this update include:

  • Cold War items are part of your loadout: Basically, there are a couple of Cold War items that are reported to promote the pop-up of the error code. To be specific, the FFAR and the Pellington are the most well-known guns to cause the error code. To avoid the error, we recommend you remove any COD: Cold War items from your Warzone arsenal.
  • Cold War Operator is being used:  An Operator belonging to the Cold War series can also create the error as reported by other players. To evade the inconvenience, you will need to change the active operator to one belonging to Warzone, at least until it gets resolved.
  • Insufficient bandwidth: Players may face the error several times during a match in the game. In that case, you should consider that it might be a bandwidth issue. Preferably, you should properly test to see if your total Wi-Fi signal strength is strong enough and proceed to improve your bandwidth if it becomes necessary. The better way to improve it is either by ethernet connection or modifying your router settings.
  • Game file inconsistency: One last thing before we continue to the fixes is to ensure that no corrupted game files are causing the Dev error. This kind of procedure will vary differently to verify both on PC and PS4.

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Best Ways To Fix Warzone Dev Error 5573

We have managed to gather a total of 8 methods to alleviate the problem in the game. The data we provide is all based on our research by scouring the various fanbases and Official Support Forums of Activision. Players from the community have their loophole methods that have seemed to work, so we will mention those here too.

The primary causes of this Dev error may as well be invalidated files in the game directory or even the fact that updates or patches will sometimes have corrupted data. So we will look at how you can avoid that happening to every player trying to boot up a match in the game.

The various fixes we have entailed in the guide will briefly highlight why they are viable to fix the issue. So without further delay, let us look at the multiple solutions to resolve the Dev Error-5573 in Warzone. 

Keeping Your Game Up-to-Date with the Latest Patch

How to update warzone PC and PS4
Updating the Warzone to its latest firmware is vital for proper gameplay functioning.

At this point, online multiplayer games strive for stability and smooth gameplay at all times. It is done throughout the lifecycle of the game. The developers will release continuous patches to improve the overall Quality of Life of the game as well as iron out any sort of annoying bug or glitch.

Updating Warzone to the latest patch can potentially reduce the chances of receiving Dev Error-5573. It is almost consequential that you have the game updated at all times to reduce any sort of issues to it.

Both players on the PC and PS4 versions of Warzone can easily update their game to the latest version.

Playstation 4 players can update the game by clicking on its options menu on the home screen. Meanwhile, for PC players, simply navigate to your library and click the gear on the side to “Check for Update”.

You will be notified if there is a patch available to download in your main download hub of PSN & Battle Net. The patches to the game sometimes add in newer errors, so check back often for patch notes. Keeping your game updated will keep it healthy and protected from older errors like the Dev Error-5573 of Warzone.

Update System & Graphics Drivers to the Latest Version

How to update drivers warzone PC
Having your graphics card drivers as well as system components drivers updated is vital for a smooth experience in the game.

The hardware in most PC comprises important building blocks that correlate to performing smooth operations in every software or task. The same can be said when it comes to playing heavy-duty games like Warzone. 

You will need to keep your Graphics card drivers and the system drivers updated to get the best performance in gaming.

Sooner or later, your device drivers can become outdated without informing you about it. You must always remain wary whenever a new version of drivers is released for every major device in your system.

Warzone requires you to have your system firmware be up-to-date at all times to avoid tedious driver errors.

We highly suggest downloading the software called Driver Booster 7 to manage your system device drivers. It will scan your PC for updates to your drivers within a minute or with a simple click on the scan’ option.

Just be sure to reboot your computer for the changes to take effect and check if the Driver error-5573 is resolved.

Scan & Repair Missing or Corrupted Files

How to repair files warzone Pc
Repairing any sort of missing or corrupted files is also necessary for smooth gameplay.

Despite what many people would believe, instead of checking for updates or reinstalling the game, you also have the method to Scan & Repair any missing or deleted files of the game.

It is a mandatory option if you face some sort of power outage or if the game randomly shuts down. These circumstances can corrupt the core files.

Games like Warzone need these core files to function correctly. They are the main data components of the whole game. So without them, you will face tons of issues like the game not even launching and Dev Errors.

It is a relatively easy process to do all by yourself. Just click on the game ‘gear’ in your library on the side when it is not running. Open up the drop-down menu where you can update the game.

Just below it, you can enable Battle Net to check for file verifications by clicking on “Scan and Repair” to restore any sort of deleted files.

Rebuilding Database on the PS4

How to rebuild database ps4
The exact step-by-step process to rebuild the database on the PS4

Unlike PC players, this method is dedicated to the PS4 players of Warzone looking to fix the Dev Error-5573. The rebuild database can be described as clearing the cache or non-existent files on your PS4 console.

The exact tutorial to do it is pretty self-explanatory enough to follow:

  • Make sure the console is turned off; Press and Hold the power button on the PS4 for 10 seconds.
  • You should hear a 2nd beep after the first one to know you did it correctly.
  • Select the 5th “Rebuild Database” option in the Safe Mode menu to initiate the process.
  • Once the PS4 boot up, it should take a few minutes to do it, depending on the total stored data on it.
  • After which, launch Warzone on your PS4 to check if the Dev Error-5573 is gone whilst in a match.

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Switching Operators in Warzone

operators in warzone
Normally using Modern Warfare operators will be more beneficial than the Cold War ones.

The following method is rather a loophole found by the players in the community of Warzone. As stated previously in our causes for this error above, you want to avoid using the Cold War game’s Operators.

When you attempt to play a match in the game, you will be booted out of it with the “Dev Error-5573”. It will automatically mean you have been afflicted with the infamous “operator glitch” in the game.

The Crossover operators from Black Ops Cold War will be marked with their team tags in the operator menu.

Preferably, players will want to avoid using Garcia and Velikan who are reportedly the most common Cold War operators causing the glitch and issuing the dev error to players of the game.

So we urge players to avoid using them until Infinity Ward properly releases a patch fixing them in the game. The operator glitch can give Dev Error-5573, so the glitch is found on both PS4 and PC versions of Warzone. In the meantime, you can check out our Season 3 of Warzone Patch notes to learn more about other Operators.

Restarting Shader Installation in the Game

How to reinstall shaders warzone
Reinstalling the shaders can be a time-consuming process, but it is highly worth it.

Shaders are basically your main assets and rendering technology for video games. They allow the possibility of loading everything you see during the gameplay. Reinstalling these shaders may heavily prioritize the important in-game coding game to be installed in a more well-mannered way.

So to reinstall these shaders, all you have to do is simply go to the Game Settings. Navigate towards the Graphics tab of the settings, and select the restart shader installation process option.

This is an important process that will hopefully get rid of the Dev error from popping up since the shader reinstallation will preemptively force a fresh start for the in-game textures.

However, it is worth pointing out that reinstalling the shaders for massive games like Warzone will surely take a lot of time to complete, so caution is advised. It can mostly take up to 30-40 minutes for the shaders to reinstall.

Switching to Windowed Mode

Windowed mode warzone
Switching the Display mode to windowed can be simple yet effective

According to further feedback we received from the Discord community of the game. It is said by players that switching up the display modes can have a varied effect on some of the error codes in the game.

So you may as well include the Dev error-5573 too. It is a relatively simple way to try and fix the issue, but it can go a long way to help you in most other games in the industry truly.

Windowed mode does not weigh down too much on your system performance. So do not worry about using this display type.

Display modes vary from game to game depending on their graphics load and data. Changing the display mode to windowed will provide a substantial benefit, mostly being able to refresh the resolution of the game. It is highly recommended that you try the method if everything fails to succeed.

Trying LAN Cable Connection

Lastly, it is worth trying out an Ethernet Cable connection with the game. The solution can effectively work for both PS4 and PC versions of the game. It can dramatically make an impact on your bandwidth speed.

Whether you play on PC or PS4, the dev error-5573 may just succeed in appearing on both versions of Warzone. It is highly recommended that you use the connection to overall boost your Latency and reduce any sort of Lag.

It is worth keeping in mind one important detail that most Call of Duty games require at least 4MBps. It is mainly to make sure you are not having connection errors or any other sort of network issues to disrupt you. You can follow Official Speedtest Sites to check your overall bandwidth and Ping more accurately.

We have discussed several methods to clear the error in both versions of the game. They are mostly caused by equipping the Cold War items or operators related to that game. The thrilling experience of Warzone is heavily hindered by the existence of the tremendous bugs and glitches scattered throughout it.

We can only hope these eight different ways can resolve the issue on your end as it did for many other players. We can understand that encountering these errors as a new player of the game can be incredibly annoying to see. Hopefully, in the future, more stability patches will improve the ecosystem and performance of the game.

Let us know if you successfully managed to play your matches in peace with this guide. Feel free to update us with any other questions related to the Dev Error-5573 error fixes down in the comments box below!

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