5 Ways To Fix Valorant Error Code 46 [2023]

Cannot launch and log into the game? We will discuss how you can fix the valorant error code 46 issue so you can jump back into the game.

Valorant rewards you for excellent teamwork and tactical awareness, but some of the bugs and glitches might disrupt that flow. The game has numerous errors, like the Error code-68 and the Valorant Error Van 6 in the game. Today we will be specifically discussing a few ways how to exactly fix one of the minor issues, which is Error code 46 in Valorant.

The error code 46 has a relatively simple fix to follow. There are only a couple of things to be mindful of it, which we are briefly going to discuss in the error fix guide.

Key Highlights
  • About 90% of the time, servers being down for scheduled maintenance causes Error Code 46.
  • During scheduled maintenance, You should wait for the designated server downtime to end instead of attempting to log in repeatedly.
  • Try rebooting your computer, which restarts all the apps on your system that could’ve been causing the error.
  • You can also visit Riot’s Official Server Status site, linked in this guide, to see if the servers are having issues or are completely down.
  • Swapping accounts or logging out and back in has helped some people resolve this error. This refreshes the launcher to its original state, clearing the issue.
  • The best fix for most errors is opening Task Manager and restarting the Riot Games Client.

What is the Error Code-46 in Valorant?

Valorant error code 46
How to solve the mystery behind the error code 46 in Valorant

The error code is associated with the Servers of the game. The game has several conditions that produce the many problematic error codes found within it. These may include game-breaking prompts like the Vanguard security software being unable to initialize in Error Code-57 of Valorant and more.

But in the case of Error Code-46, the developers of Valorant at Riot Games have stated the following message in the error prompt “Queues are temporarily unavailable while we perform scheduled maintenance”. It certainly implies that server downtime issues are going on with the game at the current time.

However, that is not the case most of the time. According to our research through the various official communities of the game on Reddit and Discord. Players can still experience the issue despite the servers being fully active and working. Thus weirdly not letting them log into the game launcher for no reason at all.

The only verified statement from the developers is to wait for the servers to come back online simply. It might be a true reason 90 percent of the time. But for now, the players who might randomly encounter the error code will surely have trouble figuring out the proper solutions to it. Thankfully, we have got you covered on it.

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 5 Methods To Fix Error Code-46 in Valorant

The error code commonly maintains its stay even if there is no ongoing Server Maintainance on the game. We can only hope Riot games become more clear on how to fix these annoying errors in the future.

There are a total of 5 different methods we can try to resolve the issue if push comes to shove in this error. It is data based on all of our interactions with other players of the game and in its Official Support Forums. These solutions are not too overly complicated to understand, even for the most basic players.

Nonetheless, we encourage you to follow each of these short procedures carefully so you can clear the error code-46 as soon as possible and get back to playing your matches of Valorant in peace. These methods might also work to Stop Valorant from Crashing Completely, so it is worth keeping in mind as we proceed to these fixes.

Rebooting your Operating System

PC restart windows 10
How to properly restart your PC in Windows 10

It might sound simple enough, but rebooting your PC in times like this can do a lot for you. It is the oldest trick in the book to get any stuck software or instances of a game freezing to work in your operating system.

Most importantly, rebooting your system just might allow any frustrating errors such as the Code-46 in Valorant to clear up without any sort of worries. It can be easily done in most Windows 10 systems at the bottom-right of the Task Bar. It is honestly a basic step but one that has surprisingly worked for many players of the game.

Rebooting your PC will allow most of the software and apps to refresh on the next boot-up. It should be your first step to figuring out how to solve the tenacious error-code 46 in the launcher menu of Valorant.

Check the Servers of the Game

Valorant server status
The official site to stay in check for the servers of Valorant

The main priority should be to keep in touch with how the servers are performing in the game. You can check it out by visiting the Official Server Status at the Riot Games site.

The Servers play an important role in multiplayer games as they are the foundation of running the game and its online components smoothly for the entire world. Performing updates or maintenance on them are necessary.

You will want to do it mainly because the error-code-46 can be quite deceiving on when the maintenance or downtime will end. So it is helpful to know the times when they will come back online.

You can check the server status on the website with the official support site we provided. From there, click on the game’s name at the top of the page, along with other games from the developers. In the image provided above, you will notice the game will let you choose through each region and check its various servers.

Switching to a Different Account

Believe it or not, there is an unconventional method to cure the error within a few minutes at max. The method was precisely suggested by Reddit User u/hakann_ on the Official Valorant Subreddit.

According to the user, no maintenance or server issues were going on at the time. They could see that their friends were online in the game but were unable to log into the game and were presented with error code 46.

The loophole fixes the user discovered involves swapping accounts of the game. Doing so will somehow refresh the launcher state to its original status and clears any error, to our understanding. Most of the time, it is quite handy to have an extra or backup account for multiplayer games as opposed to a single main account.

It is worth giving this method a shot if all else fails for you in clearing up the issue. You can easily swap your account at the Main Valorant Launcher menu. Alternatively, you log out, and it will ask you to log in again too.

Restarting the Riot Games Launcher Client

restarting riot client
How to restart the Riot client via the Task Manager in Windows 10

Preferably, the best solution to solving the error is perhaps by simply restarting the main Riot Games client. It is the best fix to use on most of the errors found within the game. It is the one solution that players often use in these kinds of dire situations for similar games.

The procedure is easy enough said to accomplish and can be done by heading to the Task Manager. The task manager handles all of your currently running tasks of the system. It also provides statistics on various other performances like your RAM and Processor usage in your entire PC.

The Valorant client can sometimes perform cluelessly or irregularly, so players should try resetting it by the task manager. It is the surefire way how to fix the error code-46 in Valorant easily. The following are the shortly explained steps to restart the client app via the Task Manager:

  • Simply open the Task Manager by right-clicking on the Task Bar at the bottom of your PC Home screen.
  • It should put you in the Processes list, which is where you will find the Client app running.
  • To end the process, all you need to do is just right-click on the process and select End Task.”
  • This should completely close the launcher and give it a fresh start on the next bootup.

Waiting for Scheduled Maintenance to End

The last thing that you can do if none of these methods may work is to confirm whether there is any sort of maintenance going on with the game and patiently wait for it to end. Slight chance that there is a server downtime going on for the game, so we highly recommend waiting for it to complete fully.

To maintain the stability and ecosystem of the game. Developers of multiplayer games will push out constant patches and updates to improve various aspects and qualities of the game. There are many other games out there that undergo lengthy server Maintainance, like Lost Ark and Apex Legends.

We recommend waiting until the designated time of the server downtime ends. It is better to wait than to hopelessly try to log into the game if there is indeed a loss of online functionality to the servers by Riot Games.


Riot Games is fairly poor in providing proper communication to various problematic errors in their entire games. There have been several key issues that players have reported throughout the life cycle of Valorant.

Knowing how to solve error-46 and many other headache issues in Valorant can be a tricky task. The error in question only triggers when there are any Maintainance or server issues going on in its launcher and game.

Server conditions and their downtime prolongation can vary severely by the times provided by the Developers. There are at times when you will notice delays in Maintainance. But do not worry, as it is fairly common to happen in the multiplayer genre of the video games industry.

We can only hope Riot Games provides a basic rundown of every possible error included with each update patch to the game and its launcher in the near future. Only then will the player base act positively to fixing these errors.

This wraps up our error-code 46 fix guide on Valorant and how to exactly fix it. We hope these fixes help you understand the issue more correctly and solve it in the best meaningful way possible. If there are any more questions related to the error or additional fixes you might be aware of, let us know in the comments below!

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