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EA Sports has been producing FIFA games for the past 30 years. However, over the past 9 years, the games have lacked creativity and new changes. Our FIFA 23 Walkthrough comprises guides discussing the best strategies you can implement while playing the game.

Key Takeaways
  • FIFA 23 failed to add new or exciting features which differentiated it from the previous iterations. 
  • Before you even start the game, you need to make sure that all of the problems in the game are fixed similarly; choosing the perfect controller settings is also important to get your game to be played flawlessly. 
  • FIFA 23 has two game modes. The Career Mode and Ultimate Team. Both modes are different, so they require an understanding of different mechanisms to play them. 
  • FIFA player ratings are also very important. These ratings determine how effective a player will be in your squad. 
  • Aside from the game modes and player ratings, FIFA 23 includes other important mechanics. Mastering these mechanics can have an impact on your play style. 

FIFA 23 was released on 26th September 2022. Since the game’s release, it has received mediocre reviews from fans and critics across the board. The game was released on every single current platform. However, none of these releases saw any new or exciting features added to them.

Out of all the versions that were released, the PC version seems to have seen the most changes. Some new features that were added were a callback to FIFA games of the past. Conversely, a lot of fans were irked by the focus on FUT and the gambling nature of the game mode.

Despite all this, the majority of fans were excited to see new changes like the addition of Ted Lasso in FIFA 23. The DLC also included the new AFC Richmond team that could be used in career mode.

Game Review

Reviews are a great way to make a decision on whether a game is worth buying or not. It helps you make an informed decision when you are looking to spend money on a game. If you are struggling to make a decision regarding FIFA 23, our review of the game can help you out. 

Settings & Error Fixes

Before you even start the game, you need to ensure that all the problems in the game are fixed. On the day of release, FIFA 23 had a bug that caused the game to crash on all platforms. Therefore, you must address the crash bug before you sink your teeth into the game.

Similarly, choosing the perfect controller settings is also of the utmost importance. The correct controller settings ensure that you can properly play the game and make use of all unique mechanics. Similarly, you can also configure the camera settings to get the best playing experience for both casual and competitive gameplay.  

Beginners Guide & Tips

FIFA 23 has two game modes. These modes are the Career Mode and Ultimate Team. Both of these modes require an understanding of different mechanics to play them properly. These mechanics can be problematic to master if you are someone who hasn’t played a FIFA game before.

Luckily for you, our FIFA 23 Walkthrough includes a beginner’s guide. The guide talks about all the important mechanics you need to understand while playing FIFA 23. We also have a guide that talks about the best tips to implement when you are playing the Ultimate Team mode.

Best Players Wiki

Lionel Messi Is The Highest Rated Male Player In FIFA 23

FIFA player ratings are very important for a lot of its fans. Many fans wait all year for the moment when FIFA reveals its player ratings for the next game. These ratings are also important for the game as they determine how effective a player will be in your squad.

Every single FIFA player tries to get their hands on the best player in every position. If you have the best keeper, center-backs, full-backs, midfielders, and strikers you will have a better chance of winning. If you are looking for the best players in every position, our FIFA 23 Walkthrough can help you out.

Our wiki includes lists that talk about the best players in every position. We also have guides that list the best players in different leagues around the world. Going through these guides will enable you to buy the best players when you are playing the game.

Career Mode Walkthrough

career mode
Career Mode Menu – FIFA 23

The Career Mode has been a major fixture in the FIFA game series since 2005. Over the years, the game mode has seen a lot of changes. These changes include the addition and removal of different features.

However, over the last 5 years, the game mood has been the same. More focus has been put on the Ultimate Team mode, and the career mode has been an afterthought. Despite this, it is still a mode that is loved by fans across the world. So, our FIFA 23 walkthrough includes guides that will have you better understand and navigate through the game mode.

Other Important Mechanics

Different Available Formations – FIFA 23

In addition to the game modes and player ratings, FIFA 23 includes other important mechanics. These mechanics can have a major impact on your play style and your overall enjoyment of the game. Therefore, our walkthrough includes a plethora of guides covering these mechanics in detail.

For instance, one of the guides talks about the best formations in the game. Choosing the correct formation can have an impact on your strategy while playing the game. Similarly, features like skill moves and FGS swap tokens are also important in the game.

Skill moves are a great way to assert your dominance and outplay your opponents. Conversely, the FGS swap tokens can help you unlock different rewards. The rewards obtained can help you create a better team in the Ultimate Team mode.

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