Evil West Trainer: All Cheats & Tips

Evil West Trainer can help you skip all the grind and get an easy pathway towards the end of game

Evil West’s whole story is about 15 continuous hours. If this is what you can’t stand, or you want to rile up the vampires at once, Tracker is something that can help you through it. Evil West Cheats can help you finish the story at an extraordinarily fast rate. Using Evil West Cheats will bring the satisfaction of bashing the vampires, and this is going to be very exciting.

Key Takeaways
  • Playing with trainers is much more fun than just playing by the rules.
  • Paid trainers are safer.
  • This Evil West’s Trainer is for PC only.
  • There are 21 Evil West Cheats in the trainer.
  • Finding different combos of cheats will spice things up for players.

Evil West Trainer Explained

A trainer is something that you can use to manipulate the game on your PC. It gives you the backdoors to the desired results in the game. Evil West’s Trainer will let you change some aspects of the game in certain ways by which you can spice things up.

The Trainer that I’ve found is really gonna be worth it, and it’s very easy to use and install. Here’s the link to the website from where you can just download the ZIP folder and extract it into your PC and you’d be good to go. 

Evil West Trainer Link

[It is to be noted that this Evil West’s Trainer works only for PCs]

You can go and check their premium subscription rates from here. Honestly, they are not taking very much, especially if go for the three-month or the yearly subscription. The yearly subscription may be too much, but it is not only the Evil West you will be having cracked. There are a whole lot of other PC games that you can avail of the service of. But if you are gonna take it for Evil West only, we recommend the monthly or three-month subscription. 

All Evil West Trainer’s Cheats

The trainer has 21 Evil West cheats, and all of them are oriented in different ways. Some of them are battle-oriented, and some are oriented for easy progression in the story by providing you with stuff like tokens and XP.

Here’s a preview of what using the trainer looks like:

Trainer Preview Evil West
Trainer Preview [Picture Credits: eXputer]

Free Trainer Cheats

Here are all the Evil West Cheats that you can access from the trainer for free. In our opinion, these six cheats are pretty much all you need to have easy progression and easy battle wins to some extent. If you don’t want to spend money on the premium subscription, these free cheats can help you in almost every aspect of the game if used with the correct strategy.

  1. Prepare Cheat:
    • Activating this cheat enables the functionality of other cheats in the trainer.
    • It serves as a prerequisite for using additional cheats.
  2. Set Movement Speed (Default = 1):
    • Adjusts the movement speed of the character.
    • Players can customize the speed according to their preferences.
    • Higher speed allows for faster movement, making it easier to evade enemies.
  3. Refill Health Cheat:
    • Instantly refills the player’s health bar.
    • Useful when facing tough enemies or challenging situations.
    • Provides an advantage in battles and survival.
  4. Refill Armor Cheat:
    • Restores the player’s armor to its maximum value.
    • Enhances durability and defense during combat.
    • Creates a tank-like character capable of repeatedly replenishing armor.
  5. Low Health Cheat:
    • Sets the player’s health to a low value.
    • Introduces an extra challenge for hardcore players.
    • Increases difficulty by limiting the player’s health pool.
  6. No Armor Cheat:
    • Removes the player’s armor, leaving them vulnerable.
    • Offers an additional hardcore challenge for experienced players.
    • Tests the player’s skills by eliminating the protective armor.

Premium Armor Cheats

Premium cheats have a lot to offer to the players. With these cheats in hand, you feel like you own the game and almost everything works at your command. 

  1. Godmode Cheat:
    • Grants invincibility to the player character (Jesse).
    • Player remains immune to damage from enemies.
    • Health does not decrease after activating the cheat.
  2. Unlimited Armor Cheat:
    • Provides the player with unlimited armor.
    • Enhances durability and protection against enemy attacks.
  3. Unlimited Energy Cheat:
    • Sets the player’s energy to an unlimited value.
    • Removes concerns about energy loss during gameplay.
  4. No Reload Cheat:
    • Enables continuous firing without the need for reloading.
    • Ideal for facing multiple enemies or powerful bosses.
  5. Easy Kills Cheat:
    • Reduces the difficulty level, allowing players to defeat enemies with minimal effort.
    • Enemies, including bosses, become easier to defeat.
  6. Low Energy Cheat:
    • Lowers the player’s energy level for added difficulty.
    • Intended for players seeking a more challenging experience.
  7. Refill Energy Cheat:
    • Restores the player’s energy to its maximum value.
    • Useful for replenishing energy after using the Low Energy cheat.
  8. Set Level Cheat:
    • Allows players to set their character’s level to a specific value.
    • Bypasses the need for traditional leveling by customizing the character’s level.
  9. Add Player XP Cheat:
    • Grants unlimited player XP, allowing for rapid level progression.
    • Enhances character development without the need for grinding.
  10. Reset Player XP To Zero Cheat:
    • Resets the player’s XP to zero.
    • Useful for restarting the leveling process or experimenting with character progression.
  11. Add Level XP Cheat:
    • Provides unlimited level XP for faster leveling.
    • Accelerates progress toward higher levels.
  12. Reset Level XP To Zero Cheat:
    • Resets the level XP to zero, restarting the leveling journey.
    • Allows players to experience the game with a fresh start.
  13. Add Tokens Cheat:
    • Grants additional in-game tokens for purchasing perks.
    • Facilitates customization of character perks and abilities.
  14. Reset Tokens To Zero Cheat:
    • Resets the token count to zero.
    • Reverts token accumulation to its initial state.
  15. Easy Coin Pickups Cheat:
    • Increases the amount of money collected from coin pickups.
    • Enhances the player’s ability to acquire in-game currency.

Final Thoughts

Using Trainers is always fun, for the cheats they offer are really exciting. Having cheats is one thing and executing them according to your requirements is another thing. It is the execution of cheats that makes them fun and more fruitful. You can’t just blindly use any cheat in every situation. Rather, timing the execution of cheats is the most important thing. Players can always find combinations of cheats that they can use in specific situations. It is the players who can find the right combo for them.

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