Scorn Crashing On PC [FIXED]

This Scorn Crashing on PC guide will uncover how to fix the consistent crashing error being faced by PC players!

Story Highlights
  • Scorn crashing means that whenever players launch up the game, it ends up crashing on launch.
  • The main benefit of fixing this issue will be that you will be able to play the game with ease!
  • The best way to get rid of the consistent crashing is by checking your Drivers, running Lasso, QCPU and many more.
  • If you do not fix the crashing error, then you won't be able to enjoy Scorn fully.

Scorn players have consistently experienced issues with the game, which our Scorn Crashing on PC guide will show you how to fix! 

While Scorn is a recently released horror game and is surely gaining popularity, it has been facing issues such as consistently crashing at launch. Most of these issues are being complained about by players, such as on Reddit forums.

Other issues will typically include crashing and being stuck on the loading screen, then the game automatically crashing, specifically faced by PC users. Therefore, we will discuss a few ways to eliminate this issue! Make sure to read up on our Overwatch 2 Crashing guide!

Privacy Options 

Scorn Privacy Settings
Privacy Settings (Image Captured By Exputer)

One of the first fixes you can try out is to head over to the settings from the bottom bar, and once it’s opened up, you can head over to the Privacy options. You will see four main options from here, as seen above. Toggle the following settings: 

  • Let apps use advertising ID: Off
  • Let websites provide locally relevant content: Off
  • Let Windows track app launch: Off
  • Show me suggested content: Off

Game Mode 

Scorn Game Mode
Game Mode (Image Captured By Exputer)

After that, you can make your way back to the settings and head over to your Game Mode, allowing Windows to optimize your PC to run properly for running Scorn. How about checking out our Disney Dreamlight Valley Keeps Crashing guide!

  • Toggle Game Mode to “On.” 

From there, click on “Captures,” and you will see an option for “background recording.” Simply toggle it off, which will immediately help fix basic issues with the game. Now, let’s move on to the complicated steps. 

DX/Lasso/QCPU Fixes 

After that, you will need to access applications such as DirectX12, Lasso, and Quick CPU, which we will discuss in detail further. Players need to extract the files by clicking on their trackpad and opening it up. 


Scorn Direct X12
Direct X12 (Image Captured By Exputer)

Once you open the DX file, there will be an application by the name of “Directx 12” that you will need to install. Once it’s installed, the setup for DirectX will open up, with players accepting the agreements. 

Click “accept,” click next, then check to mark the “Install the Bing Bar” option, and click on next. After that, it will automatically start installing components which can take a few minutes. Once it’s done installing, click on Finish. Do not miss out on our Fifa 23 Crashing guide!


Scorn Optimization
Optimization (Image Captured By Exputer)

Moving on, click on the “ Optimisation” file, and you will be met with tons of different files in front of you, such as

  • CPU Optimisation 
  • CPU Priority class
  • Disable power throttling
  • Game optimizations 

And many more, as can be seen above. You will need to run each of these files so that your CPU is best optimized, and then you need to head back to the five folders. 


Scorn Lasso
Lasso (Image Captured By Exputer)

After that, you can further click on the Lasso file, and in front of you, there will be two files, 

  • Bitsum Process Lasson Pro
  • Bitsum Process Lasso Pro

Go ahead and click “extract files” for the “Bitsum Process Lasso Pro,” and install the file. It will open up a folder by the name of “Setup,” and when you click on it, you will be led to two options, which will be “Process lasso setup 32” and “process lasso setup 64”. And you will need to install the 64-bit version. 

After it’s done installing, open it up, click on “Main” in the above bar, and checkmark the option “ProBalance enabled.” As for the Active power profile where there will be 4 options: 

  • Balanced
  • Bitsum Highest Performance 
  • High Performance 
  • Power Saver

And checkmark “High Performance.” And then go ahead and close out from Lasso towards the five folders. Our Return To Monkey Island Crashing guide might be a worthwhile read for you. 


Scorn QCPU
QCPU (Image Captured By Exputer)

Next up, click on QCPU, and you will be given two options: “QuickCPUSetup-”. Repeat the same steps as the previous files, where you can extract the first file and then run the program. 

After it has been installed, open up Quick CPU, which will take a while to load up. In front of you, it will showcase a few bits of data, such as: 

  • Cpu Data 
  • CPU Performance
  • CPU Temperature
  • CPU Utilisation
  • Power Data 

And more. 

Underneath the Power Data option, click on the system power plan, and select “High Performance.” And if you look down, there will be 3 options. Our NBA 2K23 Keeps Crashing guide is a must-read!

  • Core Parking Index
  • Turbo Boost Index
  • Frequency Scaling Index 

Toggle all of them to 100%, then click on Apply, which will save the settings. 

RAM Optimisation 

Lastly, click on the RAM Optimisation files, and there will be two files 

  • LargePage_util.exe
  • RAM Management-Overall System 

Run both of the files, and it will showcase a pop-up window on which you can click on “Yes” and then press on “Ok” under the Registry Editor pop-up, which will complete the optimizations. 

Delete Junk Files 

Another option that you can try out will be to get rid of a few junk files. 

  • Press Windows + R
  • Underneath the open option, type “prefetch.”
  • Click on “Continue”

It will open up a crap ton of files that your PC will not need and might have been the source cause of the issue. Click on Control+A to select all the files and delete the files. Next, 

  • Press Windows+ R
  • Type “%temp%”
  • Click on Control + A 
  • Delete all files

Other Methods 

Moving on, there are a few quick fixes that you can try out that might help with the Scorn Crashing on PC issue. 

GPU Drivers 

Players need to make sure that they have the optimal GPU drivers and make sure that they download the proper version, which will be version 522.25 released by Nvidia. The Geforce game-ready driver will be 801 MB and will be tailor-made for Scorn and games like it. 

Software Updates 

If players weren’t already made aware, they would need to have at least Windows 10 or, preferably, Windows 11 in order to run Scorn properly. To find out which windows you are on, you can simply click on Windows + R and type out “Winver,” which will show an option called “About Windows,” and it will help you with figuring out what windows update you are running. 

Antivirus Settings 

If nothing else works, you can also try to see whether your Antivirus has allowed you to run your game. Chances are that if your file ends in .exe, then Antivirus will be on high alert. 


With that, these were a few ways that you can attempt to fix crashing. If these don’t seem to work, then you can simply try restarting your devices, reinstalling the game, etc. with that, we will wrap up our Scorn Crashing on PC guide! While you’re at it, why not read our Steelrising Crashing on PC guide!

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