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Learn how you can get fully complete the game and get all 29 achievements to 100% it!

Evil West has one of the most enthralling storylines, alongside insane combat for all kinds of players alike. There are a total of 29 achievements that players can access, and our Evil West All Achievements guide will uncover them all! 

Key Takeaways
  • Achievements allow players to get a sense of accomplishment when they achieve it!
  • The best way to get all achievements is by doing the tasks listed, and possibly doing more playthroughs on higher difficulties!
  • The main benefit of completing all achievements is that your inner completionist will feel fulfilled alongside being able to up your gamerscore!
  • Players do not need to complete achievements in order to progress through the game fully.

Complete List 

Getting Achievements
Getting Achievements (Image Credits Exputer)

The total number of achievements is quite scarce compared to other games, as there are only about 29 that you can access, which instantly puts it on a lower number as it is. Nonetheless, the complete list is listed as follows: 

  1. Novice: Players will need to beat the game on Novice difficulty or higher, which instantly means that you might need to get through your first playthrough, and if you’re daring enough, you might wanna set the difficulty up and then attempt your best to defeat the game once again. 
  2. Calico: This is part of one of the secret achievements that players can get their hands on, which allows players to contribute to their gamerscore even further. The way to achieve this will be by making your way over to Calico for the first time, which can be done by following the main storyline. 
  3. Ticks and Leeches: One of the main world bosses that players will encoutner in chapter 7 will be known as the Parasiter, one of the most challenging bosses for newer players. The way to achieve the ticks and leeches will be to kill off the Parasiter boss, regardless of the difficulty you choose. 
  4. Adapt or Die: Yet another important boss fight that you might end up encountering will be known as the Bruch, which you will encounter after getting through the main storyline and will then progress further into chapter 10, and the bruch will be ready to tear you apart, though the boss fight ain’t all that difficult, and this will be yet another secret achievement. 
  5. Drop of blood: As for the next achievement, it will yet again be a part of a secret achievement that you can get your hand on, for which you will need to head over to the next boss fight, which will be revealed to you when you reach mission 14. You will need to defeat William Rentier. 
  6. Ancient Blood: As for the next secret achievement, when you finally reach chapter 16 of the game, you will face Felicity’s true form, which will be the final boss fight before it ends. Defeat Felicity D’Abano to get the ancient blood achievement. 
  7. Adept: This achievement is for casual gamers or people new to the game and want to dip their toes in it for the first time. When you choose the game’s difficulty and set it to normal, the combat will be challenging but nothing that you can’t do with ease, therefore, beat the game on normal difficulty for this. 
  8. Spark of Hope: yet another interesting secret achievement you can test out will be known as spark of Hope, which will be granted to the player whenever they activate the supercharged mode for the first time in the game. 
  9. Weird West Superhero: Now, for players that think they are broken at the game and can take on any kind of challenge, then the Evil difficulty awaits you. If you fire up a new game, play it on evil difficulty or higher, and manage to complete it, you get access to this achievement. 
  10. Expert: For this achievement, it will not be a secret one, and players will simply need to either start up a new playthrough or complete their current gameplay on hard difficulty or higher. 
  11. Boys n Toys: Once again, this achievement is for the completionists. If you’ve somehow managed to get your hands on all the weapon upgrades in the game and have bought them out and unlocked them, then to get the boy’s n toys achievement, all you need to do is activate all of them at the same time. 
  12. Field Agent: This achievement is easier to get when you’ve managed to get through the main storyline or if you’re incredibly vigilant about the area when progressing at your normal pace. To achieve the field agent achievement, players must get their hands on all the hidden perks
  13. Pew Pew Die: When you get access to the Electrically-Augmented Firearm, you will be able to start combat with enemies using the firearm, therefore to get the pew pew die achievement, all you need to do is to kill at least 30 enemies with each electrically augmented firearm. 
  14. Weren’t You lIstening: Now, if you want to head back and restart a few bosses fights on the Evil Difficulty, then you can go ahead and do so by making your way back to the Bruch boss fight, and if you manage to complete it on Evil difficulty, then you get the achievement. 
  15. Chest nuts: Pick up all cash bags you can encounter scattered around the area while you progress through your missions. 
  16. Minor Deity: Now, looking back at the parasiter boss once again, if you are someone who would want to get your hands on this achievement, then you will need to get rid of the parasiter while defeating it on evil difficulty. Aside from that, the achievement is a secret that players can get their hands on. 
  17. Monsterball: Being able to cannonball is a crucial skill in Evil West, and it can be extremely helpful in combat, therefore in order to get the Monsterball achievement, all you need to do s to cannonball opponents a total of 50 times. 
  18. Then You Died: While facing the Wiliam Rentier boss fight, players will need to manage to defeat it on Evil difficulty to complete the Then You died achievement, and the best way to do that will be to either start the game on evil settings or start a new playthrough to get the achievement. 
  19. Slam Champion: Apart from that, you will also be able to get the Slam Champion ability with ease. As the name suggests, it will require players to perform slamming on opponents a total of 100 times. This can be done during individual combat or even when there are bursts of enemies near you. 
  20. In The Feels: Hitting the enemy’s weak spots is a crucial skill to have in Evil West. You can use your weapons against enemies to make interrupt them or even finish them off quickly, and if you manage to hit a total of 45 weak points of enemies, then you will be able to get the In The Feels achievement. 
  21. Pointless Violence: Finishers are carried out on enemies whenever they are at their lowest HP, and you are able to give the enemy a final blow to murder them off for good. To get the Pointless Violence achievement, all you need to do is perform a total of 15 finishers on opponents. 
  22. Bleed You Out: One of the toughest parts of fighting the bruch will be that it has the ability to heal itself at certain points during the battle. If you can manage to murder the bruch without letting it heal itself, then you will be able to successfully complete the Bleed You Out achievement, which is attained as part of a secret achievement. 
  23. E-rodeo: Another thing that you will be able to use will be your E-combo skill, which can come in handy to perform combos on enemies after they have been electrocuted. All players need to do is head over to a total of 20 enemies and murder them off using the E-combo skill. 
  24. Bio Friendly: Defeat The Parasiter without killing any of the minions. 
  25. Father’s day: While getting through the Willian Rentier boss fight, players will need to get rid of it in a total of 6 minutes or less if they want to get this achievement. 
  26. Best The Beast: Defeat Felicity without taking assistance from the HP dispenser. 
  27. Mighty Mitten: Players will need to murder off 100 enemies in a row using only the Gauntlet after getting the revolver. 
  28. Chewing Volts: Use 15 energy charges. 
  29. Sever Forever: Tear off a total of 100 limbs from enemies. 


And there have it, all of the achievements that you can get! And with that, we will wrap up our Evil West All Achievements guide!

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