Lost Ark: Unable To Get Location Info [FIXED]

Unable to matchmake in Lost Ark due to the Location info Error? We have entailed the best possible solutions to fix this error in the game.

What is The Location Info Error 

Lost Ark unable to get Location Info error
One of the few reappearing errors is the “Unable to get Location info” error in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark is a game that has a plethora of activities and tasks to complete. These are necessary for your overall progression in the game as well as make your character stronger. One of the many activities that you will be doing to grow your character and its class is the Raid Matches in Lost Ark.

These are essentially endgame dungeons that provide the highest level gear in the game. You can solo the earliest ones like the guardian raid matches. However, you will most definitely have to do matchmaking with a party to be able to have a fighting chance against the Abyssal and Abyss raid matches.

However, at times when you initiate the ‘matchmake’ option in the Raid matches Bulletin Board menu. During this time, the “Unable to get Location Info” error will occur in Lost Ark. There have been many reports of the error on several communities and official forums related to the game.

Key Highlights

  • A common issue in Lost Ark is the “Unable to Get Location Info” error, which prevents players from accessing certain features like raid matches and matchmaking. This issue happens rarely and it can be fixed easily.
  • Mostly this error occurs when servers go offline or are under maintenance.
  • Players can possibly get rid of this error by restarting this PC. Restarting the pc is the most basic solution to these problems.
  • Players can also reset the game’s data and cache. Clearing data and cache helps most of the time.
  • Players can check the official server status of the game. If the servers are officially down, you will have to wait for the maintenance to be able to play the game.
  • There are other fixes including allowing the game to the network firewall. Players can also follow some workarounds mentioned in the official support forums of Lost Ark.
  • It is also recommended to check for updates and to ensure that the PC meets the minimum system requirements for Lost Ark.

It disables your entry to matchmaking in these raid matches and dungeons. It can cause a huge issue for players who need to complete them on a daily and weekly basis. The issue is similar to other errors in the game, like The Disk Write error in Lost Ark, which prevents you from downloading or updating its software.

It happens rarely but can be resolved with the right information and guidance. For now, let’s discuss the few ways you can fix the Location info error so you can continue to party up with players without any worries in Lost Ark.

How to Fix Location Info Error in Lost Ark

The error is known for occurring if the Servers go offline or usually when they are under Maintenance. There are various methods to solve this tedious error in the game. It may involve rebooting your system to some other unconventional ways that players have said weirdly worked on their end.

These errors generally happen to every single game on Steam, so there is nothing to be too much worried about. We assure you by using these methods, and the issue should be easily resolved. So without further delays, here are the exact step-by-step processes and ways to repair the “Unable to Get Location Info” error in Lost Ark.

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Restarting the PC

PC restart windows 10 Lost Ark
How to restart a PC in windows 10

It is the most basic solution to every single unsolvable error in games. If the error persists, you should stop everything you are doing and perform a restart from the windows icon and under ‘Power’.

It is the oldest trick in the book. One that many players use to resolve the most tenacious issues in classic videogames and even modern ones.

Sometimes, the server might not be the cause of the issue, and it may just be your hardware behaving randomly and unresponsive. So it is best just simply to give your system a reboot.

Just make sure to shut the game down from the main menu before you do this method. It may corrupt your saved data or progress. If the method does not work, it’s time we moved on to the other potentially working ones.

Check if The Servers are Down or Offline

Lost Ark location info error server status
The status of the game servers largely impacts the persistence of this error for many players across the Lost Ark.

Lost Ark is an insanely popular MMO, so more than likely, and the developers will need to patch in some updates to improve its ecosystem and performance. During this time, the servers of the game may be taken offline.

However, there is an easy way to check the actual status of the servers of the game. You will simply want to follow the Official Server Status of Lost Ark on their main website. It is pretty self-explanatory to navigate.

The site itself entails every piece of information related to the servers. You can check the status of each server situated through the five different regions of the game. The game will highlight the server status with either a green checkmark, which means they should be good, or a red cross to mark its population at full capacity.

There even went the extra mile of adding a timestamp of when the status was last updated at the bottom. Lastly, you can also notice icons to indicate when the servers may be busy or taken offline for maintenance.

Play the Game During Non-Populated Hours

There are hundreds of thousands of players populating the various servers in Lost Ark. It is easy for a game of this popularity to be overcrowded most of the time. Unfortunately, it is pretty obvious how the developers try to cram in so much content with so many players that the servers are doomed to be overpopulated.

Players trying to log in at the same time when the servers are full in almost every region might cause more harm than imaginable for other players.

So if you try to do matchmaking during dungeons or raids, the servers might get taken offline to accommodate more space for the queued players of Lost Ark.

There will be instances where some in-game players may not get ejected, so if you are in a position like them where you will still try to matchmake. However, by the time you do that, there won’t be any players left in the database for the game to add with you. So it is best to wait it out until the overcrowded players get zoned out.

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Workarounds From the Community of Lost Ark

Players have managed to find some plausible ways to fix the error by discussing them in various communities, such as the Official Support Forums of Lost Ark. Players briefly explain these in the comments, but the following method should be able to help you and prove useful.

According to Reddit User u/heitlur, players who are facing the location info error in Lost Ark can do some simple steps to find a loophole to this issue. You will specifically need a friend or party member with you.

First of all, hop back to the character selection screen and now have your squad member join the activity in your place. Once they are inside, simply select your character again and head back into the game. You should now have directly spawned right inside the raid match or dungeon without facing any sort of issue.

Allowing Firewall Network Access to the Game

One of the last possible solutions to the location info error in Lost Ark is to grant full network permission to the game application in your system. It is a step-by-step process, so there is nothing complicated to do it.

Windows control panel
The windows command run box
  • Open up a windows search box by pressing the Windows Key + R key.
  • In the search box, type and open up the “Control Panel.”
Lost Ark Control panel
The control panel with a simplified viewing order
  • Once you open up the Control panel, proceed to change the viewing order of icons to small.’
  • You should easily spot Windows Firewall Defender, as shown in the image above.
  • Click on the “Allow an app or feature through Windows firewall defender” option.
  • Scroll down to see if Lost Ark is on the exception list. If so, that means the game is allowed through your firewall, and you can safely proceed back to other similar guides. If you can’t find Lost Ark in the exception list, follow the steps below to unblock the game.
Lost Ark firewall menu
The main application menu grants network permissions from Private and Public
  • First of all, click on Change Settings and then “Allow another app…” at the bottom of the menu.
  • Once another menu appears, click on Browse to find the Lost Ark application.
  • Navigate to Lost Ark game folders and add the game executable to the following list. The default location for the game is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common.
  • Lost Ark should now be on the list, tick the checkbox of Private network under it, and click OK.


So far, these are the only known methods or ways to resolve the “Unable to Get Location Error” in Lost Ark. If we have to stumble upon any other solution related to fixing this error, we will be sure to update it in the guide.

The only reasonable closure is that these methods have been known to work for many of the players in the game. We understand the frustration of some players who might still face issues after trying all these known methods. The logical explanation is that Lost Ark faces server downtime issues from time to time.

The main reason for the error, according to many reports from players and the developers themselves, is because of the servers. So we highly suggest you check the server status as well as your network connection. 

Patience is a virtue when it comes down to Server Maintenance, so do not disregard its importance to the game.

If you have any further help you can provide to the issue, then let us know in the comments box below to help other players who are facing the same error in Lost Ark. If this helped you consider checking our similar guide on how to solve the Lost Ark not loading error.

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