Lost Ark: Unable To Get Location Info [FIXED]

"Lost Ark's 'Unable to Get Location Info' error disrupts raid matchmaking; solutions include cache clearing, checking server status, off-peak play, queue override, and firewall access adjustment."

Lost Ark offers diverse activities crucial for character progression and enhancing strength, especially through endgame dungeons providing top-tier gear. However, initiating matchmaking via the Raid matches Bulletin Board might trigger an “Unable to Get Location Info” error.

This issue hampers players’ access to essential features like raid matches and matchmaking. This error usually arises during server maintenance or when servers go offline, impacting players reliant on completing these tasks regularly.

Lost Ark unable to get Location Info error
One of the few reappearing errors is the “Unable to get Location info” error in Lost Ark. (Image by eXputer)
Before we dive into the more complex stuff, why not give these easy fixes a shot first:

Key Takeaways

Fixes for “Unable to Get Location Info” Error:

  1. Check Server Status
  2. Play During Low Server Population
  3. Entering Queue Trick
  4. Allow Firewall Access

Check if The Servers are Down or Offline

Lost Ark location info error server status
The status of the game servers largely impacts the persistence of this error for many players across the Lost Ark.

Lost Ark, a hugely popular MMO, periodically undergoes updates for better performance. During these updates, game servers may go offline. Checking the server status is simple: head to Lost Ark’s Official Server Status on their main website. The site displays server information for the game’s five regions, marking servers as operational (green checkmark) or at full capacity (red cross). It includes a timestamp for the last update and icons indicating busy or maintenance status.

Play the Game During Non-Populated Hours

Lost Ark’s immense popularity leads to server overcrowding, especially during peak times. The influx of players overwhelms the servers, often resulting in full capacity across regions. Attempting to join dungeons or raids during these times may prompt the servers to go offline to manage the player load.

In such cases, some players may remain logged in but unable to match up due to the lack of available slots. It’s advisable to wait until the crowded players are filtered out before attempting matchmaking to avoid being affected by server congestion.

Override The Queue Popup

Here’s a workaround to address the “Unable to Get Location” issue in Lost Ark that helped me solve my problem. By pressing the Enter button with a 10-second interval—not too soon, but precisely every 10 seconds—you might prompt the queue to appear after a bit of time.

However, it’s crucial that both party members swiftly accept the queue once it pops up. This method aims to ensure the game registers your acceptance of the prompt before initiating another queue request. Rapidly pressing Enter might override the prompt, preventing it from being properly acknowledged by the game system. This workaround seems to offer consistency if executed correctly, allowing players to navigate past the “Unable to Get Location” hurdle in Lost Ark.

Allowing Firewall Network Access to the Game

Lost Ark firewall menu
The main application menu grants network permissions from Private and Public (Image by eXputer)

One of the last possible solutions to the location info error in Lost Ark is to grant full network permission to the game application in your system. Allowing firewall network access for Lost Ark involves permitting the game through your computer’s firewall settings.

Sometimes, security software or firewall configurations may restrict the game’s access to necessary network resources, causing the “Unable to Get Location” error in Lost Ark. To fix this, whitelist Lost Ark in the firewall directory. This action ensures that the game can communicate freely with the servers, resolving location-related errors and allowing smoother gameplay experiences.

My Thoughts

The “Unable to Get Location Info” error in Lost Ark is causing widespread issues (Nvidia, Reddit, and Steam) with raid matchmaking and dungeon access. The devs don’t seem to have gotten light about the issue yet. Forums and Twitter reflect frustration and offer various insights.

Personally, trying the delay matchmaking trick did the job for me. There has been no official response from the devs of Lost Ark on Twitter.

It’s not limited to one platform or country but seems tied to server load and maintenance, potentially caused by recent updates.

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