Finn Multiversus: Moves, Perks & Strategies

A guide explaining everything about Finn in Multiversus including his attacks, best perks and different strategies you can use.

Finn is one of the playable characters in the Multiversus. He is a great character according to the community. We also consider him one of the best playable characters in the game. Check out our Multiversus Tier list to see what we think about all the characters. This guide will explain everything about Finn in Multiversus. 

Key Highlights
  • Finn is one of the most playable characters in the Multiversus game.
  • Finn excels at dealing heavy damage and is extremely fast-moving therefore is an assassin-class character.
  • The main disadvantage of Finn is that his defense is low therefore he can easily die if you don’t keep a close eye on him.
  • Finn has a wide array of different attacks, and his attacks are more horizontal than they are vertical.
  • Finn being an assassin class makes him a very fast-moving character with high-level damage. He might be a strong character, but he is very difficult to use

Finn’s Character Information

Finn the human is the protagonist of the famous Cartoon Network TV show, Adventure time. He is one of the most recognizable characters on Modern Cartoon Network. He is also one of the most well-written characters in Cartoon Network History. 

His true family abandoned Finn at a very young age. He was alone sitting on his “boom boom” in a forest. One day a couple of dogs, Margaret and Joshua, passed by and decided to adopt him. He then lives with them and their son, Jake. Finn and Jake grow up together as brothers. Eventually, they move into a tree house and together decide to become Heroes.

Finn has gone through a lot of different adventures in the show. In all the different adventures one of his traits has stayed the same, his iconic dressing. Finn wears a blue T-Shirt, denim shorts, a lime-coloured backpack and his signature white hat cap with two “ears”.

Finn, at one time, gets a robot arm. On another occasion, Finn gets a plant arm and so on. During his adventures, Finn finds many friends. Princess Bubblegum is one of Finn’s first friends. She is also Finn’s first crush. Later on, he meets Marceline, a vampire who helps Finn in his adventures. Afterwards, Finn finds another love interest named the Fire Princess. She is Finn’s first girlfriend as well. 

Finn doesn’t only have friends but enemies as well. One of his most recognizable enemies is the Ice King. The Ice King is never up to any good. He kidnaps princesses so that he can marry someone. Finn always jumps to the rescue of such princesses and kicks Ice King’s butt every time. 

Finn’s build summary table:

AttacksCombosPassive AbilitiesStatisticsPerks
Chop! (Ground)
Slasher (Ground)
Low Blow, Bro (Ground)
Flying Sword Moves (Aerial)
Sky Punch (Aerial)
Ground Chop (Aerial)
The Sword Stuff (Ground)
High Five, Dude (Ground & Aerial)
Get Skornked (Ground)
Backpack Attack (Ground & Aerial)
Mathematical Air Dash (Aerial)
Throwin’ Stones (Aerial)
Fat Stacks!
Sweet Deals
Mobility: 7/10
Damage: 6/10
Ranged: 4/10
Support: 4/10
On the House Perk
Going Out of Business
Stronger Than Ever Perk
Triple Jump Perk

How to play As Finn In Multiversus

Finn Attack
Finn’s Attack and Specials list

Finn is an assassin class character in Multiversus. He excels at dealing heavy damage and is extremely fast-moving. Because of these two advantages, there’s a huge disadvantage. Finn has very low defence. He can easily die if you don’t keep a close eye on his health. Otherwise, you’ll lose the game very fast.

Finn’s special moves depend on the number of gold coins you have on you. So the more the coins, the higher the damage.


Finn has a wide array of different attacks. His attacks are more horizontal than they are vertical. So, you have to make sure that someone doesn’t get the High ground on you. The attacks are all listed below.

  • Chop! (Ground): It is a simple forward slash.
  • Slasher (Ground): It is an upward slash which also launches Finn in the air.
  • Low Blow, Bro (Ground): Finn does a downward plunge which is strong enough to penetrate armour and it also causes a shockwave. 
  • Flying Sword Moves (Aerial): Finn performs 2 forward slashes in mid-air.
  • Sky Punch (Aerial): Finn does an uppercut.
  • Ground Chop (Aerial): Finn does a downwards Karate Chop. 


Finn High five
Finn’s High Five Dude combo

As mentioned before, Finn has very high damage and amazing speed, which is why his combos are really really strong. Not only do his attacks hit hard but they also connect very quickly making the combos very easy to use. 

  • The Sword Stuff (Ground): It is just a simple combo move of slash attacks mixed with a few swipes.
  • High Five, Dude (Ground & Aerial): It is one of the best combos of Finn. It’s both defence and offence at the same time. In the combo, Finn makes a high five pose which reflects projectiles and hits the enemies at the same time. If an ally hits him, it makes a shockwave around Finn in turn hitting enemies.
  • Get Skornked (Ground): Finn charges forward with his shoulder which attacks like a shield and stops Projectiles from hitting him. If the combo hits correctly, Finn can follow up with another attack and start another combo.
  • Backpack Attack (Ground & Aerial): It is also considered one of the best Finn Combos. Finn spins with his backpack in hand and hits the enemy multiple times. In the Aerial variant, you launch upwards and then spin. This combo depends directly on the number of coins you have. 
  • Mathematical Air Dash (Aerial): The combo is executed when Finn is in midair. Finn Dashes forward and swings his sword. If there is an enemy or even a coin, Finn strikes it and moves forward. If there is a Gem on the ground or air, Finn teleports to that Gem.
  • Throwin’ Stones (Aerial): The combo depends completely on coins. If Finn has coins, he throws a gem at the enemies which he can then teleport to via the combo mentioned above. Even if he doesn’t have any coins, he’ll throw a half-eaten apple.

Passive Skills and Shopping Combo

Finn shop
Finn’s Sweet Deals ability

Finn in Multiversus has a unique passive skill. This passive skill is called “Fat Stacks!“. Fat Stacks allows Finn to use the coins to his advantage by giving him a boost on his special combos. The enemies drop coins as you hit them so just pick them up to get a boost. Even your allies can pick it up. Other passives include moving during charging up your attacks and 14% additional damage taken as an Assassin class.

There is also a special combo for Finn in Multiversus. It allows Finn to do some shopping. It is called “Sweet Deals“. This opens up a shop during battle and you can purchase armour for yourself and your allies. If you have enough coins you can get the armour, giving you extra defence.

Finn’s Best Perks

There are tons of perks to choose from in Multiversus. But only 4 can be equipped by a character. Finn is not any different. You can only choose 4 perks for Finn. The following are the 4 best perks for Finn.

On the House Perk

On the house is a perk that provides Finn with a free gem. The gem will be given to Finn every time he does a fully charged ground attack. This is especially handy because of Finn’s combo “Mathematical Air Dash”. It will allow players to teleport to safety when they are falling down or in a sticky situation. 

Going Out of Business Perk

The perk works only for Finn. It works with Finn’s “Sweet Deals” ability. What it does is that it gives the shop more options. At first, you only get the armour in the shop. But equipping this perk will give you more than just armour.

Now speed boost and projectile deflection is added in the shop. Finn can now buy the speed boost and projectile deflection for his allies to support them. This also applies to Finn and gives him greater speed as well as projectile deflection. In this way, Finn works as a support and a damage-dealing character.

Stronger Than Ever Perk

Stronger than Ever makes Finn an even more versatile character as it is also a support perk. It works when Finn has equipped the “Going Out of Business” perk. Whenever a character dies, they will respawn with armour on them. So, once you buy them armour you have a second free armour on you once you die. 

Triple Jump Perk

As the name states, it gives the character a triple jump. But it requires you to hit an enemy before you can do the triple jump. It works exceptionally with Finn’s “Soaring Backpack attack”. It gives you extra mobility in the air, in turn giving you an extra chance to hit the enemies. 

Best Strategies to Use with Finn

Finn being an Assassin class makes him a very fast-moving character with high-level damage. Hence, you are constantly running around on the field. Finn in Multiversus can also only charge his attacks when he is running. He might be a strong character but he is very difficult to use. 

Using the “Triple jump” gives you a lot of extra mobility. This helps Finn to charge up his attacks faster. The faster the attack charges the more damage you can deal in lesser time. Make easy work of your enemies. 

On the House makes traversing the fighting stage much much easier. Drop the gem on any enemy and then keep on fighting. As soon as you are starting to fall or are getting beaten up by someone, use the gem. You can go ahead and use Mathematical Air Dash and teleport to the place of the gem. This can completely turn the tables.

Going out of business will provide you with extra items which you can use to support your allies. Stronger than ever can make it even easier by giving the dead teammates extra armour. The Backpack attack is the best combo to use to deal damage. Use it with the triple jump and make it easier to hit the enemies. Also, use the High Five Dude combo to give yourself great defence and offence at the same time.


Multiversus is a really good fighting game to play along with your friends. It is compared with Smash Bros a lot but its combat system is a bit more complex than that.

This guide explains all about Finn in Multiversus and it explains how combat is much more complex. Comment below what you think about this game and this guide. Also, check out our Multiversus Trophy or Multiversus KBI tutorial not working guide.

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