Modern Warfare 2 Installing Multiplayer Error [FIX]

You can fix the Installing Multiplayer Error by Using the Cancel Connection Workaround, Reinstalling the Multiplayer Packs, and more!

Modern Warfare 2 keeps getting stuck like an error when installing the multiplayer pack. Many players have been affected by this, effectively being unable to access the multiplayer. The reasons behind this problem are usually related to your game files. Initially, however, the error was occurring from the backend, which has now been resolved. In any case, don’t worry as I have a few solutions to get you back on track.

The loading screen says: “Status. Installing…”
Status Installing (Image by eXputer)
Key Takeaways

Here are the things you can try to fix the Installing Multiplayer error:

  1. Use the Cancel Connection workaround.
  2. Reinstall the Multiplayer and Co-Op Packs on PS5
  3. Verify the Integrity of Game Files on PC.

Cancel Connection 

While more of a workaround, simply canceling your connection has been a popular fix in the community. I believe it works because most players have encountered an infinite loading glitch. This means that the files for the multiplayer mode are installed, but the glitch isn’t letting you access them. This workaround will skip the installing multiplayer error and throw you into the multiplayer. 

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. On the Infinite Prompt > Press the Back Button.
  2. Keep going back until the Main Menu of Modern Warfare 2.
  3. Press the Start Button > As the ‘Status’ prompt appears > Press Cancel > Go Offline.
    cancelling connection fix installing multiplater error
    Going Offline in MW2 (Image Captured by eXputer)
  4. Choose the ‘Resume Game’ option for your Campaign Mode.
  5. Once in, Pause MW2 > Quit the Mode.
  6. Now, at the ‘Mission Select Screen > Press the Back Button > Re-enter the Game like before.
  7. Allow MW2 to Connect to the Servers and Check for Updates.

If you did this correctly, your game should work properly now.

Reinstall Multiplayer & Co-op Packs For PS4/5

installing error fix MW2
Call of Duty MW2 Main Screen (Image Copyrighted by eXputer)

If the first workaround did not work for you, then something is likely wrong with your multiplayer and co-op pack files. Sometimes, these packs might not download correctly, causing the installing multiplayer error. For this, I recommend reinstalling the multiplayer and co-op packs, as this is the fastest way to deal with it.

  • Tip: Note that the multiplayer pack is 4.96 GB, and the co-op pack is 2.62 GB. If your internet is slow, the re-download might take a while.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Choose the ‘Manage Game Content’ option in the dropdown menu of Modern Warfare 2.
  2. This will take you to a folder that contains all the Packs and Files. 
  3. Pick the Multiplayer Pack and Co-op Pack > Delete the Packs > Reinstall them. 

Once done, re-launch the game to see if the issue is fixed or not.

Verify The Integrity Of Game Files

Your game files can often get lost or become corrupted due to overwrites or updates over time. This can also happen due to 3rd-party applications, your antivirus software, and other factors. Regardless of the cause, however, if this happens, it can cause various issues, such as infinite loading screens like the one we have here.

So, while this solution will not work for consoles, I highly recommend verifying the integrity of your game files for PC players. Doing so will repair and re-download any missing files, giving the game a much-needed refresh.

My Thoughts

The installing multiplayer error in Modern Warfare 2 was quite widespread at one point. With posts appearing on Reddit, Microsoft, and COD Forums, almost every soul with a copy of the game had this problem at launch.

Players were understandably frustrated at the time, and rightfully so. Why? Because the same issue was present in MW I as well. Everyone knows that the game is reskinned, but at least don’t copy over the known bugs. But I suppose that is too much to ask for.

In any case, I do believe the issue was fixed with the Week 1 patch silently. However, the problem never really went away. The only difference is that it now happens with updates rather than the original packs. This makes me believe that the bug mostly originates from the server end rather than the user’s.

But, at least the solutions to get around it are simple enough. Lastly, if you are still experiencing the same issue, I highly recommend contacting Activision Support or the Official COD Updates Twitter account.

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