Warzone Keeps Crashing: PlayStation, Xbox, & PC

Our most thorough guide on how to fix Warzone crashes on Play Station, Xbox and PC.

Call of Duty Warzone is a free-to-play Battle Royale, developed by Infinity Ward. The game features massive, sprawling battlegrounds where up to 100 players duke it out, but only one stands victorious. Because of the grand scale, and online nature of the game, random crashes and errors are part of the experience.

Warzone is also a Cross-Platform title, so players on PC/Xbox/Play Station are bound to face these crashes. So, we at eXputer have put together this massive, one-stop guide for the players whose Warzone keeps crashing.

Key Highlights

There are several errors that can make COD Warzone crash. These are the most frequent errors:

  • If you are experiencing crashing issues during a match then it is likely due to an internet issue. But if the crashes are happening before you can even enter a match, then it is your platform’s fault.
  • To fix the crashing issues on a PlayStation console, follow these methods:
    • Disable the On-Demand Texture Streaming feature and also turn off 120 Hz Output.
    • Clear your PlayStation’s cache and then rebuild the database.

  • If you are using an Xbox console, use the following solutions:
    • Similar to a PlayStation, disable the On-Demand Texture Streaming feature and then restart your game.
    • Backup your save files in your Xbox account and then delete the save data. If you are using a physical disk, then clear out any persistent data
    • Alternate your Mac Address from Xbox network settings.

  • For crashing issues on a PC:
    • Update your graphic drivers and if there are any new updates out for COD Warzone, download them as well.
    • Scan and repair any corrupted game files through the Battle.net launcher.
    • Launch COD Warzone with admin privileges.
    • Delete all of the game files manually and then repair them using the method provided above.
    • The final fix you can try is changing the COD Warzone graphic settings.

Difference Between An Error & A Crash

Unlike errors, which often have a code associated with them, crashes are almost random with no additional information provided by the game as to why the crash happened. If you get a code or a prompt after your game abruptly stops, it means that you’ve encountered an error, not a crash.

We have covered some of the most common Warzone errors and provide you with a brief description of them below for your ease.

Dev Error 5476Most prominent on PS4, caused by switching up Calling Cards and Emblems.
Dev Error 5573Happens during an Online match, resulting in the player being booted off the game.
Dev Error 5761Involves DirectX-related issues with Warzone
Dev Error 6039Happens either at start-up or in the lobby
Error Code DiverCaused by a restricted Internet access
Error Code VivaciousServer-side; caused by server not responding
Whitelist ErrorCaused by the Anti-Cheat system.
Content Pack is no longer availableHappens due to corrupted game files or if Warzone isn’t updated to the latest version.
Current Profile not allowedMost prominent on Xbox consoles, caused by Xbox servers.

Types of Crashes

If your Warzone game copy keeps crashing during a match, the problem most likely is your internet connection and/or your ISP. Your internet connection may be under duress at the moment you’re playing, or you may have terrible ping. If this is your case, you have no option but to wait for your internet to become stable.

However, if your game crashes before you can start a match, the problem is on your machine. It can be caused by a plethora of reasons, so we present a systematic rundown of problems that may cause Warzone to keep crashing and how to fix it.

Warzone Crashing on PlayStation

ps5 running warzone
Home page of PS5 for Warzone.

If your PS5 or PS4 keeps crashing the COD Warzone, then there are three fixes available for you. Unless specified, these fixes work for both PS4 and PS5.

Disable On-Demand Texture Streaming

Warzone has an in-game option that allows you to download high-resolution textures as you play the game. While this may seem like a good option for you, it causes the game to gobble up a lot of the available RAM, causing Warzone to crash repeatedly.

Navigate to the Game Settings, press R1 to go to the Graphics settings page, then scroll down to On-Demand Texture Streaming and disable it.

ps5 disable on demand texture streaming
Menu Page to disable On-Demand Texture Streaming.

Restart your game and see if it crashes or not.

Disable 120 Hz Output

This fix is only applicable to PS5. Although it doesn’t make any sense on paper, players have reported that disabling the 120 Hz output from their PS5 stopped Warzone from crashing.

Navigate to PS5 System Settings, then to Screen and Video option. Once on this page, scroll down to Enable 120 Hz Output and turn it off.

ps5 warzone disable 120 HZ
PS5 Settings page to disable 120 Hz Output.

Restart your console and see if Warzone keeps crashing or not.

Clear PS5 Cache And Rebuild Database

If none of the fixes above worked for you, this fix is sure to sort out your problem. If you have a PS4, the fix will take a significant amount of time (due to it having an HDD).

Turn off your PS5. As the indicator light turns off, unplug your console from the wall and press the Power Button for 5-10 seconds to drain out the internal capacitors of any charge.

Ps5 power off
PS5 powering off screen.

Plug your console back into the wall, then long-press the Power Button. Keep pressing on it until you hear two beeps and are presented with the following screen.

PS5 Safe mode
PS5 Safe Mode initial screen.

Once you’re successfully in Safe Mode, plug in your controller via the USB cable and press the PS Button. Once presented with the Safe Mode options, scroll down to option 5 and press the X button.

PS5 safe mode menu
Select option 5 from the menu.

Select the first option (Clear System Software Cache) and press X to start clearing out the cache. This will take roughly 10 to 15 minutes, after which you’ll be back on your PS5 Home Screen.

PS5 safe mode clear cache
Select Clear System Software Cache.

At this point, turn off your console again and repeat the steps detailed above to go back into the Safe Mode. Navigate again to option 5, selecting the Rebuild Database option this time around. Sit back and relax as your console scraps the internal game database and builds it from scratch again. All your save files will be kept intact.

ps5 safe mode rebuild database
Select Rebuild Database.

Once the Database is rebuilt, log into your console. If you owned Digital Games, you will be locked out from accessing them. Fret not as it can be easily fixed. Go to your console settings and navigate to the Users and Accounts option. Scroll down to the Other option in the sidebar and select the Restore Licenses option.

PS5 fix locked content
Restore Licences to unlock your Digital Games.

All your Digital Games will be unlocked for you now and your Warzone won’t keep crashing on your Play Station console.

Warzone Crashing on Xbox

xbox store page Warzone
Microsoft Store page for Warzone.

If Xbox One, Xbox One X|S, or Xbox Series X|S, keeps crashing the COD Warzone there are four fixes available for you. These fixes will work on all the Xbox listed above.

Disable On-Demand Texture Streaming

As explained above, this option makes RAM unavailable for the game, causing it to crash repeatedly.

Navigate to the Game Settings, press RB to go to the Graphics settings page, then scroll down to On-Demand Texture Streaming and disable it.

xbox disable on demand texture streaming
Menu Page to disable On-Demand Texture Streaming.

Restart your game and see if it crashes or not.

Delete Save Data

If your Game Save Files are backed up to your Xbox account, you can also try deleting your on-disk save files to see if Warzone stops crashing.

If you have Warzone running, turn it off. Then press the Xbox button to bring up the pop-up menu. Select Warzone (a weird bug caused our game to show up as iw8 ship) and press the A button to bring up the game-specific menu. Scroll down to Manage Game and Add-ons and press A to go into the setting page.

xbox user menu warzone
Navigate to ‘Manage Game and Add-ons’.

Choose the Saved Data option and press A. Choose Delete All and confirm on the pop-up menu to confirm the deletion.

xbox warzone delete saved data
Select Delete All and confirm your selection.

Restart your console and the last synced Saved Data will be downloaded from your Xbox Account. Start your game and see if it crashes or not.

Clear Persistent Data

If you have a physical disk of any Call of Duty along with Warzone, clearing the Blu-Ray Persistent Data may stop Warzone from crashing.

Press the Xbox Button on the Home Screen, scroll rightwards to your profile picture and choose the Settings option.

xbox user menu settings
Select Settings from the User Menu.

Select Devices & Connections from the sidebar and then choose the Blu-Ray option.

xbox Devices & Connections page
Xbox Settings: Devices & Connections section.

In the Blu-Ray section, select Persistent Storage. Select the Clear Persistent Storage option and confirm it to clear all persistent data on your Xbox.

xbox clear persistent data
Confirm your selection to clear all Blu-Ray Persistent Data.

Restart your console and see if Warzone has stopped crashing frequently or not.

Alternate MAC Address

Xbox consoles have the option to alternate MAC Addresses to fix any network errors. Changing it may help fix your Warzone from crashing.

Navigate to Xbox Settings again, now selecting General from the sidebar and then choosing Network Settings.

xbox Network Settings
Network Settings page.

Choose the Advanced Settings option and then scroll down to Alternative MAC Address option from the side menu.

xbox advanced network settings
Alternative MAC Address menu.

Select Clear from the menu that pops up and restart your console afterward.

xbox warzone alternate MAC address
Confirm your selection to clear Xbox MAC Address.

Hopefully, your Warzone won’t keep crashing on your Xbox console.

Warzone Crashing on PC

warzone PC crashing
Battle.net Warzone Home Page.

Warzone is no stranger to having problems on PC. While the console versions of the game are Quality Tested and Approved by the console makers, it just isn’t possible on PC, leaving Warzone vulnerable to crashes caused by a multitude of reasons. We’ve put together a thorough list of reasons that may cause Warzone to keep crashing on PC, and we present them to you.

Updating Your Graphics Drivers

While GPU utilities do a good job of automatically updating to the latest version of drivers, sometimes they can fail to do so due to any number of reasons. So, it is always best to check if your GPU has the latest version of the drivers or not.

Whether you’re in the Green (Nvidia) Camp or the Red (AMD) Camp, read our Best Nvidia Control Panel Settings or our Best AMD Settings guides to fine-tune your machine for the best FPS and performance.

Simply go to your GPU Utility, which is usually accessible via the drop-down menu from right-clicking on the Desktop, and manually check for driver updates.

Warzone pc crashing gpu drivers update
Schematic steps to update your GPU drivers.

Update COD: Warzone

It may be the case that Warzone has had a new hotfix, patch, or some server updates, which may cause Warzone to keep crashing. This can be easily rectified by updating your Warzone to the latest version.

Navigate to the Options menu for Warzone in Battle.net Launcher and click on the Check for Updates. Sit back and relax, as the game will automatically for any new update, download them, and install it.

warzone pc crashing updating game
Updating Warzone to the latest version may stop it from crashing.

We recommend you restart your machine once the update is done. At this point, launch the game to see if Warzone crashes or not.

Scan & Repair Game Files

If there isn’t a new update available for Warzone, you can also try scanning and repairing your Warzone game files if any file has been corrupted.

In the Battle.net Launcher, navigate to COD: Warzone’s game page. Click on the cogwheel next to the Play button. Lastly, click on the Begin Scan button on the on-screen prompt to scan and repair the COD: Warzone game file.

warzone pc crashing scan and repair
Steps to Scan and Repair Warzone game files.

If your game is installed onto an SSD, this should be completed in approximately 20 minutes. However, if your game is installed onto an HDD, we recommend closing all other programs to ensure maximum CPU and RAM resources are available for the Scan and Repair process.

Running Warzone With Administrative Privileges

If your Warzone is still crashing after applying the fixes listed above, you may want to run Warzone as an administrator. Running software with admin privileges allows the software to have the highest priority to CPU and RAM resources and grants the permission to rewrite certain system folders.

Locate the file directory where you have Warzone installed. Once inside the folder, you’ll see a lot of .dll files. You want to scroll down until you find the Warzone executable file (It’ll have around 200,000KB in size, with a .exe extension). Right-click on it and select Run as Administrator to run the game with admin privileges.

warzone pc crashing run as admin
Run Warzone as an Administrator.

Deleting Game Cache Files

If none of the fixes above stop Warzone from crashing, you can delve into the game folder and manually delete files. Doing these doesn’t cause any harm, as we will only delete cache files that are generated every time the game launches.

  1. Close the game, then open Task Manager (CTRL + Shift + Escape is the Windows shortcut) and manually close all instances of the Battle.net client.
  2. Open the File Explorer, then go to Documents/Call of Duty Modern Warfare/players and delete a file titled ppsod.dat.
  3. Navigate to the folder where Warzone is installed, locate a folder called main, and delete all files inside it.
  4. Now, Scan & Repair the game files as described in the section above.

This will force the game to remake the cache file and hopefully should stop Warzone from crashing.

Changing Graphics Settings

After applying the fixes detailed above, one last thing you can do is tweak Warzone’s graphical settings to see if the game stops crashing or not.

The first thing you must do is disable On-Demand Texture Streaming from the Graphics Menu. Apart from this, you can also bring Texture Quality down a notch. We recommend tweaking the graphics settings such that you have at least 500 MB free in your VRAM. Alternatively, you can set the graphics settings to one of the set Quality options to Low/Medium.


With that, we conclude our Warzone keeps crashing on PS/Xbox/PC guide. Hopefully, one of the methods listed in this guide helped fix your game. If your Warzone audio is not sounding good, you can refer to our Warzone Best Audio Settings guide. You can also read our High FPS In Warzone guide to optimize your game to get maximum FPS.

Do let us know down in the comments section whether you got Warzone to work or not. As always, eXputer wishes you good luck!

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