Fixed: Modern Warfare Dev Error 6178 [2021]

12 of the most effective methods to solve the Dev Error 6178 in Modern Warfare.

A large number of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players have been experiencing random crashes to the desktop with a dialog box appearing at the time of the crash that reads “Fatal Error: Dev Error 6178“. This error mostly appears while the map is loading. This is a very frustrating error because it makes the game unplayable for a lot of users. 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a 2019 first-person shooter video game developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision. The game was praised for its gameplay, campaign (being considered by critics as one of the best in the franchise), multiplayer, graphics, and overall improvements to the Call of Duty formula.

How to fix Modern Warfare: Dev Error 6178?

Dev Error 6178 could occur due to various reasons such as outdated graphics drivers, program conflicts, corrupt game files, incorrect game settings. This guide will discuss 12 different methods that could troubleshoot Modern Warfare’s Dev Error 6178. These methods have helped fix the error for a lot of users. Hopefully, they will also help you in getting rid of the error and get you right back into the game in no time.

Update Your Graphics Driver

If you are getting Dev Error 6178 in Modern Warfare, there is a big chance that the error occurred due to outdated graphics drivers. You should always update your GPU drivers to the latest version whenever it becomes available. Updating your graphics drivers can sometimes help solve the game crashing issue and also fix other performance problems. Here are the links for NVIDIA and AMD’s graphics driver download pages. 

Disabling In-Game Overlay

Sometimes the overlay features of other applications could cause performance problems and crashing issues. NVIDIA and AMD also have their own overlays that you can turn off from the settings tab. You should also turn off any other apps’ overlay features like Origin, Discord, Teamspeak as they could also be conflicting with your game and causing it to crash. Therefore, we recommend turning off any overlay apps that you might have running in the computer background.

Close Unwanted Programs

If you have too many programs running in the background, it could affect the performance of your computer and cause games to crash. Close any background application from the system tray or the task manager that you might not be using at that moment. After doing so launch the Modern Warfare application to see if the crashing persists.

Run Game as Administrator

Dev Error 6178 could also occur due to the program not running with administrator privileges. You should try running the Modern Warfare application as an administrator. Doing this will give the Modern Warfare executable file full access to any of the game files on your PC. To run the program as an administrator follow the steps below.

  1. Right-click the Modern Warfare Application on your desktop and select Properties.
  2. Head to the Compatibility tab
  3. Tick-mark the Run this program as an administrator box.
    Modern Warfare Dev Error 6178
    Run program as administrator.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Run Modern Warfare to see if the problem is resolved.

Repair Game Files Via

Repairing Modern Warfare through could replace any of the corrupt game files that could be causing the game to crash. We recommend trying this method before you jump to other solutions as it could easily solve Dev Error 6178.

  1. First, launch the Blizzard launcher.
  2. Head to the games tab and select Modern Warfare.
  3. Click on Options, on the left side of Redeem a Code.
  4. Now select Scan and Repair.
    Dev Error 6178 - Scan and Repair
    Scan and Repair.
  5. Wait for verification to complete.

After the scan completes, try running the game to see if the problem is solved.

Set High Priority in Task Manager

According to some users, the Modern Warfare Dev Error 6178 was fixed by simply changing the processor priority from Normal or Low to High in the Task Manager. We recommend you try this method out before jumping to other solutions mentioned below. Follow these steps to change Modern Warfare to High priority in the Task Manager.

  1. Open the Task Manager by pressing Alt + Control +Delete.
    Dev Error 6178 - Changing Priority
    Task Manager.
  2. Now head to the Details Tab.
    Changing Priority
    Details Tab in Task Manager.
  3. Search for Modern Warfare in the list of programs.
  4. Right-click the program and change the priority to High.
    Modern Warfare Dev Error 6178
    Changing Priority.
  5. See if the error still occurs while playing the game.

Change Graphics Settings

Some users have reported that setting the texture resolution to Normal or High can fix the Modern Warfare Dev Error 6178.

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  1. Open Call of Duty Modern Warfare.
  2. Head over to Settings > Graphics.
  3. Under Details & Texture settings, change Texture Resolution to either Normal or High.
    Dev Error 6178 - Changing Graphics Settings.
    Graphics Settings.
  4. Restart the game to see if the problem is solved.

Turn off Nvidia G-Sync

Some NVIDIA users were able to fix the Dev Error 6178 by disabling the G-Sync from the NVIDIA Control Panel. 

  1. Right-click on the desktop and click on NVIDIA Control Panel.
    Disable G-Sync.
    NVIDIA Control Panel.
  2. Click on the plus sign next to “Display” on the left to expand the list and choose Set up G-Sync.
  3. Uncheck the box next to Enable G-Sync and apply the settings.
    Dev Error 6178 - Disable G-Sync.
    Disabling G-Sync
  4. Restart your computer and see if you still encounter Modern Warfare Dev Error 6178.

Update Windows 10

Windows Updates can help you fix any bugs that could be causing performance problems and errors. We recommend you try this method as it could fix the Modern Warfare Dev Error 6178.

  1. Open the Windows Search Menu by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard.
  2. Type Windows Update in the search box, select the Check for updates option.
    Dev Error 6178 - Windows Update
    Windows Update.
  3. Click on Check for updates, Windows will search and download the latest update.
    Dev Error 6178 - Check for Updates
    Check for Updates.
  4. After the download is complete, restart your computer to install the update.

Run Modern Warfare to see if the problem is fixed.

Play in Windowed Mode

Playing in windowed has also helped some Modern Warfare users fix the Dev Error 6178. 

  1. Launch Call of Duty Modern Warfare.
  2. Head over to Options > Graphics.
  3. Under Display Settings, Change Display Mode to Windowed.
    Modern Warfare Dev Error 6178
    Graphics Settings – Display Mode.
  4. Play the game to check if Dev Error 6178 still occurs.

Enlarge Pagefile on Windows

Some users were able to troubleshoot Dev Error 6178 by enlarging the pagefile on their Windows. if the Windows Pagefile does not have enough space, it could make games and other softwares crash.

To enlarge the pagefile on Windows, carefully follow all of the steps below.

    1. Press Windows key+ R, type in sysdm.cpl, and press Enter.
      Modern Warfare Dev Error 6178
      Windows Run.


  1. In The System Properties Window, Open The Advanced Tab.
  2. Click on “Settings” under “Performance”. A new window “Performance Options” will open.
    Modern Warfare Dev Error 6178
    Advanced Settings.
  3. Click on “Advanced” and then press “Change”. A new window “Virtual Memory” will open.
    Modern Warfare Dev Error 6178
    Changing Virtual Memory.
  4. Deselect “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives” and select “Custom size” under the drive of your choice.
    Modern Warfare Dev Error 6178
    Managing Pagefile Size.
  5. Set the initial size for your paging file in MB according to the paging file size for the drive already listed (if applicable), then enter your custom maximum size, which shouldn’t exceed 4 times the size of your RAM for system stability. Don’t forget to click “Set” so that the changes will apply.
  6. Restart your computer.

Note: Ideally, the size of your paging file should be 1.5 times your physical memory at a minimum and up to 4 times the physical memory at most to ensure system stability. if your PC has 8 GB RAM. You can calculate your minimum paging file size with this equation: 8 GB x 1.5, and your maximum paging file size with this one: 8 GB x 4. The totals would be 12 GB and 32 GB of RAM respectively.


Reinstall the Game

Sometimes is unable to identify some corrupt game files during the repairing process. The only way to solve this problem is by completely reinstalling the game. Make sure to not pause the download process as it could damage the game file that is being downloaded, this is a known issue in Blizzard’s client.

  1. Launch Blizzard client on your computer.
  2. Find and click on Call of Duty Modern Warfare from the list on the left.
  3. Now on the right side, click on the Options drop-down menu and choose Uninstall Game.
  4. After the game uninstalls, download Modern Warfare again.
  5. Run the game to see if Dev Error 6178 is resolved.


That concludes our Modern Warfare Dev Error 6178 troubleshooting guide. All of these methods were proven to be very effective in fixing the Fatal Error 6178 by a large number of Modern Warfare users. We hope you are also able to successfully troubleshoot this error by following these solutions. If the error still occurs after trying these solutions, contact Support and they will help you in identifying the exact cause of the problem after you provide them with all of the necessary information.

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