FE3H Gardening: The Definitive Guide

In This Guide We Will Look At The Detailed Overview Of Everything You Will Need To Know About Gardening In Fire Emblem Three Houses

How To Start FE3H Gardening

Side Quest
Side Quest Required

Now, to start gardening in FE3H, you first have to find the gardening site. The site is located in the Garreg Mach Monastery. There are a  lot of different tasks that you can undertake in the Monastery.

One of these tasks is FE3H gardening. The other tasks you might be reluctant to do but be aware that the gardening task is no ordinary task. It is a task that will help you throughout the game.

Also, the Fire Emblem Three Houses gardening tutorial starts very early on in the game. You can start the tutorial through a side quest that is given to you by Dedue in Chapter 1. The side quest is titled Green Thumb Beginnings

Once you have unlocked the gardening mini-game through the side quest we will recommend that you should dedicate ample time to it. In Fire Emblem three Houses gardening is a very extensive and complicated task. However, it rewards the user generously. 

Key Highlights
  • Gardening is a free source of Professor EXP in Fire Emblem Three Houses.
  • Planting seeds takes a whole Exploration Day to fully grow and takes a week to harvest.
  • The number of seeds you can plant and the cultivation options available increase with your professor’s level.
  • Different seeds and cultivation options yield different rewards.
  • Seeds have a level represented by stars, with higher levels yielding higher rewards.
  • Cultivating your harvests can increase the chances of receiving high-tier rewards.
  • Rewards from gardening include Professor EXP, items, and unique rewards that increase your professor level.
  • Flower seeds can be mixed to create new seed combinations.
  • Flowers can provide stat boosts when they are in full bloom.
  • Gardening can be a useful way to gather resources and improve your character’s abilities in the game.

Basics Of Gardening In Fire Emblem Three Houses 

Fire Emblem Garden
Garden In Fire Emblem Three Houses

Now that you have unlocked gardening through the quest you can now freely use the garden whenever you have the chance to visit the monastery. Gardening is one of the best free sources of Professor EXP. As FE3H gardening does not use actions or in-game time of the character thus making it a free source of professor EXP.

The plantation of the garden takes time to grow. Over time, the seeds that you would have planted would grow bigger and yield delicious rewards. It takes a whole Exploration Day to fully grow a seed.

This means that it will take a week to harvest your rewards. We use the word ‘week’ because you will harvest the plants on your next exploration day which will come after a week. 

However, at the start, you will be able to plant only one seed. Also, as your professor level increases so does the number of seeds that you can plant. And another thing that comes with your professor level is the option to cultivate the seeds.

It can be done through different options provided that you have a high professor level. Also, the cultivation takes money to use. But we would say that it is well worth it as it provides more useful rewards.  

Professor Level: Seeds & Cultivation Options 

Below are the corresponding number of seeds and cultivating options that will unlock according to your professor’s level.

  • Professor Level E: At level E you can plant 1 seed and you unlock the “Infuse With Magic” cultivation option that is free.
  • Professor Level E+: At level E+ you still can plant 1 seed but this time you get a new cultivation option called “Pour Amid Water”. The cultivation option costs you 300G.
  • Professor Level D: At level D you can plant 2 seeds and yet again you get “Prune” which is another cultivation option that costs you 500G.
  • Professor Level D+: Unfortunately you do not gain anything at level D+. It is the same as level D.
  • Professor Level C: however, at level C you now can plant 3 seeds and, additionally you unlock “Scattering Bone Meal” which is another cultivation option. It costs 1000G.
  • Professor Level C+: Like level D+ level C+ is also the same as level C.
  • Professor Level B: At level B you can plant 4 seeds and can use the “Use Caledonian Soil” cultivation option that costs 1500G.
  • Professor Level B+: Level B+ is also the same as level B, unfortunately.
  • Professor Level A: Level A is the top level where you can plant 5 seeds and can use every cultivating option including the “Use Pegasaus Blessing” which is also the cultivation option that unlocks with this level. The cultivation option costs 2000G.

Management Aspect Of Gardening

Cultivation In Fire Emblem Three Houses

Fire Emblem Three Houses Gardening has a very complicated management aspect to it. The type of the seeds also matters. There are a lot of seeds that you can acquire by mixing other seeds while planting them. Also, you have to be careful about which seeds you plant because they decide what type of reward you earn.

However, in addition to the type of seeds, there is also a level of seeds that are represented by stars. The level is out of 5 stars. The higher the star level higher the reward.

Also, we strongly recommend that you consider cultivating each of your harvests as this will immensely help you gain high-tier rewards. However, it costs money as mentioned before but as always it is extremely worth it. Consider it as an investment.


There are a total of three types of rewards that you can receive. First is that you will receive a lot of Professor EXP whenever you plant seeds or harvest them. The second is that you will receive items like food or flowers that have a lot of uses in Fire Emblem Three Houses.

Lastly is that you can get unique rewards that will increase your character’s stats and it also grants other benefits.

Now, we will discuss the rewards you get for FE3H gardening of each specific seed separately. We will try our best to make it brief. Following are the details:

  • Mixed Herb Seeds: Mixed Fruit Seeds, Turnip, Peach Currant, and Rocky Burdock. Also, Rocky Burdock is a stat-boosting item.
  • Root Vegetable Seeds: Northern Fodlan Seeds, Carrot, Cabbage, Peach Currant, Ambrosia. Ambrosia is a stat-boosting reward.
  • Western Fodlan Seeds: Noa Fruit, Chickpeas, Cabbage, Fruit Of Life. The Fruit Of Life is a stat-boosting item.
  • Vegetable Seeds: Mixed Seed Herbs, Purple Seeds Flower, Onion, Noa Fruit, Tomato. 
  • Northern Fodlan Seeds: Yellow Fruits Seeds, Mixed fruit Seeds, Carrot, Noa Fruit, Carrot, Golden Apple. Carrot appeared two times because it has a higher chance of appearing. And Golden Apple is the stat-boosting item here.
  • Morfis Seeds: Eastren Fodlan Seeds, Turnip, Morfis plus, Zando Treasure Fruit, Forget Me Nots, Ailell Pomegranate.  Ailell Pomegranate is a stat-boosting reward.
  • Southern Fodlan Seeds: Turnip, Magdred Kirsch, Verona. 
  • Nordsalat Seeds: Albinean Berries, Nordsalat, Magdred Kirsch, Speed Carrot. The Speed Carrot is the stat-boosting item here.
  • Boa Fruit Seeds: Angelica Seeds, Boa Fruit, Peach Currant, Miracle Bean. Miracle Bean is a stat-boosting item.
  • Albanian Seed: Root Vegetable Seeds, Yellow Flower Seeds, Carrot, Albanian Berries. 
  • Eastren Fodlan Seeds: Morfis Seeds, Onion, Peach Currant.
  • Angelica Seeds: Angelica, Noedsalat.
  • Mixed Fruit Seeds: Northern Fodlan Seeds, Root Vegetable Seeds, White Flower Seeds, Albanian Berries, Morfis Plum, Peach Currant, Miracle Bean. Again Miracle Bean is the stat-boosting item.

Flower Seeds

Seeds In Fire Emblem Three Houses
    • Red Flower Seeds: Mixed Herb Seeds, Blue Flower Seeds, Albanian Seeds, Onion, Magdred Kirsch, Rose, Daffodil, White Verona. White Verona is the stat-boosting item in this case.
    • White Flower Seeds: Southern Fodlan Seeds, Purple Flower Seeds, Turnip, Daffodil, Golden Apple, Morfis Plum Seeds. Golden Apple is the stat-boosting reward here.
    • Blue Flower Seeds: Pale Blue Flower Seeds, Forget Me Nots, Anemone.
    • Purple Flower Seeds: Red Flower Seeds, Green Flower Seeds, Pale Blue Flower Seeds, Rose, Baby’s Breath, Violet, Lavender.
    • Yellow Flower Seeds: White Flower Seeds, Green Flower Seeds, Pale Blue Flower Seeds, Daffodil, Sunflower, Anemone, Lily, Premium Magic Herbs. Premium Magic Herbs are the stat-boosting items here.
    • Green Flower Seeds: Blue Flower Seeds, Pale Blue Flower Seeds, White Flower Seeds, Rose, Pitcher Plant.
    • Pale Blue Flower Seeds: Purple Flower Seeds, Red Flower Seeds, Blue Flower Seeds, Anemone, Red Flower Seeds,  Lily of the Valley, Rose, Red Flower Seeds, Pitcher Plant, Forget Me Nots, Speed Carrot. In our last seed Speed Carrot is the stat-boosting item.

Stat Boosters Of The Flowers

  • White Flower Seeds: You will increase your HP or Charm.
  • Root Vegetable Seeds: It will increase your Defense.
  • Purple Flowers Seeds: It will increase your Strength.
  • Yellow Flower Seeds: Increases your Magic.
  • Pale Blue Flower Seeds: It will increase your Speed.
  • Green Flower Seeds: It should increase your  Dexterity
  • Red Flower Seeds: This one again increases HP by increasing resistance

Combos Of Seeds

Now, FE3H gardening has other things that you might want to consider researching on. Like Combos of seeds. These combos will help you get certain seeds and rewards that will help you massively in your journey.

It is a very effective way to help your character towards a specific class build. It is also a great way to level up in Fire Emblem Three Houses

Also, gardening is not a very lengthy task and does not deplete your action points. So it is a task that you can do regularly. However, we again recommend that you invest your money and cultivate each harvest as it will give a higher chance of getting booster items. 

Now, we will also recommend you plant all your plants of a single seed type and again cultivate them. This will ensure your booster item drops. It will also keep you away from certain complicated ways of doing the same thing. And as for the seeds, you will be able to buy all of them from a certain character after Chapter 5.

Fire Emblem Poster
Fire Emblem Three Houses Poster

With this, we wrap up our Fire Emblem Three Houses Gardening guide where we discussed everything there is to discuss in detail.

We hope that you won’t have any doubts related to the topic. If you have any doubts please let us know through the comment section down below.

Bonus Tips

Fire Emblem Three Houses is a 2019 title of the Fire Emblem series. It is a tactical role-playing game where you force your way through the enemies like in other action role-playing games. The developers of the Three Houses are Intelligent Systems and Koei Tecmo.

However, the game is published by Nintendo. Which in turn makes it a Nintendo Switch exclusive game. The game is very stats based. So if you want to increase your stats, and get extra items and buffs then our FE3H or Fire Emblem Three Hopes Gardening guide is for you. 

If you have decided to play the game then you will need to know Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Best Classes and its Best Weapons.

The game features a Multiplayer mode and to play better you must learn Tips and Tricks. If you have any type of doubts about the game then read our Question And Answer guide

Fire Emblem Gameplay
Fire Emblem Gameplay
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