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Final Fantasy XIV has been an interesting affair. It originally launched in 2010 but was soon shut down after founding no considerable success. The developers then decided to rebuild the game from top to bottom and eventually made the title exceedingly more enjoyable. That said, players have still been running into multiple errors within the game, such as the FFXIV launcher error 30413 that prevents them from playing. In that case, you can try multiple fixes and get the game to work again pronto. 

Key Highlights

  • Error 30413 occurs when the game tries to download a patch and fails.
  • It can be fixed by running the game as an Administrator.
  • Using a VPN also helps alleviate this issue.
  • If all else fails, reinstalling the game is also an option.

In this article, therefore, we’ll be going through all the possible ways of fixing this launcher error. Be sure to follow each listed method carefully to yield the best results. 

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How To Fix FFXIV Launcher Error 30413

The FFXIV launcher error 30413 occurs when the game is trying to download patches but it repeatedly fails while doing so. The error code that you then get isn’t solely 30413. It comes in a combination with other error codes as well, including 25008 and 20495. The image below illustrates what’s it like when you see the issue popping up on your screen. 

ffxiv launcher error 30413
FFXIV Launcher Error

Why the game does this has multiple reasons. One of them being incorrect port forwarding that we’ll talk about later on in the article. Furthermore, an issue with the DNS server or your router itself might be preventing the game to download patches. Don’t fret though because we at eXputer have you covered. 

If you’ve been trying to play the game lately but just haven’t been able to do that because of this error, we feel you. This guide article is going to entail multiple working solutions for the FFXIV launcher error 30413, so you can get back to playing at full tilt. Just be sure to follow each of them meticulously to achieve the best results. Without any further ado then, let’s dive right into the fixes. 

1. Run the Game as An Administrator

We’re going to start off with an exceedingly simple yet effective solution. Many players make this common mistake of not running the game in administrator mode thereby limiting themselves from living the game’s core experience. Surely no one wants that, so it’s best that you get into this basic fix first before getting into the more complicated ones. If it works, you’ll be saving tons of time and effort. 

  1. The first step is to locate the desktop client of Final Fantasy XIV. You can use the Windows Search bar to double down on your search or even the File Explorer if you know the path. Once you’ve done that, right-click on it to reveal more options. Click on “Properties” to get to the next step.
Clicking on "Properties"
Clicking on “Properties”

2. You might be wondering to yourself: why not click on “Run as administrator” straight away and try launching the game as it is? That would work too, but if we’re opting for a more permanent solution. Therefore, click on “Advanced” in the subsequently opening window to get to the next step. 

ffxiv launcher error 30413
Clicking on “Advanced” Settings

3. Once done, you should be seeing another small-scale window. This is where you’ll be able to check the box of “Run as administrator.” Click on it and then finalize by selecting “OK.” Doing so should do the job for us. 

Running Final Fantasy XIV as Administrator
Running Final Fantasy XIV as Administrator

That’s about it for the first fix on the list! With some luck, you’ll now be able to download the patches of the game without the launcher error popping up. Go ahead and start Final Fantasy XIV now to see if the issue has gone away. If not, read on for a host of other tip-top solutions. 

Change the Launcher’s Layout

If you’re still playing Final Fantasy XIV through the original launcher, the issue could be residing within the relatively recent update it received back in the day. Therefore, all that you have to do in this case is change the launcher’s layout and you’ll be golden. Doing that is nothing but painless and we’ll be walking you through the process below. 

  1. Begin by starting the Final Fantasy XIV launcher on your Windows 10 PC. Be sure not to forget launching the game as an administrator to avoid any potential problems right from the get-go. 
ffxiv launcher error 30413 fix
Launching Final Fantasy XIV

2. When you’re at the main homescreen, look for a gear icon in the top-right corner. This is where you’ll be accessing the launcher’s configuration settings. Click on it to continue.

Accessing the Launcher's Configuration Settings
Accessing the Launcher’s Configuration Settings

3. You’re now at the “Config” section of the launcher following the previous step. Look to the bottom of the page and you’ll see “Change Layout.” Click on the toggle beside it. This will prompt the program to reboot and use the previous user interface with relatively sized down processes. 

ffxiv launcher error 30413 25008
Changing Launcher Layout

You’ve successfully changed the launcher’s layout and doing so should now promptly fix the FFXIV 30413 launcher error. You can try out other solutions given below if this fix didn’t quite make the cut for you. 

Change Your DNS Settings

You can change your PC’s DNS to resolve the “unable to download patch files” error in Final Fantasy XIV. This is a working solution to the problem at hand and numerous players have found success with it. DNS is an acronym that stands for Domain Name System. Its primary purpose is to form a connection between the internet and web browsers and regulate communication between the two entities. An incorrectly set DNS could be causing the launcher error, so it’s best that you tend to it right away. 

Google’s default DNS that powers our networking computers is somewhere along the lines of or The FFXIV launcher error 30413 could be arising if you have either of these. Therefore, the following is a step-by-step guide that describes the process of changing your DNS settings. Be sure to follow each step carefully to yield the best results.

How to Change DNS Settings

The following steps are going to take it from here. 

  1. Begin by heading over to your Windows “Settings.” That can be done easily by either accessing the app from the Taskbar if you have it pinned there or through the Windows Start menu. 
Opening Settings on Windows 10
Opening Settings on Windows 10

  2. The next step is to select “Network and Internet” from the main menu. This will take you to your device’s network settings and that is exactly where we want to go. 

ffxiv launcher error 30413 25008 10009
Clicking on Network and Internet Settings

3. Good going so far. Now that you’re in the relevant section, your next task is to scroll down within the “Status” area that you can see highlighted on the left and find the “Change network settings” tab. You’ll find an option called “Change adapter settings” below here. Click on it to continue to the next step. 

Changing Adapter Options
Changing Adapter Options

4. Clicking on “Change adapter options” as specified in the photo above will lead you to open another window called Network Connections. You’ll have to select the right connection type for your Windows 10 PC to proceed from this stage. For instance, if you’re using a wired connection using an Ethernet cable, select “Ethernet.” We’re using Wi-Fi, so we’ll choose that for this guide to illustrate the process ahead. Double-click on whatever connection you’re using out of the given 4 and select “Properties.” 

ffxiv launcher error 30413 30607 10009 10019
Selecting the Correct Connection Type

5. The next step when you’ve clicked on your preferred connection type is to scroll down a little on the window that opens and click on “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).” Once done, select “Properties” to continue. 

ffxiv launcher error 30413 25008
Opening the Properties of IPv4

6. This is where you’ll be entering your own DNS settings. Click on the toggle beside “Use the following DNS server addresses” to unlock the specified field. Make sure you’re selecting this option that’s at the bottom rather than the one at the top. Once done, enter in in the space for “Preferred DNS server” and that should do the trick for us. Click on “OK” as soon as you’re done to continue.

Changing the DNS Settings
Changing the DNS Settings

7. The settings aren’t actually saved until you close the preceding window too. We’re talking about the connection properties window that allowed you to access the Internet Protocol Version 4 and DNS settings. Click on “Close” therefore to finalize the process. 

Closing the Connection Properties Window
Closing the Connection Properties Window

8. We’re almost at the end now. One final tas that now remains to be completed is flushing the cache of the previous DNS. This will make sure no remnant of old DNS settings will continue to hinder your Final Fantasy XIV experience. Get started with this step by using the shortcut key combination of the “Windows” and “R” key. That should bring up the Run application. Alternatively, you can also search for it using the Windows Search bar.

ffxiv launcher error 30413 25007 20495
Opening the Run Application

9. With the Run app all fired up, type in the following command and press the “Enter” key to flush your old DNS. Doing so should genuinely resolve all DNS-related causes of the FFXIV launcher error 30413 20496

ipconfig /flushDNS
Flushing the Cache of the Previous DNS
Flushing the Cache of the Previous DNS

Now that you’ve successfully changed your DNS settings, there’s a fat chance that you’ve fixed the launcher error. Fire up your game again to see if the issue still persists. If it does, continue reading for more fixes as you still haven’t targeted the root cause of those error codes.  

Use a VPN  

A Virtual Private Network or more colloquially known as VPN can practically solve the FFXIV launcher error 30413 25008 20495 for you. A VPN works by hiding your IP address and using another in place of it, primarily for keeping your connection secure and protected. Other unofficial uses of a VPN include bypassing geo-blocked content and getting past the constraint of limited servers

ProtonVPN is one of the best free VPNs you’ll find. It’s fast, performs smoothly, and has enough basic functionality to go with. It does comprise a premium plan should you be interested in buying one, but the base version should suffice for resolving the FFXIV launcher error 30413.

Therefore, using the outbound link embedded above, you can get yourself the free version right away. You will have to sign up for an account on the website before proceeding any further though. 

ffxiv launcher error 30413 25008
Opting for the Free Version of Proton VPN

A word of advice is due here. Most Final Fantasy XIV players have complained that the VPN option isn’t working for them. While that could be a genuine possibility, you should know why a VPN doesn’t work for players in most cases. It’s recommended to connect from countries other than Australia or the United States for the best results. If Singapore is an available option for you, go for it. You’re free to try other countries as well but do avoid the aforementioned two. 

Disable Your Antivirus

A multitude of Final Fantasy XIV players have conformed to a single solution of the launcher error 30413. It turns out that disabling your currently installed antivirus software works like a charm and revives the game’s functionality. Some of the most popular programs that people use include Norton, Avast, Bitdefender, and Avira.

This will be fairly easy to do but will take some time, so better get to it right away. No need to worry about laying down your device’s protective shields, since this process is going to be short-term only. All you have to do is confirm whether disabling your device’s antivirus does the trick or not.

Venture into the settings of the specific program you have for fighting off malicious baddies and find a way of disabling it. If you have Norton, follow the steps listed below to disable it. 

  1. Right-click on the Norton app icon located in the Taskbar. This will open up multiple options for you.
  2. Select “Disable Auto-Protect” and “Disable Firewall.”
  3. Pick the duration for which you want these settings disabled and click on “OK.”

How to Disable Windows Firewall Settings

You’re going to have to make quite a few clicks in order to completely disable Windows Firewall settings, including that of the Windows Defender ones. The steps listed below are going to walk you through the process. Be sure to follow each of them for the best results.

  1. Begin by opening your Windows 10 Settings” application. Click on the app icon in the Taskbar if you have it there or simply use the Windows Search bar to pinpoint the program. 
Opening Settings on Windows 10
Opening Settings on Windows 10

2. The next step is to click on “Update and Security” out of the options that appear on the main setting “Settings” screen. This will take you to another page, which is where we have to go. 

ffxiv launcher error 30413 20496
Opening Update & Security

3. You’ll find plenty of more options after clicking on “Update and Security.” Look to the column on the left and select “Windows Security.” 

Clicking on Windows Security
Clicking on Windows Security

4. Doing so will change the contents on the screen. Click on “Virus and threat protection” next to proceed. 

ffxiv launcher error 30413
Selecting “Virus and threat protection”

5. As soon as you click on “Virus and threat protection,” another window will pop up. This will be the Windows Security section. You’ll now have to click on “Manage settings” under the aforementioned tab to get to the next step. The following image specifies where to click.  

ffxiv launcher error 30413 25008 10009
Managing “Virus and Threat Protection Settings”

6. Here, you’ll have to click on multiple toggles to disable threat protection altogether. The settings that you have to turn off are: Real-time protectionCloud-delivered protectionAutomatic sample submission, and Tamper Protection. Turn them all off one by one to continue. 

Turning off Virus and Threat Protection
Turning off Virus and Threat Protection

7. You’ve just got one more task remaining before you can finally fix the unable to download patch files error. Click on “Firewall and network protection” from within the Windows Security window. You’ll find that option on left column of the page. 

ffxiv launcher error 30413 25008 20405
Clicking on “Firewall and Network Protection”

8. Doing so will change the contents of the middle of the screen. You’ll now see multiple network types, including Domain network, Private network, and Public network. Click on whatever network you’re using. If you’re unsure about that, look for the (active) label beside the type of the network. I’m using a Public network so the system will highlight that. Look at the following screenshot for a visual illustration.  

Accessing Network Type
Accessing Network Type

9. The next step is to simply disable Microsoft Defender Firewall using the in-built prompt. Click on the toggle to finalize the process. You will be required to confirm your selection via the User Account Control prompt. Simply select “Yes” and you’ll be all set.

fxiv launcher error 30413 10009 10019

That’s about it for laying down your PC’s defenses and giving the game a little breathing room. For some users, this is a definite FFXIV launcher error 30413 fix and I genuinely hope that it’s the same with you. Try launching the game and see if it downloads the patches uninterruptedly now. If you see the numerous error codes still pop up, you, unfortunately, have other measures to take. Keep on reading for more fixes to try.   

Configure Your Router

Another possible fix that has helped many players resolve the FFXIV launcher error 30413 is tweaking with the internet router. The 30413 error, in specific, is circulated on forums as a port problem and is therefore fixed by configuring the router or modem that you use. 

Lack of sufficient communication will prevail if the router isn’t tuned optimally. You definitely need to put some work in here to promptly resolve the problem at hand. Final Fantasy XIV requires the following ports opened, forwarded, or triggered for perfect functioning: 

  • 54992 — 54994
  • 55006 — 55007
  • 55021 — 55040

You can refer to a website called Port Forward to get help setting up your router the right way. The gist of it is that you have to enter your router’s specific brand and model number on the website. You first have to access the list of routers present on the site. It’ll be a separate web page and pretty expansive, so do take your time in plucking out the right one.

Once done, use the model number of your router and you’ll get a detailed guide for port forwarding. It’s a step-by-step process that requires a fair share of technical know-how, so if you’re not able to get this done yourself, consider contacting your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Change Your Router

If you’ve had no luck with configuring your router, then it’s best that you change the router altogether. One user who has had the same launcher error says that they recently received a new router with multiple improvements over the old one.

However, they couldn’t get the game to download patch files using this router’s internet connection. The definite fix was to switch back to the previous router and it somehow did the trick. If the situation sounds similar, you know what you have to do. 

Reinstall the Game 

If you’ve tried everything but nothing has worked so far, the time is nigh to give your game a proper uninstall. 7 times out of 10, a reinstall generally fixes most problems related to a PC game. You can use a fresh start in this case and download all patch updates from the beginning for Final Fantasy XIV

This can be easily done by hovering over to the “Add or remove programs” section in your Windows Settings. Once you’re there, scroll down the list of installed applications and find Final Fantasy XIV. Click on the app to reveal more options and promptly select “Uninstall” to rid the system of the game. 

Uninstalling Final Fantasy XIV
Uninstalling Final Fantasy XIV

You can then proceed to install the game from whatever source you got it from first. We personally recommend shooting for Steam as it’s one of the most polished gaming platforms on the planet with a relatively less number of potential issues. As soon as you’ve installed the game, try running it again and see if it updates normally now. Hopefully, the FFXIV launcher error 30413 has been resolved on its own.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my FFXIV Download Keep Stopping?

Your FFXIV download keeps stopping mainly because of a port problem. It can be due to an incorrectly configured internet router or your antivirus that’s preventing the game from downloading patch files.

How Do I Uninstall FFXIV?

You can uninstall FFXIV by simply heading to your Windows “Apps” section, finding Final Fantasy XIV from the drop-down list and clicking on Uninstall.

How Do I Fix the FFXIV Launcher?

You can fix the FFXIV launcher by changing its layout to the old one, running the program as an administrator, and changing your DNS settings.

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