Warzone Whitelist Error [FIXED]

Troubled by Whitelist Failure error in Warzone? Read our guide to learn how to fix Whitelist Error in Warzone.

The Whitelist Error in Warzone isn’t as disastrous as the Warzone current Profile is not allowed error, which caused bans for several players. This error is server-side, akin to the Vivacious Error Code in Warzone, caused by a discrepancy in the allowed IP Addresses in the Anti-Cheat Software.

We’ll brief you about the details of the error, possible causes, and how to Fix the Whitelist Error.

Key Highlights
  • COD Warzone has 2 different categories for IP Addresses, a blacklist, and a whitelist. If you have cheated before you will be placed in the blacklist and if you have not, you need to be placed in the whitelist.
  • The whitelist error happens when your IP address is missing from both categories, so the game does not know what to do with you, hence the error.

You might encounter the whitelist error due to reasons like:

  • A new machine.
  • Upgraded any part of your internet connection.
  • Corrupted game files.
  • To fix the whitelist error, try to scan and repair your game files, along with updating COD Warzone.
  • Change your Windows Firewall settings to allow COD Warzone access to the internet.
  • If your IP address changes upon a router reboot, then you should restart your router until the Whitelist error is fixed.

What is Whitelist Error in Warzone

RICOCHET Anti-Cheat, released with  Call of Duty: Vanguard and Season 3 of COD: Warzone, is a highly aggressive anti-cheat software for COD developed by Raven Software. Without getting into the nitty-gritty, RICOCHET Anti-Cheat is a kernel-level anti-cheat software.

It essentially has all administrative controls over your machine, allowing it to do a system-wide sweep for any cheating software and regularly monitor analytics to identify and thwart cheaters.

warzone anti cheat
RICOCHET Anti-Cheat | © Activision

Raven Software (and Activision by proxy) records IP Addresses of cheaters with multiple offenses. The RICOCHET Anti-Cheat has already made headlines because it essentially makes the game unplayable for cheaters by employing techniques such as DamageShield (disables a cheater’s critical damage capability) and Cloaking (cheaters can only see other cheaters).

warzone whitelist explanation
Whitelist error reported by @charlieINTEL on Twitter.

Internally, the cheaters are placed on a Blacklist, while all legitimate players have their IP addressed in a Whitelist. Players on this Whitelist get to play the game as it is meant to be. Whitelist Error in Warzone occurs when the server cannot find the player’s IP Address in the Whitelist.

If you have no prior cheating offense on your account, the server doesn’t know what to do with your IP Address (and your game), as you are not on either list.

Possible Causes for Whitelist Error

Activision has not released any statement about the exact cause of the error over security concerns. Players stuck with Whitelist Error in Warzone had shared what they had done before the error occurred, allowing us to put together some possible causes for the error. It is essential to know as this can help you narrow out which scenario you fall in and how to fix the error.

  • New Machine: You are playing Warzone on a machine for the first time, even if you are an existing player. You will get a Whitelist: Failure error if it is your case.
  • Upgraded any Network Component: You have recently updated and/or installed a network component of your machine (Wifi Card, high-Speed Ethernet Card) or replaced your ISP. You will get a Whitelist: Timeout error if this is your case.
  • Corruption of Game Files: Some game files may be corrupt if you experience an Internet Disconnect or power outage whilst downloading and installing Warzone.

Even if you have done none of the things listed above and gotten the error out of the blue, the following fix will still apply to you. The reason is that players in some regions can randomly get kicked out of the Whitelist after installing an update.

How To Fix Whitelist Errors in Warzone

Now that you know how and why the Whitelist Error in Warzone happens, we move on to the fixes for the error. The steps below have been systematically investigated over multiple forums and community platforms. Without further ado, let us get to these fixes.

Scan and Repair Game Files

If you were beset by a power outage or an internet disconnect during the installation of COD: Warzone, it is in the best interest to check the integrity of the game files. Instead of re-downloading the entire game, you can Scan and Repair game files.

Warzone how scan and repair
Steps to Scan and Repair Warzone game files

In the Battle.net Launcher, navigate COD: Warzone’s game page and click on the Options tab in the ribbon bar. Click on the Scan and Repair option from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, you can also click on the cogwheel next to the Play button. Lastly, click on the Begin Scan button on the on-screen prompt to scan and repair the COD: Warzone game file.

If your game is installed onto an SSD, this should be completed in ~20 minutes. However, if your game is installed onto an HDD, we recommend closing all other programs to ensure maximum CPU and RAM resources are available for the Scan and Repair process.

Update COD: Warzone

Let’s face it: we all have put off updating software at some point. This practice does not bode well for an online game, which must constantly communicate with the servers. Developers are always making changes for better stability and Quality of Life (QoL) purposes, which are implemented in the game via game updates.

These updates also bring about any new content hotfixes or build patches, so one should update their games at the earliest.

warzone how to update
Updating Warzone may solve the error.

Navigate to the same Options menu (as done for Scan and Repair) but click on the Check for Updates. Sit back and relax, as the game will automatically for any new update, download them, and install it.

One recommendation we do have that restart your machine once the update is done. At this point, launch the game to see if Whitelist Error in Warzone is resolved.

Configure Windows Firewall to allow Network Access for Warzone

If your game is up-to-date and game files integrity is 100%, you can check your Windows Firewall to see if it is blocking internet access for Warzone. A firewall sits between your operating system and the internet and only allows incoming and outgoing connections for the programs that are allowed the privilege.

The chances of Warzone being blocked in Windows Firewall is low as it is configured when the game is installed. But since we want to cover all our bases, it’s better to have a look at Windows Firewall.

search firewall to allow Network Access for Warzone
Click on the highlighted option.

Search for ‘Allow an app through Windows Firewall’ in Windows Search. Press the ⊞ Win key and start typing. Click on the option to be taken to the Control Panel page.

warzone firewall setting
Configure Windows Firewall to allow Network Access for Warzone

Before making any changes, you’ll need to click on the ‘Change Settings’ button with the shield icon. Then, scroll down to see if Warzone is listed in the list; it has a checkmark before it, and both Private and Public checkboxes are ticked.

If you can’t see Warzone in the list, you need to click on the Allow another app button, choose Warzone, mark the changes as specified above and click OK to save the changes. Doing so fixes the Whitelist: Timeout error.

Check your PC IP Address

One check you can also do is to see whether your machine’s IP Address changes or not on restart.

check ip address warzone whitelist error
Result for ‘ipconfig’ command

Search for cmd (short for Command Prompt) and type ipconfig. The line we are concerned with is IPv4 Address. Make a note of this and restart your machine. Once you’re back in Windows, repeat the process and see if your IPv4 Address has changed or not. You can move on to the next fix if it stays the same. You need to take up the issue with your ISP if it is changed.

Brute Force Restarts

If you changed a network component, or if the Whitelist Error in Warzone persists after applying the fixes listed above, you’ll last resort is to restart the machine and launch the game repeatedly.

Since the error occurs when your IP address is not in the Whitelist, the method will repeatedly send requests to the server for IP address lookup in the Whitelist.

Many users have reported that around four restarts seemed to fix the error. You can also try your luck by changing the server in Warzone. All servers share the same Whitelist, but each server has its dedicated queue, so you may fare better in another server, as detailed in our Warzone Error Code Diver guide. After the error is resolved, you can change back to the server of your choice.

Due to the nature of the game, even industry famous online title Call of Duty: Warzone can suffer from bugs, which are frustrating for players, especially those trying out Warzone for the first time.

Hopefully, the itemized, through fixes tabulated above, fix the Whitelist Error in Warzone, so you get back to sniping newbs. Our Best COD Warzone Season 3 Sniper Rifles guide will help you in that regard.

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