How To Fix Gotham Knights Crashing On PC

You can resolve Gotham Knights crashing on the PC by changing texture to low and capping fps to 70, disabling third party application overlays, and more.

Gotham Knights is shaping up to be one of the most poorly received games on the market right now, as it is jam-packed with issues that are causing the game to crash on PC. The game is already limited to a 30FPS framerate on consoles to make it run at a somewhat stable optimization.

However, the same can’t be said for PC users as they are in a whole other world of trouble as the crashes include the game being stuck during loading screens or generally crashing at launch or startup. These crashes are caused by various issues including the system not meeting minimum requirements, outdated drivers, and corrupted game files.

Before getting into the main fixes, make sure to try all the basic troubleshooting steps including:

Key Takeaways

Following are some of the fixes you can try to fix the crashing:

  1. Changing texture to low and capping fps to 70.
  2. Disabling third-party application overlays
  3. Running the game on Administrator Settings. 
  4. Verifying the Integrity of the game files. 
  5. Switching to a High-Performance Power Plan. 
  6. Reinstalling DirectX and Redistributables.

Change Textures To Low And Cap FPS To 70

Gotham Knights, as previously discussed, is horribly optimized and because of this, the game simply can’t handle high textures and won’t run stably with a high framerate.

This will definitely lead to constant crashes. So the first thing I recommend you do as a fix is to change your in-game textures setting to Low and cap your frames-per-second (FPS) to 70 or lower.

This will instantly allow your game to utilize your PC’s resources better and provide a more stable experience. Hopefully, this resolves the crashes in the game as well, as it also did for players online.

Disable Third Party Applications Overlays

Another thing that hinders game performance and utilizes too much of your system’s resources is third-party application overlays running in the background while you’re playing Gotham Knights.

So, to make sure your game can use all of your system’s resources and run as stable as possible, disable the third-party application overlays and make sure any background apps are closed down.

Run The Game On Administrator Settings

Running Gotham Knights under administrator privileges allows it to run a little bit better on their systems, and there’s a chance that anyone is willing to improve the optimization so that it doesn’t repeatedly crash on their PC.

It will also grant access and permit the game to fully take advantage of the valuable resources of the system so it can run at the optimal state. So make sure to enable administrator settings for Gotham Knights and see if it resolves the crashing.

Gotham Knights crashing PC
Running the application as Admin (image credit: eXputer)

Verify The Integrity Of Game Files

An essential solution to resolving the crashes occurring on Gotham Knights while playing it on PC is checking the game directory for any missing or corrupted files.

During some rare instances, players will run into unexpected discrepancies, which will cause the game to close without any warning, resulting in a crash that you will likely run into again if not resolved soon.

So in order to alleviate players of these kinds of problems, launchers such as Steam and Epic Games Store offer a method to verify the game files for any deleted or missing ones

Switch To High-Performance Power Plan

If you’re still on the fence about improving the performance of Gotham Knights and causing less room for crashes to occur, then you should opt to switch the power management of the desktop. Windows 10 offers a setting where you can increase the power consumption of the system and boost the capabilities in task management and performance across the board.

However, it is advised you only enable it when you’re playing the game or trying to squeeze every bit of juice to run Gotham Knights without any hindrances.

You can enable the High-performance power plan in Windows 10 by following the steps below:

Choosing power plan
Power plan settings (image credit: eXputer)
  1. You can easily open up the Power Plan settings by searching it in the Windows search bar, as shown in the image above.
Gotham knights crashing PC
Power Plans (image credit: eXputer)
  1. Once here, your primary focus should be on the Choose or Customize Power Plan on the front page, as you can see from the image above.
  2. Under the preferred plans, you should be able to spot only a balanced or power-saving plan.
  3. The High-Performance mode is hidden under the Hide Additional Plans option, just select it, and it should be automatically applied to the system.
  4. Just to be safe, restart the PC and then launch Gotham Knights to see if it helped improve the stability.

Reinstall DirectX And Redistributables

If all hope is lost, then you can also try redownloading the DirectX graphics API, which is continually updated with every new GPU driver’s release and by your operating system itself too. The redistributable includes C++, which is mandatory to run rendering commands and other elements in a video game. This all helps reduce crashes in the game.

Thankfully you can head to the Official Microsoft Site to download both these things and more, which will help ensure that Gotham Knights is running with the latest components on your PC. They are not too huge, so it should only take a couple of seconds to download at most and apply to your system directory.

Reinstall Gotham Knights

If all other fixes do not work for you, then it’s time to consider reinstalling the game entirely. Considering how poorly the game is optimized, it’s no guarantee that the build of the game you get after reinstalling it will be any better but it is worth a shot.

Many games can experience crashes due to a poor game build so reinstalling the game rebuilds the entire game’s database and all of its files. So make sure to delete Gotham Knights and reinstall it.

Contact Support

If even reinstalling the game still didn’t fix the constant crashes, then you’re only option left is to contact DC Games Support and make them aware of the issue you’re facing. Unfortunately, with the poor reception of the game, I can’t say for certain whether they’ll get back to you anytime soon but it’s still good to, at least submit your complaint ticket.

My Thoughts On Gotham Knights Crashing On PC

Gotham Knights’ release has been a trainwreck and it is one of the biggest disappointments in recent gaming history. PC players, such as myself, have gotten the short end of the stick with all the errors and crashes.

The developers have certainly let all of us down this time, which is more surprising as the previous Arkham Games have always been well-received by the community.

I recommend keeping track of all the discussions on this crashing error held on online gaming forums such as Steam Community, and Reddit.

Another disappointing aspect is that the developers have not even bothered addressing the whole slew of errors and crashing issues, that players have been complaining non-stop about, on their social media.

So all we can do is hope they are hard at work fixing their game, as unlikely as that seems, and until then, I hope this guide helped you solve the Gotham Knights PC crashes on your end


Will Gotham Knights be fixed on PC?

Many of the problems with the PC and console versions of Gotham Knights have been fixed by the creators’ most recent update.

Why does my Batman Arkham Knight keep crashing on PC?

Try turning off any tools or modifications you use to change the game’s appearance. In order to determine whether any game-overlay applications—like FPS counters or recording software—may be interfering with the game, you can also try turning them off.

Is Gotham Knights CPU heavy?

Similar to console versions, the PC version was CPU-bound at launch, primarily restricted by the capabilities of a single CPU thread for playing open-world games. Serious shader compilation problems also plagued Gotham Knights in the game’s early stages. But now, it performs much better.

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