Evil West Best Perks [Top 16]

Learn what the best perks in Evil West are and how the perk trees operate and assist players in combat!

Evil West comes prepared to make the players immersed in combat and upgrade their units as well as weapon as much. Alongside weapons and personal level-up, perks are also a skill that players can easily level up.

Note: Perks can change according to meta and can get nerfed or buffed at any time so that everything can be subject to change

Key Takeaways
  • Perks are basically skill enhancers and are able to make your unit stronger in battle!
  • The best way to upgrade perks is by using perks points!
  • The main benefit of using perks is that you will be able to be overpowered in combat!
  • While you do not have to max out each perk, it can definitely help to have as many unlocked as possible!

Projectile Block 

Projectile Block
Projectile Block (Image Credits Exputer)

Kicking things off with projectile block will be listed in the second skill tree, alongside the fourth skill, known as Zapper Block, which allows players to block off attacks and continuously electrocute enemies. 

Whenever the projectile block is cast, it will be specifically helpful against opponents that are launching projectiles against you since the main aim of the perk is to allow players to press Q, which will allow them to block the projectiles and then destroy any incoming flying projectile attacks. 

The only caveat is that the perk will not work with bullets or shockwaves; otherwise, it would be utterly broken. It is unlocked whenever the player reaches level 5. 

Very Very Frightening 

Another excellent option that players can go for is Very Very Frightening, which will also be part of the second skill tree. 

Essentially, whenever it is cast, it will be able to cast down lightning if your supercharged mode is in action. The lightning bolts are brought down from the skies, which will continuously hit enemies randomly and cause destruction unto them, making the perk not only broken but also incredibly fun to mess around with. 

You can take out weaker opponents with little to no effort with the perk, so make sure to activate it when you can; though you need to be at least level 16 to unlock it, it might take a little bit to unlock it. 


Aftershock (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, the next perk that we would like to feature will be known as Aftershock, which falls into the first perk skill tree. It will be like the Hero Punch skill, which allows players to hold down the left mouse and spacebar and to move forward to attack an enemy instantly.

With aftershock in hand, players can press down on V after using their Quake Punch perk, allowing them to use an even more powerful attack against opponents in front of them. While Quake Punch devastates enemies, Aftershocks just takes it one step further and demolishes them. 

Death Defied 

Death Defied
Death Defied (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, a rather utility-based perk that you might want to look into will be known as Death Defied, and it falls into the first skill tree. It is useful if you are extremely ill and enemies can kill you. 

Whenever death defy is used in combat, if a lethal attack is launched against you, it will not cause you to die instantly like it normally would. Instead, it will allow you to regenerate 25% of your maximum HP. 

Alongside that, you will also gain a 3-second invulnerability. You will be able to cause a little knockback to enemies, making it an excellent survivability perk to have with you at all times. You need to be at least level 14 to unlock it. 

Discharge Block 

Discharge Block
Discharge Block (Image Credits Exputer)

Next up, we have the discharge block, which falls into the second skill tree, and is in line with the zapper block skill, which, as we discussed before, will allow the player to block an enemy’s attack and instead electrocute them and allow you to combo them. 

While zapper block can only affect one enemy at the same time, with discharge block in hand, players can rest easy as whenever they use Q to block an opponent; they will be able to electrocute multiple enemies at once and combo them. This makes it easier to deal with battles where enemies are ambushing you, and you must stun more than one simultaneously. The perk can be unlocked at level 12. 

Enhanced Combo 

Enhanced Combo
Enhanced Combo (Image Credits Exputer)

As for the next perk, we will be taking a look at enhanced combo, which will fall directly into the first skill line as the final perk, which will be E-combo, which allows players to press down on the left mouse button to continuously combo enemies while they are being electrocuted. 

The enhanced combo will simply make E-combo broken since E-combo is already fast as it is. When you combine an increased number of punches and increased speed, it obliterates opponents. 

On The Spot 

On The Spot
On The Spot (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, another utility perk you don’t want to miss out on will be known as On The Spot since survivability is one of the most crucial aspects of combat in Evil West. 

With On The Spot, players will be able to hit any enemy’s weak point, which will give the players a 15% chance, whereby there might be a health pickup that can help you regenerate a little bit of health. 

Vital Superpowers 

Vital Superpowers
Vital Superpowers (Image Credits Exputer)

The next utility perk we would like to cover will be known as Vital Superpowers, and it falls into the first skill tree. It is directly related to the player’s overall health and will be able to help not only through early but also mid and end-game. 

With the perk in hand, players can expect to have their overall max health increased by 15%, making it easier to survive for longer periods of time during combat, especially when facing a tougher boss with too much HP for your liking. Vital superpower is an incredible perk that simply can’t be missed out on, and you can unlock it when you reach level 10. 

Extra Juice 

Extra Juice
Extra Juice (Image Credits Exputer)

Yes, this is another utility perk, and the main reason why you want to invest so much into utility perks is simply that they are an all-rounder; they consist of any type of survivability, being able to pick up drops easier, and everything in between. 

With the extra juice perk, players can expect their maximum energy to be increased by another bar. Players will have a certain amount of energy bars at the bottom of their screen, and they can be recharged by items placed across your chapters, and each bar will start to fill up. More bars equals more energy. 

Short Circuit 

Short Circuit
Short Circuit (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, a perk that you will be able to unlock quite early on in the game will be known as Short Circuit. When it comes to finding it in the perk tree, it will be located in the second perk tree and will be the first perk you can find in line with E-combo, which allows players to deal melee attacks to electrocuted enemies. 

With Short Circuit, players can unleash their electrocuted attacks as usual. However, once they kill off an opponent, they can yield an energy pickup. However, the perk will not work if you are in supercharged mode. You need to be level 5 to get the perk. 

On A Roll 

On A Roll
On A Roll (Image Credits Exputer)

Another perk you might benefit a lot from will be On a Roll, which will once again be another utility-based perk found in the second perk tree. The perk will directly affect how you can have your energy bars restored or increased. 

With the perk on hand, for every fifth gauntlet finisher you carry out on an enemy, you will be able to gain an energy bar, which will directly show on the bottom of your screen. To unlock the perk, you will need to advance to level 12. 

Punch The Bunch

Punch The Bunch
Punch The Bunch (Image Credits Exputer)

A perk featured in the first perk tree will be punching the bunch. It will be present in the line of the Uppercut skill, allowing players to hold down the left mouse button and cause their enemies to be airborne for a certain amount of time before falling onto the ground. 

With the bunch in hand, an uppercut that is carried out on enemies will be able to cause several enemies to go airborne at the same time. On top of that, the gauntlet and the revolver juggle will affect all opponents simultaneously; therefore, it is incredibly helpful to knock back and damage enemies while in the air. You can unlock the skill at level 14. 

Cannonball Explosion 

Cannonball Explosion
Cannonball Explosion (Image Credits Exputer)

Last but not least, we have Cannonball Explosion, which will be the last perk in the Cannonball skill line, which works to cause enemies to get flown back and then get obliterated literally. It can be activated by holding down the left mouse while moving forward. 

With Cannonball Explosion, any kind of regular enemy will explode after using the Cannonball skill, which makes it easy to take out weaker enemy mobs. It can be unlocked at level 10. 

How Perk Trees Operate 

Next, let’s look at how the perk trees operate and how they can assist players in combat. One of the main things players should remember is that you will not be able to unlock each perk from the start of the game, as progression is crucial. 

Another thing that you should know is that chances are that you might not be able to unlock every perk in the game to max out your unit fully. Therefore, players must carefully choose what perks they want to invest their perk points into so they don’t waste their perk points. 

There is a system in the game whereby players will have the entirety of their upgrades and perks reset; therefore, it is crucial to know what perks you want to invest in beforehand so that you don’t have to try again and again to mess up your overall build. 

Moving on, let’s discuss the perk trees at hand. In Evil West, players will be able to have a total of 2 different kinds of perk trees. 

Gauntlet Perk Tree 

Gauntlet Perk Tree
Gauntlet Perk Tree (Image Credits Exputer)

The first tree that we will have at hand will be the Gauntlet Perk Tree, and it will be the first tree that you can access. The tree itself progresses in one line in line with each skill, and each skill will have its own set of 2-3 perks that can be unlocked at certain levels and can empower the skill even more. 

You can’t unlock the perk that is further down the line before you unlock the perk that is present before, and one thing to note is that there will be a few perks that will be barriers by levels, meaning that you won’t be able to unlock it until you reach a certain level such as level 10 or 16. 

On the far left of each perk tree, you will find the skill for which the gauntlet perk tree will have The Kick Off as the first skill. It allows players to press on R to interrupt the enemy’s special attacks, and the perks that are related to it will be : 

  • Chain of command
  • Bait and switch, which is unlocked at level 7
  • Punchline at level 10

The second skill will basically be known as Uppercut, and it allows you to hold down on your left mouse button to carry out an uppercut using your gauntlet, and it will send your opponents flying into the air. As for its perks, they are as follows: 

  • Icarus 
  • Touchdown unlocked at level 10
  • Punch the bunch at level 14. 

The third skill will be known as hero punch, and it allows you to press down on the left mouse and spacebar while moving forward in order to close the gap between you and your enemy and launch attacks instantly. 

  • Quake punch
  • Aftershock at level 7
  • Final touch at level 14

The fourth skill will be Cannonball, which allows players to send enemies flying forward by holding down on the left mouse button while moving forward to deal an even more brutal uppercut, which will be followed by a strong cannonball punch. 

  • Blasting impression 
  • Cannonball explosion at level 10. 

As for utility-based perks that don’t really fit anywhere else, they are as follows: 

  • Pump jack 
  • On the spot
  • Vital superpowers
  • Death defied
  • Booming business 

Alongside a few that we haven’t unlocked yet. 

Zapper Perk Tree

Zapper Perk Tree
Zapper Perk Tree (Image Credits Exputer)

As for the second perk tree, it will be related to the weapon that electrocutes enemies. The first skill is E-combo which basically allows you to keep pressing down on your left mouse button to deal fast melee attacks to the nearest enemy that has been electrocuted by you. 

  • Short circuit
  • Wireless transmission
  • E-punchline
  • Enhanced Combo

The second skill, it will be known as Zapper Pull, allows players to hold down on Q and S to point and target any enemy in the near distance, and inside mark them with a blue electric arc and pull them towards you. You can then go ahead and do a powerful melee E combo that we mentioned earlier. 

  • Zapper slam 
  • Wider audience 
  • Slam the fam

The third skill will be known as zapper dash, and it will allow players to hold down on Q and W to reach an enemy that has been marked with the blue mark. You can then once again carry out with an E-combo and obliterate the enemies. 

  • Perks at this point have been locked. 

The fourth skill, it will be known as Zapper Block, allows you to press Q whenever an enemy is about to attack you to block and then electrocute enemies, and then the same E-combo can be carried out once again. 

  • Projectile Block
  • Discharge Block 

As for the utility-based perks, they will be as follows (alongside four that are currently locked). 

  • Pick it up
  • Extra juice
  • On a roll
  • Blood and thunder


And there we have it! The best perks that we could find, alongside how the perk trees operate! And with that, we will wrap up our Evil West Best Perks guide! 

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