Fall Guys Error Code 201_003 [FIXED]

The Fall guys Error Code 201_003 & 200_1040 may be problematic but these 5 methods will easily resolve it for you.

Error Code 201_003 is a common bug revolving around players in Fall Guys. The error was first reported by Nintendo Switch players. However, recently there have been a couple of reports by PC users that they are getting the 201_003 Error as well. As per our investigation, the error relates to some files being damaged or corrupted. Well after hours of research, we have curated this guide that will help you possibly fix the Error Code 201_003 in Fall Guys.

Key Highlights
  • The Error code 201_003 may primarily be caused due to corrupted game files or due to your account not being able to connect with backend servers.
  • To fix the problem make sure that the game is being Run as an Administrator from its files.
  • You can also try updating graphics card drivers, you can use both NVIDIA and AMD overlays for this purpose.
  • Use the “verify files for integrity” feature to check for any corrupted or missing files.
  • An ethernet connection is highly recommended over a Wifi connection since it boosts your internet speed and bandwidth.
  • As a last resort, try restarting the game or your device which is very beneficial for fixing the 201_003 error.

What is Error Code 201_003 in Fall Guys?

Error code 201_003 & 200
The message prompt of the error code in Fall Guys

The Error 201_003 is generally described differently by various players in the community of the game. There have been reports suggesting the error may only prompt for the Nintendo Switch users. But we have confirmed players on the PC version of the game may also encounter it.

The exact message for the error is the same as the 200_1040 error in the game. The PC version will show it as something to do with the local game files being corrupt or deleted. While the switch will only prompt the code when trying to join other players or squads at the main menu.

The 201_003 error code is just at the tip of the iceberg alongside major errors which can generate at random periods in the game. For now, It can be mainly considered a minor error code.

The issue is not something to be too worried about as it correlates with other problems that need desperately need solving in the game. The developers are hard at work fixing these issues hopefully soon in the next patch.

It is important to note that the game is having various issues like this and more which are slowly but surely being addressed by the support team at MediaTonic.

But for now, we will go over the 5 best methods that players can learn in Fall Guys so they can know how to fix the error code 201_003 as quickly as possible.

How to Fix the Error Code 201_003 in Fall Guys

There are over 5 different ways to potentially fix this error code until it gets resolved. There has not been much discussion around the exact solutions to the problem at hand. But worry not, as these methods had surprisingly worked out for a few players in the community

The general rule of thumb here to note is that these fixes can also be applied to the Error code 200_1040. So players can clear away the other annoying code if it so happens to appear in-game.

The causes of the error as stated briefly primarily stem from your corrupted game files, your Epic Games account not linking, or just your network connection. So the reoccurrence of the error can be quite random at times.

Users reporting the issue on Discord and Reddit tried the following solutions which allowed for a temporary fix. Until later it gets patched by Mediatonic, They will be your best options to use against the error.

Running the Game as Administrator

Firstly, it is a method that has worked for many games which have some sort of game-breaking bugs or errors preventing them from running normally. It simply is running your game on the admin settings from its files.

Launching your game on the admin settings enabled will allow it to access more system and network features to allow more freedom and unrestricted system write access.

It is a neat little trick that most PC users have applied to kickstart a lot of games that constantly suffer from unsolvable errors or issues inside them.

There are two ways you run the game on administrator options:

run as admin fall guys 201_003
How to run Fall Guys as Admin in Windows 10
  • Locate the Fall Guys directory in your folders, it should be in one of your drives.
  • In the main folder, you will want to right-click on the “FallGuys_client_game” file.
  • Select the “Run as Administrator” option and select yes on the next confirmation.
Fall guys run as admin
How to run Fall Guys as admin under the compatibilities menu
  • Alternatively, you can click the Properties” option at the bottom after right-clicking on the game.
  • In the compatibility tab, you just checkmark the “run this program as an administrator” setting.
  • Apply these changes and check back in the game if the error persists.

Updating the Graphics Card Drivers

Graphics card drivers Fall Guys
How to update and change your Graphics Card drivers in Fall Guys

The GPU or Graphics Card drivers are a vital component of most systems. They play a key role in maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle for your graphics card device which is your main ingredient to run games.

The drivers keep the software and Rendering API of the card stable both in performance and quality. If you do not regularly check in on the updates of various versions of drivers, you will face outdated issues from your GPU.

It is without a question that Fall Guys is not a demanding game to run on most systems. But you will still need to keep these drivers up-to-date at all costs to run the game as smoothly as possible.

Most graphics cards have custom overlays through which you manage their driver updates and statistics. Both Nvidia and AMD users can safely check these updates through the main menu of the overlays.

The driver updates are periodically delivered by the Official manufacturer of each GPU Company with patch notes.

Most importantly, you will just need to “Check for Updates” in each GPU’s menu. It will allow the application to scan the current list of drivers and choose the latest version for you to download and install on your PC.

Updating drivers should presumably make a difference in how to fix the pesky 201_003 error in Fall Guys.

Verifying Files on Epic Games Store

Fall guys file verification
How to configure and verify game files of Fall Guys on Epic Games Store launcher

Most players are not aware of the features available in store launchers in the new era of gaming. You have the luxury of simply verifying game files for any deleted files or corrupted data.

These files can be essential to the proper functioning of the game so the file verification aspect is an excellent feature.

The process is especially important if you face a power outage or any abrupt shutdown which can cause your game to run poorly or with major issues.

The step-by-step procedure to repair your files in the Epic Games launcher is quite easy and similar to the Steam launcher, where you can “Verify Files for Integrity”. There is nothing too complicated here to do.

  • Of course, make sure the game is turned off and not running at all.
  • Locate the game in your Epic Games Library list and click on the three dots just below it.
  • It will open up a menu for you to verify the game files and their data.
  • The process will take some time depending on the total game size.
  • Once it is finished, it will either download the missing files or just notify that everything is in order.
  • Head back into the game to check if the error code 201_003 or 200_1040 still exists in Fall Guys.

Check your Internet Connection

Despite what many may think the game heavily relies on a secure network connection to supply seamless matchmaking and gameplay during matches. Fall guys is a pure focused multiplayer game so it cannot function correctly without adequate bandwidth.

We suggest going over your router settings or by contacting your Internet Service Provider for more information on any issue in your bandwidth or connection.

We highly suggest investing in an ethernet cable connection if you still don’t have one on you. They can immensely boost your connection speeds and will be able to reduce fewer chances of error codes occurring like the 201_003 or 200_1040 in Fall Guys. They can produce a world of difference from your ordinary Wifi speeds.

We also recommend checking out the Nat Type settings while you are at it. You should consult your ISP about it or you can do it manually via your router settings. Ethernet Cable connection will also improve Latency.

Restarting the System & Game Application

windows 10 restart fall guys
How to restart your PC in Windows 10

Believe it or not, performing a quick reboot of either your PC or Console can be highly beneficial to refreshing your hardware and ecosystem. It is quite honestly the oldest trick in the book to solve errors in various games.

Considering all the methods we have mentioned, this solution should be the best one to solve the issue.

In most scenarios, you also try simply restarting the game by closing it from the main menu in your console or via the Task Bar or ALT+F4 keys.

It will just reset the status of the game to iron out any minor issues which may have been causing the Error code 201_003 and as well the 200_1040 to appear in Fall Guys.

For Nintendo Switch users, you can easily power cycle the console by holding down the power button on top of the console and selecting the restart option.

From the most recent reports or research, we can confirm that power cycling either the game or the console had reduced the rate of the error code to prompt in the game. So it is probably your best bet on how to solve the 201_003 error code during your time in Fall Guys.


Nobody would have expected Fall Guys to go free-to-play but the choice seemed obvious enough. The game had suffered a tremendous loss in player count. It saw a decline in relevancy and sales.

It is awesome that the game is now available to play across every platform via cross-play and the fact that your progression carries over across all devices. The only downside is that it ushered in a plethora of unique issues.

Mediatonic is hard at work on making sure they address and apply updates to these errors in the game. They are one of the few gaming studios that have solid passion and dedication for their work.

The community has managed to uncover the few work-around which we have discussed here today. We ensure you one of these 5 fixes will help you out in resolving the problematic error code.

This wraps our error fix guide on the Fall Guys 201_003 error code and how the 200_1040 is similar to it. We have also mentioned the 5 different ways you can resolve and learn how to fix it.

If there is anything we missed or an additional method you would like to be added, let us know in the comments box below!

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