Minecraft Legends Connecting To Your Account [FIXED]

Follow the solutions mentioned in our guide to definitively fix the "connecting to your account" error.

Since Minecraft Legends is a new game, it might only naturally have a few errors and glitches. This “Connecting to your account” error prevents you from playing the game entirely. Normally, you can log into your account without any issues. But if you encounter this error, you will notice that the Minecraft Legends splash screen is frozen and stays on the “Connecting to your account” prompt forever. 

Key Takeaways
  • Minecraft Legends connecting to your account error prevents you from logging into the game.
  • The cause behind this error is usually your internet connection or the official Minecraft Legends servers.
  • Before trying out any of the fixes below, restart your network router and Minecraft Legends.
    • The most effective method of fixing the error is to open ports for Minecraft Legends.
    • You should also verify the integrity of your game files from Steam.
    • If you use a VPN connection, try turning it off to see if that fixes the error.
    • If nothing works for you, wait for an official patch because the issue might not be on your end.

Why Does The Connecting To Your Account Error Occur?

The main cause behind this error is either your Internet Connection or the official Minecraft Legends servers. As the prompt says, Minecraft Legends is in the middle of connecting to your account but cannot do so. Several things can interfere with this process, and finding the exact cause can be very difficult. Even though network and server problems are the two main causes, there can still be countless issues that fall under these two categories.

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How To Solve Minecraft Legends Connecting To Your Account Error

Unfortunately, solving this Minecraft Legends error is not a very easy task. You might think to disconnect your internet connection and then try playing Minecraft Legends. But this is also pointless because the game requires a consistent internet connection.

A quick thing you can try out is restarting your network router, along with Minecraft Legends. As mentioned earlier, one of the main causes behind the error is network issues. So, if you are experiencing slow internet, restarting could potentially fix it. Doing so can reset your network traffic and sometimes assign a new IP address. Note that this solution is not the most successful, but it is still worth doing before trying anything else. 

Do not worry if the “connecting to your account” error persists because you can try some very effective solutions. 

Open Network Ports From Your Router

While this might not guarantee a fix, it is possibly the most effective solution for the Minecraft Legends connecting to your account error. A port number is a unique number used to recognize a network endpoint without complicating it. A network endpoint can be anything from a physical device to a server. This port number drives network traffic or packets to a service. In our case, it is to drive data packets directly to Minecraft Legends.

If the ports Minecraft Legends requires are closed on your network router, data packets cannot properly travel to communicate with the game. This can lead to the connecting to your account error and prevent you from logging into the game. If this is the case, you can open these specific ports manually so that the data packets can travel without issues. Remember that you should only open the ports you require, as opening unnecessary ports can leave you vulnerable to all sorts of threats.

These are all the ports you would need to open for Minecraft Legends according to your system:


  • TCP: 27015 and 27036
  • UDP: 27015, 27031, 27032, 273033, 27034, 27035, and 27036

Playstation 4 & 5

  • TCP: 3478, 3479, and 3480
  • UDP: 3074, 3478, and 3479

Xbox One and Series X

  • TCP: 3074
  • UDP: 88, 500, 3074, 3544, and 4500

How To Open Ports

  1. You must log into your router by entering the router’s IP address in your web browser. You can find this IP address, including the default login info, at the back of your router.
  2. Now you will need to locate the port forwarding settings in your router. This setting is typically called port forwarding, NAT, or virtual servers.
  3. Once located, click add and enter the applicable port number or range. You might also need to add the game’s name.
  4. Now save the entry and restart your network router so the settings take effect.
Minecraft legends login error fix
Port Forwarding (Image by Exputer)

Verify The Integrity Of Your Game Files

This potential solution is rather effective but only applies to PC players. Occasionally, your game files can become corrupt or get lost entirely, which can cause the game to give strange errors or even stop working. Fortunately, Steam has a great built-in tool for this exact problem. It can scan for any missing or corrupt game files; if it finds any, it will automatically replace them.

Follow these steps to verify files for Minecraft Legends:

  1. Launch Steam and navigate to your game library.
  2. Locate Minecraft Legends from the list and right-click on it.
  3. From here, click on properties to open another window.
  4. Now, navigate to the local files section and click “Verify integrity of game files…
connecting to your account error fix
Verifying the integrity of games files with Steam (Copyright: Exputer)

The entire process only takes a few minutes. Once done, we recommend restarting Steam and checking to see if the connecting to your account error has been resolved.

Turn Off Any VPN Connection

A VPN connection might be great for many things, but it can also interrupt your connection to Minecraft Legends. Additionally, Steam might log you out of your account, which can block access to the online services of any game. Even worse, since using a VPN connection is against Valve’s terms and conditions, there is a chance your account could be banned. As such, if you are using any type of VPN connection, you should turn it off and then try to see if the error has been fixed.

You do not have to completely remove your VPN connection if you are concerned about your privacy. You can try changing the VPN server or contact your VPN’s customer service to resolve this issue.

Wait For An Official Fix

If nothing you do can fix the Minecraft Legends connecting to your account error, then the issue might be with the game’s servers. Since the game is new, it is only natural that the servers might face occasional hiccups that can lead to such errors. In this case, your best action is to wait it out and try logging into the game later. It would be best if you also stayed updated with Minecraft Legends’ official Twitter account in case the servers are down for maintenance or other purposes.

Final Words

It is an incredibly exciting time to be alive for a Minecraft fan, especially with the release of Minecraft Legends. Not only does it feature an exclusive campaign mode, but it also contains great PvP elements with its multiplayer modes. It is undoubtedly frustrating if you cannot even access the game, especially if you have been looking forward to it for a long time. But we are optimistic that the solutions provided in this guide have alleviated some of your frustration and enabled you to resolve the connecting to your account error successfully.


Will opening ports slow down my internet speed?

No, port forwarding does not affect your internet speed.

Is port forwarding risky?

Generally, it is completely safe to open ports on your router manually. But you must be careful when driving traffic towards untrustworthy network endpoints.

Can I lose my saved data if I verify the integrity of my game files?

No, your saved data is completely safe. Steam will only replace corrupted or missing game files.

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