How To Fix Warzone 2 Lobbies Not Filling Up

Here's what you need to know about this irksome Warzone 2 error code.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 has just made landfall for all major platforms but it’s currently suffering from its fair share of errors, bugs, and other issues. One of the most irksome problems plaguing the free-to-play first-person shooter is Warzone 2 lobbies not filling up and it’s seemingly doing great at riling up COD’s vast community.

Let’s take a close, hard look at what the “Lobbies not filling up” issue is in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, and what measures you can take in order to get the better of it. We’ll be sure to make this guide all-inclusive, so you won’t have to seek answers elsewhere.

The Rundown: 

  • Call of Duty: Warzone is a freshly released 2022 title that’s presently ridden immensely with bugs and issues, such as the infamous Warzone 2.0 Crashing affair.
  • Out of all the various problems currently affecting the core Warzone 2.0 experience, the Warzone 2 lobbies not filling up is a particularly distressing bug. 
  • Although Activision is yet to announce an official fix for the issue, there are some temporary measures that you can take to resolve the problem, such as enabling the cross-play functionality, switching back and forth between different game modes, and testing your internet connection.
  • It’s advisable to keep pace with the official Activision Support account on Twitter for the latest updates.  

What Is The Warzone 2 Lobbies Not Filling Up Error?

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 just saw its landing day on major platforms across the globe, including the likes of Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC. However, due to the onset of a plethora of players, the first-person shooter has severely suffered from a drop in playability. 

Players dwindle left and right in the wake of these surfacing issues that apparently take some time before getting officially acknowledged by the developers. The same is the case for the Warzone 2 lobbies not filling up error which doesn’t appear in the form of an error code, but leaves the player discombobulated regardless.

What happens is that whenever you’re trying to find a match in Warzone 2.0, trying to wait as the lobby gets populated with arriving players, no steps are taken forward. The in-game UI will keep showing you that an “x” number of players are still left to connect to the lobby, but that number is never seeing the light of day. 

That’s how the issue springs up. It’s certainly a vexing situation, given that you’re left helpless with no potential solution in mind. Let’s now take a look at what’s truly causing the error at hand. 

What Causes The Lobbies Not Filling Up Issue In Warzone 2?

As it turns out, there’s no one true reason for the Warzone 2 lobbies not filling up issue that we can put our finger on. There are several factors to take into account here with one of them being a weak internet connection or a server disconnection from the side of the developers.

Other than that, the issue can be from the back end too, and in that case, there’s not much you can do, unfortunately. The overall reception for Warzone 2.0 has been remarkably wild, so it’s not entirely unexpected for the game’s official servers to flounder when it comes to bearing the load of so many concurrent players.    

Moreover, several people have reported that if you enable the cross-play feature on the system you’re playing the game on, the issue goes away momentarily. We’re not sure what connection does this have with in-game lobbies not getting populated enough with players, but it’s surely worth a shot. 

Let us now delve into some of the temporary measures that you can take in order to resolve the “Lobbies not filling up” error in Warzone 2 on your own. We cannot guarantee that the methods ahead will work, but since they’ve worked for quite a few people, you definitely shouldn’t sleep on them.

How To Fix Lobbies Not Filling Up In Call Of Duty: Warzone 2.0 

To fix the lobbies not filling up Warzone 2 error, you can try enabling cross-play on your device or switching to a different game mode. In other cases, people have reported successful results by restarting their PC and affirming the strength of their network connection. A combination of these tricks can potentially get the job done for you.

Reboot Your Internet Router

One of the first methods that people have tried in order to get past this bothersome lobby issue in Warzone 2.0 isn’t anything out of the usual. Try rebooting your internet router alongside your PC to see if that does the trick. Unplug everything and wait for 5-10 minutes before you connect the cords back again. 

Once done, try firing up Warzone 2.0 to confirm whether the issue still exists. In case it does, you may need to seek alternative measures. 

Toggle On Cross-Play

Toggling on the cross-play functionality is the definitive Warzone 2 lobbies not filling up fix that you certainly have to try on your end. Simply head over to the in-game “Options” portion of the first-person shooter and dig up “Cross-play” from one of the main “Gameplay” tabs there. 

As soon as you find the feature, enable it, save your changes, and return to your lobby. It’s advised to restart the game for the changes to take effect. Try playing the game afterward to confirm whether the title works or not. 

Try Another Game Mode 

In case none of the options above have come to fruition, we suggest combining the effect of toggling on the cross-play feature with trying another game mode in Warzone 2.0. A multitude of people have replicated this technique, only to discover favorable results. 

You can also try quitting Warzone 2.0 after enabling cross-play and then logging back in to switch to a different game mode. This particular routine has been helping out players tremendously, but we’re not sure if it’ll also work on your end.

Wait For An Official Fix

Last but not least, you need to stay up to speed with Activision Support’s Twitter account for the latest updates and such. Whenever the developers release a fix for a specific issue, they make sure to detail the information on their social handle. 

Moreover, it’s worth opening up a ticket on the Activision Support website and making the issue come under the radar of the developers. If the problem continues for too long, it’s worth reaching out to Activision and letting them know that they need to cast a lens on the Warzone 2 lobbies not filling up bug. 


Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 has been amassing tons of players, propelling Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to greater heights than ever before. However, like most latest releases these days, especially live-service ones, the first-person shooter is ridden with bugs, errors, and other problems.

One of these issues happens to be Warzone 2 lobbies not filling up, making it impossible for players to get inside a session at all. We’ve taken a look at this error in the write-up above and the only conclusion that one can come to now is to either take temporary measures to resolve the problem or wait for an official fix.  

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