Evil West All Achievements & Details

Learn how you can get fully complete the game and get all 29 achievements to 100% it!

Evil West has one of the most enthralling storylines, alongside insane combat for all kinds of players alike. There are a total of 29 achievements that players can access, and our Evil West All Achievements guide will uncover them all! 

Key Takeaways
  • Achievements allow players to get a sense of accomplishment when they achieve it!
  • The best way to get all achievements is by doing the tasks listed, and possibly doing more playthroughs on higher difficulties!
  • The main benefit of completing all achievements is that your inner completionist will feel fulfilled alongside being able to up your gamerscore!
  • Players do not need to complete achievements in order to progress through the game fully.

Complete List 

Getting Achievements
Getting Achievements (Image Credits Exputer)

The total number of achievements is quite scarce compared to other games, as there are only about 29 that you can access, which instantly puts it on a lower number as it is. Nonetheless, the complete list is listed as follows: 

Here’s a summary of all the Evil West’s achievements: 

TrophyRarityHow to Unlock
NoviceBronzeComplete Evil West on Novice or higher Difficulty
CalicoBronzeGo to Calico
Ticks & LeechesSilverDefeat the Parasiter
Adapt or DieSilverDefeat the Burch
Drop of BloodSilverBeat William Rentier
Ancient BloodGoldBeat Felicity D’Abano
AdeptSilverFinish Evil West on Normal or higher Difficulty
Spark of HopeBronzeUse the Supercharged Mode
Weird West SuperheroGoldFinish Evil West on Evil Difficulty
ExpertGoldComplete Evil West on Hard Difficulty or higher
Boys 'n ToysSilverActivate all the weapon upgrades
Field AgentSilverLocate all of the hidden perks
Pew Pew DieBronzeDefeat 30 opponents using every electrically-augmented firearm
Weren’t You ListeningSilverTake down the Burch on Evil Difficulty
Chest nutsBronzeGet all the cash from all missions
Minor DeitySilverBeat the Parasiter on Evil Difficulty
MonsterballBronzeUse Cannonball 50 times
Then you DiedGoldBeat William Rentier in 6 minutes
Slam ChampionBronzeUse slam 100 times
In The FeelsBronzeHit an enemy's weak spot 45 times
Pointless ViolenceBronzeDo 50 Finishers
Bleed You OutSilverDefeat the Burch without allowing it to heal
E-RodeoBronzeUse the E-Combo to kill 20 enemies
Bio FriendlySilverBeat the Parasiter while keeping all the Minions alive
Father’s DayGoldBeat William Rentier in under 6 minutes
Best The BeastGoldWithout the help of the HP Dispenser, beat Felicity D’Abano Beast
Mighty MittenBronzeAfter getting the Revolver, defeat 10 enemies using the Gauntlet Alone
Chewing VoltsBronzeUtilize 15 Energy Charges
Sever ForeverBronzeDismember 15 limbs from enemies


And there you have it, all of the achievements that you can get! And with that, we will wrap up our Evil West All Achievements guide!

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