Evil West Best Upgrades For Weapons

With all these upgrades, you'll be able to face head on any foe in Evil West

Combat is a major focus of Evil West, and the greatest way to ensure that you’re killing enemies as efficiently as possible is with the use of the best upgrades in the game. These upgrades can be anything from increasing your combos to granting you electrical powers on existing weapons.

It is worth noting that upgrades are different from perks and are more focused on all of the individual weapons that you acquire throughout the game. They’re acquired through coins (or cash) so make sure you’re collecting as many of them as possible throughout your runs. Additionally, more upgrades will be available to you as you get more equipment or level up.

Key Takeaways
  • Upgrades can be bought for almost every weapon in Evil West with coins.
  • Certain upgrades, like Do Not Disturb or Fists of Steel can ensure that you always have an edge in battle.
  • Other upgrades, such as XXL-Bow or Blaster, help improve your ranged weapons by giving you more ammo or elemental damage. 
  • There are many other great upgrades, such as Midair Shot or At The Ready, that can ensure that you always have the upper hand in any encounter. 

Best Upgrades In Evil West

Let’s quickly go through the list of Best Upgrades that you can get in Evil West:

No.WeaponWeapon TypeBest Upgrades
1GauntletMelee Weapon- Fists Of Steel
- Great Finish
2Rentier RevolverLong Range Weapon- Mid Air Shot
- Blaster
3Agent ToolsN/A- Do Not Disturb
4Rentier RifleLong Range Weapon- Free Bullet
5Rentier X BowLong Range Weapon- XXL Bow
6Rentier BoomstickClose Range Weapon- At The Ready
- Snapshot
7ScorcherClose Range Weapon- Flame Jet


Weapon TypeMelee Weapon
Best Upgrades
  • Fists Of Steel
  • Great Finish

The first few upgrades that you’ll be able to access are that of the gauntlet that Jesse carries around throughout the game. It is your primary weapon for melee damage; therefore, it’s ideal to prioritize its upgrades.

Fists Of Steel

Evil West Best Upgrades
Fists of Steel Upgrade [Captured by Us]
About an hour into the game, you’ll be able to perform Zapper Pulls or Dashes to close distance with an enemy and follow up with an electric combo. Fists of Steel allow you to start off that combo with a powerful melee punch, thus increasing the damage of the overall Zapper combos.

Considering that you’ll likely be using the Zapper abilities quite often, as they’re the most efficient ways of moving around the field and taking out multiple enemies with ease, the Fists of Steel are a must-have upgrade.

Great Finish

finisher upgrade
Great Finish [Captured by eXputer]
Although quite expensive, the Great Finish is efficient for acquiring Energy Pickups and finishing off enemies in style while also inflicting damage to nearby enemies. With Great Finish, you can perform a takedown on a near-death enemy (using Zapper Dash or Pull), producing a spike of electricity and dropping energy pick-up.

The energy pick-up might not sound that intriguing if you’re in the early game, but eventually, you get the ability to enter supercharged mode, which essentially acts as a super-mode where you can inflict significantly large amounts of damage and uses energy bars that can be replenished with energy pick-ups. Therefore, Zapper Finish will let you take down enemies in style and use supercharged mode at least twice per encounter.  

Rentier Revolver

Weapon TypeLong Range Weapon
Best Upgrades
  • Mid Air Shot
  • Blaster

One of the other weapons that you get access to right off the bat is the Rentier Revolver. It is your first long-ranged weapon, and also great for combining it with combos and juggling enemies in the air.

Midair Shot

Best Revolver Upgrades Evil West
Midair Shot Upgrade [Image taken by Us]
A relatively cheap upgrade that gets available early on and is quite effective for taking out low leveled enemies. Midair shot lets you uppercut enemies and fire single Revolver bullets with increased damage.

You can continuously damage enemies with that increased bullet damage if you time your shots correctly. That is basically done by giving a slight delay between each shot and not just spamming them.


Blaster upgrade
Blaster Upgrade for Revolver [Image Captured by eXputer]
If you plan on using your revolver more often in combat, then the Blaster is an extremely useful upgrade as it adds electrical powers to the regular revolver. It makes the revolver deal more damage and also ricochets bullets between enemies, allowing you to damage multiple with just a few shots.

Agent Tools

Weapon TypeN/A
Best UpgradesDo Not Disturb

The Agent Tools upgrades are related to the various fighting tools that you have access to, such as the healing or the crippling rod. It’ll take time for you to unlock all the upgrades, but there’s only one true upgrade that’s quite essential.

Do Not Disturb

Evil West tips and tricks
Do not disturb upgrade Evil West

If there is only one upgrade that you could get to help you out in combat, then Do Not Disturb is the best upgrade to choose. It lets you be invulnerable for five seconds after you use the heal from your gauntlet, allowing you to bypass any incoming damage.

The upgrade is great for dealing with large groups of enemies or getting in hits without worrying about your opponent’s movesets, even if they’re throwing unblockable attacks at you. With the upgrade, you’ll surely make your way out of multiple near-death situations.

Rentier Rifle

Weapon TypeLong Range Weapon
Best UpgradesFree Bullet

The Rentier Rifle is a long-ranged precision weapon that you unlock a bit later in the game. It’s great for taking out enemies from afar, especially those with weak points.

Free Bullet

Extra Bullet
Free Bullet Upgrade [Image by eXputer]
Speaking of weak spots, some enemies require multiple shots at a weak spot. Or there might be cases where there are multiple enemies with weak spots. If you shoot them all normally, you’ll eventually run out of ammo and will need to wait for Jesse to reload.

However, with Free Bullet, each time you hit a weak spot, you’ll be able to immediately restore the bullet that was spent on that weak spot, allowing you to hit it continuously without worrying about reloads. It is a great upgrade for taking down human enemies or flying enemies that often expose their weak spots during combat.

Rentier X-Bow

Weapon TypeLong Range Weapon
Best UpgradesXXL Bow

Rentier X-Bow is another long-range weapon you acquire later in the game, more towards the mid-game. It acts similar to the rifle but with more ammo capacity, allowing you to shoot more without worrying about reloading.


bow ammo capacity
XXL Bow Upgrade [Image by eXputer]
As mentioned, the Rentier X-Bow acts as a rifle but with more ammo capacity. But if you want to extend that capacity even more, then XXL-Bow is a great upgrade that you can get for the X-Bow, and that too for a low price.

The upgrade allows you to hold two additional bolts. Although that doesn’t sound like much, it starts becoming quite useful when you’re picking off enemies from a distance or taking out enemies by using their weak spots.

Rentier Boomstick

Weapon TypeClose Range Weapon
Best Upgrades
  • At The Ready
  • Snapshot

The Rentier Boomstick is basically your close-ranged shotgun-like weapon, capable of dealing a significant amount of damage. The only issue is that there is a cooldown before each shot, so you need to make each shot count.

At The Ready

Evil West Best Rifle upgrades
At The Ready Upgrade [Captured by eXputer]
As mentioned, you need to wait for the cooldown before being able to use the Rentier Boomstick again. But with At The Ready, you can reduce that cooldown by 20%, letting you use the weapon more often in each fight.

Considering that the Rentier Boomstick is great for dealing with minibosses, especially the shielded ones, this upgrade is quite useful. In fact, if you break the shielded enemy’s shield with the shotgun and start dealing damage to it, the Boomstick will be back by the time the enemy brings back his shield again, letting you break it once again.

Snap Shot

Rifle skills
Snap Shot Upgrade [Taken by eXputer]
The Boomstick is already great at dealing with high damages on its own. But with Snap Shot, you’ll be one-shotting even the tougher enemies. With the upgrade, you can deal twice the damage if you shoot an enemy right before they’re about to attack you.

The upgrade works almost like a parry system where you must time your move just right. But the reward is definitely worth the risk in this case.


Weapon TypeClose Range Weapon
Best UpgradesFlame Jet

The Scorcher is a flame thrower that you get access to around midgame. It mostly acts as a way for you to solve puzzles and get through things like branches or cobwebs, but it can also be used as a good short-range weapon.

Flame Jet

Evil West best scorcher upgrades
Flame Jet [Captured by eXputer]
The Scorcher’s main purpose is to keep enemies at bay. The further you can keep them away from you while dealing damage to them, the better. Flame Jet lets you increase the range of the Scorcher by 30%, which is quite a significant amount.

You’ll be able to keep groups of enemies far away from you, especially the exploding ones. The upgrades especially come in handy when you’re low on health and just need a way to avoid a large group of enemies.

With that, you now know about some of the best upgrades available in Evil West. In the end, much of it depends on your playstyle and how much cash you have at hand. But there definitely are certain upgrades that can make your life much easier, all of which we thoroughly discussed.

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