NBA 2K23 Companion App Not Working [FIXED]

The brief guide on how to fix the Companion App of NBA 2k23 not working as planned

NBA 2K23 is finally here, and it delivers the most authentic Basketball Sim mechanics since the start of the series. The Franchise is known to be dedicated to the fans of the Sport itself and readily opts to welcome newcomers wholeheartedly with its simplistic yet challenging learning curve. There is even a handy companion app this time around for NBA 2K23, but it does not seem to be working properly, so let’s discuss it in detail.

Key Highlights
  • The companion app has an issue where it doesn’t let you log in with a registered NBA 2K23 account.
  • As with any issues, the first thing to try is restarting your game and companion app a few times. If that fails, you should also try restarting all your devices.
  • Users have also reported that changing the region setting on the app’s main screen fixes the problem. You can try changing and then logging in.
  • You can also create a new profile in the game to ensure that the device has made Save Files before linking the app. Although, make sure to have a backup if you’re removing old save data.
  • In some cases, corrupt or junk data causes companion app issues. You can remedy this by clearing the app’s cache from the device’s storage settings.
  • If clearing the cache doesn’t work, you can also try clearing the app’s data, which resets the app features but may solve the problem.
  • At last, if nothing seems to work, you’ll have to wait for the developers to fix the issue in an upcoming update.

What Is The NBA 2K23 Companion App?

app login NBA 2K23
The NBA 2K23 app

In this day and age of modern Video Games, Developers constantly strive to provide new ways for players to stay in touch with their console or PC games on the go. It is the case with most Massive Multiplayer titles in the industry, like Destiny 2‘s companion app, which lets you track and view all sorts of other aspects of the game.

The NBA 2K23 application, which is available across various smartphone devices on the Playstore for Android and Apple App Store for IOS. The app essentially allows you to monitor quite a few things when you are not hopped onto the game or want to check something related to it on the internet. There are various cool features, from tracking the statistics of the MyCareer Mode to browsing news updates on NBA2K23.

You are able to connect your account to the game from all the different platforms on which you own it, such as the Xbox Consoles and even the Nintendo Switch. The Face scan aspect is such an awesome tool that allows players to scan their own faces to use as the base of their custom-created players in the game. You can even stay up-to-date on all the happenings of the game via the news and information tab in the application.

Furthermore, it is also worth mentioning that you can manage your VC currency to decide what to purchase in the future but, most importantly, redeem locker codes too. These are essentially promo codes that you can obtain by watching NBA-related events or live streams. They will often show up as a marketing strategy for the game, and you can then redeem them in the app to receive different cosmetic rewards and goodies.

This is superb and all for the hardcore NBA 2K23 players, but the only major downside is that the app is not working as planned, thus becoming more of an annoyance than an accessibility tool. But with the fixes we have outlined for you, you should be able to get it up and running again so you can access it normally.

How To Fix The App Not Working In NBA 2K23

Unfortunately, there have been complaints made by the player base that the companion app does not let you log in to it despite using a registered account with the game on it. Thankfully the developers are looking into resolving the issue one way or another, but luckily we have you covered too.

Thanks to the dedicated players of the game on various community forums, we were able to enlist some workarounds that might help you quickly eliminate the issue at hand. They are not guaranteed solutions, but they are proven to be highly capable of solving problems. We highly encourage you to follow each of these methods carefully, as they all are potential fixes that seem to work efficiently for most users of NBA2K23.

Restart The Application And Device

Smartphone restart
Rebooting Mobile device

Sometimes, the best brute-force method to kickstart any frozen or stuck application is to restart it a couple of times. Whether it’s a game or even the system itself which it is running, it is, by far, one of the oldest tricks in the book of video game error fixes.

When it comes to NBA 2K23, there have been claims by players on the Subreddit of the game that they got it working just by restarting the application once or twice.

Doing this may hopefully resolve the issue, but if it doesn’t, you can also opt to completely reboot your smartphone device to see if that can help you. There are many occasions where the phone applications can randomly misbehave, so it helps to know that a simple restart of either the software or mobile device can help you alleviate that tedious problem.

Rebooting the smartphone will also help it perform without any kind of unnecessary data or background hindrance in your device clogging up the performance. So we urge you to try this loophole fix out and see if it helps you out in logging into the app.

If not, then there is no need to worry too much, as we outlined a few more temporary fixes that may help you out with the situation.

Change The Region Setting

NBA 2K23 app not working
The Region selection option

According to some users on the Official review forums of the app on both the Playstore and Apple App store, the issue seems to have been resolved thanks to just switching the region setting on the app. But the key thing to know is that the region must be the same as your country or current location.

Most players may have been under the assumption that they need to use their gaming account’s region or the Console region type, but that does not seem to be the case. Luckily, you can easily switch up the region option right from the main screen of the app, as shown in the image above.

Just change the setting so that it is according to where you live, as it only offers West, Europe, East, or Asia. Once you have selected the appropriate region, use your credentials to log in again on the desired platform and verify if the application starts working or not. It has managed to help a few users overcome the inconvenient issues of it not working, so there is a slight chance it might do the same for you too.

Link The Platform With The Save File

Now you may be wondering what the save file has to do with solving the app from not working but rest assured, it is by far the most suggested fix right now by a lot of players. The basic gist is that the platform where you own or play NBA 2K23 must have the game’s save file on it in order to establish a link with your account properly.

It is one of the well-known causes behind the errors of the app and one where having the save file of the title can resolve the issue in a matter of a few minutes. There might’ve been a rare event where you must’ve launched the app before making a profile or saving data on the game itself.

So for that, we just recommend hopping back onto your game and making another profile there just to check if it helps you login into the game.

If you want to delete your current one, we advise backing it up on the Xbox Live or PS Plus Cloud storage in case you want to use it again instead of the new one. So if you own NBA 2K23 on the PS5, then make sure to sign in to the app with your PSN ID as well as evaluate beforehand that the game has a registered profile save on it. If you are still stuck, then we can resort to some other unconventional loopholes too,

Clean The Cache Data

There are numerous instances where the valuable data in software can go corrupt in an instant, causing major damage for users and players. There are also times when they may perform irrationally and end up dishing out irritating bugs and glitches, so all smartphone users must know how to clean their cache data.

It is the non-existent form of data that will clog up the memory of the application, which is especially important to clear up if you want to run them with ease. Thankfully most smartphone users can follow our step-by-step guide to clean up the cache data on their devices:

The Apps section
  • Open up the main settings or application on your mobile phone.
  • Now navigate to where you can modify the Apps located on your phone.
  • If done correctly, you will now be able to see the list of installed applications located on your smartphone’s internal storage and SD card.
App cache
Cleaning the app cache
  • Scroll through the list and locate the NBA2K23 app, which should be labeled easily, so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding it.
  • Once you do, select it, and then check to see if you can modify its Storage options.
  • You should now be able to view the action to clear either its internal data or cache.
  • We would first recommend cleaning up the latter as it will be fast, and you will be able to head back into the companion app to see if it resolves the problem.
  • If not, we would then suggest using the Clear Data option, which will reset some of the functions of the app. But rest assured, it won’t harm your valuable data or the app. You will only have to log in again, which should only take a few seconds to do so in order to check if the solution worked.

Wait For Application Updates

NBA 2K23 App not Working
The Official Twitter Account of NBA 2K23

If none of the fixes we have mentioned have worked out, then the last thing that you can do is wait for the developers at 2K and Visual Concepts to roll out an update to the app. It will hopefully resolve some of the unfixable errors and iron out the bugs and glitches.

According to the Official Twitter account of the game itself, the team is fully aware of the ongoing issues players are having with running the application on their smartphones. Hence why it is only a matter of time before they roll out a patch that will get surely get the app working just as new again.

Thankfully having the patience isn’t much of an issue either, as the application doesn’t have too many critical features needed for the game.

So in the meantime, play the game normally and wait a few days or a week until they can update you with a notification saying that the update is available to download. It will install itself automatically in most smartphones, but in the rare chance that it doesn’t, you can update it yourself by manually heading to your respective app store and, from its main store page, downloading the new patch.

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