Diablo Immortal Unable To Authenticate Error [SOLVED]

Learn how to fix 'Unable to Authenticate with Battle.net' error in Diablo Immortal, which has been plaguing many players.

After four years of waiting, Blizzard Entertainment has finally released Diablo Immortal to the world. An action MMORPG set in between the events of Diablo 2 and Diablo 3, Diablo Immortal has had its fair share of problems from its launch. The latest problem to bug the player base is being unable to authenticate with Battle.net when launching Diablo Immortal. Also, consider reading our Diablo Immortal Repair Client error fix guide and learn how to solve it.

Key Highlights
  • The error occurs when you attempt to sign in to your Battle.net account to sync the progress, but the process fails.
  • Even though you wouldn’t be able to get the game if your device didn’t meet the minimum requirements, you should check if it does anyways.
  • You can also try clearing Diablo Immortal and Battle.net’s cache from your device’s storage settings and ensuring the date and time are correct
  • When making a new Battle.net account, do it through a PC or Laptop instead of the in-game browser. Enable Two-Factor Authentication as well.
  • If you’ve already got an account, ensure it’s linked to your Google account, as it sometimes fixes the error.
  • Make sure the servers are not down before doing the actual fix.
  • If you’re not in the US and the URL on the log-in page has kr. prefix, you’ll have to use a VPN to change your region to the USA.
  • If there’s a Queue, wait at least an hour, irrespective of the time it shows.

Battle.net is a Digital Rights Management (DRM) platform created by and exclusive to Blizzard Entertainment. The software started out as a basic chatting service for the original Diablo but has evolved since then.

As of today, Battle.net offers instant messaging, digital distribution of games, social networking, and most importantly, an all-in-one DRM platform for all Blizzard Entertainment published games.

If you’ve played any Blizzard Entertainment game, or any modern Call of Duty, on PC, you know the problems that plague the Battle.net software. But, due to DMCA and DRM laws, you can’t play and save your progress without the Battle.net mobile version.

What Is Unable to Authenticate with Battle.net Error

It wouldn’t be an MMO game released without its share of unique problems. If you own a Samsung phone equipped with a lower-end Exynos chipset, you will have to postpone your plans to play Diablo Immortal. You can read more on Diablo Immortal Samsung Fix error fix guide.

diablo immortal unable to authenticate
Error message for Battle.net Authentication

Battle.net servers are notorious in the PC game scene, where they are known to get out of sync with the client, i.e., you, the player. However, being unable to authenticate with Battle.net in Diablo Immortal is a new error. It occurs when you want to sign in to your Battle.net account to sync your Diablo immortal progress, and the process fails.

How To Fix Authentication Error Diablo Immortal with Battle.net

Currently, there isn’t any concrete answer given by Blizzard Entertainment on the issue. This fix guide has been compiled on the results of various players in many forums, all facing the same issue.

Minimum Requirements

We assume that your device supports the minimum requirements for Diablo Immortal because if not, then you wouldn’t have been able to download the game in the first place. It is trivial to check the minimum specs for PC and iOS for Diablo Immortal, but for an Android device, we recommend downloading CPU-Z from the Google Play Store, and ensuring that your Video Processing Unit is Adreno 512 / Mali-G62 MP3 or higher.

Cache Clearing and Time Zone Check

It goes without saying that you’ll need to update Diablo Immortal and Battle.net from Google Play Store. You’ll also need to clear the cache for both of these apps to clear out any pre-stored data from your device’s RAM so that the next time you launch the app, it does a complete start-up.

Diablo immortal battle net error clear cache
Schematic of Cache Clearing for Diablo Immortal.

Various Android vendors have different layouts of the Settings app, so we recommend looking up your specific Android Vendor online. Generally, you’ll need to go to Apps Page in Settings and then tap on the Storage & Cache to open up the menu to Clear Cache.

check date and time Android 12-diablo immortal battle net error
Settings page for Date and Time.

You should also check whether your device is set to the correct date and time zone. The chances of these being wrong is incredibly low, but it won’t harm to check it anyways.

Battle.net Account Creation

If you do not already have a Battle.net account, we recommend that you make one via your PC or Laptop instead of using the in-game embedded browser. For added security, we recommend enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Also, be sure to link your Google account to your Battle.net to allow for one-click logging in. (You also have the option to link your Facebook account, but we won’t recommend it.)

Battle.net Pre-existing Account

If you already have a Battle.net account, see whether a Google account is linked with it or not. At the time of writing, this fix requires that you have a Google account linked with your Battle.net account.

Check Whether Server is Down

Before we get started with the actual fix, one last thing you may want to do is check Blizzard Entertainment Customer Support on Twitter @BlizzardCS to see whether the servers are down or not. This is a rare case, but with all of the hotfixes being rolled out for Diablo Immortal, it may be that the servers are down when you want to fix your ‘Unable to Authenticate with Battle.net’ error in Diablo Immortal.

Battle.Net Fix

Launch Diablo Immortal and tap on the prompt to log in to your Battle.net. As the embedded browser loads up, check the URL.

wrong URL in login page- diablo immortal battle net error
Check the URL for the kr. prefix.

If you’re outside the US, and the URL contains the kr. prefix, you need to install a VPN, set the location to the US, and then relaunch the game and get to the page. If you’re inside the US, this doesn’t apply to you.

Battle net login queue diablo immortal battle net error
The queue for accessing the login page for Battle.net

Another problem that you may face is a Queue List for the Login Page. If this screen appears for you, it means that the server is serving a lot of clients at the moment, and we recommend waiting at least an hour, irrespective of the wait time that shows up on the screen.

Battle net login page-diablo immortal battle net error
Tap on the Google Icon on the Login Page for easy logging in.

Once you’re finally at the login screen, tap on the Google Icon to automatically log into your Battle.net account. The exact cause of why you’re unable to log into your Battle.net account by manually entering your credentials is unknown. What we do know is that logging in via your Google account fixes the unable to authenticate with Battle.net error in Diablo Immortal.

After your Battle.net is connected to your Diablo Immortal on your mobile, all of your progress will be synced to your account so that you can continue on PC once the full-fledged form of Diablo Immortal is launched on PC.


Diablo Immortal is one of the latest releases of 2022, offering the sensational hack-and-slash combat with all the distinct RPG elements Diablo is famous for. The game takes place in between the events of Diablo II and Diablo III and is the first time a Diablo entry has been launched as a free-to-play. The MMORPG is available as an Open-Beta on the PC, but the mobile release is out and buzzing.

The developers are still currently working on ironing out the various bugs that plague Diablo Immortal and some significant changes are expected in due time.

A detailed class system, enemies of all sorts, procedurally generated levels, and a typical dungeon-crawling thrill are what you can expect from a title of this stature. The game has amassed over 5 Million downloads on the Google Play Store. However, to talk about the problems, bugs, and issues surfacing for Immortal, many have been left in utter dismay.

Please let us know in the comments section whether you could get the title working or not. As always, eXputer wishes you happy gaming!

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