Evil West Best Weapons & Playstyles

Save the United States with the help of the best weapons in Evil West.

Evil West is an action-adventure game set in the Wild West where players will be tasked to eradicate bloodthirsty monstrosities either solo or with friends. Of course, such a task is not possible without the appropriate guns, so here we will be listing all weapons in Evil West and the weapon which we believe are the best ones in the game.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 9 weapons in Evil West and players will be able to unlock and upgrade all these weapons with bucks that can be earned in-game.
  • In terms of close-range combat, the Gauntlet can very easily be considered the best weapon in the game, however, in long-range, the rifle is the most appropriate weapon of choice.

All Weapons in Evil West

Best Weapons in Evil West
Weapons and Upgrade Screen in the game [Imaged Credit: eXputer]
There are 9 weapons in the game, and players will be able to unlock and upgrade each weapon by using bucks, which they will earn as they progress through the game. Each of these weapons offers a unique playstyle as the developers decided to prioritize quality instead of quantity while designing them, which we really appreciated.

Here is the list of all 9 weapons in the game.

  • Pistol
  • Rifle
  • Broomstick
  • Gatling
  • Scorcher
  • Gauntlet
  • Zapper
  • X-Bow
  • Explosive Bundles
  • Agent Tools (Crippling Rod)

The Pistol is an ideal weapon to choose if you wish to prioritize efficiency. It fires a single shoot, or you can become Mcree from Overwatch if you hold the shoot button, as then your character will shoot a barrage of bullets.

The Rifle works great at long range. It is also a great weapon to shoot at the enemy’s weak spots.

The Broomstick is like your standard melee weapon, works great at short range, and hits like a truck, although it does to be charged before use. It can also break your enemy’s shields.

The Gatling has more of a “special weapon” vibe to it. Works great at destroying hordes of enemies but has a lengthy recharge.

The Scorcher, like the name suggests, is great as scorching your enemies. It can also be used to destroy obstacles in the area.

The Gauntlet can very easily be considered one of the best, if not the best, weapons in the game, thanks to its ability to perform basically everything. It can perform quick attacks and brutal heavy attacks.

The Zapper is a hybrid weapon, and it can act as both a weapon and a shield. It can stun enemies, teleport you, and perform heavy electric attacks when it is fully charged.

The X-bow is another long-range weapon, and it packs a heavier punch compared to the Rifle, but players will need to sacrifice a bit of their speed to use it.

As the name suggests, the Explosive Bundles can be used to blast your enemies from afar as they are throwable weapons, like your average grenades.

The Agent Tools (Crippling Rod) is similar to the Broomstick; it is a mighty melee weapon that can inflict heavy damage and stun the enemy.

Best Weapons

best weapons in evil west
The Gauntlet [Image Captured By eXputer]
Now that you know the strengths of every weapon in the game, the question still remains which is the best weapon in the game? As you may have already noticed that most of these weapons belong to different categories.

So, in terms of close-range combat, as we hinted previously, the Gauntlet can very easily be considered the best close-range weapon in the game thanks to its versatile moveset. It can perform quick attacks and devastating heavy attacks while also being efficient.

In terms of long-range, we would consider the Rifle to be the best choice; sure, the X-Bow is a good competitor but for us personally, sacrificing efficiency is not worth it. You can, of course, just blast your enemies from afar using Explosive Bundles, but the most sensible choice would be the Rifle for long-range combat.

Wrap Up

That concludes our guide on all weapons and the best weapons in the game. Evil West is developed by Flying Wild Hog and published by Focus Entertainment. Having the appropriate weapons can be paramount for survival and success in your mission to save the United States.

We hope our guide helped you out. The game is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. Do let us know what you (or your friends) think about the game in the comment section below.

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