Best Ways To Fix Valorant Error Code 46 [All Methods]

Error code-46 in Valorant can be addressed by checking servers, switching accounts, restarting the client, or attempting the WASD keys workaround, but effectiveness varies among users.

Valorant, a game that prizes teamwork and strategy, confronts various issues, including Error code 46. This error is often linked to server problems, causing disruptions despite the error message mentioning scheduled maintenance.

Players might face this error when trying to log in, even if servers seem functional. Riot Games, the developers, suggest waiting for servers to stabilize, but this doesn’t always solve the issue. While waiting remains the primary advice, players seek additional solutions to bypass Error code-46 and access the game.

The error message you’ll see upon encountering error code 46 in Valorant is, “The game will be unavailable for planned maintenance from Start Time to End Time.

Before diving into the more complex steps, give these straightforward solutions a shot first:

Key Highlights

These are some of the ways to solve Error Code 46:

  1. Check Game Servers
  2. Switch Accounts
  3. Restart Riot Games Launcher Client
  4. WASD Keys Workaround

Check The Servers of the Game

Valorant server status
The official site to stay in check for the servers of Valorant (Image by eXputer)

The main priority should be to keep in touch with how the servers are performing in the game. You can check it out by visiting the Official Server Status at the Riot Games site.

Server maintenance is crucial for multiplayer games, ensuring smooth operation. Error code-46 might mislead about downtime, making it vital to know when servers will be back online.

Check server status on the official support site by selecting the game and region. This helps track maintenance progress across different servers.

Switching To A Different Account

change valorant acc
Change Valorant Account (Image by eXputer)

Surprisingly, an unconventional solution can fix the error within minutes. When I faced the error code 46, I noticed my friends were playing without issues, hinting it wasn’t server-related.

So I discovered a workaround: swapping game accounts. This refreshes the launcher and resolves the error in most cases. Having a backup account can be handy for such troubleshooting. If nothing else works, try swapping accounts at the Valorant Launcher menu or by logging out and in again.

Relaunch Riot Games Launcher Client

restarting riot client
How to restart the Riot client via the Task Manager in Windows 10 (Image by eXputer)

When encountering the error, a reliable solution lies in restarting the Riot Games client, often effective for various game issues. Given the client’s occasional erratic behavior, restarting it via the Task Manager emerges as a dependable fix.

This uncomplicated method generally proves effective in resolving this error, ensuring smoother gameplay experiences for players. Sometimes the client might not be able to recognize the end of maintenance so restarting contradicts that.

WASD Keys Workaround

keyboard controls
Keyboard and Mouse Controls (Image by eXputer)

While it might seem weird, There is an unusual workaround for loading issues in Valorant. It is suggested to spam the WASD keys in sequence when encountering a loading screen error.

Despite its unconventional nature, some users claim success after repeated failed attempts to launch the game. Though unverified by the developers, this curious method has reportedly resolved loading screen problems for a few players. So I do recommend it as a last resort.

My Thoughts

Valorant Error code 46 mainly happens due to the server undergoing maintenance. If you can’t get into the game, it’s totally fine as the game functionality will be restored in a few hours.

The developers also advise patience during server maintenance, so you should try logging in after the maintenance is over.

However, if there’s no maintenance going on and you’re still experiencing these issues, the problem may lie on your end. In this case, switching to another account or restarting the Riot Client may be the best fixes that you should try. Forums and Twitter discussions showcase mixed success with these fixes.

Personally, troubleshooting the error revealed varying results, indicating it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. The error’s specificity to a platform or country remains unclear, as does its association with recent patches or updates

Check out our ultimate list of Valorant errors if you want help with other problems. 

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