Tower of Fantasy Wanderer Creation Limit Reached [FIXED]

Learn how to finalize creating your character and jump right into the game

Just got into this exciting new “shared-world” MMORPG but the Tower of Fantasy Wanderer creation limit reached issue is not letting you move ahead? A bunch of players are finding themselves similarly troubled and not being able to get into any multiplayer server at all. Of course, nothing about the matter is the least desirable.

Key Highlights
  • The Wanderer Creation Limit Reached error pertains to the servers, meaning the server is not allowing any more characters to be created.
  • The first thing to attempt is to restart your game and change your server to one with a green symbol on the screen before the character creation.
  • The error sometimes occurs due to a linking issue with your IP address, which you can resolve using a VPN to connect to a different region.
  • The high popularity surge has been causing issues with the servers, and the devs have taken notice. If nothing else works, you’ll have to wait for them to fix the problem.

What Is Wanderer Creation Limit Reached?

Wanderer Creation Limit Reached Tower of Fantasy
Wanderer Creation Limit Reached Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy just made landfall in relatively recent times, letting users try out a sparsely unique concept from the 10th of August. When you’re starting out with it, you’ll observe that the action-adventure open-world title features a character picker, surfacing only after you’ve chosen a server to play in. 

That is exactly where this unsettling issue happens to spring up. After picking a multiplayer server on the basis of your region, you’re thrown right into the character creator screen. However, as soon as that happens, an error occurs, sporting a description that seems nothing but vague. 

Before you get started with creating a character, you’re shown the Wanderer creation limit reached in the game right there and then. To new users, now this may seem pretty odd. You haven’t even created your first character, so why does it say that you’ve exceeded the maximum capacity?

Simply put, the server you’ve chosen prior to the player picker screen is allowing no more users to create new characters. Therefore, it’s no longer possible to play Tower of Fantasy using that specific server. Other users have beat you to it as it seems, so you’re repeatedly get taken back to the server selection area of the game. 

How To Fix Wanderer Creation Limit Reached

The vexing bother plaguing many aspiring Tower of Fantasy players is a recurrent issue. Implement the following potential fixes and determine whether they help switch things up for you. 

Change Your Server In Tower of Fantasy

A quick and easy way to fix the Wanderer creation limit reached error in the game is to change your server right before you’re made to enter the character selector screen. This is how users have been getting past the issue in question at the moment, so you should truly follow suit and confirm whether that will help straighten things out. 

To get started, shut down the game if you have it up and running. Once done, launch it up. When you’re at the title screen, proceed toward the account registration step and enter your name and other needed credentials. As soon as you’re finished with that, you’ll be prompted to select the server to play Tower of Fantasy in. 

Take a look at the following screenshot. There’s something utterly important to observe here. If you observe closely, you’ll notice that each server name has a depiction of its maintenance beside it. There’s even a legend at the bottom of the window detailing what each color depiction means. 

To break it down for you, go ahead and try getting into servers that are marked with a green circular symbol. Strictly avoid those that are depicted in red. This is standard lingo here. 

However, some users are reporting that no matter the level of maintenance upheld by the game’s servers, they still cannot get in. To this, you have to keep up trial-and-error, constituting frequent reboots of the game and the system that you’re playing on. Additionally, you will need to repeatedly try joining green-lit servers. 

Making things easier for you to grasp is the following screenshot. Mind the shoddy illustration, but you should be able to get the point. Ignore the servers that have the red-colored circular icon right beside them. This distinct hue will make it painless for you to distinguish between high probability servers and low ones. 

Picking the Right Server in Tower of Fantasy
Picking the Right Server in Tower of Fantasy

Keep going at the technique detailed above and you will be able to get favorable results hopefully. Thanks to the vibrant early community of Tower of Fantasy, things are a little wobbly with regard to the title’s server maintenance at the moment. That said, the developers should be hard at work looking to switch that up soon.

We’ve gone ahead and listed two other potential solutions relating closely to the server-centric issue that we have here. It’s for the best that you give these a shot as well while you’re at it. 

Use A VPN To Get Different Servers 

The Tower of Fantasy Wanderer creation limit reached pertains to the game’s official servers. It surfaces when a stable connection to the game cannot be established. The issue could link with the IP address that you have and the locality you reside in.

Therefore, in cases such as these, it’s definitely worth taking up the service of a Virtual Protocol Network, or better yet, a VPN, and confirming whether doing so helps resolves the matter problem or not. You can find a swath of VPN software out on the internet, both paid and free.

If you don’t have a premium program for the purpose already like TorGuard, it would be fitting to nudge you toward ProtonVPN—a high-quality and free-to-use VPN that switches up your IP address and lets you browse with thorough security.

At the moment, however, it’s not the privacy feature that concerns us, but how the software can attempt to connect to Tower of Fantasy’s servers from another region to check if that would solve the issue.

After you manage to establish a link to another region with your VPN, try getting into a server like one normally would and see whether the same mundane issue seeps into its place again. If you still haven’t lucked out though, there is one more potential fix to shoot at that’ll possibly help you get back on your feet in the game.

Why Are Users Facing The Wanderer Creation Limit Error? 

One simple reason: a high surge in popularity and a terrific launch day. Tower of Fantasy has acquired universal acclaim and even had over 5 million registered users before it was even released to various platforms.

If that doesn’t spell trouble in paradise, we don’t know what does—speaking from a server maintenance perspective purely. Everyone seems to be trying to get into Tower of Fantasy one way or the other, and this concurrently existing mass of players has somehow shaken up the server configuration.

The developers have taken notice already through their official Twitter handle and have posted the following as well. Credit where it’s due, the officials have at least addressed the problem as soon as it popped up. The latter is not something every game developer can brag about, that’s for sure.    

Tower of Fantasy Wanderer creation limit reached
Tower of Fantasy Twitter Update

The best course of action apart from trying the fixes outlined above is to way until the devs have resolved the matter themselves. When an MMO with this much anticipation makes landfall, launch issues such as the Wanderer creation are bound to pop up. 

We advise you to stay in touch with the game’s creators on Twitter and other social media platforms and catch all the latest news coming your way. From what we can gather, troubled users who registered for the game before the August 11 deadline will receive a compensation reward, so there’s that added plus as well. 

The Wrap-Up

Tower of Fantasy is currently a hot shot in the free-to-play genre at the present. It hasn’t even been a week since the MMO’s official release and it has amassed millions of players already. Nothing but a tell-tale sign of success that the developers must be relishing right now. 

From the combat system and visual fidelity down to the very way the world environment looks like in Tower of Fantasy, many people are calling it a Genshin Impact clone. However, there are notable differences between the two IPs in terms of character customization and gameplay orientation.

To cast a lens on the latter a little, Genshin creates this whole system where you feel the need to create a team for yourself. In Tower of Fantasy though, the truth is the exact opposite. You’re made to partner up with other players in the unique “shared world environment” that the title ever so gracefully sports. 

You can try it out on a diversity of platforms, including Android, iOS, and PC (Steam). As far as the plot of Tower of Fantasy is concerned, the developers sure know how to engage players and make them fight for a worthy cause. You evacuate your planet and leave for another habitable planet called Aida. 

Earth’s natural resources are fully depleted, thereby making it impossible for life to flourish there. However, as you get to Aida, you find a catastrophic disaster taking place. Things are about to go haywire as you embark on an epic tale of adventure, thrill, and mystery in Tower of Fantasy.

Due to the MMO’s recent release and sky-scraping hype, millions of players have jumped in all at the same time, rendering the game unplayable for many. If you’re one of the affectees, hold on for a little longer as the developers work out a solution regarding the Wanderer creation limit reached bother.

In the case that the guide above helped you get back to playing, do let us know down in the comments section. eXputer wishes you good luck!

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