Evil West Couch & Online Co-Op [Guide]

Learn everything there is about the online and couch co-op features in Evil West

While only a handful of Action RPGs offer Multiplayer modes, to begin with, Evil West allows you to play the entire game in true co-op fashion with up to 2 players in a session. So you can play the game with a friend or anyone you have added to your platform. It is worth mentioning that it isn’t typically designed to support matchmaking, so you will have to play it with someone you have added as a friend in order to play it.

Key Takeaways
  • Couch co-op is a feature that allows players to play games with their friends in split-screen fashion.
  • However, for now at least, Evil West does not support that feature and there is no indication of it being added in the future.
  • Fortunately, the game supports online co-op with up to 2 players in a session but the downside is that there is no shared progression.
  • Inviting or hosting a session is as simple as accessing the Multiplayer option from the main menu and inviting your friends from there.

Couch Co-Op In Evil West

Unfortunately, Evil West does not feature any sort of split-screen or local multiplayer modes, so you will have to resort to inviting your friend manually via their separate platform. Moreover, the game also doesn’t support cross-play, so both players must be on the same platform in order to play the game together with each other.

It is unclear whether or not this was an intentional decision by the developers, as quite a few players were looking forward to being able to play the game in couch co-op. Most importantly, the feature is supported across numerous other games, such as the Borderlands series, so it remains unclear if we will get to see the functionality being added in a future update to the game.

Online Co-Op Explained

multiplayer screen evil west 2
Multiplayer option (image captured by Us)

Before we state how you can access the online multiplayer, it is worth noting the fact that there are some caveats you may need to know before you jump in with your friend. The first thing here is that the online co-op does not support shared progression, meaning if you’re the Host and a friend joins you, only your progression will save on your end while your friend will have to start the game from scratch all over again from their end.

It is unfortunate, to say the least, that the joining player will not gain anything in particular if they help out with a boss or any type of mission in the game. It is a great function for players who have already ended the game so they can experience a ‘co-op-only’ campaign with their buddies who are new to Evil West.

Furthermore, there is also the fact that the difficulty will be tuned once you play in the cooperative mode so that the game doesn’t feel too easy or too challenging. You can also revive each other if you get downed in order to continue the game with ease without failing or restarting from the last checkpoint.

The existing player base of the game is hoping for an option of shared progression sooner or later down the road, but with how post-game support is right now, there seems to be plans or mention of it from the developers at Flying Wild Hog. For now, though, let’s discuss how you can meet the requirements to access the online co-op and how you can invite your friends.

How To Join Or Invite Friends

The process to invite your friends to Evil West for cooperative multiplayer is pretty simple enough. The friends list on Playstation, Xbox, and PC via Steam all function differently, but at the end of the day, they shouldn’t be too hard to understand in order to invite your friends. You can easily invite your friends through the in-game Multiplayer screen by following the instructions below:

coop menu
The Co-Op menu (image by eXputer)
  • Firstly, you will need to need have completed the first mission in the campaign of the game, which shouldn’t take too long as it is technically the tutorial section of the game.
  • You will need to disable the True Death functionality from the options menu, which is a feature that erases your entire progression upon death, mostly there for players looking to achieve a daunting feat of accomplishment.
  • Now simply open up the Multiplayer menu from the main menu of the game.
  • Once here, simply open up the friend’s tab by pressing the R key if you’re on PC or whatever button there is on the gamepad on the console platforms and invite your friend.
  • You can choose to launch a new mission from the beginning, or if you’ve completed it already or are in between its progression, you can start from any checkpoint.
  • Once your friend has joined, simply launch the mission to play together.

The Wrap-Up

Cooperative Multiplayer has been a huge aspect in quite a few games, even games where it is intentionally designed to be played in single-player; developers will often add a dedicated multiplayer mode to spice things up for their player base. Some may argue that it defeats the purpose of the challenge in these games but rest assured, Evil West has a proper difficulty scaling added to it so that nothing feels too weak or overpowered.

The game has been out for quite some time, so new players jumping into it for the first may need to learn all there is about hunting demons and vampires by using the Beginner Tips & Tricks for Evil West. There is a variety of artillery at display here which can all be used to take down your foes with speed and precision, so knowing about the Best Weapons will be vital to complete each combat encounter successfully.

This wraps up our guide on how you can access the online multiplayer of Evil West and if it supports couch co-op or not. We hope you are enjoying the game so far, and if there is anything else you may need to know about the game or guide, then please feel free to let us know all about it in the comments section below!

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