Evil West: Final Boss & Ending [Explained]

Learn about all the answers to your questions regarding the ending of Evil West.

Evil West’s narrative is definitely not the key highlight of the game, as it is the gameplay where the game shows its best performance. However, the ending of the game might leave you confused, or maybe you can’t get past the final boss. Don’t worry, as we will explain everything related to the ending of Evil West in our guide.

Key Takeaways
  • Evil West makes you fight vampires and monsters in style throughout the game.
  • The final boss battle is really tough with the boss having three different phases.
  • The final battle is followed by the final cutscene which shows the ending of the game.

DISCLAIMER: Our guide will contain major spoilers regarding boss fights and the narrative of Evil West.

How To Obtain The Ending

evil west ending
Felicity’s True Form (Image Captured by Us)

In order to obtain the ending of the game, you will have to beat the final boss. That final boss is the actual monstrous form of Felicity. The final fight begins when Jesse encounters Felicity and is angry about what she did to his father. He wants to beat Felicity, who is a vampire, and get rid of her. However, when Jesse decides to attack, Felicity transforms and changes into a huge mutated monster.

evil west ending
The First Phase (Image Captured by eXputer)

Following the cutscene, the fight begins with Felicity’s True Form. The boss fight is actually huge and consists of three phases additionally. The first phase is not that harsh, and you should easily get through it in the game. She only has a few moves in the first phase that she repeats and are easy to dodge. Beware of the delayed attacks, though, as they can hit hard. Once you bring down Felicity’s health to 75%, that is when the second phase begins.

final mission in game
The Second Phase (Image by eXputer)

In the second phase, Felicity will start jumping around and will jump on the walls as well. She will attack you from a distance with a huge AOE attack. The only way to stop her there is to quickly time your shots on the vital parts of the boss to make her fall down. This is probably the only attack that you should beware of in the second phase of the fight. At almost 30% health, the third phase of the boss battle will begin.

evil west ending
The Third Phase (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

In the third phase, Felicity grows abnormally large and maintains her swiftness as well. She is both fast and will hit hard with her attacks. This is the phase where you will have to play cautiously. Use all of your cooldown weapons in the third phase, and also utilize your zapper pull and zapper dash efficiently here.

Zapper Dash can additionally be used to stun Felicity, and you can follow up with a combo. After you drain her complete health bar, another cutscene will begin, where Jesse uses a final blow and finishes off Felicity in a single hit. That cutscene is followed by the final cutscene of the game.

The Final Cutscene Explained

final mission
The Final Cutscene (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

The ending of the game hints towards a possible sequel, but there is no confirmation about it from the developers yet. In the ending cutscene, Doctor Emilia exposes James to Grover and accuses him of everything that has happened. Grover promises that he will look into that matter later.

Grover also appreciates all of the help that Jesse has provided and compliments his skills in dealing with vampires. He even offers Jesse an official job at the Capital, but Jesse denies that position as he wants to hunt down monsters in the wild. Grover then promises both Jesse and Emilia that he will help them in any form possible to eradicate the vampires and that he will make sure that the control of Rentier Institute is returned back to Jesse additionally. 

That is about it for the ending of the game, and the credits roll after that. The reason we speculate that there will be a sequel is that there are many more monsters out there for Jesse to hunt. The developers can really capitalize on that idea. But that’s about it for the ending of the game. You can go into New Game Plus if you want to enjoy the game all over again, as the gameplay never gets boring here. 


Evil West is a recently released action game where you play as a cowboy who is hunting vampires. That is quite a bizarre setting for an action game. However, the game delivers in the gameplay department, where you can play around with so many different weapons.

The characters in the game are also very well-written, and especially the Voice Acting is great, which brings these characters to life. Evil West is definitely going to keep you hooked with the variety in its gameplay, and you can replay the game in a new game-plus mode in addition to individual mission replays that are available. 

This concludes our guide on the ending of Evil West. We explained the final cutscene in complete detail. The boss that you have to beat in order to get the ending has also been mentioned. We even explained the moveset of that boss and how you should tackle the fight additionally. We hope that the guide was helpful in understanding the ending of the game. Let us know what you think about Evil West and if you liked the ending or not in the comments below!


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