How To Get False Swipe In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Learn how you can get your hands on False Swipe (TM057) in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Story Highlights
  • False Swipe is an important move when you're trying to catch Pokemon.
  • The False Swipe TM will bring the opposing Pokemon down to 1 HP.
  • You can get the False Swipe move from Jacq at the academy after catching 30 unique Pokemon.
  • Players can also craft False Swipe later on by using the TM Machine.

Every Pokemon fan knows how important the False Swipe TM move (Technical Machine) is in the games. It is essential to have this TM if you want to complete your Paldea region Pokedex in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Hence, today we will dedicate the whole article to the False Swipe TM in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and how you can get it in the game.

Catching every kind of pokemon in the Paldea region can be quite tough. There are so many different biomes that are home to numerous pokemon in the Scarlet and Violet games. Some pokemon may be quite easy to catch, whereas some pokemon have a very low catch success ratio which is why a move like False Swipe becomes crucial in Pokemon games.

With that said, let us now get into more detail about this particular Technical Move. We will teach you about how you can acquire False Swipe, along with how you can craft it using the TM Machine.

How To Get False Swipe TM In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet?

false swipe TM in scarlet and violet
Receiving False Swipe from Jacq [Screengrab by eXputer]
For the newbies, a Technical Machine (TM) is an item that can be used to teach a pokemon a particular move. These are usually coded in the Pokemon games. Since we’re learning about the False Swipe Move, its code is TM057 in the latest Pokemon games. Some TMs can be acquired in the open world, whereas other TMs will be earned as you progress through the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet storyline. 

False Swipe move belongs to the latter category. You won’t just find it randomly, and you will have to earn it by fulfilling a particular task. Fortunately, we have got you covered.

Before we teach you how to get the move, here is what it does; False Swipe is a Normal-type move and will always leave the pokemon you’re facing at 1 HP. It’s not a KO move. Hence, if you’re trying to catch a pokemon you can safely use False Swipe on it and bring it down to 1 HP. Therefore making it extremely easy to catch. You can also safely go Shiny Hunting in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet since you can be sure that you won’t accidentally defeat the pokemon. 

False Swipe has 40 Power and 100 Accuracy. Thus, you will never miss your attack on an opponent (if you’re pokemon is not under any conditions like; freeze, sleep, paralyze, or confused).

The False Swipe TM can be earned as a reward as you complete your Pokedex while exploring the Paldea region. After hitting every certain milestone, Jacq will award you different items. Jacq is the Biology teacher at the Naranja/Uva Academy. When you successfully Catch 30 different pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you will earn the False Swipe TM as a reward from Jacq.

As you know, TMs can be used only once. So when you do get your hands on the False Swipe, TM makes sure to think before you make a pokemon learn it. However, you can craft the TM as well, thanks to the new TM Machine introduced in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Using the TM Crafter, you can craft as many False Swipe moves as you want. We have covered more about the Crafting Recipe later in this guide.

Which Pokemon Can Learn False Swipe?

After you acquire the False Swipe move, you will need a pokemon that is able to learn it. Unfortunately, not all pokemon can learn the move, and there are only a few pokemon in the game that are able to learn the move. 

To make things easier for you, we have included some of the most common Pokemon that you can get for False Swipe. Unfortunately, none of the Starter Pokemon are capable of learning the False Swipe move.

  • Meowth
  • Persian
  • Jolteon
  • Breloom
  • Heracross
  • Scizor
  • Sneasel
  • Gible
  • Axew
  • Pawniard

These are some of the Pokemon that are capable of learning the move. There are also some other pokemon and some of the Evolutions of the above-mentioned pokemon that can also learn the move. Make sure that you teach False Swipe to a pokemon that is important to your team. That way, you will have access to the TM057 at all times.

How To Craft False Swipe?

TM Machine pokemon scarlet and violet
TM Machine in Pokemon Center [Image Credit: eXputer]
We mentioned earlier that once you get the False Swipe move initially from Jacq, you will be able to craft it using the TM Machine. TM Machines can be found at any Pokemon Center in the Paldea Region, which makes them easily accessible for the player. Therefore, you can craft as many False Swipes as you want and teach them to the pokemon of your choice.

Let us now list down the Crafting Recipe of False Swipe TM in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

  • Kricketot Shell x3
  • Chewtle Claw x3
  • 400 League Points (LP)

You can get the Kricketot Shell by beating Kricketot in the Paldea region. Kricketot is a Bug-type pokemon and can be found during nighttime, and its main location is the Southern Province Area Two. On the other hand, you can acquire Chewtle Claw by beating Chewtle in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. You can find Chewtle in many locations in the Paldea Region, and the pokemon mostly prefer to roam around wet areas.

League Points can be earned and exchanged at the TM Machine inside the Pokemon Centers. Just head into any Poke center and interact with the TM Machine next to it. From the list of options, choose “I Want to exchange materials for LP“. Then trade the relevant materials to get League Points in return.

There you have it! The whole process of crafting False Swipe (TM057) in the new Pokemon game based in the Paldea region.


We hope you found our False Swipe TM guide helpful. We did our best to cover everything there is to know about the False Swipe move in Scarlet and Violet. You should now know the method of acquiring the move from Jacq. Not only that, but you also know the recipe for crafting the False Swipe TM in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet using the TM Machine.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are finally out, and the world of pokemon continues to expand. You can now take the role of a student at the Naranja/Uva Academy. The game also features the all-new mount Pokemon known as; Miraidon and Koraidon. By familiarizing yourself with some top-tier Tips and Tricks you will be able to beat all the Gyms in the Paldea region in a breeze!

Since the game has introduced a new 4-player co-op option, the need for unique character styles has skyrocketed. Therefore, it is essential to learn how you can customize and Change clothes in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Also, make sure you know some of the best Money making methods so that you can have an ample supply of useful items at all times while exploring the Paldea region.

Thank you for reading through our guide. Stick around at eXputer to learn more valuable information regarding Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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