Dislyte Not Loading [SOLVED]

Is Dislyte not loading anymore for you? Fret not. Follow the solutions listed in this guide for a prompt fix.

2022 is measuring up to be quite the year for tip-top mobile game releases. We first got to welcome a new entry in the Diablo franchise and now, another IP has managed to make landfall on iOS and Android. The latter refers to itself as Dislyte, sporting terrific visuals, a high-class aesthetic appeal, and eccentric characters. With that said, the title has been plagued with a number of issues, and Dislyte not loading is seemingly quite prominent. 

If you’ve been stuck in a similar situation, you’re definitely not alone in this respect. This guide is going to cover all there is to know about why this vexing error occurs and what can you do to resolve it on the go. Keep on reading until the end for detailed solutions regarding the problem at hand. We advise following the instructions outlined ahead diligently for the best results. 

What is the Dislyte Not Loading Issue? 

From what we can gather online, Dislyte players are experiencing two types of loading issues. One of them emerges right at the very start of the title where you cannot even get past the initial loading screen. This is not desirable in any situation, considering that the title renders your playability useless right from the get-go. You start up Dislyte, make headway to the primary cutscene, and a loading circle starts to appear. 

From there on out, you cannot possibly get to the next step. Players are stuck in an endless loop in that instance, thereby making it impossible to advance and play Dislyte. The woeful part is that this is just one part of this whole two-sided scenario. Some aspiring users are able to get through the first section of the hassle almost effortlessly, but little do they know that the issue has merely shifted positions and is waiting ahead. 

That is to say, you’re not going to be facing any issue during the start-up phase of Dislyte. This is opposed to those who have been deeply troubled right at the log-in screen or even at the more beginning part of the scenario where the display shows the names of the developers—Farlight Games and Lilith Games. Moving a bit further ahead, whenever you try playing a specific game mode, such as Ritual Miracle, you get “squid locked.” 

This particular term refers to the icon of the jellyfish that surfaces whenever you try launching a game mode. However, the loading icon keeps on running ad nauseam and doesn’t budge from its position. This is the Dislyte not loading error at its very peak, thereby annoying thousands of players across the spectrum and not letting them enjoy this surreal turn-based RPG in full flight. The following screenshot catches the problem in action. 

Dislyte Not Loading Error Screen
Dislyte Not Loading Error Screen

Since the jellyfish icon keeps on doing its thing, the error at hand is also known as the Dislyte infinite loading screen glitch. It doesn’t matter if you’re on BlueStacks—the world-renowned Android app emulator on PC—Android, or iOS, the issue manifests across all platforms in a similar fashion. At this point, we can accurately presume that this is a bug of some sort in the game’s principal configuration.

Quite blatantly, the developers may have missed out on tweaking the title to an extreme extent, so issues such as these wouldn’t have popped up in the first place. Anyway, we’re sure that the problem will be hammered out in the not-so-distant future, so sit tight and hear what we have to say in the subtitle ahead. Thankfully, there are a bunch of workarounds that seem to be working for the vast majority of players with this pertinent problem. 

Let’s dive right into them with no further ado, similar to how we covered some tip-top fixes to the Diablo Immortal Samsung error. 

How To Fix Dislyte Unable to Load Up Properly

The following is our round-up of the best ways there are to fix the Dislyte infinite loading glitch. Please note that the potential solutions listed ahead take confidence that you’ve already tried restarting the game and rebooting your mobile device. If not, try both of these methods to see whether they work something out for you. However, in the case that you’ve already given rebooting a go, try implementing what we have outlined ahead. 

Clear Dislyte’s Cache and Data

A bevy of players have been able to get Dislyte to work just by implementing this easy strategy of clearing the game’s cache and data. If there’s a chance that the infinite loading glitch issue will go away in the wake of this possible error-fixing measure, you have to shoot for it without a second thought.  

We’ll outline how you can do this in the following steps. Make sure you follow the provided instructions carefully for the best results. Before we get started though, do note that the guidelines provided ahead are specifically for Redmi mobile devices, but the basics of the method are more or less similar for every Android device.

  1. The first step is to open the Google Play Store app on your Android smartphone. You can do this in whatever way you feel comfortable, either from the home screen or by searching for the utility individually. Once done, look for the “Apps” section. 
    Dislyte not loading
    Tapping on the “Apps” area
  2. Clicking on “Apps” will lead you to another page. Click on “Manage apps” here to get to the next step.
    Selecting "Manage apps"
    Selecting “Manage apps”
  3. After the previous step, you will be taken to a page where all present applications will be listed. Look for the Dislyte app here and click on it to get to the next step. 
  4. In this second last step, look for a button that would say something like “Clear data.” This is something that’s bound to be on your phone, regardless of the make and model. 
    Tapping on the "Clear data" Option
    Tapping on the “Clear data” Option
  5. After clicking on “Clear data,” select “Clear all data” and you’ll be done in a moment’s time.
    Clearing the Cache and Data of Dislyte
    Clearing the Cache and Data of Dislyte

Great going so far! It’s best that you now restart your Android device and make sure the changes are applied comprehensively across the board. Once the device boots back on, try launching the game and determine whether it still comes forth with the Dislyte not loading issue when you’re trying to get inside a match. 

If it still does that, unfortunately, keep on reading to pursue other potential solutions. You’ll definitely get there in due time, so don’t lose hope just yet. 

Change Your Internet Connection

A wide array of users have been able to resolve this bothersome Dislyte hassle just by switching the source of their internet connection. Let us clear this up with the help of an example. If you’re using a Wi-Fi connection to play Lilith Games’ latest RPG and consistently getting the issue at hand, try turning off the Wi-Fi for a bit. Afterward, restart your mobile phone. 

This is fairly understandable since Dislyte relies heavily on a stable internet connection to connect to its dedicated servers. It might be trying to load in-game processes in harmony with the speed coming from your network. Upon failure to do that, there would be no other option for Dislyte other than getting squid locked. Therefore, it’s worth turning to your internet connection and determining whether it makes the cut or not. 

Anyhow, when your mobile device boots back on, keep the Wi-Fi turned off and turn on your mobile data instead. Continue by launching Dislyte and check if you’re running into the same annoying jellyfish bother again. Hopefully, you should be able to play just fine now and get across the infinite loading glitch error. With that being said, do keep in mind that this potential trick will be implemented both ways. 

In the case that it was your mobile data that had been utilized to launch and play Dislyte earlier, try using your Wi-Fi connection. As iterated beforehand, the vast majority of players have been able to start up the strategy RPG just by employing this strategy, and here’s hoping that you get to be one of them too.

We’d also advise you to try a different internet connection provided that it’s easily available. The issue can be resolved by changing your IP address altogether, so this does come across as a viable option too that you should be looking into. An interruption of a kind in your IP address could be preventing this title to start up properly, thereby resulting in the infinite loading glitch error.

With that said, if nothing under this subtitle comes to fruition on your end, keep on reading to apply other potential fixes. 

Change Your Game Mode – Definitive Fix to the Dislyte Not Loading Issue

Next up, we have the most definitive fix to this irksome Dislyte issue. A great deal of players were able to start playing almost instantaneously after applying the following instructions. It’s pretty simple to perform and doesn’t even require you to do anything extravaganza. As it turns out, the simple approach of quitting the game when the issue occurs and starting a different game mode than before. 

For instance, if you tried getting into the Sonic Miracle game mode in Dislyte but got squid locked afterward, quit and shut the title down. Get back into it and try a different style of play this time around. Thankfully, you have plenty of choices to choose from since Dislyte starts you off with multiple game modes right from the get-go. Whether you picked Sonic Miracle first, try going for Infinite MiracleRitual Miracle, or even Cube Miracle

It’s almost certain that the issue will be resolved timely after this. As soon as you get into the session after picking a different game mode, complete the match-up and return to the main lobby area from where you can enter Dislyte sessions. Now, in the case that it was Sonic Miracle where you repeatedly experiencing the infinite loading glitch issue, try loading into it.

There’s a strong likelihood that you will be able to play the game swimmingly now. Thousands of players have implemented this potential solution and have received favorable results that way. Let us known down in the comments section whether changing the game mode in Dislyte worked or not. In the case that you genuinely haven’t been able to get into a session up until now, keep on reading for more helpful information.  

Update the Title

Checking whether Dislyte has an impending update on the Google Play Store or the App Store is the way to go from here on out. In fact, this should be one of your first concerns whenever an application isn’t working up to scratch. As for the game in question, the turn-based strategy title is a multiplayer-focused game that needs constant updates for its optimal functioning.

This means that it’s very much possible that you’re currently missing out on an update.

In the case that you happen to have automatic updates turned off on your mobile device, rush to the relative storefront and confirm whether there’s an impending Dislyte update waiting for your arrival.

Proceed toward getting the title on the latest release afterward and until the installation completes. Once finished, launch the strategy RPG on your phone to see if the Dislyte not loading scenario has finally been resolved, or it still doesn’t cease to exist. 

Quite frankly, there’s a solid chance that you will be able to play Dislyte perfectly now, just like the developers intended their title to perform. However, in the case that you didn’t have a pending update in the first place or updating the game didn’t work either, then it appears all you can do is proceed toward reinsatlling the title. 

Reinstall the Title

The possibility of restoring Dislyte’s proper functioning does seem light when you’ve tried everything there is to shoot for but nothing is seemingly working still. However, there is one more measure left taking that is proving itself to be the most definitive fix to the Dislyte infinite loading glitch issue after changing the in-game mode.

The latter is all about uninstalling the game first and then getting it back on your mobile phone again. From what we can collect, this happens to resolve the issue almost immediately. 

Dislyte doesn’t truly sport an exorbitantly huge file size, so you should be able to download it on your system again in due time. The base game file size somewhere around 600 MB in general on both mobile platforms, but you’ll have to download the additional resource components after that.

Nevertheless, there’s no other option than powering your way through the excessive download time to be able to get back to playing. An issue of some sort in the optimization of your copy of the title for the specific device that you own might be leading you to experience the Dislyte not loading hassle. The only way this situation is getting alleviated is by ridding Dislyte altogether.

You can uninstall the game natively on your Android and iOS phone or from the Google Play Store or App Store as well—whatever tickles your pickle. If you’ve got the game through BlueStacks on a Windows PC, then follow suit for the famous emulator as well.

Once you finally manage to delete the title , proceed toward installing it one more time. Wait until the installation finishes and then launch the action strategy game to see if you can play it with ease now. There’s a great possibility that the issue at hand will cease to exist in the wake of applying this potential solution.

It’s finally time to assemble the most commendable gods from the in-game world and put them all together in a single, all-mighty team

The Wrap-Up

Dislyte is one of the best mobile releases in the ripe tech-forward age of 2022, promising a hefty ton of content to keep players hooked for days on end. It has just been a little over 1 month since the title landed on mobile platforms and is already making rounds across the board. To talk about the Google Play Store alone, Dislyte has garnered more than 1 million downloads proactively and a lot more are to follow suit, given the title’s trajectory. 

The developers advertise the title as a “stylish urban mythological RPG,” considering the profuse number of diverse elements introduced in the title. Each character in Dislyte is curated with style, not to mention the incorporation of the ability to execute every combat move with vigor and depth. Prepare yourself to witness heroes exhibiting godlike powers and various other fight techniques. 

In addition to the basics, Dislyte lets you gather a team of gods to embark on an adventure of a lifetime. Immerse in the game world to surround yourself with gorgeous visual fidelity that pushes your mobile phone to the extreme. If you’ve got a flagship device for housing the full potential of Dislyte, you’re in for a hefty treat. 

What’s more, is that the developers have picked gods from the most famed mythologies, including Egyptian, Greek, Chinese, and even Northern European. The various characters don their own unique outfits and take on several personalities, but it does depend on who their predecessors were and how they got their powers from them. 

A facet that sets this mythology-centric RPG apart is its “neon light gameplay” that’s built on the founding principles of strategy, thrill, and wisdom. To come out on top in difficult bouts, you’ll have to use all three of the latter profoundly since the enemy squad isn’t going to take it easy at all. The title is being consistently updated at the moment and more content is flowing toward it frequently.

However, despite the developers’ rigorous efforts to keep Dislyte shining and booming, trouble does manage to spring up for the turn-based RPG nonetheless. The game has launched with its fair share of release issues and Dislyte not loading is duly one of them. People have been left fairly frustrated over not being able to enjoy the title due to this annoying reason. 

With that said, multiple potential solutions have made rounds on the internet for possibly fixing the problem at hand. We’ve gathered the best ones out of the bunch that have actually worked for people, so you can replicate them on your end and receive favorable results. In our opinion, you’re not going to be running into any potential hasle after trying the game mode change method. 

But still, even if that doesn’t work out, we recommend going for a thorough reinstallation. That is almost certain to resolve all pertinent worries on your side. Do let us know down in the comments section whether the tutorial above proved to be helpful. As always, eXputer wishes you good luck! 

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