COD Warzone: NICKMERCS FFAR Loadout [Season 3]

In COD Warzone, FFAR was one of the most famous loadouts, and it was one of the broken Assault Rifles until it was nerfed in Season 3. Even then, the weapon hasn’t lost its superiority. To help us realize that, NICKMERCS has played an important role. This streamer has made sure that his favorite weapon gets the recognition it deserves. So today, we’re here with an FFAR Warzone Loadout by NICKMERCS in Season 3. While you’re at it, consider reading our Warzone: Rebirth Island Bunker Code and COD Warzone Vault Locations guides.

Call of Duty: Warzone, released in 2020, is a Free-to-play battle royale game developed by Infinity Ward. The game takes the new emerging battle royale mode and adds a ‘Call of Duty Multiplayer’ flavor to it. It lets you customize your characters and let them have different loadouts. This way, you can try out new things in every match. On the subject of loadouts, consider reading our Best M16 Loadout Cold War, AK47 Loadout Cold War, and the Pelington Class Loadout guides. 

The loadout we’re about to discuss is what NICKMERCS uses for his FFAR. This loadout makes this weapon an unstoppable AR. The nerf that FFAR received in Season 3 decreased its maximum damage and range. We’ll discuss this nerf in a while. But first, we’ll check out the loadout that NICKMERCS has on his FFAR. 

NICKMERCS’ FFAR Warzone Loadout

FFAR loadout used by NICKMERCS in Warzone
FFAR loadout used by FaZe Clan’s NICKMERCS is truly remarkable.

Before we begin with the FFAR loadout used by NICKMERCS, we’d like to start with the blueprints that he uses. These are the Dive Bomber blueprints. The Dive Bomber blueprints are best if you want to drop enemies fast. Even if you don’t modify it, the blueprints will surely blast enemies away with their superb attachment choice. You get these Diver Bomber blueprints as a part of the Jetfighter Reactive Bundle. This bundle is available in Cold War Season 3. Also, consider reading our COD Warzone Bunker Codes guide.

Dive Bomber Blueprints

When you get the blueprints, the FFAR has the following attachments.

OpticsDiamondback Reflex
StockMarathon Stock
UnderbarrelBruiser Grip
AmmunitionSTANAG 50 Rnd
LaserSWAT 5mw Laser Sight

On its optics slot, it has the Diamond Reflex sight. Whereas for Stock, the Diver Bomber blueprints have the Marathon Stock. As the name suggests, the Marathon Stock increases the aim down walking movement speed and shooting move speed. Bruiser Grip in Underbarrel improves FFAR’s close-quarters combat abilities. STANAG 50 Rnd ammunition attachment is there to increase its low ammunition capacity. This allows you to have long sprays to ensure kills. And in the end, to increase the hip-fire accuracy, we have the SWAT 5mw Laser Sight. With this, the FFAR becomes a beast and can take out enemies in seconds.

FFAR Dive Bomber loadout in Warzone
FFAR Dive Bomber’s loadout.

But we aren’t looking for the ready-made blueprints of FFAR. If you’re going to use these blueprints, then chances are the enemy will be using these same blueprints against you. Or that these blueprints don’t help you get the desired results. That’s why we also have the FFAR Warzone Loadout by NICKMERCS.

FFAR Warzone Loadout by NICKMERCS

When Nick Kolcheff, famously known as NICKMERCS saw that his favorite AR, the FFAR, got a pretty bad nerf in season 3 of Warzone, he took it onto himself to make sure that this AR doesn’t get dumped. For that, he made up his loadout for the gun. In this loadout, he ensured that the damage and range nerf FFAR got can be reverted. For that, first, check out his loadout for the FFAR.

The loadout used by NICKMERCS for FFAR in Warzone Season 3
MuzzleFlashguard 5.56
Barrel19.5” Task Force
StockRaider Stock
AmmunitionSTANAG 50 Rnd
Rear GripSerpent Wrap

To begin with, we’ll start with the flashguard 5.56. The Flashguard decreases the vertical recoil of the AR and increases its aim stability. It ensures that your aim doesn’t move away from the enemy’s head. Whereas the 19.5” Task Force Barrel increases the bullet velocity, range, and most importantly, the damage of the FFAR. This way, the FFAR can compete with AK-47 and FARA builds.

SATANG 50 Rnd ammunition increases the capacity of the magazine. It can now hold 50 rounds before you’ll need to reload. This ensures that if you have multiple targets in front of you, you can take them down in one mag.

Raider Stock improves the sprint to fire timing. While doing this, it also improves the movement speed. The Serpent Wrap reduces the Aim down sight time.

This build enhances the damage and fire rate, and with that, it ensures that you get the maximum control and mobility of the FFAR. As NICKMERCS tends to use FFAR for close combat, you’ll need to have COD Warzone Best Audio Settings to hear enemies’ footsteps. It is indeed one of the best FFAR Loadouts in Season 3 of Warzone by NICKMERCS.

NICKMERCS’ Complete Warzone Season 3 Loadout

FFAR is a medium-range weapon. It has a range of 37.5m before the damage starts to reduce. But with the vast map of Warzone, you can’t only rely on FFAR for long-distance combat. As we’re using NICKMERCS’ Warzone Season 3 FFAR loadout, we’re going to suggest to you what long-range weapon to use.

Secondary Weapon

As NICKMERCS has designed this FFAR loadout for season 3 of Warzone, he knows what suits the best with this gun. NICKMERCS loves using the Krig 6 with his FFAR. The Krig 6 takes care of enemies at a distance whereas FFAR takes care of enemies at a medium range.

We’ll briefly go over the Krig 6 loadout as it’ll help you understand how he uses it. The Krig 6 acts as a ranged weapon for NICKMERCS. As this AR has almost no recoil, that makes it perfect for long-range enemies, where recoil plays an important role. Why not use a sniper you might ask? The snipers are either with a bolt action or they’re single shot. With the fast-paced fights of Warzone, these single-shot snipers seem to fall behind.

NICKMERCS uses FFAR with Krig 6 loadout in Warzone.
Krig 6’s Loadout as used by NICKMERCS with FFAR.
MuzzleAgency Suppressor
Barrel19.7” Ranger
OpticsAxial Arms 3x
UnderbarrelField Agent Grip
AmmunitionSTANG 60 Rnd

This is the loadout that NICKMERCS uses on his Krig 6 in Warzone Season 3 with the FFAR. Even if you’re on PS4, this loadout will definitely help you in combat. Check out Best Settings For Warzone PS4 to make sure that your settings are correct and that you can rely on this superb FFAR loadout.

FFAR Nerf in Warzone Season 3

The Season 3 Nerf on FFAR hit it bad. Most of the players stopped using it in the game. Here’s what they nerfed in season 3.

FFAR Loadout in Warzone Season 3 after Nerf
FFAR’s Nerf in Season 3

As you can see that the maximum damage was nerfed by 3. This means that every bullet now deals 3 less damage than before. With that, the maximum damage range was decreased too, by 15%.

The Neck damage multiplier and Upper torso damage multiplier were both changed from 1.1 to 1. This greatly reduced the already nerfed damage of the FFAR in Warzone Season 3. And the ADS speed was decreased.

This nerf of FFAR made it almost unusable, but NICKMERCS’ FFAR Season 3 Loadout in Warzone brings it back to its former position.


If you’ve searched for NICKMERCS’ FFAR Warzone Loadout of Season 3, then we’re sure that you know exactly who he is. But if you stumbled across this FFAR loadout, you might be wondering who NICKMERCS is and why is his FFAR Warzone Loadout so important?

NICKMERCS uses superb FFAR loadout in Warzone.
FaZe Clan’s Nicholas ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff.

NICKMERCS is a 31-year-old old-school gamer. He used to be a professional Gears of War player and then soon moved on to Call of Duty and started streaming it on his Twitch and YouTube channel. With that, he used to play several other FPS games. In 2019, NICKMERCS joined the FaZe Clan, where he became a part-owner.

NICKMERCS has several trophies with his name on them. They alone are proof that he is a professional in his games. Whatever game he plays, he ends up excelling in it. And Due to that, We have NICKMERCS’ FFAR Season 3 Loadout of Warzone. This loadout alone is the proof of his strong judgment.

Using Warzone’s FFAR Season 3 Loadout of NICKMERCS, you’ll surely have an upper hand on your enemies. And you’ll surely get several Warzone Victories.

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