How To Fix Star Citizen Error 60015

A comprehensive guide to troubleshooting Star Citizen error 60015 in no time!

Star Citizen is a viral and immersive game that has succeeded over the years. However, like with any game, specific issues may arise, and one of the most common is Star Citizen Error 60015. This error code is notorious for disrupting gameplay and causing frustration for gamers worldwide. It is associated with the game’s server or the player’s internet connection. This error happens when the game client cannot connect to the game server, which prevents players from accessing the game’s lobby. Although this error has several potential causes, network connectivity problems are the most frequent.

  1. Star Citizen Error 60015 is a common connection issue that can prevent players from accessing Star Citizen’s online features.
  2. Network issues, server problems, or outdated network drivers typically cause the error.
  3. To troubleshoot this error, players can try resetting their internet connection, updating their drivers, and turning off the antivirus firewall.
  4. If none of the troubleshooting steps works out, try contacting Star Citizen Support Team

Update The Network Driver

You can fix the error simply by updating the network driver. Updating the network drivers can cause any missing or corrupted files to be updated or replaced by their correct versions. If none of the other methods work, try contacting star citizen support for further assistance.  

Steps To Update The Network Drivers

  1. Type “Device Manager” in the Windows search box.
  2. Expand your network adapters.
  3. Click on “Update drivers.” 
  4. Find “Search automatically for drivers.”
  5. Finish the updating process.
  6.  Launch Star Citizen to see if the error has been resolved.
Update network drivers in device manager
Update network drivers

Change Country And Region

Before you do anything else, It is advised for you to check your Internet connectivity. The most common method to fix your mistake is changing or updating your country or Region. This is the most effective and efficient solution to the star citizen error. In-detail steps to do so are explained below.

Steps To Change Country And Region

The following are the steps:

  1. Visit the Star Citizen website.
  2. Click on “Account” and sign in with your credentials. 
  3. Click on “Account”
  4. Go to “Settings”
  5. Click on “Profile”
  6. Click on “Change your country.”
  7. Then, “Change your region.”
  8. Launch Star Citizen to see if the error persists.
Star Citizen Account
Star Citizen Account
Account settings on RSI Website
Account settings
Go to profile in account overview
Change country and region
Change country and region

Whitelist Star Citizen In The Firewall

The device network firewall is responsible for gatekeeping the device network from malicious content and programs. In some cases, the firewall also blocks programs that are not harmful as anticipated. 

If the game Star Citizen is found on the blocklist of the network firewall, remove it from the list. To ensure that the same situation is not faced in the future, you should also put the game on the list of exceptions for the firewall.

Steps To Whitelist Star Citizen In The Firewall

  1.  Open the Start menu.
  2.  Navigate to your “Windows Security”
  3.  Select “Firewall and network protection.”
  4.  Click on “Allow apps through the firewall.”
  5.  Click on “Save changes.”
  6. Next, Save your settings and restart Windows. 
Firewall And Network Protection
Firewall And Network Protection
Allow an app through firewall
Allow an app through the firewall

Power Cycle

A power cycle entails turning off and turning back on your modem or router. This procedure typically aids in removing extraneous files or data responsible for the Star Citizen problem and clearing out unnecessary files or data causing the Star Citizen error. If nothing error seems to work, try contacting star citizen support.

Steps to Power Cycle Internet:

  1.  To shut it down, press the power button.
  2. Remove the power cables from the internet router and outlet.
  3.  Give it a 2–3-minute rest.
  4.  Plug the power cables back into the router and outlet.
  5.  Turn on your Internet Router.
  6.  Launch the game to check for errors.

Modify DNS

A domain name system is a database that converts the familiar hostnames humans use to access the Internet into IP addresses. These are numbers that computers can understand (e.g.,

It enables users and hosts to use more remembered DNS names rather than needing to enter a website’s IP address to visit a website. DNS is a crucial component of how the Internet functions. By modifying your DNS, you can fix the errors you may experience while playing Star Citizen.

Steps To Modify DNS

  1. Launch Windows settings by pressings “Win + I.” 
  2. Click on “Network and settings.”
  3. Click on “Edit,” located next to the DNS server assignment.
  4. Click on “manual.” 
  5. Toggle the switch on for IPv4. It could be IPv6 as well. 
  6. Set DNS to and
  7. Save all changes.
  8. Relaunch the Star Citizen game to see if Star Citizen error 60015 persists. 
Network and Internet and go to ethernet
Network and Internet
Edit DNS Server
Edit DNS Server
Edit DNS Settings
Edit DNS Settings

Turn Off Any VPN Services

It is advised to turn off any VPN services you have enabled on your device while running the game. You must turn off the program and all the background processes associated with the VPN. This might increase your chances of fixing this error.

Steps To Turn Off VPN

  1. Launch “Settings” through the Windows start menu.
  2. Click on “Network and Settings”
  3. Select “VPN” in the menu.
  4. Select “VPN connection.”
  5. Click on “Disable VPN”
  6. Launch the game to see if the error persists.
Turn Off VPN Services for better gameplay
Turn Off VPN Services

Check Server Status

Checking server status can also increase your chances of fixing the error. If the server is down, your game won’t connect to the right platform. It would be best to connect to a server to play the game. If the server is down, you will undeniably be kicked out of the game.

If you tried to access the Star Citizen Lobby during the server outage, you would face the error code 60015. You can check the status of the server through the server status page online. Contact Star Citizen support for further assistance.

Check for the server status in the RSI Website.
Checking server status

Contact Star Citizen Support

If this issue persists in Star Citizen even after trying the above troubleshooting steps, it may be necessary to contact the official team for further assistance. Star Citizen’s dedicated support team can assist players with technical issues and other problems; their team will always support you around the clock. 

Steps to Star Citizen Support:

  1.  To contact Star Citizen support, visit their website (RSI) and submit a support ticket. Please provide them with basic information about yourself, the error messages you’re encountering, methods you’ve already tried, and the platform you’re playing on. This information will help them evaluate your issues and assist you accordingly.
    Submit a request through star citizen support
    Star citizen support (RSI)
  2. Star Citizen (RSI) has an online “community tech support forum” where players can discuss their concerns. The community forum brings together players from around the world who are experiencing similar issues as you. It also gives steps, tips, tricks, and insights on various errors and concerns.
    Communicate with other people online facing the same issue on Community tech support.
    Community Tech Support
  3.  Please follow the instructions in this article and over the official Star Citizen platform for a better experience. A tailored solution will be provided to you by the team, which will solve your issues. 

Ending Thoughts

Various connectivity issues can cause the Star Citizen error 60015. It is widespread and appears during headlong missions. If you encounter this error message, try troubleshooting your network connection, restarting the gamechecking for updates, clearing the cache, and contacting Star Citizen Support if necessary. Fortunately, following these steps can increase your chances of resolving the issue. Additionally, get back to playing Star Citizen without interruption and improving your gameplay.


Does antivirus software cause the Star Citizen error 600015?

Sometimes, antivirus or firewall software can interfere with Star Citizen’s network connectivity and trigger Error 60015.

Can using a VPN help me avoid Error 60015?

Sometimes, a VPN (a virtual private network) can improve your network connectivity and help you avoid Error 60015.

What should I do if I continue to face this error?

If you are continuously facing this error, you can contact the Star Citizen Support team; they can help you find a solution.

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